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  1. Agreed. I think Sweeney is often a ridiculous blowhard and Sweeney and company dropped the PC platform (after it put him and his games and his company on the map) to go to consoles, where the money was easy and the competition light--where you could make crud games and still eat and earn a living. But now after x86 PCs have absorbed the console markets and consoles today are x86 PCs, essentially, and getting more like them with each generation (well, except for hardware expansion and specifications compatibility, of course--nothing will ever top the PC there), Sweeney now wants to come back to the x86 PC markets again. Fine...he's getting smart--took him a while...;) But now... he comes up with a gimmick allowing Epic Store to break even while he gives these year-long exclusives for a paltry 12% through the Epic Store, and a few short-sighted developers jump on it thinking to save 8% - 18% over what they are charged by much more mature services with by-comparison *huge* customer bases and decades of proven customer service that offer game customers much more than Epic store does (forums (Steam/Gog), installable game copies (GOG)--guarantees of no DRM (GOG again).) The problem is that although Epic is saving dev/publishers, supposedly, what incentives are there for the people expected to buy these games? None, that I can see. No price reductions for customers. So why should I be corralled into what is most convenient for the developer publishers but not most convenient for me? As is evident, Sweeney has not thought it through to that degree--this is a ham-fisted effort. So here's what the Epic Store needs to do to attract business: 1) Create nice game forums for your store customers for each and every game you sell (GOG and Steam) 2) Deliver customer-installable copies of every game you sell (GOG) 3) Remove/prohibit all DRM in the games you sell (GOG--Steam leaves it up to the dev/publisher, but doesn't enforce it as a policy as GOG does) 4) Discount your new "AAA" exclusive titles 10%-20% for your customers from the first day you offer them--if you don't save your customers money, why should they dance to your tune, Sweeney? Do these things well...and Epic Store just might have a future. But the way it looks now from where I'm sitting it seems like Sweeney's real goal is to get Valve to sell his games at big discount ...;) He just doesn't really seem to care what the buying customers think for some really strange reason...--without those customers, he's sunk! Unless, as I say, his real goal is to wrangle cheaper fees from the existing services for his games in the future.
  2. Basically, it's called a 3.2% GDP growth in the past quarter, the lowest total unemployment since the 1960's, and the lowest minority unemployment since the nation was founded. Or, as a Bill Clinton fan once remarked, "It's the economy, stupid!"...;) Pretty simple to understand, imo.
  3. Frankly, I'll be waiting a year, then, if I ever buy it. Chief objection is that whatever savings Epic is providing Obsidian/Microsoft will not be passed on to the customer--so it makes buying at the Epic Store a real yawner for me...;) I like to buy from GOG, actually, because GOG provides me with my very own installable copy of the game and guarantees it to be free of pesky DRM. So if the Epic store isn't saving *me* any money--I have no incentive to buy from them, eh? Not only that, but in a year I can buy it much cheaper as it will probably be on GOG by then. So I can wait. But by then I may not even want it. I'm simply not playing the "Help the publisher/dev but screw the customer" game. Sorry--nope--not interested. Why any *game customer* would think year-long exclusives on Epic is "good thing" beats me.
  4. The fix that worked for me was: 1) Select your main character in the party so that everyone else in the party is de-selected 2) Direct your main character to walk a few steps--you will see that his walking speed is back to normal 3) Hit the "select all" button in the UI to select everyone--and then walk--should be back to normal for the entire party at that point (If you leave out 2) above--the workaround fails, so do all three steps in that order. Takes all of 3-4 seconds if you're slow...)
  5. This may not help, but I believe that she is very hot and fatigued at this point in the game--sweaty, too--and when she saw the cool and beckoning ocean her body overrode her mind and she marched right into the water to gain some degree of relief and refreshment. However, what she really wants to do is to take a private swim in the buff, so to speak, and use that bar of Lava soap she's been carrying in her inventory for some time on her delicate skin. She is standing there, incommunicado, because--she's waiting on you and the rest of the party to *leave* the scene so that she can bathe in peace, unobserved (She also carries a box of Tide and has it in mind to wash her clothes, as well.) But she won't do any of that until you leave. She's thinking she shouldn't have to tell you that. You may find that if you select the rest of the party and leave the scene to do something else for awhile, and return, that she will rejoin the party--reinvigorated, refreshed, and with clean clothes, too. Her attitude towards you will skyrocket, if I recall correctly.
  6. The long load times I see, too (but mine are limited to 30-45 seconds at most)--however, that only happens when starting a game/loading a saved game for the first time in the session, or loading a game from an entirely different locale from where I am in the game presently. IE, it's not every time. I have had no occasion taking "minutes" to load, though, thankfully. Other than that, PoEII seems to load far more quickly than PoE1, I was glad to see. --have not had an occasion where a save refused to load. --I run turn-based and so cannot speak to RTWP party behavior. However, I get this weird bug out of combat wherein walking is 2x to 4x faster (immediately upon the load of a saved game) and can only be remedied by deselecting the party, except for the main character, and then hitting the "select all party members" UI button--that returns all walking speeds to normal (or normal running speed, etc.) --Have not experienced a variable frame-rate within turn-based combat--don't use RTWP. (Did I see a variable frame-rate option for this game--or am I thinking of another game?) --Last bug I've seen reported here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/108063-ultrawide-has-the-letters-rt-cut-off-on-the-left-and-a-red-banner-on-the-right/ Hope this is of some interest...
  7. OK, thanks--sorry for thinking it was an original notion...
  8. If you are talking about the horrendously fast "walking" speed up that happens when you load a save, that is seemingly irreversible, after much frustration I found a very simple workaround. Simply deselect everyone except your main character (note that he is returned to nomal walking speed immediately), and then hit the "select all party members" UI icon, and all party members are returned to normal walking speed immediately. It's not perfect, but at least the workaround is instantaneous, simple and seems to always work... 4.1.1.xxx.
  9. OK, forget what I just reported--the banner is back!.... It was gone in the last beta patch--it's back in the 4.1.1.xxx patch! Also, in my case @ 3840x2160, the red banner as featured in the OP's screen shot above (and my screenshot linked in this thread) will move from side left to the right side of the screen--without apparent rhyme or reason, when scenes change as I move... And, I don't see the "RT" letters at all. But what I do see, that is always on the opposite side of the screen from the red banner, is best described as a small half circle--white/beige in color--sort of a nub that barely pokes out--always placed on the same Y coordinate as the banner on the other side of the screen. When the scene changes and the red banner migrates to the opposite side, the "nub" always migrates, too, opposite the banner. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks! Still don't know why they don't want my crash file uploaded. But this info is appreciated!
  11. I am going to attach a crash file here that your software created for this purpose so that you can review it. 1) It happened in a saved-game file saved in, after the game was loaded in 2) Description of the save: had just made port in Nantucket(sp?--try not to laugh too hard...I simply cannot recall the exact name of the port... ), and had defeated the harbor lord's edict to leave port--by way of my spiritual proxy summoning spirits of the dead to scare them off (and quite effectively at that.) Saved the game at that point in Bug manifested when I loaded that game in upgraded through the GOG Galaxy update mechanism. 3)Description of the bug: after loading saved game as recounted in (1) above, for some reason my entire party was moving at 2x normal speed--instead of normal walking--and when I used the non-combat speed-up option, bizarrely, the entire party was flying everywhere at 4x normal speed--resembled a horde of enraged yellow-jackets swarming!... All controls functioned--I could toggle non-combat speed-up between 2x and 4x fine--but under no circumstance would movement return to normal walking--which I assume is 1x speed. Pressed every option button known to the game and then some, all to no avail. So this is the bug. See attached crash files. 4) I have already overwritten the saved-game file, apologies. One of those "delete before you think" situations. (Actually I overwrote it with another save.) 5) However, I had other saves from the same version which I loaded, as per (1) above, at almost the same place--and none of them exhibited the same bug at all--so that's the good news, I suppose. All of the subsequent saves and reloads in 4.1.1.xx were free of the bug. 6) I have not experienced this bug since. Hopefully your crash files will be of some help! It looks like a one-off to me, but then there might be something in the code you would care to fix, etc. ALRIGHTY, then...your uploader refuses to let me upload anything, even a .rar file 44kb in size--far, far smaller than one megabyte. I have used the standard uploader and your flash uploader--to the same end--I am refused uploads on any files, regardless of file extension. 'Kay. I tried. Query: What is the point of providing instructions on bug finding that don't work? Please advise. Thanks.
  12. Fixed, per the next update! Thanks! Just wasn't sure if it was a system problem on my end--but didn't think it was and am glad to see that it wasn't!
  13. Notice how some enemies jump between the ships, instead of walking on planks? That doesn't happen in Turn-Based right now. I can't recall a place that would take place outside boarding. Brief comment on your sig. It seems to me that if I'm thinking something, then I don't have to wonder what I'm thinking because it is already me doing the thinking. Hence, I do not need to wonder what I am thinking as I already know what I'm thinking... Eh? (Pretty funny sig, though.. I liked it! I enjoy that kind of sig as you can tell by my own.)
  14. Right, so you start the game in the other mode--the non turn-based mode. Problem solved. It's a real brain teaser why people construe it as an either-or situation, because it isn't. There's nothing to push you away, because you can still play it in the traditional manner. Turn-based is 100% optional.
  15. One of the most popular mods for PoE1 was a stealth mode that did not slow you down--so that you didn't have to be creeping along at a snail's pace to find things, etc... I used it myself. Being stealthy does not automatically mean being slow as molasses, imo.
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