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  1. I was considering hiring a warlock (berserker/blood mage) companion with Rekvu's scorched cloak as a companion to my MC, who would be built using thelee's Firedancer build. The idea is the warlock could run into the empowered storm of holy fires (with a serious burn to reduce fire AR ) and be healed while surrounded by foes. I like your build idea, Yosharian, but I wonder if the cloak is somewhat wasted on a ranged build. It seems like you instead want it on a melee caster who can jump into the midst of the fray and cast fireballs, walls of fire combusting wounds (if confused) oneself while surrounded by foes. But perhaps I'm missing something.
  2. Since the build was designed for PotD it would work on Veteran too. And with forbidden fist, every time a hostile effect expires you gain a wound. With high resolve and clarity of agony, negative effects expire very quickly. In the early game FF builds tend to be starved for wounds, but this changes when you get Hylea's talons. They also shine in tough fights against foes with hard CC, which a well-designed FF can shrug off easily, gaining wounds in the process.
  3. I had a lot of fun lobbing bombs playing thelee's Umezawa's build. It's a very fast and deadly priest of wael/streetfighter glass cannon build. It's dual wield, tho, so is not exactly what you are looking for. It's one of the few builds I've seen in which explosives play an integral role.
  4. I tried it with a Berserker/witch. It works quite well, since you don't lose control when dominated. But only the confused character can cast Puppet Master on itself; another cipher cannot do so, since you are unable to target party members with Puppet Master unless you are confused, or the other party member is dominated by an enemy caster. I'm going to add a berserker witch to my next party so the MC, wielding squid's grasp, can benefit from the 2 tier 3 inspirations.
  5. All you really need in the party is a Berserker and a cipher, with someone wielding squid's grasp. The possibilities are endless, really. You just wouldn't want the Berserker multiclassed with a caster, such as the witch combo I suggested above, since the -5 INT from being dominated would hurt if you're a caster.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! The witch or berserker/debonaire builds sound doable. I like the idea of a witch dominating itself to remove confusion, while gaining two tier 3 inspirations. Very nice idea!
  7. That's interesting, Noqn. Do you think a fire blight summoned by the Belt of Magran's Chosen would be considered a "party member"? Since they are hostile when summoned, it would be pretty cool if charming or dominating them would trigger Certain Mutiny.
  8. I'd say that human is particularly good for builds that are expected to take damage and end up below the 50% health mark, to proc fighting spirit, such as any berserker, blood mage or streetfighter build. A beguiler has so much CC and the fighter so much inherent healing, that you probably would rarely get bloodied if you are playing skillfully. I personally often play mountain dwarf for the resistance to CON afflictions, which can be devastating. And there are not any items (to my knowledge) giving you CON affliction resistance.
  9. How would you reliably trigger Wellspring of Life? Neither fighters nor ciphers have abilities that trigger bodily inspirations for themselves. Unless you plan on having a companion cast an inspiration at the start of each battle, maybe Nature Godlike isn't the best race for this build, as Mepp22 suggested. (edited for accuracy)
  10. Keep in mind as well that the OP combo Mepp22 is writing about, the use of Keeper of the Flame + Eder's armor works with two PL 9 abilities, WotW and imagined pain. You can't do this until you reach level 18. So this is a very powerful strategy for dealing with end game mobs, and the two alternate weapons set ups he recommends are for dealing with bosses. For most of the game, a monk does extremely well dual wielding fists, with an alternate weapon set up for the occasional crush immune foes.
  11. Thanks for the build suggestion, Mepp22. I started a SC forbidden fist monk and used the stats of 12 MIG, 12 CON, 16 DEX, 18 PER, 12 INT, 20 RES with berath's blessings. I understand why you suggest religion, for Keeper of the Flame, but why Arcana? Is this just so you can use scrolls? Also, why do you recommend enervating blows? I figured this would be unnecessary since you can already easily apply enervated.
  12. Mepp22, I like you're idea of trying your OP Monk combo with a forbidden fist, and also the idea of using crimson panoply when not using WoW. I imagine this would be best against small numbers of very strong enemies. Enfeebled is such a powerful debuff, which I hadn't realized until I tried a forbidden fist build. Once you land it, otherwise strong foes fall very quickly.
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