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  1. One hurdle could be that the main story line is a little foggy at times. Had a few low moments during my first playthrough too because I didnt really know whats going on and that made the interactions with the gods kinda boring...
  2. I think they ship battles were fun but felt more like a game within a game than an integral part. What annoyed me most was that the AI fled or charged you right away once you had a decent ship. Would be horrible if they sacrificed a whole lot of other content for that. That being said: I cant imagine that they sunk too much time into them. They didnt look very complex from a programming point of view...
  3. Meow Joking aside: I guess thats true. (I'd like to make a point against it but just found my old Lego pirate kits when cleaning up the basement :D) It was however a phenomenon or at least trending for a while prior to the release of Deadfire so it still makes sense to me. Although one might argue that Deadfire merely suffered from bad timing in that regard...
  4. Another thing that just came to me even though it might sound like a long shot and a little convoluted when written down I didnt have a strong emotional connection to PoE1. I loved the graphics and mechanics but didnt care on a deeper level. A possible explanation could be sound, voice over and music. All three were merely okay. I usually love or care about games who nail those aspects in addition to being good games. (Dawn of War 1+2 are good examples for that, especially since they arent super special story wise.) I dont think thats to unusual and actually common place in advertising.
  5. I dont think I made my point very well. I know that the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise was dead by the time PoE came out but there were still lots of stragglers fighting over scraps. Back then I just believed that Deadfire was trying to cash in on a hype well beyond its peak and yeah...that seemed very lazy. Imagine they'd churn out another installment focused on zombies next week and you know how I felt
  6. I am once again late to the party but my answer to the original question is: "Pirates. Duh." I am a huge fan of isometric rpgs and loved PoE1 but lost all interest in the sequel once I heard its about pirates. Never understood the hype (One Pirates of the Caribbean is enough, thank you very much...) and the idea therefore seemed lazy at best. I believed the game to be a cynical cash-grab and did not bother to play it. Two of my friends felt exactly the same way and were suprised when I praised the game a few weeks ago - and several years late. Its not the largest sample size but given that
  7. I personally dont believe we'll see PoE3. Games like that just dont bring in the big bucks so why would a company like Microsoft care? I am a bit lost regarding the whole "who works for whom and who owns what?" situation but unless the original team decides to turn to Kickstarter again I cant see a part three happening. Given the things mentioned above I dont think thats likely. AND THAT REALLY SUCKS! I'd be willing to pay full price just for another DLC or expansion pack at this point. The setting would make this possible. Just expand the world map a little and fix some issues along the wa
  8. Tbh: I had added two additional characters to my party in the tavern before giving it a go, dont think I would have made it just with Xoti and Edér...
  9. *badum tsss* Regarding the ending: Not over the moon either and a lot boils down to feelings for me too. To a certain degree because I cant always put my finger on the exact problem. What annoyed me the most was the last sentence. "You hope for calm weather" - what the hell? No outlook to future adventures or challenges, no recognition of past deeds just a bland lazy line. (Compare that with the ending of BG: ToB for example. Mostly text on screen but it had a huge emotional impact) The voice-over of the epilogue was an issue for me too. It was great throughout the game and all of a s
  10. Interesting. Tbh: I am struggling with Path of the Damned a little. Took me three attempts to get past the thugs on Gorecci Street. I know Ive been warned but wow...its tough!
  11. Thanks guys! I think I'll try path of the damned without upscaling for now. I see the appeal of upscaling but I am just not sure how I feel about lvl-adjusted xaurips and thugs. I'll try a new build (Barbarian/Transmuter) for this one so wish me luck P.S: I am slightly amazed that I got three helpful comments right away. Thanks again!
  12. Hey guys, first things first: I didnt find my exact question in the forum but feel free to point my in the right direction if what I am asking here is an old hat. So I really liked Deadfire but Ive got a hard time finding the right difficulty for me. Ive finished it twice so far having the same problem each time: Most fights are way too easy and I quickly ran out of challenges. This was worse during the 2nd time because it took me until then to understand most of the games mechanics A result was that I left a lot of the map untouched and want to play it a third time. The question now i
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