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  1. Yes I did. It was very good in FS and SSS the times the group took heavy damage. Plus the change to frost/electricity. I had room for Divine Retribution, Prestige and Light of Pure zeal (you might as well you have the room.) @Elric Galad I wouldn’t call it mandatory but it was nice in long fights. I could do the Skeleton summon with the chanter , they would die and get some resources for more exhortations or heals. I don’t know that I needed it but it was good insurance for fights like the Oracle etc.
  2. They said it was classless. Not my fav thing but I’ll still play…hopefully the abilities etc will be distinct that I can play a proper wizard or Paladin or rogue etc
  3. @Elric Galad thank you for making Single Class Paladin viable as a support healer. I beat the game on POTD-Ironman with god challenges of Skaen, Berath, Galawain and Ondra (no real impact here for Ondra lol) and having a dedicated healer/Battle Captain tank played really well for the party. 1. The change to Healing Chain makes a viable alternate path to Sacred Immolation. The heal is incredible in tough fights like FS and SSS as you can reduce a lot of the AOE chip damage you take. 2. The change to Divine Retribution makes it still good (I still took it) but not a must have thanks to.. 3. 1 Zeal cost to all but Reviving Exhortation. I took almost all the exhortations-Reinforcing Exhortation plus resolve upgrade (double down on deflection) for Eder swashbuckler tank-Hastening Exhortation plus nimble (full party nimble lol) upgrade. Even Liberating Exhirtation I found extremely useful in FS when a party member gets hit with a ton of negative affects. Took Reviving Exhortation no upgrade for emergencies cause of Berath challenge-used it like twice but saved my bacon. You aren’t soloing the game a support Paladin but the mod makes them a great group support class + good tank.
  4. I was surprised when I read it too lol. Since the narrative for so long was that it wasn’t. Let’s go POE 3!!
  5. This build looks fun @Boeroer You have the best builds as always my friend. Im always too focused on Paladins haha
  6. My head cannon is that he walks really slow Lol so you have time but ya pacing is definitely off. My biggest negative for the game although I love it
  7. My IQ must be potatoes I like Durance a lot lmao I didn’t realize this was a Weiderganger thread dang
  8. According to a very recent Sawyer interview Deadfire was very profitable over the long run it just started slow. https://www.originstory.show/episodes/josh-sawyer That said with Outer Worlds success I understand the way they are going. I prefer CRPG style with different races and classes but I get the race thing is probably a mechanical thing and understand that maybe for a 1st person game classes is harder to do….I’ll definitely play cause I love the setting and want to see the Living Lands…I just hope I can play a Paladin it’s my fav thing of PoE and it not look samey as other rolls like in Skyrim. A melee healer uses the same magic as a wizard healing himself in elder scrolls, it’s very samey.
  9. Does anything have Arcane Dampener in FS? It’s only thing that the Crusader has over the Arcane Knight. You can’t dampen any of their magic cause is there is none. Against Nemnok and his crew Crusader is more reliable in my experience to due heavy use of arcane dampener by enemies. But ya with Dampener out of the picture Arcane Knight is better. I don’t think Crusader is an OK tank though, if you play vanilla with a group it’s pretty great. It’s just not as meta as Arcane Knight cause Crusader needs heavy Arcana to solo.
  10. Agreed on the fight skips but I did out of spite and still won but the cost was heavy. I wanted to do an Ironman where I didn’t wiggle out of hard fights And I beat the game so I did it! Excellent advice though and I appreciate it. You helped a lot! Especially for my next run haha
  11. Oh last thing I think Paladin is excellent in FS. 1. Mushroom spore injection immunity through righteous soul and if you take aegis of loyalty you don’t need to eat the captains banquet and just melee your party members out of dominate. Those are 2 sort of niche abilities bud they are top tier in FS.
  12. Ya FS is really tough, just finished it on POTD Ironman with some god challenges and I lost 2 party members to destroy spells. 1. Intellect Affliction immunity makes you immune to 2 boss spells (spore, and frightened child) that destroy your character they both require a party me member to be dominated and then you are destroyed. Captains Banquet food makes you immune to that. 2. Anyone with a disintegrate DOT on them is a heavy heal priority (a Paladin was my main healer) because if your HP reaches 0 you will be destroyed and not knocked out. 3. On the spore side the mushrooms do a inject spell that does extremely heavy corrode damage-It’s listed as a poison so any Paladin with Righteous Soul or any character that eats Kapa Tea is immune and instead of taking 200+ corrode damage you take 0. 4. The Vithraks are tough because of missile salvo and disintegrate but like you said they die fast especially the casters. Focus fire them. If you have an EXTREMELY tough tank like a Crusader most people don’t like Crusader tank cause it’s too tanky but this is the one point in the game where if you tank traditionally they are tough enough to survive, bate their salvos and heal yourself (Greater LOH if you got it for this one). 5. Safer than tanking salvos is to focus fire the caster Vithraks and interrupt them.
  13. Ya going forward I’ll get intellect affliction immunity for FS with captains banquet. It had been a while and forgot about those lol. How does frightened child destroy you when charmed? pS just beat Fs POTD Ironman. frightened child harder than the Oracle for sure. Lol
  14. It something called Llenengraths Teachings. The frightened child just did it to Rekke too and this one said “destroyed”. So far I’ve lost 2 party members to FS destroy spells. It’s gnarly lol and not the 1st time. Rekke was at about full HP and he was just snuffed out, no defense vs attack roll just “destroyed”. I LOVE FS. It’s a scary as hell place and the enemies plus vibe is perfect for the setting. Enemies that can just snuff you out lol. It’s thematic for sure. maybe you just got to CC and damage down both the spore boss and the frightened child before they can do the abilities.
  15. Hey all been a bit!, Any tips on how to avoid the insta kill ability the Spore Boss has in FC? I beat the boss but lost my cipher lol I’m still not sure what insta kills (no injuries) the character. This is the second time it’s happened to me in 2 runs and I’m not sure what it is haha.
  16. For sure, I always take Ubreakable on the fighter multi main tank since I only play POTD TOI, it’s a safety blanket. I was just trying a Paladin SC with @Elric Galadmod so the group was a little unorthodox in that the main tank was really the Paladin and my fighter multi was a swash buckler damage dealer. I think I got greedy and tried to fit 3 damage slots in (which you can do but it’s less safe for TOI imo) If you run a support SC melee Paladin (with elrics mod) it’s not a bad tank but it’s not a fighter (for POTD). @masterty66 I think for your example my support Healing Paladin would take the place of the Druid (remember it’s elrics mod), most Exhortations except the Rez one are 1 zeal and you get a lot of heal options: LOH, Exalted Endurance, chain heal etc, Upgrade SI etc. If I run another tank in that group and maybe 3 ranged damage dealers that cascading issue of having to remove my melee dps from combat to save them and then the solo Paladin getting all the aggro would not happen. the only issue with mainly ranged damage dealers is no crush damage option.
  17. Hey all, Long story short just lost a POTD TOI with the above modifications plus a heavy melee party: Eder: Swashbuckler damage (not the best damage dealer but he can be good if you invest the gear and he is sturdy) Xoti: SC Monk PC: Support Paladin (shieldbearer) Ranged damage Herald Lore Master damage/CC All of my POTD TOI losses are with a heavy melee party, if I go ranged heavy I usually win (so 1 tank, one off tank/melee and 3 ranged damage dealer. I feel that melee damage dealers get into a lot of trouble once the AI starts to target them, if I have strong tanks up front and all my damage dealers killing at range the AI does not want to disengage (I usually have strong disengagement damage dealers). Anyone have a ton of success with a melee heavy party on POTD?
  18. PS I just lost a Ironman POTD run cause I thought I could take the Death Guard cave early and boy was I wrong, like level 8. group was: eder swashbuckler damage xoti SC monk damage SC Paladin support (shieldbearers) Herald lore master. Xoti got in trouble as she killed a Dargul and I didn’t notice that her AI ran her to the middle and surrounded by the Fampyrs. I hit her with a that scroll that removes her from combat and all the mobs turned to my Paladin and he got dump TRUCKED despite having extremely heavy Resolve, I got interrupted I got hit so hard so could not heal myself in time, Herald and Lormaster got tangled when Fampyrs leaped to them so I had to remove the Ranged Herald from combat too probably a mistake, so fighting with three got my Paladin owned. they are sturdy but they are definitely not Crusaders which is I’m used too. Have yo start again lol it did not help that the entire cave pulls for some reason
  19. @Elric Galadi like the ideas for sure. 1. Like the Healing Chain idea it’s not dumb over powered it’s a like you said a semi zealous endurance upgrade that helps the team stay alive and feels fun to use. 2.Divine Ret from 2 zeal down to 1 helps nerf it a bit but still doesn’t take the fun out of going SC Paladin. 3. I think the SI change is great, you pay hard for having SI constantly up but you get to do it the entire fight. It’s a good give and take, you are wounded, you died and now take damage for the entire fight but you get to do free damage too. It’s fun and feels fair. 4. Good providence alternative, high CON builds imo are not that common so I feel this is unique. Courage until end of combat seems five? It’s like having Revkus helm for getting downed. Not trying to be a yes man but I like all these.
  20. I feel the Zeal reduction cost you made to all abilities helps SC Paladin a lot as that was their man issue in Vanilla without BPM. With your mod they act as they should function, good tanks and battle commander types that have a mix of support and damage. I did one vanilla SC Paladin play through without BPM and it was good late BECAUSE of infinite zeal BUT you absolutely needed a summoner. With a summoner zeal cost was irrelevant and you had high PL FOD and SI plus constant buffs and heals, just spam which ya is effective. With changes you made you don’t need one totally imo. I feel divine ret is like one of the main reasons for SC Paladin and it’s fun, nerf bat for fun stuff sometimes stinks but may be necessary. so maybe just some type of high% chance like the buff you made to on kill zeal ability. Maybe 50% to gain 1 zeal when Allie is downed and not 100%. Also I don’t know if it’s possible in deadfire but mmos do it, you could also give the zeal refund ability an internal Cooldown. Like it can only happen every 5 seconds etc
  21. Ya I definitely know PL increases ACC and PEN. So maybe with ring of focused flame, plus High PL and Prestige in a group with ZF and debuffs you can hit enough with SI plus heal a lot with it. Since I have 2 melee. I wanted to try chain heal @Elric Galad with your mod but maybe it’s over kill and does not synergies well with divine retribution? Heals my Paladin healer has: Lay on Hands Greater Lay on Hands (mainly emergency heal plus to remove bad CON afflictions) Zealous Endurance upgrade Scrolls-High Arcana Planned for the Build maybe: Sacred Immolation plus upgrade (maybe over kill) Chain Heal (maybe over kill) the PL9 Heal that blasts healing and kills vessels (maybe over kill)
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