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  1. So having been fairly annoyed at the changes made from PoE1 and having other games to play at the time I never got around to playing Deadfire before now and I'm wondering what character I should import and what sub and multiclasses I should go for. Choices are Barbarian (based on Boeroers old tanky Barb with the soulbound dragon shield but with more con and less res), Priest, and Chanter who all made it through PotD/ToI in PoE1. I'm not changing any attributes on import 'cause that seems dumb so they're all max might and int with low-ish resolve and the rest pretty average. I'm mostly into doing maximum AoE damage while being as tanky as possible since I'm pretty lazy with micromanagement. Summons for chanters would be interesting if they're actually good in the sequel though.
  2. This doesn't have much to do with PoE but you're gonna have to explain how you get from traditional gender roles to millions of years of evolution. For one traditional gender roles and morality generally enforce strict monogamy (at least for women) while basic evolutionary biology demands pretty much everyone in a monogamous relationship try to cheat if they can get away with it; men to spread their seed and women to aquire higher quality seed (basically the only one who shouldn't cheat is the woman who already has the one male with the highest quality genes). Now personally I think that sounds kind of ****ty and see no reason we should assume that what is 'natural' is for some reason inherently good, malaria and the plague are natural too so TBH **** nature. Also while traditional gender roles (at least the aspects that are shared by varied cultures across the world) must certainly have filled a function in the past they are still a result of an environment we no longer live in. F.ex. women staying home so they can give birth to and raise a bunch of kids is important when child mortality is high and even those who make it to adulthood don't always live that long, just so that there doesn't stop being people. Now that there's 7.6 billion of us and we live for a close to a century it doesn't really serve a function. Also again even if those gender roles were inevitable due to environmental factors it doesn't make them good, so **** traditional gender roles too. The world can and should be a better place.
  3. People hated the PoE beta too, I know I did. Still ended up loving the finished product so I'm not really that worried.
  4. When did nerds start getting so angry about writers political beliefs influencing their writing, which they're gonna do no matter what anyway? People watched Star Trek for decades without throwing constant angry fits about it being socialist/progressive propaganda on a level far beyond anything ever released by a major videogame developer. As far as I'm concerned Obsidian can tell whatever story they want to tell, be that with a party of no LGBT characters (which seems to be what most peoples hangups are about?) or nothing but. If it's a good story I'll enjoy it and if it's bad I wont.
  5. MC Priest (fire priest with Angios Gambeson, though personally I'd let someone else have abydons hammer and just use steadfast + little saviour and wear the looped rope because I'm paraniod about my priest going down) Aloth (take blast talents and pick the good spells wizards aint hard) Kana (tank with a small shield and chant nothing but the Dragon Thrashed, the Dragon Wailed, build done) Hiravias (Batsh!t crazy build, use Garodhs Chorus with Retaliate + Sura's Supper Plate with Avenging Storm for maximum cheese, unless that's been fixed Edit: seems it has) Sagani (with Stormcaller and Heart of the Storm) Merc Barbarian (tank with dragons maw, something like this but with a party you don't need that resolve so you can have more 'normal' barbarian stats if you prefer) Gets you a decent front line of Kana/Hiravias/Barbarian + Itumaak while also having all 3 vancian casters. Everyone but Sagani has great AoE damage and/or CC so mobs should get cleared real fast.
  6. If you're still unsure exactly how this works for AoE damage/debuff spells (unless you have expert mode on): When you're aiming the spell the red part of the AoE marker shows the area that will hurt both friendlies and hostiles. The yellow outer part will only hurt enemies. For some spells the AoE is all yellow and those wont hurt friendlies anywhere in the AoE.
  7. Stats for both are fine, though personally I'd drop 2 points of Con on the first one for more Int. For weapon choice there are some great battleaxes in the game but they all come a bit late and the bonus crit damage wont do you that much good early game since your accuracy early on is pretty low and you'd almost certainly be better of with sabres or maces (though maces OTOH dont have any great late game choices).
  8. They take time to drink though. Though really if we're counting consumables I guess resting supplies rank up there.
  9. 1. Angio's Gambeson (the most powerfull thing you can do in the game is to cast priest spells and angios gambeson lets you cast the most priest spells in the shortest time) 2. Abydons Hammer 3. Gauntlets of Swift Action 4. Little Savior 5. Looped Rope
  10. Definately a priest(ess) for the first and then Devil would really be the only weak link, though as you notice you're going solo for the hardest part of the game. Probably priest for the guys too and cut Durance since his attribute allocation is just really bad. Though if you wanted to obviously you could go 2 priests since the class is more than strong enough to carry Durance despite his attributes.
  11. This is more than a little late to the party but discussing good paladin weapons I personally like The Flames of Fair Rhîan (3 fireballs/rest). Given that auto attack damage for paladins isn't really that important and that you're most likely already going for high int, might, and Scion of Flame for Sacred Immolation, your fireballs and potential AoE burst when they're combined with Sacred Immolation can be quite impactfull.
  12. IMO a more or less pure tank like that fighter without much in the way of offensive output just isn't very good in this game. If you still want a tanky heavy armor and shield character in that slot I think you'd be better of with a chanter, or if you want a fighter go for an off-tank fighter with max might and max int and use the fighter class duration based abilities and a disabling weapon like The Hours of St. Rumbalt to go toe-to-toe with single strong enemies and take them out of the fight (such a fighter also becomes really good with Abydons Hammer in the very late game). IMO you should give her Angios Gambeson. With durgan enhancement the speed with which it lets you cast spells in the big boss fights is really amazing, with high base dex and Gauntlets of Swift Action starting a boss fight with instant-activation DAoM + Minor Avatar you're casting at about 3x the rate of a dex 10 unarmored character. Edit: Also the arquebus feels like it will really just be a cumbersome waste of time while leaving her vulnerable without a shield + hatchet, and you'd be better of dumping Weapon Focus, Marksman, and Gunner (in no serious fight should your priest ever be wasting time reloading an arquebus, casting priest spells is so much more powerfull than that ever will be), and instead taking Aggrandizing Radiance, Interdiction, and Painful Interdiction for a nice self buff and a great fast AoE debuff every encounter. Edit: I also agree with Lampros that 19 resolve on a Paladin is way overkill, outside of solo play I just don't think high resolve is worth it.
  13. OTOH you get acces to non-priest spells, so while Waelite might remove Shining Beacon, she would get Confusion at level 5 which is definately a must pick if its anything like in PoE 1 (and might mean wealites wanna go int/dex/perception over int/might/dex, in which case I have to redo my PoE priest playthrough because respec is heresy). The specific spells that are must-picks might change but if the balance of the spells is anything like in PoE 1 there's gonna be a lot of spells you'd never take and some you feel you basically have to unless you're doing a really unorthodox build. While not everyone would be able to take Shining Beacon + DoTF on priest 4, no one would ever take Barring Deaths Door or Restore Major Stamina or any highly situational spells really but always focus on the generally applicable universally powerfull spells.
  14. For PoE 1 with this system there'd be so many must-have spells that after taking those there would be very little actual choice for these picks. You wouldn't make a priest without devotions or shining beacond so that would be your 4th level spells done. For druid 5 you have insect plague and relentless storm and done.
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