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  1. Do not seem to have any Crow Feathers spawning in the test client at any location where they previously would spawn. I have yet to see one anywhere. Steam client PC , single player mode
  2. First off, Love the game! can't wait for more content to arrive, and you all are doing a fantastic job! Just trying to do my part to help out spotting issues, hope this information is helpful to you. 1. PC Gamepass and Steam PC clients 2. Multiplayer test on both clients (one player) Single player on both clients 3. After visiting the Hedge Zone and doing the quest for the temple chip, no matter where I saved my game it would save as "Unknown". This happened in all 4 test games that I ran. 1 Single player and 1 multiplayer game on each client, for a total of 4 games.
  3. I test ran 4 new games, 2 on steam and 2 on xbox game pass for pc and in all 4 instances, the saves started to label as "Unknown" anywhere I saved AFTER visiting the Hedge Zone Lab area and doing the Jungle temple quest. Can not speak for anyone else , but I can say with confidence that it is in fact happening this way in my multiplayer saves and single player saves for me.
  4. Nice to know, but sadly not in my case. I have only had this problem since 3.0 and it did take effect after visiting the hedge zone for me, so at least for me, that seems to be the case. *shrugs*
  5. If I had to guess , I would say that from all the posts that I have seen surrounding this particular issue, that it seems to have something to do with when a player enters or interacts with the newly changed Hedge Zone. I have noticed a large number of people having this issue AFTER they visited the Hedge Zone. Consequently, this is also the phase of the game at which my saves started to label as "Unknown". Anyway, just an observation , thought I would share in case it was helpful to anyone. Cheers!
  6. This is a problem that I have had as well. Can not find xbox players while on the steam client. Thought I had found a work around at one point and did actually get to play with an xbox player while using the steam client one time, but then all my saves became labled "unknown" and I could never get it to connect to the steam client again. I also have both the pc version and the steam version of the game, so I feel your pain about the saves. It is annoying, but I'm sure they will get it worked out as quickly as possible, the do have a lot on their plates. The important thing is that
  7. This is happening to me as of today. Second time I have seen this happen, first time was back when 3.0 went live, haven't had the problem since, but today , all my multiplayer saves from my last session are all listed as "Unknown". The game does load , but every save is listed as "Unknown" in this session now for some reason. This happened after an evening of playing multiplayer with a friend on xbox game pass pc, while they were on an xbox , and I was the guest. They hosted the game.
  8. How about some Bunk Beds? like a double stack comfortable bed. It could be made of some of the same ingredients as the comfy bed, but with weed stems for supports.
  9. These two Wolf Spiders that live in the Oak Tree are both stuck in the root system of the tree. This one tried to attack me from within the root , but could not get out of the graphic of the root.
  10. I have seen the chip spawn "under" the paint spilled on the ground , the only way to spot it, is to look for a spot in the paint that looks like it is glowing kinda greenish. It was hard to tell it was there , but it was able to be picked up.
  11. Both me and the ant can walk on water in the flooded zone near the hedge. They also swim there a lot, along with larva and sometimes a weaver gets out there somehow.
  12. I have seen this happen as well, seems that deleting the saves labeled "unknown" then starting another previous save that is not labeled as "unknown" does seem to fix the problem, or at least it did for me.
  13. Thank you both for the information. I will put it to good use.
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