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  1. ROTFL @ AndreaColumbia I'm taking a bit of a rest from Deadfire at the moment. I may or may not go back to the Streetfighter / Ascendant concept but, if I do, it'll be with an estoc again.
  2. I don't see how that would make any sense for the Watcher to do. At the end of PoE the Watcher has zero hard evidence that the gods are artificial. They know beyond doubt, but have nothing to prove it. If they went around telling everyone that the gods are artificial, their claim would be dismissed as the ravings of a lunatic driven crazy by their Awakening (a common occurrence in Awakened individuals, if PoE is any indication.) That's beside the point that most people would probably not care even if presented with incontrovertible evidence that the gods were, in fact, artificial. A Watch
  3. To make people better so that they wouldn't need gods, yes—chiefly because there weren't any until the Engwithans made them. In the first game it is said that the gods were created specifically because the Engwithans thought as soon as everyone realized there were no gods, chaos and survival of the fittest would ensue across Eora. They didn't explicitly set out to improving the natural order and/or cycle of the souls itself.
  4. Not sure their goal was to improve the natural process per se. They wanted to create gods that reflected existing beliefs and ideals before the general populace found out none existed. In so doing, they regulated the flow of essence through the Wheel, thus mitigating soul ailments—whether this was part of their plan or just a serendipitous corollary, we do not know. At the same time, if entropy was something a portion of kith were already revering, then creating a god that governs it would in keeping with the Engwithans' original goals. Or what if soul entropy was inherent to th
  5. Who's to say soul entropy did not already exist before the Engwithans created their pantheon? The gods merely incarnate concepts that predate them, in which case it would make sense for Rymrgand to also exist. It's not like the Engwithans purposefully created soul entropy to all but guarantee that one day there would no longer be any souls at all.
  6. Psychologically it's not the same to achieve your desired stats within the game's rules set compared to just using the console. Even when exploiting a loophole or shortcoming in the game's rules it feels better than cheating, possibly because that way it feels like I earned it (and that it is technically possible/plausible within the game's rules, as opposed to giving yourself something that would be impossible/unachievable otherwise.) I know, I'm an odd duck like that. Cognitive dissonance and all that.
  7. Is it possible to set colors for an armor item so that it always looks the same regardless of the primary and secondary colors set for the wearer? Say I wanted to make a padded armor that always looked green, for example.
  8. If you're into number crunching, they make a whole lot of difference from a psychological perspective
  9. Technically they don't know you did it. The first game makes it pretty clear that your communication with the blood pool is mental and your companions can't hear it; since it also shows that the others could not see you did it, I believe the sacrifice to the blood pool is not physical (as in, the Watcher did not physically push their companion into the pool) but rather of the soul kind (i.e. you shove their soul in the pool; again, not something your companions would be able to see.)
  10. I recall Josh saying they made the end portion of the game snappier as a response to criticism of the first game that the Twin Elms section dragged on too long. He contextually admitted they overcorrected.
  11. Not so lame when you consider the Watcher experienced an Awakening. Maybe their awakened self isn't as kind-hearted
  12. How serendipitous—my character's also a generally well-disposed individual who had some momentary lapses of judgment throughout her adventures in the Dyrwood...
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