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  1. Early barbarian are frail on potd but become monster later (starting near lvl 13). Ancient druid is really good, dot and hot are effective from start to end. If you want an easy time for frontline, paladin/chanter is king but not really fun for a mc (personnal opinion). Monk/skald are much more dynamics and very effective at damage/cc. For your team i will go : - eder main tank - xoti heal/buff - something to kill/disable mage/priest asap. Arcane archer/mage slayer with frostseeker was the most effective at it in all my playthrough. Great damage dealer/cc too. - something for debuff/cc : chanter/psion or blood mage/psion or blood mage/chanter work fine. Monk/skald is really great too. - offtank : barbarian, paladin, fighter, melee ranger and any multi of this. Offtank not necessary if you have access to summons, hard and reliable cc and backline with mobility tools.
  2. For perishing strike, maybe a bigger bonus accuracy/damage or targetting deviation instead of fortitude could be enough. Adding a malus to action speed/recovery would be thematic too giving it an unique flavor.
  3. Kinda disagree on streetfigther for this particular setup, if he go on the backlane for picking hight priority target while invisible he won't trigger the bonus speed/damage and only have malus recovery. Assassin fit better the gameplay he want. For pukestaber, you can get a ring giving immunitie to it in the island temple south of neketaka, work wonders with it
  4. It can totally work but if you want to use dagger its better if you use the community patch and the balance polishing mod. In vanilla game, backstab is good with hight base damage weapon only (2h, and especially arquebuse). I would then multi with a monk for swift furry, lash, and bonus might/pen. You can also use your fist roleplaying your mc as a neck breaker from shadows.
  5. I will probably take either Xoti/vatnir as SC priest and Konstanten as barbarian/skald, or Tekehu as druid/chanter and Serafen as SC barbarian. You can look on youtube for sin tee build's, old videos but still nice to watch. Some mods can change companion class, or you can use the console to do it yourself (not hard at all but disable achievement)
  6. I really love psion/blood mage or beguiler/chanter for debuff. For healing/buff priest is really nice, a kindwayfarer/chanter (or SC) dualwielding is a really good passive/active healer (and hard to kill). Druid are good healer/debuffer/damage dealer, but no instant heal.
  7. Speaking about cipher, i always found mind blade to be a bit disapointing, imo it rarelly do notable damage for the cost and vs others damaging spells ciphers can acess. Very situational spell (better when few ennemy remains, and even then beams are more worth it) What are you though on it? Worth buffing ?
  8. Dunno, most hard opponent are Con resistant/immune so no issue there, and for the rest, i rarelly lack cc, even whith lower duration on potd. Enfeebled is also mono target on all class if i recall right, maybe not for woedica but i never tried it...
  9. Assassin/bellower : grab the soulbound arquebus (phrase back on kill) let tank aggro, go in invisible, cast "tear....", watch everything explode, get phrase back, stun the survivor (if any), shoot them down with finishing blow; Assasin/fighter, same but get 25 might, the 2h axe arma, and clear out the pack; Assassin/monk : monk goodies are not fair, so much great things.. Edit : assassin/ranger with takedown combo should be nice too...
  10. Will need to reread this again, but if you use Balance Polishing Mod you get access to an enfeebling effect (Pl3 fractured volition if i recall right), you are then self sufficient.
  11. Sorry triple, forum don't want me to post apparently. Original post : You know i'm refreshing this subforum every 10 min since you say that ? I'm feeling like a toddler just before christmas... My blood is getting low on
  12. I dunno wich cipher subclass will work best here... Ascendant state should be reached in no time with one proc of mohora... Beguiler range and focus regen on deceptive spells allow to keep spamming aoe right from the start... Soulblade soul annihilation should give a nice alternative to all these piercing damage... and discount on shred spells... For monk, hellwalker seem a no brainer. Edit : guess soulblade will win and swapping mohora for the cipher's rapier in late will be worth it.
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