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  1. You cannot mod the xbox game pass for PC version of the game--even if you buy it. The copy protection is the worst I've ever seen. However, you can do as I did and ask MSFT for a refund because of not being able to mod the game--if you bought it as I did--and then buy the Epic store version which is moddable and user-friendly, too! I wasted a lot of time trying break into my bought copy of the game--but everything is accessible from Epic in their version--it's the only way I'd advise anyone to play this game on PC.
  2. People ten hours into a ~50-hour game shouldn't conclude the game is no good--because they've only seen 20% of the content--if even that much. Generally, people don't like games which do not match their initial expectations. I'm that way myself at times. Often the solution is to put the game down and come back to it much later, after forgetting what expectations I had entirely...;) It's amazing what flushing out pre-purchase expectations can do for a game. Some of the best games in memory were games I disliked at first, put down, but came back to a couple of months later--or longer. I like this game just fine--it's actually exceeded my initial expectations. Also, you are probably letting your horrible experience with X-Box game pass for PC color your perceptions--I did the same thing. Was delighted to discover that the Draconian copy protection--even after I purchased the game from the MSFT Store!--was something Microsoft laid on entirely. I got a refund from MSFT and bought the game at the Epic Store, myself! the Epic version can be modded--the MSFT store version was the worst copy protection I have ever seen, actually--by that I mean the most user-unfriendly. It was downright hostile to the player, I thought. Anyway--come back to it later after you've had time to get over what you thought the game would be versus what it is...;) I've found this approach also works with books and movies, too...!
  3. Which version of the game are you running? The Microsoft Store version? If so, you may be out of luck--that versions is very heavily copy protected, I originally bought it and Microsoft was nice enough to refund my money and I bought the non copy protected version from the EGS. You cannot mod the Microsoft store version (unless they've changed that by now), and if memory serves, you may not be able to run saves that were made with a different installation of the game--it's part of the harsh copy protection scheme--the worst I've ever seen for a game--and that is saying something...;) However, maybe things have changed and my experience with the Microsoft store doesn't apply anymore. When you write back if you do how about telling me where you think your saved games reside--the path to them. Also, it's best to simply upgrade Win10 instead of clean installing it--that's pretty much overkill to clean install these days, imo. Are you running Win10, even? If so, what version and build number. I'm on v1909, build 18363.752.
  4. According to the read.me for 1.3, the UW support is automatic and only applies to loading screens and cinematics--at least that's how I read it.
  5. I loved it immediately--it looked utterly alien--not like Earth at all--really helped the immersion factor, imo.
  6. Can only think that had it launched on the usual variety of platforms it probably would have sold 3-4M copies in the same time frame. The "significantly exceeded our expectations" remarks tells me that the people making the initial sales estimates know little about what constitutes a good selling game--probably why they restricted the sale to essentially one outlet--EPIC games. To make ~$10 bucks from Epic's giveaway, they sacrificed ~$30 bucks in sales and never even knew it, etc. Microsoft Store game version was horrible--so much copy protection--couldn't mod the game even if you bought it. There's no excuse for that, imo. Great game--less than shining management of the property so far...I'll put it this way--had PoE 2 been released complete (no waiting around for the DLC expansions to complete the game) in the relative shape that Outer Words was released, it would have sold a multiple of what it did, easily. Again, with PoE 2, the management of the IP was far less than optimal. Difference between these two games at release in terms of quality was night and day.
  7. The read.me above for 1.3 seems pretty clear that apparently the only Ultrawide support is for loading screens & cinematics. "Added support for ultra-wide monitors (loading screens & cinematics)"
  8. I don't really think it makes much sense to believe genders will be blurred, frankly. Let's review the last 10,000 years of human history--gender definitions have always been quite pronounced--and that's because of the biological roles of human genetics. Men cannot conceive and bear young, women cannot help but doing those things because their very genetics demands it. Genetic imperative is an extremely strong motivator--much, much stronger than the whims of temporary social change or mores. Social change over the last 10k years has been astoundingly diverse--yet the roles dictated by genetics haven't changed at all. Thus women are women and men are men and never shall the twain meet--at least genetically, speaking. The psychological games people may play with themselves is an entirely different subject, imo, and such persons are always in the distinct minority, regardless of culture, etc.
  9. I go along with this...;) Younger folks have got to work on developing more of a sense of humor these days--they miss so much by taking every little thing seriously or out of context. I mean, some people may like playing with "the bearded lady" from the circus--who knows, and who cares? It's isn't as if the developers are trying to make some kind of social statement as there isn't one to make--99.9999% of all females happen to actually like being female, believe it or not....;) (Or so my wife informs me!) Ditto males, for the most part. I never noticed it, actually...;)
  10. I'm playing at 3840x2160--PC, of course--and everything is readable--don't even have to strain with the large fonts enabled. I've read a few earlier posts that looked like people were sitting 10-15 feet back from the screen, maybe playing on a large-screen TV or something--but complaining about the size of the fonts. My monitor, a BenQ-EW-3270U, is fantastic--32" diagonally, with an .18 dot pitch--meaning you can't see the space between pixels no matter how close you get to the screen!) I play upright in a cushy leather chair at my computer desk (the mode chosen by more civilized people 5-1 over all other positions combined*) and that puts me at a very comfortable 18-24" from the screen at all times. The screen takes up between 70%-80% of my entire visual field, which is likely better than what you get with a much larger TV screen sitting 10-15 feet back, I'll wager. And as I said, no problem with the large fonts at all. I have my Windows desktop (Win10x64, v1909 build 18363.535) @ 3840x2160 set to 175% through Windows Display Options , and I further set the Font size to 132% via Settings/Ease of Access. But I run the game with the shortcut properties set to: Compatibility tab, Change High DPI settings/ Application--but the game handles its own scaling apparently, and that switch seems to do nothing, actually, checked or unchecked. Hopefully, this will generate some positive ideas... *Global Computer Seating Statistics, Winter 2019. Facts assembled by: Facetious Malarkey Jr.
  11. I just downloaded (12/27) and installed the full game from the EGS. Not a single hitch. Runs fine.
  12. No problem, 213374U --I can at last run the game from its executable! No game folders from the EGS were so festooned with layers of copy protection that I couldn't even open the folders--had to actually take possession of the directories just to open them in the Microsoft store version--and several of the files therein are locked up so tight that you can't take possession of them--and all of this *after* I bought my copy and reinstalled the game from the Microsoft Store. I have deleted all traces of the Microsoft Store version from my drives! Evidently, the Microsoft Store is treating its software purchases just like its Game Pass for PC games! As I mentioned, it's understandable for Game Pass PC--I have no problems with it there, because users aren't actually buying their own copies (licenses, etc. But a "license" isn't much good without a copy of the software, is it?) You have to sample the game bought from the Microsoft store to really appreciate how draconian the copy protection is--I've left a lot on the table in my description. Should serve as a warning for buying PC customers, however. I know that for me, once bitten is twice shy. Thanks so much for your input! Here I was thinking either Obsidian or more likely Private Division had ensnared the game in this prison cell--now I know it was Microsoft Store's doing all along. Seriously, this kind of information needs to circulate widely for people when a game is released--it would have saved me all of this hassle. I think the game developer has a duty to make these facts known--I had no idea of the UWP restrictions! What was Microsoft thinking? Anyway--I love the game--the 1.2 patch is fantastic and cured a couple of minor problems I had noticed the first time. I really thought the game was extremely well done even in the original version. And now--thankfully--I'll be able to play it and enjoy it fully. Thanks for the advice--I had been thinking about the issue all wrong! (No need to reply unless you want to.) Thanks again!
  13. Final Update! The Epic store version is fine--none of the draconian DRM Microsoft has apparently chained the game into! I wish Microsoft luck in selling their PC games that cannot be modded and that are copy-protected to the hilt--so that you cannot even create a folder in their game directories! That sort of thing may be fine for console users--but it is wholly unsatisfactory for people playing their games in an x86 PC environment!
  14. I'm now downloading the game from EPIC--but I feel confident because of the fact that a Nexus mod group exists for The Outer Worlds. I'll come back when it's finished with the final word on the subject. Almost forgot to mention that I bought the game from EPIC for $34.99...! Not bad--now it it will let me mod, we'll be cooking with gas....;)
  15. Update: Got a Microsoft tech on the line in a chat--and he couldn't help me, either--He thinks it's the fault of "the developer" which he said was privatedivision, and so mixed up his "developers" with his "publishers," if the guy even knows the difference...;) Anyway, he was nice enough and polite and I put in a refund request. So we shall see. Since you've been so helpful so far, 213374U, can you tell me if the Epic Store version allows for mods? With the UWP version of the game, I can't even put an empty folder in either the root directory of the game or even in its parent directory, so it's a cinch it's not modable in that form. I think I'll ask about mods in the General forum just to make sure before I pull the trigger on the Epic site. Thanks again. Maybe if you don't know you could ask a friend or associate?
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