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  1. As on PC this game is flawless, on PS4 you take more time looking on the loading screen than actually playing this damn game. I know it is an Obsidian thing, since there is no issue with Divinity Original Sin 2. So I guess it will make no difference at all..
  2. Ok, and now I find out that she actually leaves me when I enter dialogue with her. If I don enter dialogue with her, she stays. Weird
  3. I stay with it.. Corrosive Touch from that dragon is totaly op, 60-70 damage per 3 sec, kills me 2 times before being able to deal with the Concentration. Without Withdrawal I wouldnt have any chance. My party consisted of Ydwin (Rogue), Eder(Fighter), Xoti (Monk/Priest), Aloth(Wizard), and me (Harbinger). Aloth didnt have the spell deflection skill at that time. Second dragon fight was actually pretty easy.. on Veteran. Oracle of Wael fight, just **** that. Immunity to interupts , but the biggest problem was the constant debuffs and damage pings, which cannot be escaped from, even with Withdrawal!! At the end I lost only because I had no spells/resources left, and unless the devs wont fixed that crap, that I can only empower once per battle, I keep playing this chapter on easiest difficulty. I was lvl 18 when started this dlc, hit 19 after a few quests, but my party (Fassina, Aloth, Eder, Pallegina) were all beween 16-18).
  4. So yeah, Hazanui died because I didnt want to kill Queen Onekaza, maia was with me and didnt turn side, which was amazing. I killed many Rauataians at her side. Then I went to Castrol, made alliance with VTC, which is dope because I did it without losing any companions. Then went to Sayuka to make this quest string, I was immediately attacked, killed them all with Maia, business as usual. I went to the Fleetmaster Okaya, and there was Maia like "nope, thats enough" and turned against me! I have bond 2 with her.I want to know, will she betray me when we go for Ukaizo? Does it make any difference if I dont have her in my party when killing Okaya??
  5. From my experience animated weappons have low health. Drakes are at least more tankier and can knock down when it matters. The Vithrack Luminars have an attack which can decimate half my party with a single volley, plus concentration.
  6. I am lvl 19 now, and they do just piss poor damage. I see no reason why I should prefer this summon over 3 Wyrms. Was against some Vithracks in the forgotten Sanctum, the drake made with its normal attack whooping.. 2 damage and that if it even hits at all. The fire flame is weak too and can be only used once. Also the text flavor says, if it dies another one appears. Only that it doesnt! What am I doing wrong?They need to buff summons.
  7. In Beast of Winter DLC the boss fights were artifically hard. 4 Concentration and op Corossive Touch which I could only avoid with Withdrawal. BULL****! After this turn of events I was totally dreaded, especially when my reward was to sell my soul to Rymgarnd, because I had no resources left after the dragon fight ( and to be honest, i was tired of this ****) Now I'm against this Oracle of Wael fight, and **** this ****, I play on lowest difficulty for this crap. This game is not enjoyable to this point, though I like the concept of the story.
  8. Well I skipped the major part of the bounty hunting quest (completed the one which gives you a treasure map for a sweet armour). Still bave to figure out what to do aboug Aeldys and the Floating Hangman, and wonder whag the Vailian Trading Company wants me to do for them. So lots of fhn ahead.. I wonder if they ever rewrite the Deadfire Company, for it just ****ing ducks sicks that you can do lots of stuff for them and they just decide to kill, just because you are not cool with killing Queen Onekaza II EDIT: godfukdmmit, the last 1000 iq sentence
  9. Hello there, so I am in the library on the Black Island now. We entered through the maze, and were like "Oh, Llengarth, nice to see you again". Reading the Wiki, she supposed to appear on her fancy dragon while crusing on my fregatte, and I would really love to get the basicly free 2700 exp. I did the Beast of Winter dlc, lost my soul to that ****er Rymgard, finished the Splintered Reef (which was more a pain in the ass than Rymgard), and in the end game where I get dicked by every faction I build positive reputation with (To hell with ****ing Hazanui, I will sink every RDC ship on my next playthrough!!). Me, Eder, and Xoti are lvl 18, the rest somewhere below. How can I get that encounter with Llen?
  10. Does Sure-Handed Ila stack btw? It would be fun having 3 chanters in the party and then having Maia, just shoot down everyone within seconds
  11. Linux is cool. I have Divinity 2 on my laptop, but it is not a gaming pc, I can only play card games like Magic or Gwent without annoying framedrops. I expected much to get this game on PS4 Pro. Don't get it wrong, it is one of the best games I have now on this system, because I loved POE1 back then. But the publishers on the PS4 seemed to get the game right in the first half, and the farther you proceed in the game, the more bugs there are. The last patch was 1.03 where it was just a "language extension"? O.o I have this weird bug where companions ouside my party dying because they are on the map somehow just standing idle by while the enemeis engaging them, ouside my vision. The only workaround is to include them in my party. I am not a hard core gamer now, because life stuff and just want to chill after a hard day ( working on pc) to lean back and play some PS4 ^^
  12. Thanks for clarifying, it helps a bit. I play on console so that I dont have to worry about crashes, because they are mostly caused by bad system setup.
  13. Every time I want to upgrade equipement related to Xoti, which are her sickle and lantern, causes the game to crash. I want Obsidian to adress this in a patch, because it is really gamebreaking for me!
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