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  1. Ok, genuinely curious.... why exactly do you claim that Crimea belongs to Ukraine? What kind of justification would be behind that other than "Ukraine says so!"? As for history and revisionism... It originally belonged to the Tatars and later Moscow until Ukraine claimed it at the dissolution of the Soviet Union 1991 (**** started hitting the fan when Ukraine forgot about their promises about Crimean autonomy in 1995 (in return for the Crimean's acknowledging the government in Kiev's sovereignty).
  2. It's not like logic has ever been an obstacle for Trump before. I would fully trust in his incompetence and start a war without any clue on how to deal with the outcome, thinking he can "wing it". If such a thing were to happen, watch Fox News for how it's all Hillary and Obama's fault and Trump's twitter blasting the fake news for spreading misinformation about a completely chaotic situation. He's nothing if not predictable.
  3. My friend and I went and saw Kacey Musgraves live here in Melbourne last night at the Palais Theatre. Country and Western isn't normally my style, but the live performance was not just outstanding, but very much a mix of genres, ranging from classic C&W to Rock. Besides, her voice is stunning to listen to live. Can't find any recordings from last night, but maybe some day someone might empty the content of their phones on youtube
  4. Oh, easy. Stop splitting athletes up in "men" and "women" and create categories for those above and below a testosterone threshold. They could even create a "super" league for those who don't mind pumping themselves full of performance enhancing chemicals, steroids, whatever. (edit: It wouldn't be that different from wrestling, boxing etc. where you have weight categories to even the playfield between contestants) On a less serious note, waiting for the first complaint about contestants trying to win races by using viagra (for getting those extra inches closer to the finishing line)!
  5. Makes you wonder whose responsibility it was to do the spell checking? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-48210733 46 million $50 (Australian) notes got into circulation before typo was discovered
  6. Oh, it get's better. Chelsea and Arsenal are the finalists in the other tournament now. Watch out for spontaneous orgies in the streets
  7. Interesting last couple of days in the UEFA Champions League semi's Makes you wonder how hard you have to beat, kick and stomp the English teams for them to stay dead
  8. Sometimes, it's just better not to draw attention to things
  9. Netanyahu and Trump does seem to have a rather cozy romance with each other going on there. Love conquers all after all, so no need for real justification for their actions. Too much trouble at home? Create bigger problems abroad.
  10. It's a masterclass in how not to do projects (I still remember my landlord trying to convince me it would be up and running soon when I was living south of Berlin) I checked up on the projects history back then and I think the US will be a communist country before that airport has regular air traffic
  11. Just a suspicion based on the terminology used in the software, it looks like currently anything with a tag gets classified as "staff". Hence why even moderator posts show up as an "Obsidian" post.
  12. I was in a bit of a nostalgic mood today. Listened to some old hard rock tracks from the 80's If I ever were to end up stranded up on a remote island with a nuclear powered iPod, I guess this is the song I would prefer to be on it:
  13. A nice new feature is the ability to hide individual members signatures, so if you have like 3 people whose signatures you're tired at staring at, you can hide those 3 people's signatures from your view, yet see everybody else's signatures. That should encourage people to make signatures that aren't too much "in your face", as they will just get hidden by other users over time and not seen anymore.
  14. I've been playing Risk of Rain 2 a few evenings lately together with a couple of friends. It's one of those deceptively simple to learn games... but because the difficulty increases constantly over time, so you have to master the timing, how much to you want to hang around and gear up on a level before you get overwhelmed. Not to mention, once you decide enough is enough, it's time to trigger the level boss(es) to progress to the next map. It's one of those early access games, but already worth the money we spent on it
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