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  1. Yup, those are definitely the kinda stats I went for, cept without BB, so the dex int and per took a hit. Still feels good, though, not as OP but that's actually a good thing. And yeah, nothing but assassinate helps spell damage but that's fine as I can spam invis even in combat.
  2. Ah, I see Yeah, there are a few things that sorta ruin the entire idea (dumping might means your spells aren't really that powerful, and no pen bonus also sucks) but I still like the synergies on offer. Ofc, community patch seriously buffed biting whip, but draining whip is still always the default choice until I get kitchen stove, maybe? Probably even then tho, I guess, though a few more alpha strikes from stealth before unleashing spells is also not too bad, either.. I suppose that with this setup it's not necessarily mandatory going straight to ascended.
  3. Yup, yup. Still, assassinate bonus to something like disintegrate, ouch. I think I finally settled on a build that I'll play through the entire campaign with, has the rp flavor, has the power, has the fun factor. Thanks you guys!
  4. Yes, yes, that's exactly what I had in mind, though I didn't get that it's actually the kitchen stove not hand mortars that you need. I still don't quite understand what affects spell damage though... assassin's bonus definitely does but neither backstab nor sneak attack do, do they?
  5. Yeah, this is very true. Unfortunately it's not really smart to be hiding while trying to spam cipher powers so you'd be vulnerable in that stage + no extra accuracy. Plus ofc companions mostly suck with per checks, so it always triggers me lowering per. It really is a build that screams dumping res and con, I just can't make myself do it
  6. Yup, yup.. thinking Eder is a cornerstone, and definitely Constanten or even Pellagina, with Maia also being amazing for sure. The whole "reloading in stealth" is such a cool mechanic, as opposed to waiting like an idiot in your recovery phase and getting slaughtered. Yeah, I thought you might say that all 3 of those are essential, I may just end up making myself drop con or res, but I do so hate it. Was thinking more that with Assassin's HUGE buff to accuracy you could get away with lower perception, but I guess with per basically any amount you have could still be improved upon, there's nev
  7. Hey guys, So I've been trying out Deadfire Balance Polishing Patch https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/438?tab=description (together with the Community Patch) and noticed that they're basically a straight up buff for the assassin (streetfighter and trickster get nerfed, smoke veil gets to cost 1 guile). With that in mind, I was thinking of finally trying out an Assassin/Ascended build, as a guy who'd be squishy af but would easily get ascended status with stealthed arquebus crits and then spam some mind blades and later disintagrate or whatever. With that in mind thoug
  8. Heh, I suppose you're right. At the end of the day, you ARE the center-piece of the story and are meant to be more powerful than anyone else. It's just such an absurd bonus that makes you able to create perfect characters without pretty much any trade-offs AND doesn't come with the burden of sacrificing the soul of someone who trusted you, just to get far less powerful In a way it feels a bit like that blunderbuss streetfighter trick.. it's there.. it's insanely awesome..but it just feels like too much. Still, I totally get you.. I tend to gravitate towards builds that really could use eve
  9. Well, a lot of builds that I like end up needing...like...pretty much every stat. Considering I don't always like playing on PoTD and consider Berath's Blessings just downright cheating if not on PoTD (and even then, but eh, AI cheats too :D) I have a hell of a time getting stats I like even with those +2 stat points.. without them it's just annoying. BB is nice and stupidly overpowered without having to be evil, but at that point you may as well just use the console and give yourself whatever stats you want
  10. Hm, true. Making it all the harder to stay on your goodie two shoes course I mean, technically, you playing with other people's souls then getting your own stolen, that is actually wonderfully poetic.. hell, it even makes sense from a "why my char would sacrifice someone's soul then be good in Deadfire" angle.. so yeeeah.. game really making it hard to pass up those sweet sweet boosts
  11. Hahaha, yeah. I tried to justify Durance and Devil of Caroc, with the latter not only giving a great bonus but also it counting as a mercy of sorts, perhaps, since she's definitely living a straight up tortured and horrible existence (+ was a horrible person to start with so yeah). Still, it's bad however you slice it, but considering you're a soulless pirate who peeps on dead souls in Deadfire, ehhhhh Tbh, the worst part is how people just don't give a ****, even Eder is pretty chill about it, so you really have to push yourself not to powergame with those bonuses.
  12. Hey guys, Maybe I'm just dumb here but I cannot for the life of me find a definitive list of what each PoE1 prebuilt history entails when it comes to decisions. Thing is, yeah, you can make custom ones easily enough, but am I just blind or does doing that effectively cut you off from the Gift from the Machine and Effigy's Resentment bonuses? For example, there isn't an option to devour the souls, only to do as one of the Gods would have you do.. and none of those actually give you an attribute bonus. The blood pool thing seems to be COMPLETELY missing. Now my question is (so I can save my
  13. Deboinaire is such an anticlimactic hero character though isn't he? I may be overthinking these things but I hate dumping stats especially the likes of resolve as you'd think a character like that would realistically just lie down and die faced with all his trails, heh. Con is thematical in Deadfire (what with missing your soul and all) so that works tbh. But yeah, Debonaire..great guy and all but COWARDICE? Can't freaking even concentrate properly unless someone else is taking the heat? Yeah reeeeeeeeeeeeeal hero material What annoys me with Assassin is that you'll never be able to do
  14. Heck, maybe even a tactician could work with this setup, esp if you also had another persistent distraction guy (like Eder) in your team? Honestly, Trickster just seems to be downright phenomenal for just about anything, as does WotEP
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