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  1. Do you at least get the bonus from both? 100 health and + defenses from Unbreakable plus Religion*10 health heal from Reneval?
  2. So if I go devoted with Twin Eeels as my second set against bosses were Whispers is suboptimal, will the game burn both Reneval and Unbreakable on the first knockout or will it save one so I can get revived twice?
  3. I'm importing an old poe1 priest of Wael to deadfire and wondering what multiclasses might be good? My own best plan so far is fighter with the whispers of the endless paths for counter attacks with arcane veil, I could go Tactical Barrage into arcane veil + champions boon to enable mob stance (I assume it triggers of counter-attacks?) to minimize recovery. I've seen the Umezawa build (and I don't doubt its powerfull) but micro-intense glass cannons are not really my forte. Are there other classes that make for a good multi (PotD, not solo)?
  4. If there were only 4 sub-classes for every class it would be 11*10/2 possible ways to pick 2 classes, times 5*5 possible sub-classes (including no sub class) per combination for 1375 combinations, plus 55 single-classes for 1430 classes, but given that there's a few classes with more than 4 subclasses it may be something closer to 2000.
  5. Is 'their companion brawed the horde alone' worth picking up for a War Caller (the interrupt on crit seems like it would combo well with hit-to-crit from Disciplined Strikes and +4 Pen with Devoted sounds cool) or is it a waste with the extra phrase cost? With soft-winds-of-death and AoE weapon attacks it seems like it could do a lot of interrupts.
  6. Maybe I should just go skald with Whispers of the Endless Paths then? Seems like it would do decent damage and might generate some extra phrases with the counter-attacks, and I'd get to make clumps of enemies go splat with Clear-Out multiple-aoe stacking (if I understand correctly with WotEP it works kind of like how Heart of Fury worked in PoE1 spawning multiple AoE attacks).
  7. I'm thinking of making a Beckoner/Devoted and wondering if I could use summons to quickly max the grieving bonus from the Burden greatsword (+1 Might and +5% friendly duration per party member KO) since chanter summons are added to the party? Also is Sasha's Singing Scimitar just too good for chanters to bother with going for anything but sabers?
  8. So having been fairly annoyed at the changes made from PoE1 and having other games to play at the time I never got around to playing Deadfire before now and I'm wondering what character I should import and what sub and multiclasses I should go for. Choices are Barbarian (based on Boeroers old tanky Barb with the soulbound dragon shield but with more con and less res), Priest, and Chanter who all made it through PotD/ToI in PoE1. I'm not changing any attributes on import 'cause that seems dumb so they're all max might and int with low-ish resolve and the rest pretty average. I'm mostl
  9. This doesn't have much to do with PoE but you're gonna have to explain how you get from traditional gender roles to millions of years of evolution. For one traditional gender roles and morality generally enforce strict monogamy (at least for women) while basic evolutionary biology demands pretty much everyone in a monogamous relationship try to cheat if they can get away with it; men to spread their seed and women to aquire higher quality seed (basically the only one who shouldn't cheat is the woman who already has the one male with the highest quality genes). Now personally I think that sound
  10. People hated the PoE beta too, I know I did. Still ended up loving the finished product so I'm not really that worried.
  11. When did nerds start getting so angry about writers political beliefs influencing their writing, which they're gonna do no matter what anyway? People watched Star Trek for decades without throwing constant angry fits about it being socialist/progressive propaganda on a level far beyond anything ever released by a major videogame developer. As far as I'm concerned Obsidian can tell whatever story they want to tell, be that with a party of no LGBT characters (which seems to be what most peoples hangups are about?) or nothing but. If it's a good story I'll enjoy it and if it's bad I wont.
  12. MC Priest (fire priest with Angios Gambeson, though personally I'd let someone else have abydons hammer and just use steadfast + little saviour and wear the looped rope because I'm paraniod about my priest going down) Aloth (take blast talents and pick the good spells wizards aint hard) Kana (tank with a small shield and chant nothing but the Dragon Thrashed, the Dragon Wailed, build done) Hiravias (Batsh!t crazy build, use Garodhs Chorus with Retaliate + Sura's Supper Plate with Avenging Storm for maximum cheese, unless that's been fixed Edit: seems it has) Sagani (with Stormcaller and He
  13. If you're still unsure exactly how this works for AoE damage/debuff spells (unless you have expert mode on): When you're aiming the spell the red part of the AoE marker shows the area that will hurt both friendlies and hostiles. The yellow outer part will only hurt enemies. For some spells the AoE is all yellow and those wont hurt friendlies anywhere in the AoE.
  14. Stats for both are fine, though personally I'd drop 2 points of Con on the first one for more Int. For weapon choice there are some great battleaxes in the game but they all come a bit late and the bonus crit damage wont do you that much good early game since your accuracy early on is pretty low and you'd almost certainly be better of with sabres or maces (though maces OTOH dont have any great late game choices).
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