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  1. I would suggest tagging Priests’ summoned weapons with the appropriate elemental keyword based on their lash, like you did for the Wildstrikes.
  2. He doesn't (the whole sidekick shtick is about their not having a quest and not participating in the companion relationship system.) He learns Aedyran after a month of in-game time, at which point you can converse with him through a player-initiated dialog hub about the size of any companion's. He also has a few interjections here and there in the base game and DLCs, but fewer than a companion's. The same is true of Ydwin, with the caveat that she gets a fair deal of additional interjections in Beast of Winter.
  3. Pretty amazing stuff Makes me even more bummed that the proc from Scordeo's Edge is the only way to get 0 recovery in Deadfire. No matter how many speed bonuses you go out of your way to cram together, you'll always lag behind the tedious effort of wielding a different weapon until it procc'es, then switching... Unnecessarily tedious.
  4. This is a side effect of Josh's "no trap builds" philosophy. If you want to make most—if not all—builds viable, the game must be designed around the capabilities of the most mediocre builds to ensure they can win. This inevitably leads to smoother spikes in each direction when it comes to mechanics; if a high MIG was significantly better than a low MIG, then low-MIG builds would have a much greater potential of qualifying as "trap builds." I like both the Infinity Engine games and Pillars of Eternity games, but just like the play very differently, I also enjoy them in different ways.
  5. I have to agree with Boeroer on this one. Just because psychologically a score of 7 appears to be more reasonable than a score of 3, that doesn't mean it has to be so. It's an arbitrary system rooted in the mind of the designer and in that of the player, after all; real-life people don't measure their strength or perception with a set score from 3 to 18 assigned at birth A score of 3 in Pillars of Eternity can, for all intents and purposes, be the same as a score of 7 in Pathfinder: Kingmaker if the system is designed around that notion. It all boils down to the design goals and the designer's interpretation of the numbers. Pillars of Eternity was, as stated in this very thread when referencing Josh's words, never meant to be a purely simulationist system—and that's OK. A system doesn't have to be simulationist (or anything else) to be good; the true measure of a system's goodness is the extent to which it is fun to play.
  6. @thelee since you've been running a Priest, could you confirm whether the Faith Attuned lash from spiritual weapons still scales with the Watcher's disposition scores? It's supposed to follow the pattern you described here, however the lash is marked in the spiritual weapons' description as a fixed +20% (dynamic values usually can be hovered upon to reveal the variables influencing them.) Your post also mentions companions' spiritual weapons scaling with the Watchers' dispositions, but in my current playthrough Xoti's lash is 20% even though I maxed out on both Benevolent and Honest, and only have one rank in Eothas's disfavored dispositions.
  7. AFAIK, it’s supposed to shoot distant targets and hack those in melee range. It is possible that the character would actively get to melee range if its A.I. was set to use an ability that is melee-only.
  8. Same here, and I believe that's exactly the reason.
  9. Fixed the above and a number of others I've run into. @MaxQuest I'll keep going until the end of my current play through but if you're ready to release the community patch (even as a beta) at any point, PM me and I'll send you the latest text fix package.
  10. I'm not familiar with how Steam works, but 5.0 didn't go through a beta phase so it should be available through the regular retail channel.
  11. Interesting; this thread is no longer pinned. I'll keep reporting typos here for the sake of the community patch. @MaxQuest if you need/want help integrating typo fixes into it, I'm happy to lend a hand (may need a wee bit of guidance to get started.) Missing "a": Should be "Nicese":
  12. @Ivanfyodorovich mentions the Blights and Rot Skulls were using the Wand proficiency in the first game, which I recall @MaxQuest confirming too during the backer beta days. I would be fine with using the same proficiency in Deadfire. As for the TreatAsWeapon flag, we could check how other summoned weapons are setup. For example, Concelhaut’s Parasitic Staff correctly uses the Staff proficiency and behaves correctly; we could mirror its setup for the Blights and Skulls, except with the Wand proficiency instead.
  13. Precisely. For example, right now it’s impossible for a Devoted/Wizard to benefit from the Devoted’s class perk while using the Blights, for the Blights aren’t using any proficiency and therefore there is no proficiency they can pick at CC that would enable that.
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