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  1. I did when I found out they were behind thousands of infant deaths, because they aggressively marketed a low quality powder milk substitute as better than breastfeeding your newborns in third world countries.
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57522186 (never mind that I categorically already refuse to touch anything, chocolate or otherwise I suspect is made by Nestle or its subsidiaries for other reasons) "The US Supreme Court has ruled food giants Nestlé USA and Cargill can't be sued for child slavery on African farms from where they buy their cocoa. Six African men alleged that they were trafficked from Mali and forced to work on cocoa farms in Ivory Coast. The group say both companies perpetuated that slave trade to keep cocoa prices low. The court r
  3. What's wrong with drinking mead from the skulls of your enemies???
  4. I chose the exact opposite, following my native country's health advice (Denmark has completely banned AZ and J&J for human use). That from a country that currently has its own DNA based vaccine in trial testing, as an alternative to the mRNA vaccines). Bear in mind, BioNTech (the company that developed the vaccine commonly just called 'Pfizer') is not new to the technology, it wasn't something that sprung up overnight. The two brothers (Turkish immigrants who moved to Germany in some distant past) that runs the company has been doing a decades worth of research in mRNA technology sea
  5. How did that old (pre-digital) saying go, a broken clock is right twice a day? I don't think Trump couldn't be right about anything, even if tried. Tl;dr; the article: "1) We still don't know anything 2) Who can be blamed for what and how can we exploit it politically"
  6. Remember the old jokes about dropping off your baby in the forest and if it survives, it's strong enough? Not quite as drastic... Danish forest kindergardens, home of feral Danes
  7. Sounds a bit like the protein folding project people used to run instead of screensavers
  8. All I see is that China owns a substantial amount of the US Debt (1 trillion) and about 4 trillion USD as currency reserve. They pretty much have the fingers on the trigger of the US economy too. If push comes to shove, they can make it crash and burn, because they might have more influence on the currency exchange rates of the USD than the US has... (yes, I did see the historical reasons for it, keeping the currency they get paid in high and the currency they pay workers domestically in at a lower rate to keep it cheap). But, I was referring to China (unlike some oil states I coul
  9. I wouldn't trust anything coming out of Russia Today any more than the official Chinese propaganda garbage coming out of the Global Times... Did they celebrate because they thought Trump would be anything other than a loose cannon, bringing down a long time rival? Putin putting Trump in the White House would be akin to the German strategy in 1917 when they put Lenin on a train and sent him to Russia. The destabilizing effect led to Germany winning the war on the Eastern Front and Russia imploding. Besides, unless a tectonic plate suddenly and unexpectedly submerges and takes China with it
  10. Southern California shall rise again! (Or should I say Colorado?)
  11. Ah yes, the Mandarin classes. I've been a bad student. Too old and too lazy to learn new languages these days. If anything, I would probably start practicing my neglected French skills. Reciting a French menu card just sounds sexier than reading out loud from a Mandarin menu card
  12. Define "many"? The Bush clan and Trump were utter failures in my book. Last one from top of my head would've been Reagan for his contribution towards reducing tensions with the USSR in the 1980's.
  13. This. I do not doubt for a moment, that there will be a lot of public posturing for the benefit of the press and going through the old cliches of human rights blah blah Navalny blah blah (an ultra nationalist, like Putin on steroids who thinks all Muslims should be summarily killed) blah blah Ukraine blah blah etc. Once the doors to the public are closed (notice how the US press is whining about how limited the access of the press is at this summit?) and roll up the sleeves and discuss realpolitik. Like what is going to be the "price" for leaving eastern Ukraine alone and not support China in
  14. NATO, suffering from a decades long existential crisis seems to have found a new enemy they can agree to disagree with… Nope, not Russia, but China https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57466210
  15. Disclaimer: I only just started on the game, made it to level 3 (level cap is 10), so my impressions are what I got after a few days play. With the settings cranked up (3800x2100 or thereabouts and all effects, the game is visually pretty). Now art direction... yes, like humour, i suppose that is also a matter of taste. Not so much childrens cartoon style as old French and Belgian comic book style, which i grew up with (Danish translations) and loved very much and still do to this day. Very different from for example US comic art styles. Closest "style" I can think of would be Asterix.
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