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  1. Not really, that sentence and especially *It was a decision Private division made for the game* was typical business speak of *We disagree with the decision, but we can do **** all to change it*. It's as passive agressive as you can get. Used it myself. Also that happened before the Q&A as to avoid questions they can't even answer/only dig their hole deeper, not the presentation itself.
  2. Eh, I don't think there's anything here that can't be addressed before the end of the year. Voice acting, polish, they've got time for that. It's only March, it's not like the game is coming out in two months. August 6, so just over four months. Well, for most of the audience (declaring console to be the primary demographic for The Outer Worlds may be premature, but between console, EGS and the Microsoft Store, that's going to be most people buying it). Would have been anyway, controversy or not. Even Bethesda games sell more on consoles.
  3. Other devs refer to builds as delieverables as well. Honestly, sounds like a dev option.
  4. They did, though? They actually put lots of info in that as well like, branching quests, disguises, items that can be used in dialouge, info that has to be aquired before certain dialouge options show up or not, dialouge paths that have to be taken before skillchecks (making them missable as well), and so on and so on. The whole *Kill everyone/comedy* theme they decided to go with made for a more entertaining presentation. Especially since the whole thing wasn't really rehearsed or downpolished (like other devs) I mean they used a build from last week. At least that also means we're not going to see any downgrade.
  5. Uhhhh what? Microsoft is releasing HALO of all franchises on Steam and is generally cool with their games on other plattforms under their new strategy. They don’t try anymore to win the exclusive wars.
  6. How do you feel about GOG.com exclusives? I'm actually okay with GOG exclusivity since GOG is a secure platform, unlike the Epic Store which is a spyware for the Chinese Uh, that's not true? Which part? The part about GoG being secure or the part about the Epic store being spyware? https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/03/16/valve-to-investigate-epic-game-stores-use-of-steam-files I have not seen any sort of evidence that the Epic store spies for the Chinese government specifically, but it's had more than it's share of privacy concerns over the last few months. As far as I know the spyware accusation is based exclusively on the import friends from Steam feature, and it is baseless. The bit about China is just silly. Its not. Tencent has been involved in multiple scandals based on tracking user data. Also it does not only include friendslist as it looks at a file on your pc where ALL your personal steam info is stored.
  7. To be fair (And I myself am pissed) - Obsidian isn’t owned by Private Division.Where did you get that idea? They just have the publising roights (which sadly also includes the right to choose distribution channels) - Future Obsidian titles will most likely not be on the Epic store, rather on Steam considering Microsofts recent moves.
  8. Maybe they should choose their partners better and actually communicate with them regarding decisions also affecting them. Thats one upside with Microsoft. Its set for the future.
  9. Exclusives suck. They are anti-consumer. Steam doesn't do exclusives. Yeah but when a game company says their game is coming out for Steam and not GOG or elsewhere, no one will call jihad. Wait what? Isn't it an exclusive if it is exclusively sold on Steam? Not an enforced one. Steam didn't *buy* them for their store unless you're talking about first party titles (in which case its understandable). Not even Ubisoft or EA did this before them. That bull**** practice has been started by Epic in the PC market. Not to mention you can get every steam key from resellers as well.
  10. I doubt Microsoft was really involved, at least only so far that they can demand the game releases on the MGS. After all they just announced Halo for Steam. Also MGS, by far. And its understandably on the platform as Obsidian is first party. An exclusive on EGS is not.
  11. Microsoft Store made this back to a maybe as I don't mind Microsoft as much anymore and well, they ARE first party now. Still, majorly disappointed, won't buy it at launch and a lot to make up for. Also generally the worst decision they could have made as they basically threw additional sales they gained through the transperency and the stance against microtransactions right out of the window again. And no Epic's money won't make up for the lost sales nor the sales they will lose in the future due to their damaged image.
  12. And its confirmed. Obsidian, today you lost a sale, a loyal customer and a longtime fan. Hope it was worth it.
  13. Im logging in for this because: SERIOUSLY???????? You garner so much goodwill from the community, you make it a POINT that there are no microtransactions “. And then you taint ALL of it for a quick buck. Never been so disappointed in your company and feel honestly like I’ve been taken for a ride. Hopefully its a mistake/fake.
  14. Obsidian has not been working on multiple titles since yesterday. They've done this pretty much since the beginning, with fewer people.
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