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  1. Yes and no. I'd be all for the graphical updates, but as there are spells (possibly also monsters?) that do not reappear in Deadfire, they'd have to redo them specifically for the port—quite a bit of work for a re-release, so I'm not holding my breath. I would not be as enthusiastic about mechanical changes. The first game was balanced around no multiclassing (which by the way would render the multiclass talents utterly redundant), no subclasses, per-rest spells, six skills, and DR mechanics. Changing all that to Deadfire's rules would require extensive, painstaking rebalancing of every in-game area and encounter, which I doubt would happen (much like it didn't happen in BG:EE; I can excuse Tutu/BGT as they were developed for free by modders who contributed their free time to the project.)
  2. Would be nice to have a few extra sources of Energized, Intuitive, and Courageous, though. They’re fairly limited compared to Robust and Swift (though the latter is also limited and Energized is limited more so than Brilliant.)
  3. If you have a Druid in your party, you can have them stand in the middle of the party at the beginning of combat and cast Nature’s Balm, which gives everyone the Robust Inspiration. I do that all the time.
  4. Think the icons that were uploaded to the nexus are missing those for subclasses.
  5. This is amazing and wonderful! Finally Tekehu's eyes are back to the color his portrait shows and his in-game text describes (it helps that he also looks a ton better with black eyes than he does with green.) When Obsidian released the patch that let us choose our characters' eye color, Tekehu's eyes weren't the only ones who changed to green. Before that patch, female aumaua head 3—the one I had been using for my Watcher—had red eyes. Like Tekehu's black, red was also a "non-kosher" (i.e. non-lore-friendly) color for aumaua eyes. Enter the patch that enables the selection of eye colors, and non-kosher eyes are suddenly defaulting to one of the selectable colors (in this case, the same green for both Tekehu and female auamua head 3.) This is the reason why I thought the choice not to be deliberate, but rather a side effect of the feature: Because red and black are not selectable eye colors for aumaua, they are not in the table of possible colors, therefore they no longer show. Either way, it's great that I can finally enjoy Tekehu in his full black-eyed splendor once again. Thanks again a ton or a million!
  6. @Phenomenum - Will try to have a look at those models throughout the week (I'll be at the in-laws all day tomorrow.) Couple changes we discussed that aren't mentioned on the Nexus: Wand proficiency for Kalakoth's Minor Blights and Rotskulls; Weapon Mastery +5 Accuracy. Are those in and undocumented, or were they eventually discarded?
  7. @Boeroer This one’s tricky because it’s called just “great sword”; I used Unity Console to give myself all items called “Great Sword” in order to get it.
  8. You know the sword the Pallid Knight incarnate is wielding? It looks like a black Sanguine Sword: Looks pretty cool and, being the sword wielded by the Pallid Knight herself, wouldn't it make sense for the Priest of Berath's summoned weapon to look like that? Provided, of course, that the summoned weapon VFX could be applied to this particular model (I would also retain the current summoned weapon icon for consistency.) What do you guys think? Yay or nay?
  9. I always take Swift Flurry. Lightning Strikes can be worth it if you pack a lot of additive damage bonuses and use a high-base-damage weapon (e.g. Shadowdancer with a two-hander.)
  10. Yes to the OP’s question. Blights have no proficiency assigned to them but the community patch should give them the Wand proficiency as was the case in the first game.
  11. Oddly enough, I love SC Priests. They get the good spells earlier and can get more spells in general (they tend to be a spell-starved class.) Their high-level stuff can be pretty good too (perhaps Xoti’s to a lesser extent.)
  12. Found it: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/06/06/baldurs-gate-3-announced-from-the-creators-of-divinity-original-sin/
  13. Heh, we can use the Sanguinary name but stacking additional Deflection penalties on top of what you get from Frenzy seems a bit too punitive I’m not a fan of on-kill effects but ultimately anything is better than what we currently have, so I’m fine with your proposal.
  14. @Boeroer why not go the Sanguine Plate Helm route? Granted, that helm was weaksauce in the first game but it was the obvious fit for the plate (at least lookswise.) Alternatively, we could give it something that synergizes with what the plate does. E.g. bonus Deflection while Frenzied; STR inspirations are upgraded by one tier while Frenzied; that sort of stuff.
  15. I’m neutral. If I want the Brilliant Inspiration I’m more likely to pursue different avenues, so I’m not affected by this as much. If the change makes it better for others, I’m all for it.
  16. Possibly Swift Flurry can’t proc another Swift Flurry, but it can proc an Heartbeat Drumming (and vice versa.)
  17. I also dislike chores but why take them away from people who are willing to go through them?
  18. You could either upload to YouTube and link it, or send it via email to support@obsidian.net
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