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  1. Hi thelee~ Yes it does add raw DoT, but like Boeroer said on pulses not dmg ticks (sorry i'll re-edit ), and the effect wont stack but will reset the last one and cause dmg if proc multiple times
  2. -----Part 1 : Build Base----- Version: 5.0 Build Name: Druidian Grandet Description: She's the younger sister of Eugenie Grandet, basically a Windfury Shaman + Affliction Warlock... Class: Tempest (Solo: Furyshaper + Lifegiver) or (Party: Berserker + Lifegiver/Ancient) 1.What' new? Nothing, sorry... just love to build around less popular classes 2.Synergy? (1) Blood Frenzy adds raw DoT to every crit of Druid spell pulses, and Druid does a myriad of those attack rolls targeting Reflex/Deflection (Well, as you have expected, Berserker + Slayer's Claw grants Energized and will also enable you to almost interrupt-lock group enemies, but that self dmg from Frenzy can be devastating on Solo + Iron Man. So if you choose to play in party, Berserker is a solid choice) (2) Brute Force applies to Druid spells as well, namely Wicked Briars and Venombloom (Your main group dmg source). (3) Wards are regarded as summons, so you wont lose much being a Lifegiver since only one group of summons is allowed anyway (4) Yes indeed, your poor Wards can be used as precious decoy to separate enemies or to help you retreat and de-aggro. Druid creatures take centuries to summon (base 6s) , leaving you extremely vulnerable to interruptions, so..meh (5) Lifegiver provides cheaper Robust, various HoTs, and limited but good +AR spells to help Furyshaper build inner defense, since Barbarian has miserable Deflection and has to use AR and healing to stay alive when solo. (6) HoTs can help Barbarian remain Bloody a little longer than instant healing. Race: Pale Elf (Solo: +1 Dex and +4 Fire and Freeze AR) or Nature Godlike (Party: +1 Dex and +1 PL while Frenzy) Background: Deadfire Archipelago + Hunter Difficulty: Triple Crown A painful but rewarding experience... this build is a nuke in party(confirmed), but i have to admit that it lacks solutions to real threats when solo, i.e. 3 of the 4 megabosses. After some regrettable failure, i had to re-roll a full DEX character and picked up Scordeo's Edge, and eventually converted to Strand of Favor (which are usually banned from my list), making it another victim of Strand of Favor shenanigans. To make some clarifications, this build wont have any problem dealing with main game bosses, some DLC bosses and plain Guardian of Ukaizo (although you need serious micromanagements from time to time). To this end, it is a Triple Crown viable build. Solo: Yes But not recommended, drop Iron Man if you do want a solo run. 15 Required Bosses: Depends on your code If you do mind Strand of Favor cheats, then 8 only (5 main game + Neriscyrlas + Belranga + plain Guardian of Ukaizo) Or, all 15 if you dont. Below is a combat pic of Dorudugan WITH Strand of Favor cheating PoE1 Set Up: Hiravias for additional DEX and Slash AR(Apologize in advance) and Hylea's Bounty Stats: MIG: High. Healing and dmg bonus all together are so good for this build. CON: Low. Tempest has great inherent HP number, you wont suffer much lowering CON a little. DEX: MAX.. PER: High. You need crits to proc Blood Frenzy. INT: Medicore. To keep Scordeo's Edge effect a little longer. RES: 8. I dont have strong evidence to support that, because crits from high level enemies can easily tear your AR apart... My Game: iirc, 16/6/18/16/14/8 (You may need to increase RES a little) -----Part 2 : Abilities----- Watcher Abilities: Almost mandatory (1) No Time for the Lost (+10s Beneficial Effects) (2) Wit of Death's Herald (+Brilliant) Character Abilities: Level 1: Frenzy, Tanglefoot, Spiritshift: Wolf (Solo) Or Cat (Party) (Spiritshift will replace your armor and thus lower your AR, also as a Livegiver, you will suffer dramatic PL penalty (iirc, stacking with penalties from destroyed Wards)when Spiritshift is over. So, by the time you decide to spiritshift, it is the time you retreat and reset the combat,that's why +25% stride is really great when solo) Level 2: Fast Runner Level 3: Blooded Level 4: Thick Skinned, Two Weapon Style(*) Level 5: Autumn's Decay(*) Level 6: Accurate Carnage(*) Level 7: Bloodlust(*), Bear's Fortitude Level 8: Bloody Slaughter Level 9: One stands Alone(*) (Yep, you do that, but it doesnt work when enemies also stand alone..) Level 10: Blood Frenzy, Wicked Briars(*) Level 11: Spell Shaping Level 12: Woodskin(*) Level 13: Interrupting Blows, Nature's Terror(*) (Nature's Terror is personal preference,it always reminds me of that OP Nature's Beauty from Baldur's Gate) Level 14: Uncanny Luck Level 15: Practiced Healer Level 16: Brute Force, Venombloom(*) Level 17: Improved Critical Level 18: Rapid Casting(*) Level 19: Blood Thirst(*), Spell Resistance(*) Level 20: Blood Storm (*): Replace these abilities with Tough/Snake's Reflexes/etc. when facing certain bosses -----Part 3 : Equipment----- (Anything can help you solve your problem will be the best) Head: Helm of the White Void/ Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone (+1AR)/ The Maw of Ingimyrk (Helm of the White Void applies to almost all your Druid spells) Cloak: Cape of the Falling Star/ The Giftbearer's Cloth Armor: Patinated Plate Necklace: Strand of Favor/ Sisyfo's Stone (Strand of Favor is good even if you dont use it to cheat) Gloves: Firethrower's Gloves/ Gatecrashers/ Corroded Vambraces Belt: (Depends on your AR requirement) Boots: Boots of the Stone Ring 1: Ring of Prosperity's Fortune (Keep your money MORE THAN 200,000 please.... no?) Ring 2: (Your Choice) Pet: Epsilon/Pes/Giftwrapper/Grog/Ooblit ---Weapon Set 1---Main: Scordeo's Edge Off: Animancer's Energy Blade (Personal Preference) ---Weapon Set 2---Main: Sungrazer/Scordeo's Edge Off: (Any ranged weapon) ---Weapon Set 3---Main: Oathbreaker's End (Boss Killer) /The Willbreaker (If you can benefit from Weapon Modal)
  3. it is... very economy 1. Saves you tons of investment in companion abilities, simply re-summon it to heal/teleport for 1 Bond cost only 2. It‘s immune to engagement, perfect for luring enemies away 3. You wont feel guilty when sacrificing you animal companion
  4. -----Preface----- Yes, indeed. It is another blunderbuss build (Not really, see the following). But this time, on Forbidden Fist. Forbidden Fist seeks Powder Burns, like ash seeks embers. When the self-inflicted Distracted expires, Forbidden Fist heals and Wounds generated. Only, in truth... this attack rotation makes Forbidden Fist invulnerable and impervious. And so it is, Forbidden Fist will conquer and the Deadfire will tremble... <Deck Salts III> -----Part 1 : Build Base----- Version: 5.0 Build Name: Destitute is Virtue Description: This build relies heavily on the Forbidden Fist (the ability). By pushing your Resolve (and thus your hostile effect duration reduction) to the threshold, each Powder Burns attack heals up to 50 hp and Forbidden Fist becomes spammable. So you can keep stunning/interrupting/enfeebling enemies while retaining self-rejuvenating ability. Class: Wanderer (Forbidden Fist + Ghost Heart) Forbidden Fist is our foundation. Ghost Heart will make some boss fights much more easier (especially Hauani O Whe and Belranga, see the bosses part for details). Also, your ghost companion can be used as decoy to separate enemies or help you safely retreat and de-aggro. However... you will lose Resonant Touch, making this build almost impotent to Dorudugan (Actually you can deal with Dorudugan by exploiting some Hunter's Claw glitches, I wont argue if you call it a failure). Anyway, apart from Dorudugan, you are the true God of Eora, you can simply AI Script almost every other fight. Race: Human or Hearth Orlan Background: Ixamitl Plains Difficulty: Triple Crown Well, initially i was planning for a single class Forbidden Fist Ultimate run, but Vela the All Mighty kept crushing me because of the shortage of Withdraw scrolls. So, when i finally realized that the Ultimate was too much for a noob like me, i lowered the difficulty and picked up blunderbusses. Darn it, another bitter failure... Solo: Yes You wont get Fire in the Hole if play on solo under Magran's Fires. For Hand Mortar however, it is an... ethical problem. I didnt do it, really... 15 Required Bosses: Partially Yes This build is viable for...emm.. 0.01 Dorudugan and all other 14 (see the bosses part for details)...without Galawain's Challenge PoE1 Set Up: Sorry, but you need to sacrifice either Pallegina or Grieving Mother (preferable Pallegina). I apologize if it makes you feel uncomfortable Stats: MIG: Preferable max, healing and dmg bonus all together are so good for this build. CON: Low to mediocre. You need to face tank lots of Fortitude attacks. DEX: Mediocre (see Part 4 for details). PER: Preferable max. You need crits to boost penetration and dmg. INT: Low to mediocre (see Part 4 for details). RES: MAX and stack it to 35 (see Part 4 for details). (18 Base + 1 Race +1 Ixamitl Plains + 2 Blessing + 5 Cloak + 1 Ring + 2 Necklace + 2 Pet + 1 Brew + 1 Effigy + 1 Boots) My Game: iirc, 18/8/8/18/8/18 (You may need to increase DEX a little) -----Part 2: Equipment----- Head: Acina's Tricorn /Helm of the White Void (Helm of the White Void adds valuable 10 ACC to Forbidden Fist) Cloak: Cloak of Poverty (Keep your money LESS THAN 1000 please.... no?) Armor: Gipon Prudensco (Bear in mind that this armor only provides 8 Pierce AR, which is dangerous when fighting some bosses...) Necklace: Token of Faith Gloves: Firethrower's Gloves Belt: (Depends on your AR requirement) Boots: Boots of the Stone/ Boots of the Whiter Ring1: Ring of the Solitary Wanderer Ring2: Ring of the Marksman (Optional) Pet: Eviee ---Weapon Set 1--- Main : Xefa's Empirical Explication Off: Kitchen Stove (For Blunderbuss attacks ofc) ---Weapon Set 2--- Main : Kapana Taga Off: Cadhu Scalth (When abusing Forbidden Fist, mostly late to end game boss fights. Kapana Taga for its +1 AR and +4 Deflection effect) -----Part 3 : Abilities----- Level 1: Swift Strikes, Marked Prey, Companion: Bear Level 2: Resilient Companion (+2AR to protect the bear from.... your friendly fire mostly) Level 3: Fast Runner Level 4: Clarity of Agony, Protective Companion (Clarity of Agony will likely refund 1+ Wound, and you can use it as healing ability) (Use Protective Companion to stop enemies when they rush towards you) Level 5: Two Weapon Style(*) (Switch to Weapon and Shield Style when fighting end game bosses, except for Hauani O Whe) Level 6: Gunner(*) Level 7: Lightening Strikes, Marked for the Hunt(*) Level 8: Stunning Blow(*) Level 9: Evasive Roll(*) Level 10: Thunderous Blows, Stalker's Link (Thunderous Blows is sooo good, blunderbuss starves for that +2 Pen and +5 MIG bonus) (Also it has no recovery time and wont break your attack rotation, i.e. your healing chain, that is crucial in some dire situations) Level 11: Hunter's Claw (It's okay to leave it to Kith or Vessel in early game) Level 12: Duality of Mortal Presence (Mind mostly, switch to Body if you desperately need Fortitude) Level 13: Stunning Surge(*) (Now you can begin to spam Stunning attacks) Level 14: Driving Flight(*) (Your life saver when facing Hauani O Whe, praise the sun!) Level 15: Practiced Healer (More healing power!!) Level 16: Turning Wheel(*), Survival of the Fittest (Switch to Iron Wheel when bosses overpen you, namely Belranga, Dorudugan and Guardian of Ukaizo) Level 17: Hunter's Fang(*) (Switch to Beast's Claw if necessary) Level 18: Improved Critical Level 19: The dichotomous Soul, Uncanny Luck Level 20: Crucible of Suffering (*): Replace these abilities with Tough/Bear's Fortitude/ Snake's Reflexes/Long Stride etc. when facing certain bosses -----Part 4 : Some Numbers----- Stats Attunement If my observations are correct, when Powder Burns inflicts Distracted, it will simply RESET the last Distracted duration instead of replacing it, i.e. it wont proc healing or generate Wound. Basically, you have to shorten the Distracted effect as much as possible, and make sure it expires right before next Powder Burns attack. So, we can reach a criteria like below and yes, there are some...delicate calculations involved. (RES Effect - INT Effect) < max(DEX Effect - Armor Effect, Reload Animation) As a self-inflicted debuff, Distracted is affected by your INT ,which is extremely annoying. Lowering INT to minimum barely affect the duration because of the double inversion algorithm given maximum RES, and on the contrary, you need INT to keep up Ghost Companion, Tenacious and Clarity of Agony (Turning Wheel will increase INT anyway). In conclusion, assuming 20 INT (8 Base + 2 Blessing + 10 Turning Wheel, +50% Duration) , 35 RES (-75% Duration), -35% Duration from the ring and -50% Duration (Active) from Clarity of Agony, Powder Burns will last for 1.98s which is enough to support 12 DEX attacks wearing Gipon Prudensco. (First Inversion: 0.5 INT - 1 Clarity of Agony - 0.538 Ring - 3 RES = -4.04 Double Inversion: 10 Base Sec * (1/(1+4.04)) = 1.98 Sec) So, to my life easier, i simply went with 8 INT/8 DEX/18 RES (20 INT/12 DEX/35 RES in game), hopefully someone can come up with an accurate combination. -----Part 5 : Bosses----- **Spoiler Alert** Here presents some tricky boss fights and provides some suggestions. I uploaded a pic fighting Guardian of Ukaizo with 3 stacks of The Final Mega Boss as kind of proof, since only 500KB attachment is allowed... 1. Hauani O Whe (Primordial) 2. Sigilmaster Auranic (Kith) 3. Belranga (Beast) 4. Dorudugan (Vessel) 5. Guardian of Ukaizo (With 3 stacks only)
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