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  1. Imbue spells does require a ranged weapon. Never tried but you can probably play around it while dualwielding Fire in the hole (AOE mortar with build in jump for more Imbue trigger) and a melee weapon : CC and spread DOT at range, close in for a finishing blow when they are low, should work without needing to swap weapon. Or go trickster/shifter! Wizard are (not) overrated anyway....
  2. I found Spellblade multiclass very versatile (though i will rank beastmaster a better jack of all trade). Not the best at everything bug more fun in the long run. A streetfighter/bloodmage using draining touch trick (cast it from a grimoire and swap grimoire right after) in a riposte build was a lot of fun as an offtank. - assassin : will shine for heavy CC (the accuracy boost is so sweet on POTD) and burst. It will probably be better to play it "at range" - streetfighter can either be turned in : a spell turret at range (use whisp from a chanter to flank and trigger passive) or a melee beast (wizard buff for survival ang go to town) - trickster : double illusion for more cc. Give this guy an aoe weapon and spread DOT while keeping ennemy pinned down. You should maybe try an arcane archer/trickster (not a spell blade i know but can be built in a similar way), you will have acces to : - many wizard spell from trickster and AA (don't forget scrolls ;), you will up arcana as an AA); - many ranged tool for lot of fun (driving flight is just that good with the right weapon) - good mobility from ranger and rogue class. Edit : fight will probaby be : 1) lure with dazzling light, 2) wearing watershaper focus : web and pull of eora (so 3 web and 3 pull of eora in less than one sec) 3) paralyze the group 4) Nuke as you want (DOT from rogue, fireball from AA, scroll..., Aoe weapon...) 5) swap to melee and use finishing blow if someone managed to survived 6) grab a beer
  3. Furyshaper is indeed nice for a ranged barb (not only, but it's easier to keep totem out of melee range then). The bullet time enchant on eccea blaster give 10% chance to skip reload for a short time, never tried it but i guess it persist for more than one reload (confirmation needed), if it work like that bloodthirst+bullet time = john wick. With watershaper focus, i guess arcane archer/barbarian get the most of it (imbue pull of eora -> imbue fireball -> barbaric smash when they get low.) Dunno if frostseeker with the crit conversion from barbaric smash > watershaper multi bounce+ondra wrath.
  4. If you play with a team, you can let the "Sure Handed Ila + Mith Fyr+killer froze" part to another chanter, cause it benefit the whole team (as long as in range). In this case Sharpshooter/berseker will bring more punch for thoses sweet crit.
  5. Yeah, i feel this had practically no downside (maybe slow wound generation?) and so much for it. A bit afraid it will feel boring in late cause too overpowered :(. Do you know if you can chain flagellanth path with dual ranged weapon ? Could change a bif from chain stunning surge
  6. *edit : playing with community patch and another mod which nerf the streetfighter/blunderbuss relation ship Hello, I finished a playthrough with a SC Arcane archer and it was a very fun class. Planning to add one in my next run but was wondering what multiclass to pair it with. So far the pro/con i see Arcane archer / bleakwalker : Pro : awesome 1v1 with sworn rival / flame of devotion (accuracy + damage). Another heal/revive for pet or teammate. Spearcaster/Dragon dowi for the win. Con : sturdiness is good but not that needed cause at range. Lack Aoe when compared to other multi. Arcane archer / hellwalker : Pro : double lash (elec+fire), speed/might/pen bonus, huge int/might for bonus aoe/damage, binding web + pull of eora + stunning surge with aoe weapon for the ultimate death trap (hand mortar/frostseeker for the win), long fist is a good back up weapon for pierce immune. Con : squishy (not so bad at range), not much to do (pop buff, 2 aoe and AA until the screen is empty), will probably feel boring in the end. Arcane archer / blackjacket : Pro : avenging storm -> pull of eora -> charge -> clear out with handmortar+melee for the lol. Quick weapon switch for multi purpose (handmortar for aoe / spearcaster for boss / Redhand for double tap vessel). Con : most abilitie/talent are melee design. Arcane archer / bloodmage : Pro : RP fit, good self buffs, very versatile gameplay, access to even more cc (hello blind, petrify...), combusting wound with hand mortar + avenging storm is dumb. Essential phantom for more lol. Con : casting take time (slower paced), less attack abilities than others multi. Arcane archer / berseker (or fury shaper): Pro : Crit machine. Barbaric smash for easy repeatable deathblow. Blood storm -> Leap -> barbaric smash with aoe mortar under avenging storm should be fun (but probably not as effective as the fighter clear out). Neverendig fury with blood storm. Con : most of the best barbarian passive don't work as well with firearm (reload animation), class mostly tailored for melee weapon. Arcane archer / assassin or trickster (no street fighter cause one mod nerf blunderbuss active -> no more auto flank) Pro : lot of Dot/debuff, versatile gameplay. good mobility. Sneak attack bonus easy to trigger. Con : lack aoe burst damage (except assassin with kitchen stove...). No speed/might bonus Arcane archer / chanter Pro : chant for reload+fire lash. Very versatile : access to summons and some nice CC (charmed/paralyze) and debuff. Can heal/revive teammate/pet. Con : casting take time (slower paced), less attack abilities than others multi. Most pro can be given by another chanter... If you had to choose , which multi would you pick
  7. Hello, After reading a build for an assassin/devoted with amra, i was wondering if there is other fun and (very) effective weapon combo for clear out combo from stealth (hight crit chance for assassin) I don't have much time these day to play and test, so i wich to borrow your experience ♥. Clear out allow the use of melee and ranged, so there is many combo possible, my guess will be : main hand : scordeo edge for the blade cascade proc (swap to grave calling vs vessel) Second hand : Fire in the hole / hand mortar while under avenging storm for multi procs Current rush (scepter) for the aoe crush damage Marux amanth for the aoe fire Scordeo trophy, then swap to other weapon set for long lasting quick recovery On 2h set, i guess : amra, oathbreaker, lord darin voulge or engoliero de espir should have the most value.
  8. Hellwalker shifter is a true monster. Can heal, debuff, cc the whole screen, dots, burst damage, tank, and is a melee beast. Most versatile multi i have ever played, and he was (very) good on every aspect.
  9. Well, it depend how you play. I usually do all bounty (ship's first then those on land) and some explaration right after port maje so i reach PL9 very rapidly. As SC you can still reach 30 int very easilly, and even more (20 from start with berath blessing, +5 inspiration, + food, + items...) so you are not far behind a dual class monk who easilly reach 35, and you have then shared nightmare on top. A MC monk can't compare at this stade (yes you will have more aoe size from early game to... early mid game). Duration are already long honestly on sc (thanks bonus PL), and only the forbiden fist class will make them longer, but for building a forbiden fist you need to invest heavily in RES, in detriment of INT, PER or DEX which are your king stat for a CC build. It's true that you can get bored as a SC (i get bored of the ascendant which turned in launching the same spell again and again at some point), but i have found SC beguiler much more fun cause you want to use differents spells to match foe weakness, and you don't really have focus issue while doing it. SC also allow quicker access to highter spells, while multi classing monk slow it and don't give you much CC from monk side (there is some but not as powerfull as the cipher's one, unless you metagame for them, in which case you want to go streetfighter/hellwalker with aoe mortar). Chanter/cipher is more versatil yes, summons, aoe heal and revive are a very, very, nice addition. But if you want hard cc half (and depending of the spell, all) the screen each time you cast one spell, sc beguiler is nice. Don't get me wrong, monk/cipher is strong, but i think it's stronger when you play it for damage, and not for CC.
  10. For a CC/debuff oriented cipher i kinda disagree about SC being less effective. Against group, SC beguiler swarm in focus without needing to use weapon allowing you to be permanently casting, so a second ressource pool is not that usefull. Going SC give you much more radius to all your spells (from PL and from shared nightmare) wich allow to CC way more efficiently). A bit less effective vs single opponent but it's not common to face only one foe. The only multiclass i have played who was really great too was the troubadour/psion ( very effective when you face 1foe or megaboss with the passive ressource generation) Boeroer already talked about it and it work well. Edit: and a sc cipher get access to two broken spells : ancestor memorie and driving echoe. Reaping knives is very nice too against tank or boss for your melee dps (raw damage, great speed, and focus back, what's not to love )
  11. if you want a very versatile character, try a shifter/XXX (replace XXX by any martial class). Bear form give lot of tankiness (huge universal armor) that you can combine with pala or barbarian bonus AR. Cat form is very nice with monk or rogue for attack speed. Boar form just shred boss or huge health pool ennemy with the RAW dot. You can heal, cast dot, cast burst spell, cc (don't underestimate druid cc power), deal heavy melee damage or tank depending of the situation. All in one.
  12. the thing is, it's not that hard to stay alive if you can crowd control efficiently (have a tank with lot of engage go first is the easiest) shadow dancer can use stealth and invisibility to stay alive and strike when the time is fine. I don't see them as constant damage dealer but as burster
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