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  1. A Furyshaper/Beguiler multiclass seems like a perfect fit for the "witch" paradigm, and I like the Spirit Frenzy + Secret Horrors + Morning Star modal + Brute Force synergy. It sounds like a lot of fun. I think I'll try this, thanks!
  2. Thanks again for the advice, Boeroer. I hadn't even considered the Beguiler possibility, but I like it, and I see that it would fit the "witch" theme very nicely I'll sketch out a provisional build, and see how I might put this together. Do you think a beguiler with WotEP initially and then Engoliero do Espirs would work well, or would this be best with a ranged build?
  3. Having already created and enjoyed playing several builds for my MC (vanilla monk, fury/helwalker ascetic and goldpact/evoker arcane knight), I am planning a Witch run, and had a questions regarding its design. On the barbarian side, the berserker subclass seems like a no brainer for the upgraded inspirations, improved hit-to-crit rate, and the easily avoided downside. But I was unclear about the cipher side of this multiclass. I probably would have picked Soulblade originally, but post-nerf it seems that this is a rather disappointing option. I am seriously considering Ascendant, but it seems, on paper at least, to be poorly designed for a melee multiclass. I say this because the soul whip damage bonus is reduced by half (to 10%) when you're not in the ascended state, when you really need the boost, and then is seriously boosted to 30% when your in the ascended state, when you no longer need it since you'll likely be spamming cipher powers then. Would an Ascendant/Berserker witch work out better than it seems on paper, or would it be best to use a plain cipher with no subclass? I am also planning on running this as 2H melee build, using WotEP initially and then Engoliero do Espirs late game for the AOE madness on kills. I'm doing this for variety, as I used a Magran's Favor-focused fire build with the Arcane knight and don't want to repeat this. I'll also use the devil of caroc breastplate to avoid the confused affliction while frenzied. Any advice on designing a fun MC Witch would be most appreciated.
  4. Many thanks to both of you, Hansvedic and Boeroer. I will stick with a vanilla monk for my first run through, and try Forbidden Fist later. I imagine that Clarity of Wounds is particularly important for this subclass, right? I also want to try a monk/druid hybrid, and will go with Helwalker then.
  5. Thanks, Boeroer. I appreciate the excellent advice once again! What do you think of playing a single class Shattered Pillar monk? I get the impression that it is quite powerful for a DPS oriented build. How would it compare to a vanilla monk? Is the limit of 5 wounds problematic?
  6. I'm new to POE 2 and wanted to play my first game as a monk, which was my favorite class in POE 1, and I understand is quite powerful in POE 2. I am a bit bewildered by all of the choices, however. I would appreciate suggestions for an initial run as a single class in "classic" mode before I try out multiclassing or higher difficulty levels. I was considering playing a Nature Godlike monk for the power boost when inspired, which is pretty much constant, I understand, so long as swift strikes is active. I would also like to focus on unarmed combat. I was considering starting with STR 15, CON 15, DEX 16, PER 15, INT 10, and RES 7. Does that sound like a good stat spread? I would also appreciate advice regarding which abilities and skills to take when leveling up. There are so many compared to POE 1, and I am not sure which are the most important to select at the beginning. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  7. This build is loads of fun, Boeroer, and is probably my favorite among your builds, followed closely by you boar druid and Witchdoctor monk builds. It's just amazing how quickly the Cauterizer just burns through the rather tough hordes on POE. As you note, the build is somewhat weak at first, as is typically the case for barbarians. He first started to shine at level 6, with accurate carnage, and then becomes amazing starting at level 7 when you get Blood Thirst. This is the ability that really makes this build; it would be weak without it. Later, I use Dragon Leap to position him in the midst of a horde, and then launch HoF, and watch them melt as one Blood Thirst after another is activated. As you note, you really need Firebrand for this melting effect to work, although I find that The Hours of St. Rumbalt is good when you run out of Firebrands, since it is annihilating and also prones on crits, which is great since you do land a lot of crits. Which companion do you recommend sacrificing to the blood pool? Maneha, for the boost to strength and prone and stun resistance?
  8. The Company Captain's Cap is still bugged, alas. It confuses your allies when you are "hit" by beneficial effects cast by them, such as heals and buffs. Generally, it's a good idea to put it on your priest (or protect him/her with the hermit's hat); otherwise they'll be confused in almost every fight. But you can also use this to your advantage. To upgrade the Cap you need to cause the confused affliction 15 times. An easy way to do this is to don the Shod-in-Faith; when it procs it will usually confuse you, and typically at the end of the battle when this is a harmless effect.
  9. Heldred in another thread gives great advice on building a party that is tanky, strong on defense. Generally, you want to give everyone, including casters, Veteran's recovery and the weapon & shield talent ASAP. You also should avoid min-maxing and dumping CON and RES. While wizards are often build as caster/blaster glass canons, for this party you'd want at least one, and maybe both, to be melee oriented. Properly built, a buffed melee wizard is really tough. The same is true of priests, with all of their great defense buffs. Druids are a bit more squishy. You probably want to arm them with dual hatchets or a hatchet and shield so they're tankier while casting. Once they have their spells unleashed, and the enemies are stunned (perma-stunned if have two druids!) from returning storm/ relentless storm, then they can spiritshift and decimate the mobs.
  10. Spiritshift druids can do tremendous damage, and the Boar druid is particularly sturdy due to stamina regeneration while shifted. As Boeroer as outlined in other posts on his "Shock-hog" build, you want high MIG and INT and decent CON and DEX to make him/her sturdy and fast. You can keep PER flat if you're not playing POTD, and can dump RES as much as you are comfortable. I usually play this build (one of my favorites) with STR 16/CON 16/DEX 15/PER 10/INT 16/RES 5. Given the low RES, you can give it items with spell holding effects such as Sanguine Plate. And you should take Veteran's recovery ASAP. I like playing with Boreal Dwarves for this build for the extra accuracy against beasts, which seems to fit the build, and also really comes in handy when fighting nasty beasts and primordials, i.e., dragons and radiant spores. I'm currently playing a melee wizard MC that is truly badass, fighting with a weapon and shield (for extra deflection and reflex w/ the weapon and shield talent), and using summoned weapons for the more challenging fights. This character is a Pale elf for the extra fire/ice DR, and I believe the starting stats were STR 18/CON 10/DEX 12/PER 12/INT 18/RES 8. With the wizards defensive buffs and the spell Infuse with Vital Essence you don't need a high CON, and with Alacrity your attack speed and spell speed is also quick without super high DEX. Overall this is probably the most OP build I've ever played, although it takes more micro to get the buffs off at the beginning of each fight.
  11. Ah, I see. The Cat would cut through mobs with low DR more rapidly, while the Boar's wounding would work better against the higher DR foes.
  12. Boeroer, to me it seems that boar druids are far superior to cat druids, with the constant wounding and regeneration buffs as opposed to the 1/rest haste effect. Is the reason for going with a cat druid to have the slash attack, for the relatively many foes who are immune to pierce and shock attacks? What about another boar druid with Wildstrike Corrode and Spirit decay, dual wielding Bittercut and Bleakfang when not shifted, and using Rotskulls as a ranged attack? Regarding the priest of Berath, would The Hour of St. Rumbalt be better than Tidefall, given the high MIG and INT?
  13. I am currently playing a melee wizard, and just got The Glass Tree grand adventure. Glittering Gauntlets would be great for this character, but according to the wiki for this item, it was bugged as of 3.02, in that "hits" when you self-buff can inflict the daze affliction. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem with more recent versions of the game. I suppose the item could still be useable, at least for a character wearing the Company Captain's hat, since this grants daze immunity.
  14. You will rarely be in combat long enough to chant 6 phrases and get off a 4th level invocation; it is only during the long difficult battles, such as the dragon fights, that you'll be able to cast them. It seems to me champion braved the horde alone may be good choice for such battles, just for the +40% attack speed. But it seems underpowered for level 4 inovocation; +10 deflection is meh, and the interrupt bonus is is useless for most builds. Your probably better off casting some of the lower level invocations earlier. It seems well suited for ranged chanter builds, if it stacks with Sure Handed Ila, although I'm not sure if it does.
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