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  1. Yes. Once you have multiple lashes going from eternal devotion, turning wheel and hylea's talons you'll find that the forbidden fist attack will often one shot squishies and mobs, and even take satisfying chunks out of the health pool of tougher foes (which is diminished via being enfeebled).
  2. You might consider Forbidden Fist/Steel Garrotte instead. Powerotti published a build for this multiclass that is one of my favorites. Forbidden Fist gives you a powerful ability right at the beginning of the game that inflicts a devastating affliction, enfeebled, one of the few classes that can inflict this. This synergizes perfectly with Steel Garrotte, and gives you even more healing. These two subclasses work together really well IMO.
  3. Ranndar, you might consider going directly to Neketaka after Port Maje before tackling higher level areas like Dunnage. You can gain several levels doing quests in Neketaka that don't involve fighting. Once you level up a bit, you can try some of the other areas.
  4. Thelee, if you use the No Forced Rests mod, as Not So Clever Hound does, then the bonuses that only last for one rest, including the Luminous Adra Potion, become permanent. You can achieve the same effect without the mod by metagaming to avoid the forced rests, but this mod makes this much easier and stress free. BTW, I have been trying this build and it is definitely fun. It's squishy at first, but once you hit level 5 and get Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage it becomes much sturdier due to much better CC. Unfortunately, this is typically just after the arena battle when solo!
  5. I missed your recommendation of Harvey in your initial post; my bad! Thanks for your gracious response. But I can see that any of these choices would be great. Ooblit could be great for a substantial extension of vanishing strikes.
  6. One more question...... am I right in assuming you used Abraham as your pet, for the build's main source of healing as well as recovery time reduction?
  7. Thanks! I suppose that pernicious cloud is best for a solo run. I understand that it is not party friendly. MuT punches with backstab and VS sounds like fun. I'll have to try it! Did you ever use Tuotillo's Palm with it for any of the harder fights? I guess it's not necessary for a solo run when you can disappear with smoke cloud or VS. Also, did you mainly use Gambit with the Hand Mortar, to maximize your chance of getting back guile?
  8. This looks really interesting, Not So Clever Hound. Thanks for sharing this. I think I might try this in a party, as it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I had a few questions regarding the ability choices. First, I see you recommend backstab. Is this for backstabbing with MuT powered fists? Also, while Smoke Veil is a no brainer, I was wondering if you could say something about your reasoning for investing in the upgrades. Also, out of curiosity, how did this build fare against the megabosses?
  9. For solo, you'd probably want to invest in several summon invocations, starting with skellies and ending with ancient weapons, which are great. For PL 1 you should also definitely get the Thrice invocation, upgrading it to Her Revenge, since it's arguably the most powerful invocation for dealing with the clusters of melee attackers who will surround you. The Paralyze invocation is great too, but I don't think you can rely on it solely for CC if you're doing a solo run. Since you'll be relying significantly on your AC and summons, you'll probably want to purchase the animancy cat to give them a
  10. A monk with swift flurry and/or hearbeat drumming has a chance to proc another attack anytime you crit; it would certainly work, to fine effect, if you're wielding Citzal's or WotEP. As for Magistrate's Cudgel, you could certainly use it. But if you put it in your main hand, your swift flurry procs will be much less damaging. And if you put it in your offhand, you'll significantly lower your defenses. But you could experiment. A great alternate weapon set might be slayer's axe and the Cudgel. You could start battle with this, to upgrade tenacious to energized, and then switch over when you nee
  11. The different summons shine under different circumstances. Skeletons are great when fighting foes with lots of firearms, like pirates, since they are pierce immune. The pirates will target them since their deflection is low, but will not harm them . Wurms are great for foes with low AR, and can be also used to quickly eliminate caster squishies by focusing fire on them. And ogres are great meatshields. So there's an argument for having a wide range of summons, so that you can invoke the best one for the particular battle.
  12. I've never tried this build solo so I'm not sure how well it would work. For solo, however, you might want to pick up the skeleton invocation for some additional meat shields. You'd also want to get the defensive boosts for the AC, since you really want to avoid bonded grief when playing solo.
  13. Yes, I agree. But it seems that in the unmodded game one of the primary weaknesses of the rogue is the inability to renew any resources. But there's always the SoF cheese to make up for this! You might want to check out the Balancing Polishing mod, however. It tweaks Wall of Flashing Steel to give you a chance to restore guile, which seems like a nice boost for SC rogues.
  14. If you play with Community Patch, such that FF attacks are classified as weapon attacks, you will trigger extra attacks with swift flurry and heartbeat drumming. However, these extra attacks are primary attacks using the main hand weapon only if you are dual wielding. This is the reason that Powerotti recommends wielding Magran's Favor in your main hand with the axe modal on. The idea is that you would rarely be auto-attacking, but would rather be mainly using the FF attack and also periodically using eternal devotion to renew the fire lash. When swift flurry/heartbeat drumming procs, you'll d
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