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  1. I know not worried about the Paladins damage. More of thinking of what fits well into the team if you are running a front line SC Paladin.
  2. Ya agreed on the first part, the exhortations i like but i can see what you are saying. Reviving Exhortation can save your butt, Hastening Exhortation and it’s upgrade are a good party damage boost/movement upgrade which is good, if you have a summoner and a Paladin with divine retribution you can have the entire party under a huge speed effect and have the zeal for other stuff. Liberating Exhortation is one of the few abilities that can get someone out of a hard CC that an inspiration can’t fix, like the wizard spell that turns you into a pig (granted priest can do this too but it’s a much longer cast). Reinforcing Exhortation I find the least useful as I rarely run 2 tanks, so +20 deflection for a character that doesn’t have high deflection to start with is meh.
  3. I’m just worried about damage. I guess the front liners could be a beckoner and the SC Paladin. Back line, ranged damage dealer, debuff/damage, buff/damage?
  4. I like Paladins and I like playing support. I’m going to try SC Paladin with Elric’s mod. Basically a tank who can heal and throw out Exhortations. What do you guys think a good party would be? I feel like even though he’s a good tank he won’t be tanking that much if I am heavy on melee damage dealers. So maybe heavy ranged damage with say a swashbuckler type damage dealer? Paladin does not have much engagement even Shielbearer only gets two before gear, so one fighter multiclass will help keep the back like clean..something like: SC Paladin: tank/support Swashbuckler/Brute/Brawler: Melee damage Scout (Ghost Heart)/Harbinger type: Ranged Damage Wizard: Debuff/AOE damage priest: Buffs/AOE damage. thoughts? I always feel like a tank type role gets punished in game that has no taunt type mechanic. Even though engagement with heavy ranged works.
  5. I just saw it but have not tested. Been playing a Goldpact lately. If it’s instead it’s good to me. Thanks! I’ll try it out today.
  6. @Elric Galadlove the mod. Question: how do you feel about the damage absorb shield Shieldbearers get on top of their prevent death mechanic for lay on hands? Do you feel that it’s a bit OP? I have not tried it yet just curious because I noticed it. I think before your mods buff it was still one of the better subclass abilities Paladin got.
  7. I only play POTD/TOI, I cannot consider it a successful run if I beat the game but I had to reload a death, the way I learn is by dying to an encounter and coming back two weeks later lol. I am not sure why the POTD/Ironman thought got into my head in POE 1 but I could not shake it lol If a complete campaign run that has a death in it, it does not count as "cannon" for my watcher so i just play the hardest difficulty on Ironman.
  8. @Abrax I am not sure I am the best advice giver, I just lost my POTD/Ironman run in FS to the last guy, that said I have some thoughts at least. I think for a Crusader tank to be effective you have to run a heavy ranged group with only 1 melee who hangs out at the edge of fights so they are not engaged by multiple melee enemies. A crusader tank in a melee heavy group is pointless because when the melee engages they will attack the damage dealers who have less defense. So 1. If you want a crusader tank run a ranged heavy group. 2. If you run a melee heavy group use the Crusader as a two handed or duel wield damage dealer/off tank and share the tanking with your other damage dealers. 3. Crusader as a damage dealer is extremely effective in group play as they are capable of dealing respectable damage and are extremely tough for a damage dealer, this is probably your most optimal use of a Crusader. 4. Crusader can solo but will need heavy Arcana in certain fights. 5. Dealing with ranged enemies: use stealth and bring the crusader out first all the shots will go to him if you have heavy stealth skill and stoic steel you can sit in front of enemy for a while and build up your armor before they see you, then when you are spotted use that time to buff up your damage dealers and depending on your group either use counter ranged fire, CC or run your melee group around enemy engagers and at ranged after enemy melee tied up by your Crusader. Blinding ranged damage dealers is great because it forces them to come close to shoot, Chill Fog, Rouge Blind etc. @Boeroer @thelee @Not So Clever Hound @Elric Galad Can all help too, they are better players.
  9. It definitely made FC super hard with those missile salvos wow. It’s not what got me the final boss did but it almost did.
  10. Ya that’s a good idea. I just got greedy and wanted max damage and should of done that. What really threw a wrench in things is the monk dying to a DOT while invisible doing a WotW, I could not target her for a REZ and the Berath Timer went off. I should just hired another Monk but I tried not to cheese it too bad..what are the chances you have another monk immediately? Lol and I didn’t run with Mirke this time…sometime I need to make some power gaming decisions and I tend to be resistant towards it. A monk would of owned that fight with WotW on adds and Efficient Anguish spam on the boss. I’ve definitely got it on the next run. PS I LOVE Beraths Challenge I always felt that infinite knockout no death is sort of cheese. Makes sense to me. Also I think Skaens challenge is sneaky hard. Stuff can shoot you that you can’t see.
  11. It’s over. I did this in POE 1 successfully, all first try POTD/Ironman were wins. This is MUCH more difficult in POE 2. Boss fights are more like MMOs so meta knowledge may be necessary. report: Got the last guy to about 20% when I just ran out of steam, my go to group was KIA and I just didn’t have the same vibe with the new group. I got overwhelmed by the adds in that last fight. All in all successful run I could of just gone to Ukaizo and won the run by I wanted to do FC. it’s now my favorite DLC it’s so good. That said I think the Crusader tank was pretty successful, one thing I didn’t like about the Crusader tank IMO he is not super useful in boss fights. Bosses have a lot of AOE damage and you can’t engage them, yes if you attack the boss first with the Crusader he does tank the boss but as soon as your next melee dps engages the boss is just going to turn to the melee dps and the crusaders melee is not very good, so you basically turn to support mode with LOH and at that point I rather have a herald or even a pure Paladin, that’s my biggest dig on the Crusader tank. Extremely useful in trash fights with lots of enemies. Against a boss in a group you are almost better of soloing. PS @Elric Galad I’ve installed the community Patch and your mods and I’m going to try Single Class Paladin as a support tank for a heavy melee group (SC Monk and i think a SC priest of Woedica using fist scaling weapon since summoned fists no longer scale with transcended suffering I think I’ll go SC, Wildryhmer and a Wizard). He will tank and heal and give out buffs. Let’s see the difference.
  12. @Boeroer Knows more than me but for melee DPS I like and race that has a natural affliction resistance, Mountain Dwarf, Coastal Amaua, Wood Elf or some type of elemental damage resistance like Pale elf. Also Island Amaua I like because I hate slog zones and they are not affected by it. If playing POTD with none to minimal Dump stats I would max PER and DEX and put whatever is left over into Might. Take Turning Wheel to buff your INT so your self buffs can last longer. Also Brute (Barbaian/Fighter) is very durable and can do good damage, its tankier than the Monk.
  13. @Boeroer @Not So Clever Hound @Elric Galad @theleeUpdate: LONE SURVIVOR. I have done everything in the game save Ukaizo and the Forgotten Sanctum. I have never beaten the game doing FS because the first time i beat Deadfire FS was not out and the second time FS was out but I had WoW classic releasing and had to cut the game short and skip FS to get my POTD/Ironman done. I am playing with Berath's Challenge and Skaens, and I got to the room in FS in Wael's constructs stomach has those portals on the ground that injure you ....I got ABMUSHED by those flesh dogs that teleported on my backline and they all had that resolve affliction striking dreams that does not let you cast....I could not cast and all my Resurrections got knocked out...everyone died EXCEPT...the Crusader my Watcher. Basically the entire room could not kill him and Refreshing defense had a timer of like 700 seconds, with Exalted Endurance and bleeding cuts the Monsters that cast freezing pillar ended up killing them selves with their own spells......I was the Lone Survivor....time to go get an all mercenary team. What a FAIL.....sort of? maybe the Crusader tank can solo a lot of the game with high Arcana? lol I was better off walking in that room by myself. Maybe this guy is TOO tanky for his own good and what was needed there was offense.
  14. My SC merc monk was killed in the forgot sanctum because of WotW I’m pretty’s sure. She had a dot on her and got low and then died while teleporting, I am playing with Beraths challenge and I could not target her for a Rez and I could not see her corpse to retrieve the gear lmao! I moved on and ran across the same area and sure enough the gear was there, seems Wael deposited it after all.
  15. That works since you are dumping resolve which I don’t like to do you can have Might, PER and DEX. Since your dumping Res you will be squishier though. PER and DEX are more dps than might due to might (especially on POTD) being additive so it’s less impactful for melee (I know weird) as a melee guy gets a lot of increases damage bonuses from weapons having large damage bonuses (fine, superb, legendary etc.) that said yes if you can have might by dumping stats you definitely do it. But on high difficulties like POTD Might is the worst of the 3 Damage Attributes for melee. For spells it’s the only attribute that increases spell damage so go high might for magic damage dealers or pure healers like Heralds etc (I know weird)
  16. Single Class Monk no Subclass straight up annihilates. Swift Strikes+Swift Flurry (like 15% to proc an extra attack on crit) + heart beat drumming + whispers of the wind is crazy good and straight forward. Use fists for crush damage SC monk gets insane scaling for fists, the damage is of regular one handed weapons with the speed of light weapons with extremely high base PEN. You can use sabers for an alternate damage type as very few things if high crush and slash DR or sword for all three damage types (crush fist and sword pierce and slash) Max DEX and PER what’s left over can go to INT or Might if you are going Turning wheel for the INT buffs and fire lash. At the start of the game you have to babysit him a bit if playing POTD (it’s the only difficult I play) but as the game goes on if you have a Paladin/Herald/Liberter/good support healer the monk will be more than fine and kick butt. Lastly efficient Anguish is a boss killer as it can Knock down (thanks to your high PER) almost every single boss (I’m pretty sure all) my party SC Monk kept every dragon and tough boss face planted lol. item wise: Once I get home from the mother in laws I’ll edit!
  17. Also @Elric Galadi do not take high Con my man. Flat 10 Con with tough is good to go for a Crusader to basically ignore SI self damage. I like SI but as Elric says it’s expensive. I also like what @theleesaid in POE 1 SI was a no brainer, I feel that other than the cost it’s a more interesting pick in POE 2.
  18. This thread has turned into an amazing Paladin thread, my favorite @Boeroer what are your attributes for your shooter Paladin (I think this Renaissance/ Very late medival Paladin is cool).Almost reminds me of our PoE 1 quick switch arbalest Paladins. God tier alpha strike, tanks and a damage dealer once you got SI.
  19. Hey guys @Not So Clever Hound @Boeroer @Elric Galad finally got to Sacred Immolation on this Crusader. It is better than I thought to be honest, it turns the tank into a capable AOE damage dealer, with 14 base INT Bronlar's smart buff bringing you to 19 INT and THEN firing off Tactical Barrage you have a much longer Barrage and gain one PL for SI combined with the Magran axe that gives you 2 fire PLs. SI starts hitting really hard and has good PEN (took Scion of Flame as well). Also as a Crusader you can just shrug off the SI damage pretty easily even if you have good Might like I do. Rapid Recovery, Exalted Endurance (I have a priest with Devotions of the Faithful for increased ACC), Tough and Lay on Hands. Most of the time LoH is not necessary as I am using void ward and I have good resolve (I basically took the resolve for the increased returns in deflection but the reduction in afflictions helps). The reduction is even less with Khapa Tea but I am eating Hot Razor skewers instead for more PL increase because the Crusader is so beefy (is there a cap on PL increase?). I am using SI even on boss fights (POTD of course) the damage is not dangerous to a Crusader at all, especially one with a large shield and Refreshing defense, Grazes and hits keep Refreshing Defense up and incoming damage is low. So the self damage never really helps the enemy. I am able to reliably hit with SI because I have maxed PER, Fighter Tactical Barrage and Devotions of the Faithful guarantees hits. If solo a large shield will be tougher to use or you would have to use Zealous Focus and heal yourself another way. No zeal issues at all with this build imo on a tank using a shield, FoD is pretty MEH unless you are using shared flames and the majority of the party is ranged, with Shared flames AOE being so small imo it was not worth. I feel like most crusader builds the majority of the zeal is eaten by spamming FoD (maybe i am wrong). With this build the vast majority of your zeal goes to LoH and SI, and Sworn Rival (Goldpact Knight) but I always get the zeal for Sworn Rival refunded when the target goes down. ONE HUGE CON to SI as a Crusader: You have to wait to level 19. All in all you definitely do not have to take SI on a crusader and I think maybe its not worth on a 2handed or DW melee damage dealer crusader as a lot of your zeal is spent on spamming FoD (maybe its worth to have for AOE situations? I dont know) but on a party tank who is only using zeal for LoH and Sworn Rival? I think its good if you Max PER for large shield users, medium shield can get away with less PER and buckler users i dont think need PER with disciplined barrage (party play) (possible good synergy with the Outworn Buckler here).
  20. PS restored the helm through an imported merc. Turned off gibs
  21. Efficient Anguish and Concelhaut’s hammer absolutely owns her lmao. She was literally face planted most of the fight. Lmao ! I had the help of the three spirts and forgot to use them…anyone else have good strategies for this fight? PS the last time I beat her (POTD again) I had a SC Paladin (gasp terrible class) with light of pure zeal and empowered it and chunked her HP from like 20 or 30% to 0% LOL. I used exactly 9 zeal if I remember correctly. 4 for a Sacred Immolation and the Light of Pure Zeal with other party damage. Dead lol. Go figure a Paladin is good against undead
  22. That’s an ODD bug though, gib wiped helm stats? Wtf
  23. Makes total sense. In fact I have a picture of the fight when it happened and sure enough there are lots of gibs. Turning it off.
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