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  1. All right, I've got that down. Problem now is, instead of granting +50 to all defenses while prone or stunned, my item makes the wearer immune to stun (and Stunned doesn't seem to get its description when hovering the mouse on it, while Prone somehow does.) I've checked my code and it looks sound, there is no immunity anywhere. Appreciate if more experienced modders could tell me what I did wrong. Tagging @Elric Galad as I know he's active and knowledgeable item_ring_ring_of_thorns.gamedatabundle
  2. Thank you! The stacking thing is (part of) what I meant when I said the power creep is real. In PoE you got higher bonuses cause you couldn't stack them, so the same items in Deadfire will be much more powerful. Then again, they were pretty cool items so why not?
  3. Sup fellow modders, I'm trying to make a mod that ports a few items from the first game to Deadfire. I'm using @MaxQuest's Spoils Of Caed Nua as a comparison to get the basics down, but I've run into a bit of a conundrum with my first item, the Ring Of Thorns. Its "Preservation" ability provides a bonus to Deflection while prone or stunned (or both, I figure, as rare an happenstance that can be.) Problem is, I can't find in the game files how to apply a condition to an ability/effect.
  4. Quick q: the wiki says that Ring Of Thorns gives +50 little shield while Prone or Stunned. The little shield links to "defenses", as though it referred to all four of them. I seem to remember it was only Deflection though. Could anyone confirm?
  5. Looking at these items, I must say the first game had much more powerful stuff than Deadfire on average. I'll try to reproduce the items as faithfully as possible, but power creep will have a field day with them
  6. Hello, everyone. I'm looking at a bunch of items from Pillars of Eternity and expansions that I would like to port to Deadfire via a mod. I seem to remember a much coveted ring from The White March part II that gave +3 INT, but I can't seem to find it on the wiki. Does anybody remember the name, icon, description, and gameplay mechanics of the ring (provided that it did anything besides the INT bonus)? Additionally, were there any other accessories in The White March I & II that were particularly good or sought after? My memory's fuzzy as I haven't played the game in a long
  7. ...aaaaand it is published: Permanent Per-Rest Bonuses Including, of course, a component for the skill bonus from adra potions
  8. Thank you, @Noqn! I’ll test this tomorrow and look into including the adra potion as well.
  9. I'm trying to make a mod that turns per-rest bonuses like "Amira's Blessing" and "Nature's Resolve" into permanent bonuses. I've located the relevant entries in statuseffects.gamedatabundle and switched the ClearOnRest and ClearOnFoodRest flags to "false", but it doesn't seem to work. I've double-checked the folder structure for my mod against that in the game files and it matches. My files have the correct extension and no syntax errors. What am I doing wrong? Attached is the mod in its current (non-working) state. Permanent Per Rest Bonuses.rar
  10. Are you playing on PC? If yes, then you could try the Deadly Deadfire mod. It should make the game more challenging (I don't recall if it also has a component to slow down XP gain; I seem to remember it does.)
  11. Here's my attempt at making these bonuses permanent. Doesn't seem to work for me, even though the files have the correct extension and contain no syntax errors. I double-checked and the directory structure is also accurate. Any ideas as to why it doesn't work would help. Permanent Per Rest Bonuses.rar
  12. Thank you, @Noqn I tried to make a mod that turns per-rest bonuses into permanent bonuses, but it doesn't seem to work. Directory structure is fine; file extension is fine; no syntax errors within the files themselves. I'm attaching it here. Could you try if it works for you? Permanent Per Rest Bonuses.rar
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