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  1. One of the most productive things Obsidian could do for this forum, and any others like it, is to separate posts out by device. It seems so obvious as to be a no-brainer, but it's not happening. As such, this TOW forum is one of the worst and least informative game forums I've ever seen from Obsidian. The TOW forum here desperately needs at least three subdirectories: PC, xBox & PS, Switch, and whatever other platforms some version of this game might be supporting. It's very difficult, disconcerting, and ultimately useless to commingle the devices together into one great big grab b
  2. Tech-support, for instance, is always platform-specific. General issues like console controllers versus key boards vs touch screens are surely platform specific. On the general side of things, even the content in some of the platform versions is different. Then there's the issue of general user sophistication among the platforms, etc. I've been a member here (Obsidian forums) for a number of years and the general quality of the posts has degenerated a great deal in the case of this game--it's not because of the game--it's because the platforms are commingled. How does a Switch user help a
  3. Separate forums according to platform--PS5 problems are not Xbox problems are not PC problems are not Switch/mobile problems, etc. ad infinitum. It's also true that the separate software versions differ in various but sometimes not obvious ways. By lumping everything into one giant grab bag it presents a confusing hash which is not terribly useful to anyone, imo. Segregation of platforms is long overdue.
  4. I have no idea what you guys are talking about...;) That *is* my point...;) Yes, the game sold poorly at first--yes--because it was released in very bad shape. That's *why*. They even had to redo the Introduction because it was so verbose it was terrible. I literally cringed...no kidding...;) Also...I understand that turn based is an "extra"--but that's irrelevant, too, because it's a darned nice feature and I thought it worked great. Again, it took the better part of nine months to fix the game and to add the DLC & the turn based mode. Had the game been released 9 months later
  5. No Problems here at all--game never crashes, very stable. It's also gorgeous...I also have the EGS version of the game. I average 100fps @ 4k, all eye-candy maxed. Vsync off, no tearing. Here's my hardware: Windows10x64 v2400, build 20215.1000 (Insider's beta) Latest Adrenalins--20.8.3 AMD 50th Anniversary 5700XT Aorus Master x570 UEFI bios F30 Corsair HX-850 PSU (72a x1 12v rail) AMD Ryzen 9 3900X RAM 32GB 4x8GB, Patriot Viper Elite @ 3733Mhz LG MultiDrive DVD writer SATA Boot: Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB (UEFI boot partition) 2x 1TB WD Blue 7200 rpm S3 ST2000DM S3
  6. I bought Gorgon on EGS several days ago, and was pleasantly surprised to get a $10 discount--paid $4.99 for it. After reading that at most it's an 8-hour expansion, now I see why they called it a DLC, instead. For that amount of content it's worth maybe $5 to me. Maybe. When I get to it I'll form a more certain opinion of its value then. How well I remember when expansions routinely added ~40 hours of gameplay...! Guess those days are gone, apparently. The original game was a great start--a foundation for a really interesting, involving set of games to come. But it's like one step
  7. DOS2 is much better than DOS1, I'll say...;) And I liked DOS1, actually. It was fun for the period in which it was released. DOS2 is enjoyable, as well! Not sure what P:K is...;)
  8. I own the complete PoE and PoE2 games, and I'll briefly state my disappointments with both--as a comment on why PoE2 didn't sell well from the start. *The episodic approach to PoE, that is, the base game being released, then part two six months later, then part three six months after that, was a major negative, in my experience. Basically, part two was more like a plug-in mod--it was sort of ragged and rough, and the connection with the base game seemed contrived. Part three--the same--parts 2 & 3 seemed more like amateur mods than actual extensions of the base game itself.
  9. Speaking of wishful thinking, what I'd love to see in this universe is a Starflightâ„¢ story--in which a mystery is unraveled, planet by planet, star-system by star-system, where a bomb of immense proportions lies somewhere in the cosmos--and you, the player, have to follow clues laid down in ancient alien ruins and elsewhere, in many different star systems, to unravel the mystery and discover the location of the Universe Bomb and find it and dismantle it. On the way to doing that, you run into alien species--some friendly, some hostile, discover new life, and trade at depots throughout the uni
  10. Very nice! I wonder what sort of engine/texture improvements they'll shoehorn in with these...
  11. Looks impressive...! First I've heard of it--they aren't spending a lot to promote it, apparently. Still can't figure out why they don't release on GOG--my EGS version is copy-protect, DRM free--play right from the executable and mod the game--which is the only way to play computer games, imo.
  12. You cannot mod the xbox game pass for PC version of the game--even if you buy it. The copy protection is the worst I've ever seen. However, you can do as I did and ask MSFT for a refund because of not being able to mod the game--if you bought it as I did--and then buy the Epic store version which is moddable and user-friendly, too! I wasted a lot of time trying break into my bought copy of the game--but everything is accessible from Epic in their version--it's the only way I'd advise anyone to play this game on PC.
  13. People ten hours into a ~50-hour game shouldn't conclude the game is no good--because they've only seen 20% of the content--if even that much. Generally, people don't like games which do not match their initial expectations. I'm that way myself at times. Often the solution is to put the game down and come back to it much later, after forgetting what expectations I had entirely...;) It's amazing what flushing out pre-purchase expectations can do for a game. Some of the best games in memory were games I disliked at first, put down, but came back to a couple of months later--or longer. I l
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