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  1. Well yes, most AAA companies have lost stock market prices quite dramatically lately and rumors of a gaming market crash are growing louder and louder which is my exact point really, I want to invest specifically into up and coming companies that would not get affected by a lootbox/ microtransaction crash due to regulations. Paradox and Obsidian are both middle sized and while sure I might not have millions of dollars to invest, Obsidian kickstarted a hell of a lot of its games, they're not exactly a billion dollar company (unlike microsoft). Then again with microsoft's support they probs
  2. With the recent aquisition of Obsidian by Microsoft I have been wondering what the future of Pillars of Eternity will be. The game was published with Paradox Interactive obviously which makes me wonder whether Microsoft will now take over that role or not. I have been interesting in potentially investing in Obsidian due to POE, Tyranny and certain other games. I have been thinking about it over the past year, however all that became murky with Microsoft acquiring Obsidian so I am not sure how I can go about it still if at all. And of course if POE has no future (or Tyranny) then me investi
  3. I feel DS3 ruined a very good franchise and the game needs redemption. I know DS2 and DS1 were not made by Obsidian but they are a lot better and DS2 was a very good game one with huge longevity I still play it on my crappy lap top when I am travelling and my PC is far from me. It is a good game I enjoy it, but it is old now. The DS franchise needs a new title and DS3 made everyone (for good reason) paranoid about making a DS game. Because it was a disaster. Square Enix and Obsidian together can't make a game that is half as good as a 9 year old RPG. DS3 lacks story, diversity in skills, ite
  4. Anything that is DS2 would be quite good to see again and pls nothing that is DS3. Everything was wrong with DS3...just everything...IF (I doubt it) this game will have another episode, it has to be like DS2 or it will fail miserabily just like 3 did. DS 3 ruined the franchise and it is why there is no 5 in sight and probably never will be because after 3 nobody wants to take the risk of another dungeon siege. But thing is Dungeon siege is not responsible for the ****-up that is DS3. They could very well ignore DS3 and just make a DS4. One that is set immediately after DS2 Broken World
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