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  1. This is 3 months old but can at least report that Wizard/Chanter Fassina is pretty solid as backline support/AoE damage after playing with her for most of the game after doing the vault. From level 11 she can do Infuse With Vital Essence -> The Brideman Slew Thirty (solid party buff even before upgrade) -> Deleterious Alacrity -> Kalakoths Minor Blights (dual-wielded with sashas scimitar for the action speed aura) -> Essential Phantom -> Eldritch Aim (all but Essential Phantom being very fast casting) while chanting Sure -Handed Ila + Mith Fyr to buff herself and her Phantom which is amazing at mid levels and still good at higher levels esp. if you have any gun user next to her. Also as Wizard/Chanter she gets +2 Int from the ring Chameleons Touch which is nice for her.
  2. How micromanage heavy are we talking? Technically with a lot of pausing there is nothing stopping you from switching weapon-set instantly before and after every attack so you could run two hander in one set and Gladiators Sword + Cadhu Scalth in another then switch to sword + shield instantly after every attack and then two hander as soon as recovery hits 0. That's insane though since I don't think you can script it. Blunderbusses on Fighter/Rogue could work but I'd honestly go devoted (blunderbuss) for the penetration and go trickster instead of streetfighter because of the anti-synergy of not being able to use Disciplined/Tactical Barrage. Quick Switch on a non-blackjacket makes the switch time pretty reasonable anyway if you aren't switching every 5 seconds and Thunderous Report from Kitchen Stove into clear out with Fire-in-The-Hole + Tuotilos Palm would work even better with +2 Pen. For black-jacket, Black-Jacket/Skald can abuse a lot of weapon switching, very late game Sasha's Singing Scimitar + The Weycs Wand + The Robes of The Weyc (fighter is tough enough to survive at melee range in robes) at the start of every combat is pretty busted in a party and empowered Her-Tears-Fell-Like Rain isn't a bad fight opener (and before that sasha to empower then switch is very solid). Sun-and-Moon + Tuotilos Palm is great for getting phrases from crits, and Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff if good for electricity power level and if you want to do damage with Clear-Outs.
  3. I did not. Its still listed as having frost keyword in the in-game description though (Condemnation, Frost), as does the wiki. I guess it's just bugged in vanilla.
  4. I have community patch installed, but even when disabling it in menu and restarting it still happens. Works fine against other frost spells.
  5. Oh, thanks for the correction. It seems Call of Rymrgand also has faulty keywording then because it doesn't apply against it either.
  6. This is thread is ancient but since its the first result for searching for Deadfire Mundane Shell its as good a place as any for me to report that this item is bugged in that the frost resistance part of thermally stable doesn't work, you only get the resistance against fire effects. Discovered while trying to stand inside friendly call of rymrgand + maelstrom and not take damage.
  7. Yes I know, I might have been unclear but the thing is the might inspiration, specifically, does not get a duration re-fresh when re-casting the abiility after its been upgraded by slayers claw. So if casting Each Kill Fed His Fury again with say 10s left on the duration of the old one (which means the tier 3 might inspiration has ~25s left because upgrading it with Slayers Claw seems to re-set its duration), the duration of the Con and Res inspirations are refreshed, but the duration of the Might inspiraion after upgrade stays the same and instead of having a suppressed tier 1 might inspiration that kicks in when the tier 3 runs out (which is what I thought would happen) Fassina ends up with only con and res inspiration and no might inspiration after the duration of the might inspiration from the first Each Kill Fed His Fury cast runs out. Progression of ..Each Kill buff over time with first on cast with slayers claw equiped -> upgrade when blights switches element -> con and res inspiration run out -> re-cast -> might runs out I guess I just didnt really know how suppression with inspirations work, basically I thought the tier 1 might inspiration from the re-cast would exist but be suppressed and kick in when the tier 3 runs out but it seems it does not.
  8. Yeah but im using BPM which changes it to give inspiration (but doesnt increase duration on kill). Edit: I dont know how it was double posted.
  9. For this Fassina build specifically it seems a bit buggy. The Energized buff after being upgraded lasts longer than the con and resolve inspirations, but unlike the tier 1 inspirations the duration doesnt get refreshed when re-casting Each Kill Fed His Fury if it's still active so I have to wait untill it runs out to re-cast (it also doesnt give a suppressed tier 1 might inspiration which i would have thought if buffing while the tier 3 is still active).
  10. I guess it's possible everyone knew this already but I was trying a build for Fassina as loremaster using the BPM fixes to Each Kill Fed His Fury and Set to Their Purpose to focus the chanter half on team buffing. The plan was to run Slayers Claw + Sashas scimitar, open fights with empowered Set to Their Purpose into Each Kill Fed His Fury using the 3 phrase refund from Sashas, upgrading the Might inspiration to Tenacious with Slayers Claw then use Minor Blights to replace Slayers Claw in the main hand and use it as her primary source of damage. What surprised me is it starts out giving Tenacious but the first time Minor Blights switches from one element to another it upgrades the might inspiration again to Energized, presumably because there's an instant where Slayers Claw get re-equipped and upgrades the inspiration again. I tested and it also works with just switching weapons so I guess this could also be useful for any blackjacket with access to a tier 1 might inspiration like a blackjacket/skald who want's to build for crits anyway and also has access to Each Kill Fed His Fury.
  11. Hey it's not Citzal's Martial Power fault other wizard spells are too good to disable casting for +20 accuracy but it shouldn't be forgotten .
  12. You're not wrong the spells are very good but the thing is so are a lot of normal druid spells, foe only Freezing Pillar is a worthy level 9 spell but you have to choose between casting it and Great Maelstrom. You are also missing out on Form of Demelgam and Plague of Insects which are a bit situational but really strong in midgame fights like kith bounties and boardings. It's a pretty strong subclass, but so is lifegiver and a custom lifegiver gets to have good stats and a good subclass. Again as I said Tekehu as druid is perfectly adequete; he has his most important stat as his highest and a special subclass as good as any of the standard ones which is better than what some other companions get.
  13. I havent played Hierophant but the consensus seems to be that its very strong. A single class priest & druid are never wrong, and the call of rymrgand + maelstrom combo late game is excellent. For the third one I would say assassin/ascendant (of course you want kitchen stove with Thunderous Report with assassinate bonus on this one) over assassin/helwalker. The assassin wants to use high damage abilities in the opening of combat from stealth for the assassinate bonus while the helwalker part wants to get wound then use abilities with +10 int & might which is a bit of a conflict, also for weapon attacks if you are getting sneak attack and deathblows (+110% damage) already, going up to +140% from helwalker might bonus being worth taking +65% damage is questionable. Transcendant (monk/ascendant) with the hand mortars is also and option and very solid for spamming stunning surge with the +25 accuracy from borrowed instinct + tactical meld, I would not go helwalker for this combo since it's not that great for weapon damage or disintegrate (bugged might scaling on the later) and you are going to be pretty close to the front line. Since you want a second tank and a chanter have you considered War Caller (Blackjacket/Skald)? Due to the weapons skald can benefit from (Sashas scimitar for free empower and phrases at the start of combat, Sun-and-Moon for generating crits and debuffing reflex, Griffins Blade for +10% damage when casting Thrice Was She Wronged) blackjacket instant weapon switch can be quite effective and i think will work better in the role than hunter or wildrhymer. Fighter also gives tactical barrage + tankyness and action speed if you go with the Contenders armor + max athletics & armored grace, or means you are not unbearably slow with deltros cage for +2 electricity power level. Of course a herald troubadour is also never going to be wrong for a chanter and tank. Bear pet on a stalker while not fragile is not really a tank and a Wildrhymer with only the stalker +5 deflection +1 AR to protect him isn't really either when compared to the paladin or fighter multiclasses. Edit: For Tekehu specifically you definitely want the priest casting Devotions on the party (good for everyone) and one of the ascendants targeting him with tactical meld to make up for his awful perception and might when casting offensive druid spells. I don't know why exactly he is the only non-custom character you decided on (his unique spells are good but his attributes are pretty terrible). He's perfectly adequete so I'm not going to tell you to drop him if you want him for RP purpose but a custom lifegiver would be both a better healer/support and damage dealer.
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