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  1. Class i see fitting : - wizard (blood mage) : all poison/corrosion spells - druid (ancient) : lot of dots fitting the RP - chanter (troubadour) : come wind of death, white worms, paralyze : have a nice "banshee" feeling. - priest (berath) - cipher Use any combination of thoses. Have played a blood mage/ ancient and it was a lot of fun, lack of + poison/corrosion PL isn't that bad cause you have a lot of + beast PL. Only issue late game : too many spell, in most fight you can't use them all cause things die to fast (even on Potd). Next run will probably be an ancient/troubadour or a blood mage / troubadour.
  2. Wanted to suggest a little variation for a similar Magran's battle priest trinket : Contained spells: 1. Inspired Flame (Lesser Burst of Summer Flame, less base dmg: 14-22, keywords: Fire, Punishment) 2. Spiritual Weapon Greatsword (burning lash scales up with Aggressive/Clever and down with Passionate/Diplomatic dispositions; model: Firebrand) 3. Spiritual Weapon Arquebus (burning lash scales up with Aggressive/Clever and down with Passionate/Diplomatic dispositions; model: Arquebus_Superb) 4. Combusting wound (or Flame shield) 5. Aefyllath ues mith fyr 6. Sunlance 7. Zahndethus’ Draconic Fury 8. FireStag 9. - Additional effects: • Magran‘s blessing : +2 burn AR / -4 freeze AR
  3. This is probably the most optimized setup for late game. I had great fun some times ago with a Furyshaper/Beguiler with 1h pistol (modal + talent make it more optimal than dual pistol). Ton of speed buff and cc, good damage, and nice look (and mortars were used by my monk....)
  4. Hey! Thanks for all theses feedback, Sadly, i can't mix fire and corrode cause RP (i know, i'm strange, but i need to have a coherent lore behind a build to keep playing it, if not, i usually lost interest after port maje... no matter how strong the character is ), if the multi berat'h priest/bleak walker was available it could have worked. Yeah, i have some regret about this : -> Fury (+Pen) is useless for firebrand, and not enoug fire spell worth enough the lost of healing (come on, Berseker/Fury would be great fun !) -> No item grant firebrand (where are you gloves of the forgemaster!!!! ), But who knows for futur..."cough" COMMUNITY PATCH PLEASE! "cough"... ->Magran's priest summonned weapon.... why????? Not a bad idea at all, will have to try it ! True, have not phrased correctly, should have say "hit like a truck which is really good for all bersekers on kill effect : easier to secure killing blow" Could have been so nice to play a Berseker/Chanter wielding firebrand (from an item) while overlappping the songs (didn't rememeber the names): -> + fire lash on weapon -> + fire damage (which, sadly, is actually bad if i recall well) Edit : Is there a difference beeween the firebrand spell (druid) and the firebrand scroll ? First one get stronger with character lvl, did the 2nd one improve withe character lvl too or with arcana (far from home for some time so can't check ) ?
  5. I'm considering a playthrough with a setup like that : 4 or 5 different godlike, each with is own element that they can summon to fight - Fire : Fire Godlike - Berseker / Druid built around Firebrand and some druids fire spells. Berseker / Magran's priest can work but the summonned fire weapon is bad for martial multiclass (my opinion, would love someone prove me wrong). -> Rage and Fire go well together for RP. - Corrode / Death : Death Godlike - Devoted / Berath's Priest built around Summoned greatsword. Ghost Hearth / Berath's Priest or Soulblade / Berath's Priest can fit too. - Frost /Water : Vatnir - Rogue / Rymgrand's Priest built around Summoned axes, or Tekehu - Storm / Electricity / Wind : Moon Godlike - Hellwalker / Fury or Chanter (stormcaller if mod ) / Fury or Chanter (stormcaller if mod) / Hellwalker or Hellwalker / Wiz (spiritlance with electric lash) - Beast / Life : Earth Godlike - Lifegiver (or Ancient) / Eothas or Lifegiver / Paladin
  6. Hello, Wanted to start a new playthrough (PoTd - all upscaled) with a greatsword summoner. So far, two different build come to my mind and i could use some feedback from most experienced player. - Build 1 : Tempest (Berserker/Druid) : This girl is on fire... Concept : Fire Godlike (RP mostly, but battle forged armor buff is welcome) summoning fire greatsword (PL2 druid spell) and burning everything in his path. RP wise barbarian fit more than fighter (rage and fire ) The good : Great RP Huge base damage Can start figth with kitchen stove and magran's favor for a huge alpha strike Druid have some armor and regen spells for improving survivability in melee A chanter with +fire damage song is a great companion The bad : Fire immun ennemy are a pain Few druid spell are really usefull (melee oriented build, not caster) Question : Is druid the best choice ? can you craft enough firesword scroll and take another subclass (Magran's priest...) ? - Build 2 : Chaman (Berseker/Berath's priest) or Devoted/Berath'priest : Death is coming... Concept : Deah Godlike summoning corrode greatsword (PL2 priest spell) and ending everything in his path The good : Great RP Good base damage Amazing buff from priest side The bad : Corrode immun ennemy are a pain No external bonus to corrode damage (like the fire song from a chanter) No other weapon deal corrode damage at range for alpha strike Question : Can't decide between berseker and devoted... i tend for the 2nd cause clear out and +pen for no real downside., but with great base damage the barbarian buff on kill is quite nice. Advice ?
  7. 5 ciphers/troubadour Start fight -> 5 skeleton's invocation (15 news dead body make ennemys really busy) + "Come wind of death" (suck their life out) -> Cipher's CC + recall agony + 5 mindblade/disintegrate = lot of corpses It make a strong from beginning, not micro heavy, evil party with heavy RP around death and decay.
  8. That's not a bad idea at all <3, will do this for my next run ! will just change the class too : - Moon Godlike : Hellwalker/Blood mage with Fist + invocation weapon - Death Godlike : Bleakwalker/Soulblade with WoTEp - Firegodlike : Berseker/Magran Priest with magran's favor and the fire/ice flail - Nature Godlike : Ancient druid / troubadour
  9. Just wondering what was the class combinations (SC or MC) you had the most enjoyed through the game ? Not necessary the strongest or broken ones, just the ones you were the most excited to play. For me it was probably the MC : "ancient druid / blood mage" using only DOT and Decay spells. Skaen priest/assassin focusing on backstab was very fun too.
  10. Nota : This multiclass need a mod for allowing MC to pick NPC subclass (chanter tekehu's one for this build) Was wondering how viable this multiclass will be in POTD. Don't have a lot of time to test it but in paper it should not be that bad : - weapon : Lord darrin voulge (+3 PL elec) - armor : the +2 PL elec one (forget the name, sorry) - race : nature godlike for +1Pl (and RP : nature godlike fit for a Stormgod -> +6 base elec PL without pot Chanter provide 3 renewable elec spell : - Chain lighting (Pl6) - Lightning (Pl3) - Thrice was she wronged (Pl1) Fury provide + 1pen elec (talent) and another +1 (or +2?) pen on druid's elementals spells. Maybe not as damaging as the hellwalker/fury version but should still be great no? CON : no heal (except chanters but we are not using them), so pure damage dealer : Will it stay good along the game or will it fade quickly ? any suggestion?
  11. Ranged Furyshaper / beguiler is a great debuffer - furyshaper give you speed + damage boost for focus + team buff/cc with ward - beguiler give you lot of cc/debuff with great synergy with fear ward at litlle cost (regain a part of your focus, sometime way more)
  12. If you hesitate, go herald, it's very solid from start to end and not too micro intensive with basic ai. If you keep aloth it will also complete your team better than crusader.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about great or bad choice, this game have great replayability and is very forgiving (i found) so you can experiment freely. I usually ask myself : "how did i see this companion ? " ex for pallegina : - As a swordmaster living by her blade : crusader (offtank) - As an anchor in battle for my party leading the way with her strong voice : herald (main tank) For me a good RP build >>>> an overpowered min/max build. This game is not that difficult when you are used to rpg.
  14. Pallegina as an herald is a great tank/support. She won't kill fast but she will be hard to kill while providing great buff/debuff. The crusader version is more about dealing damage quickly while remaining sturdy (less than the herald tough). For your team, i would swap Aloth for Tekehu (depend of the RP you want, you already have a mage). You can multiclass him chanter/druid or keep him pure druid and you will have a great CC/damage/heal companion. Then i would pick pallegina as a crusader for the flavor. You will have : - great melee (damage and tanking) with Eder and Pallegina - great magic damage with your MC and Tekehu - great support/heal with Xoti and Tekehu - great CC with all. Quite a balanced team.
  15. spell casting + assassinate is great yes, but from an RP view it doesn't fit necessary well (each is personnal pref on this ). And honestly if you are playing in a team, even on POTD all upscalled, a few high-damage weapon hits can be enough to make all the difference. If you want an assassin/spellcaster , just pick an evoker over a skaen priest.
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