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  1. Does Sure-Handed Ila stack btw? It would be fun having 3 chanters in the party and then having Maia, just shoot down everyone within seconds
  2. Linux is cool. I have Divinity 2 on my laptop, but it is not a gaming pc, I can only play card games like Magic or Gwent without annoying framedrops. I expected much to get this game on PS4 Pro. Don't get it wrong, it is one of the best games I have now on this system, because I loved POE1 back then. But the publishers on the PS4 seemed to get the game right in the first half, and the farther you proceed in the game, the more bugs there are. The last patch was 1.03 where it was just a "language extension"? O.o I have this weird bug where companions ouside my party dying because they are on the map somehow just standing idle by while the enemeis engaging them, ouside my vision. The only workaround is to include them in my party. I am not a hard core gamer now, because life stuff and just want to chill after a hard day ( working on pc) to lean back and play some PS4 ^^
  3. Thanks for clarifying, it helps a bit. I play on console so that I dont have to worry about crashes, because they are mostly caused by bad system setup.
  4. Every time I want to upgrade equipement related to Xoti, which are her sickle and lantern, causes the game to crash. I want Obsidian to adress this in a patch, because it is really gamebreaking for me!
  5. Everytime I open the window trying to enchant the Sickle, the game crashes with an error code. This problem is REPRODUCABLE, which means this is not an issue with my system. Can you please check up on it?
  6. rats.. what kept from chossing Miasma was the fact that it also requires a Will check. SO to say I need to bypass a Will check to debuff Will, how obnoxious! The club proficiency was completely under my radar. I havent found a single decent club the whole game, only Sabers. Also there is a lack of unique Rapiers for the party I run. Well, I am stuck at the Messenger fight, and I read that the Enchanter has a pl 2 phrase which trivialize the fight, because it negates the ridiculous concentration on that thing, is that right?
  7. I plan on doing a Wildrhymer aka Ifan Ben Mezd run next savefile, and it has that pl 3 phrase "Sure-Handed Ila nocked her Arrow with Speed". Is there a build yet, tat makes a good Wildrhymer build?
  8. There is a thing among stats which is called "Will". It pretty much sucks because many of my abilities needs to tackle that.. "Will" thing to even work. SO.. how can I deubuff enemies "will" stat? Maybe it is a "noob" question, but if someone could help me with these game mecahnics, because I just really dont get it. Also, how can I improve my summons? I mean my summonded Drake does piss poor damage and then vanishes after 25 seconds. In my experience enchanters really suck asses because thats all they can do really EDIT: I am lvl 16 Harbinger and on the icy island getting wrecked by that Messenger, did he got patched or something becaue too many tryhards were bitching about too easy fights? Well, ef you then..
  9. Trying Fassina out as a Sorceress. As a Divinity veteran I expected much from that mix. However I dont get quite how to build her. I gave her lots of defensive skills like Iron skin, charm beast, moonwell, beetle shell, essential phantom, and so on. I want to make her do damage primarly through melee, although she has some greater damaging skills like insect swarm. I thought the combination Parasitic Staff and Taste for the Hunt would be neat.
  10. So I had that ship event happened to me where I had to take a speecb to the crew. I had the choice between boring lines, and lines totaly out of character (the gruesome stuff). So I took the edgy as **** line "I am the herald of Berath, bringer of death". Sounds cool eh? Well, NOPE for Palledina, as her rep towards me make a dump to -1, and gave me her " me with trading company, you do bad for Vladimir, I leave". And that after I rescued Giocolo.. Too bad that she has my best gear, or else I would just kick her out
  11. So I playtest this game on PS4 now, and I have the problem when I want to access the action with the R2 bumper, the stats HUD overlaps the major left side of the panel, making it impossible to conveniently choose item. Is there a fix for this?
  12. So I was making some testing and found a glitch. I saved giacolo. Later then I reloaded before talking with Lil Woody and checked different outcomes. After resolving things inside, I get a loading screen after which I get thrown back in front the shag with Woody. I can enter the door though and get the same script in a loop. It is quite annoying.
  13. I decided on this build because I really like the flair of it. I use the Tobadour/Assassin On the chanter tree I used as a starting ability the one which weakens armor by 2, thus giving me more benefits from penetrations. I still dont exactly know what the linger effect actualy means, but I am merely lvl 6 and have access to my Powr Level 2 skills. The only other active ability on my Chanter tree is the one which summons Wurms, which were really helpful defeating Benweth in the command office. All the rest I put in passive abilities, 2 weapon style, and stride. The Rogue abilities are Escape, Smoke Veil, Crippling Strike, & Backstab. My game plan is pretty much to let someone initiate combat, summon my 3 friends, stay in sneak mode as long as possible, flank or "backstab" anyone who dares to approach my contempaltive Xoti in melee. Smoke Veil away, summon Wurms... I just feel like my character is just too weak in general especially against higher lvl opponets. The scepter as a default weapon specialisation doesnt seem to fit so well. Even though I have no specialization in Arbalest, it just seems to be more powerful than dual wielding scepters, lol, just ridiculous. I'm in Nekata now, and this Imp Admiral, or rather those ****ing skirmishers, chanter are such pain in the ass. I dont know how hard it was on realease, but playing on veteran he is supported by 2 champions who absolutely just outtank Edér, or worse, ignore him and go fur Aloth and Xoti; 2-3 skirmishers, and 2 priests, who spam debuffs and buffs in ridiculous rates. Whats your thoughts on this build so far and how can I improve it, especially on higher lvls to come?
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