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  1. Not metal per se, but... it's Rammstein!
  2. Hmm, yeah. I noticed that there are no receptionists around anymore, they all got replaced by client liaisons. Still doing the same job though Edit: Same thing with Stewardess and Flight Attendant come to think of it. Rebranding of old roles. Edit2: Completely unrelated to Corona virus (me going out on a tangent here), the subject of gender typical roles sounds more like something for the politics thread.
  3. Kebab (from a restaurant) and some home made dessert after a South African recipe (one of the girls is a very good cook). Something soft and delicious with a distinct peppermint flavour and a bit of a cheesecake like consistency. No idea what it was called. As for drinks, no wine. Just whisky (I know, we're such plebs! ). Was a nice evening. Hadn't planned on doing anything for my birthday, so I got taken a bit by surprise with no time to really prepare anything.
  4. Decided that social distancing is overrated and had two friends over for dinner last night. My first "socializing" in like 2 and a half months. Sort of like, oh yeah, homo sapiens, that's what they really look like when not seeing them on tv or the internet
  5. I have an Asian friend who had stocked up on face masks a few months before the corona virus struck... the she's now using them for that, but she originally got them very much for the purpose you mention (and she got quality ones too that might help protect somewhat against tear gas, which she expected at the events she had planned on joining)
  6. For starters, you really need to separate the two. The government form is not tied that firmly to the economic system as you suggest. "Free" market economy exacerbates inequality even worse than communism. Sure, someone gets a lot richer, but just to take Australia as an example (stopping at 2019 where everything went to hell anyway), the GDP went up. Wealth maximizing had never been greater. Yet for the majority of the populating, their disposable income had never been lower. As Trump likes to put it, cut some red tape and get rid of regulation. Because, the GFC was such a great success right? I'm sure Fox News is still waiting for a way to pin that one on Obama. Tl;dr; anyone really believe an unregulated market economy doesn't lead to monopolies? If so, I have a very distinct looking, classy tower in Paris I want to sell. In short, a reintroduction of serfdom. As for democracy, a system that depends on majority votes is completely at the mercy of whoever controls popular opinion. In short, whoever controls mass media and social media. Russia picked up on that very fast, trying to sway popular opinions, sometimes overt, sometimes covert. I mentioned the example with Berlusconi in Itale previously. Trump is another good example of the least qualified getting the job because the media loves it. Especially the Murdoch press (who owns among other things Fox) How will you prevent corporate interests from influencing elections so politicians can get elected on their own merits and not as a tool for wealthy "special interest" groups taking lobbying to the next level? Edit: The above question is for me the key. No, I don't have an answer, I wish I did, because, you know, criticizing is easy, coming with suggestions is a lot harder. But identifying problems is usually (at least in computer science) a good start for working on solutions. A witty take on it. The difference between wealth and income probably applies to other countries too I think
  7. Sorry, in that case, the world has less true democracies than true communist regimes.
  8. I'm not too worried about AI being able to copy patterns... I'm more worried when it gets creative and nobody sees what's coming before it's too late.
  9. Meh, the only really dangerous animal down here with a beak is the platypus (it's venom is lethal) At least it can't fly Edit: I was wrong, not about the flying part, but only the male platypus has venomous spurs on its hind legs. Looks harmless, right? and I had forgotten another animal that it's recommended not to get to close to: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2019/4/why-the-cassowary-is-the-worlds-most-dangerous-bird-568931/
  10. I don't think there is anything wrong with spin-off games. I wouldn't mind some third person game set in the POE setting. Could even be a different time period, like exploring past events.
  11. How old is this song exactly? I could've sworn I used to listen to it before leaving Europe almost two decades ago
  12. You just described Xi's long term strategy for moving jobs to China
  13. German TV (living in the border region, I had more German language than Danish tv channels to choose from) was quite open minded about things in the 70's. What's not to love about gratuitous nudity and violence (not being mutually exclusive either)
  14. It sort of gives my age away... I loved Zardoz (when it finally aired on TV)
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