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  1. Play the game via Windows 11 with an HDR GPU and monitor, and turn on AutoHDR in the Windows 11 graphic options... This is an SDR game but AutoHDR in Win 11 remaps the SDR color gamut to the HDR color gamut on the fly and it looks really nice. This is a great looking game, anyway, in SDR, but it improves noticeably using AutoHDR such that I prefer AutoHDR. (I'm playing with an AMD 50th Ann 5700XT & a Philips 43" HDR 1000-certified monitor @ 4k.) Very nice! There is so much they can do with this general game theme, and it's just about the best Sci-Fi environment I've ever seen in a game. It is wonderfully immersive with the right balance between having to fight and the story itself. I hope the next game will endeavor to ratchet up the discovery & story elements a bit to take things towards a more convoluted mystery(s) to solve--with a bit more complexity and depth. Looking forward to it! Got a real winner here!
  2. I have but one request: please don't make the sequel silly--please, no parodies of actual future melodrama in space just because you can't do anything *but* a parody...;) Take the next step and create a story for adults (and by that I don't mean naked people with their genitals hanging out, and so on), with wrenching, emotional plot twists, turns, real mysteries several layers deep, and sub-plots that challenge the mind (I don't mean puzzles) and not just the left mouse button & the right index finger--the fire button. This series has so much potential--if you don't ruin it by hamming it up. Or by making a cheap, knock-off, multiplayer muck-up--you know what I mean! Gotta' say, though, that the first game and expansions are truly mind-blowing graphically as played though my AMD 50th Ann Ed 5700XT and displayed on my new 43" Philips DisplayHDR-1000 Certified 4k, DP1.4a monitor. Captivating. The latest patches really do it justice, too. Please don't blow it with the second installment!
  3. One of the most productive things Obsidian could do for this forum, and any others like it, is to separate posts out by device. It seems so obvious as to be a no-brainer, but it's not happening. As such, this TOW forum is one of the worst and least informative game forums I've ever seen from Obsidian. The TOW forum here desperately needs at least three subdirectories: PC, xBox & PS, Switch, and whatever other platforms some version of this game might be supporting. It's very difficult, disconcerting, and ultimately useless to commingle the devices together into one great big grab bag of posts that are very often completely unrelated to each other. Problems with xBox versions hardly correlate to PC-version problems, and etc. The former Obsidian game forums for earlier games, like PoE/PoE2, etc., were far superior--often because the PC alone was the focus, imo. Why is this so difficult for Obsidian to grasp, I wonder? Being honest, I'm not very happy with the changes I've seen in the responsiveness of Obsidian staff in this forum since the Microsoft buy out. Basically--no one is here, ever, it seems. TOW is a great game with incredible future potential for a real sci-fi themed RPG series--not a "punk" themed spinoff--but a serious game! I own the game and the two DLCs, and if you don't screw up TOW by trying to make a silly comedy out of it there's no limit to where TOW could lead. Creating separate device-specific forums would be a great place to start!
  4. Tech-support, for instance, is always platform-specific. General issues like console controllers versus key boards vs touch screens are surely platform specific. On the general side of things, even the content in some of the platform versions is different. Then there's the issue of general user sophistication among the platforms, etc. I've been a member here (Obsidian forums) for a number of years and the general quality of the posts has degenerated a great deal in the case of this game--it's not because of the game--it's because the platforms are commingled. How does a Switch user help a PC user, and vice-versa? Seems obvious to me. Those people wanting to range beyond the posts concerning their platform would always be free to do so.
  5. Separate forums according to platform--PS5 problems are not Xbox problems are not PC problems are not Switch/mobile problems, etc. ad infinitum. It's also true that the separate software versions differ in various but sometimes not obvious ways. By lumping everything into one giant grab bag it presents a confusing hash which is not terribly useful to anyone, imo. Segregation of platforms is long overdue.
  6. I have no idea what you guys are talking about...;) That *is* my point...;) Yes, the game sold poorly at first--yes--because it was released in very bad shape. That's *why*. They even had to redo the Introduction because it was so verbose it was terrible. I literally cringed...no kidding...;) Also...I understand that turn based is an "extra"--but that's irrelevant, too, because it's a darned nice feature and I thought it worked great. Again, it took the better part of nine months to fix the game and to add the DLC & the turn based mode. Had the game been released 9 months later as a complete package it would have done much better. It was simply a premature, very early release. The *finished* game is very nice--very nice. But by the time this game was "finished"--their audience had moved on to other games and already, unfortunately, chalked off this game from their "to buy" lists. Seems obvious to me...;) EDIT: I wanted to respond to the comment about TOW being an entirely different game. It was/is--but here's the difference I was talking about. TOW was released in much, much better shape than PoE2...I was very surprised, actually, at the quality of the release--being in mind to think of Obsidian releases moving like molasses with PoE1/2! TOW was eminently playable before the first patch, even--PoE2 really wasn't--and really, really could have used the extra development time. I don't know what else to say. Yeah, the content and themes of the two games are much different, but that wasn't my point. By the time PoE2 came together as a coherent game in all the particulars including bug fixes and DLC and turn-based--the interest of its primary audience had waned and moved on. Again, I was very surprised that POE2 was released in the shape that it was. If Obsidian decides to do another RPG like PoE2, I hope they'll take my freely offered advice next time... I also think it's too bad, though, that most game devs today stop development on their big titles 6-12 months after initial release. I wish they would take a page from CDPR and others who have done like wise (Larian, for instance), and keep up the development on these titles a lot longer than they do. As a result, CDPR has been raking in the dough on its Witcher games--and even now the company has stated they are going to totally revamp W3 for the new generation of hardware--and so they will sell several thousand more copies of Witcher 3--(update is free for all current game owners) which has been selling well since 2015 and will continue to do so for years to come. The global gaming market is huge today--absolutely giganormous compared to what it was in 1990, let's say...;) Taking a game that sells poorly initially and chucking it in a black hole somewhere--along with a bad attitude, as if it's the market's fault it didn't sell well rather than Obsidian's--is not a sound strategy. Not today isn't! 'nuff said--there's nothing else to say. You can lead the horse to water...etc. Bad attitudes in game developers and/or publishers won't make a dime, I guarantee it.
  7. No Problems here at all--game never crashes, very stable. It's also gorgeous...I also have the EGS version of the game. I average 100fps @ 4k, all eye-candy maxed. Vsync off, no tearing. Here's my hardware: Windows10x64 v2400, build 20215.1000 (Insider's beta) Latest Adrenalins--20.8.3 AMD 50th Anniversary 5700XT Aorus Master x570 UEFI bios F30 Corsair HX-850 PSU (72a x1 12v rail) AMD Ryzen 9 3900X RAM 32GB 4x8GB, Patriot Viper Elite @ 3733Mhz LG MultiDrive DVD writer SATA Boot: Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB (UEFI boot partition) 2x 1TB WD Blue 7200 rpm S3 ST2000DM S3 2TB ST4000DM004 S3 4TB BenQ EW-3270U 4k, HDR10 monitor Your problem is not with the game, apparently. A boycott would be useless since obviously the game is not at fault. Your time is better spent trying to resolve your local problem somewhere. Could be any number of things. It's also not a problem with Win10. Best of luck. Sounds to me like something is overheating--likely your GPU--the ten minute time period gives it away, as does the longer period of play possible @ 60 fps. Sounds exactly like an overheating GPU.
  8. I bought Gorgon on EGS several days ago, and was pleasantly surprised to get a $10 discount--paid $4.99 for it. After reading that at most it's an 8-hour expansion, now I see why they called it a DLC, instead. For that amount of content it's worth maybe $5 to me. Maybe. When I get to it I'll form a more certain opinion of its value then. How well I remember when expansions routinely added ~40 hours of gameplay...! Guess those days are gone, apparently. The original game was a great start--a foundation for a really interesting, involving set of games to come. But it's like one step forward, two steps back in development these days. If there's a way to shoot themselves in the foot I think developers will find it today. Just bought InXile's Wasteland 3 @ full pop on GOG. And find out that there is no configuration-options manual--not even a read.me--explaining the functions of the PC game's configuration options. In the video options, particularly--some are self-evident, some are mystifying--so I guess they want players to guess what some of those unusual options are and what they do! Because they sure as heck have no interest in educating anyone about them (mousing over the options provides no info, if you were thinking about that.) To add injury to insult I assumed they wanted me to buy the Extras for $10 more--which includes the only game manual for the game--the base $60 game provides no game manual of any description. So, dummy here, that's me--ponied up another $10 bucks--and guess what? No explanation for the configuration options there, either! I got the manual but still don't know what some of the video options do in the game.
  9. DOS2 is much better than DOS1, I'll say...;) And I liked DOS1, actually. It was fun for the period in which it was released. DOS2 is enjoyable, as well! Not sure what P:K is...;)
  10. I own the complete PoE and PoE2 games, and I'll briefly state my disappointments with both--as a comment on why PoE2 didn't sell well from the start. *The episodic approach to PoE, that is, the base game being released, then part two six months later, then part three six months after that, was a major negative, in my experience. Basically, part two was more like a plug-in mod--it was sort of ragged and rough, and the connection with the base game seemed contrived. Part three--the same--parts 2 & 3 seemed more like amateur mods than actual extensions of the base game itself. If I had it to do over I suspect I would have enjoyed waiting until parts 2 & 3 had shipped and all the considerable amounts of patching had been completed before buying the game. I think they'd have done much better to wait until all three parts had been finalized to an extent before shipping the game. *So I waited until the content was complete for PoE2 before buying the game--almost nine months after it shipped. PoE2 didn't seem to have much in common with PoE, and it was difficult to figure the pirate-ship aspect. But more than any other reason, imo, that PoE2 didn't sell well was because it took a solid nine months after release to get the game up to the intended standards--with a turn-based option, and so on. Same sort of thing that hobbled PoE in the drip-drip release of the content. By the time everything was complete in PoE2--most people had simply moved on to other games. What a shame because the finished-content and bug-patched PoE2 is a turn-based masterpiece! Both games were released at least six months too early. Maybe a year too early, as in the case of PoE2. And there you have it. Take Outer Worlds, for instance. The base game was released with most of the content done and it was in much better shape in terms of release-day bugs. It sold much, much better, according to what the publisher has said about the game. And that's why... Definitely not rocket science. The release schedules for PoE and PoE2 were greatly flawed, imo.
  11. Speaking of wishful thinking, what I'd love to see in this universe is a Starflight™ story--in which a mystery is unraveled, planet by planet, star-system by star-system, where a bomb of immense proportions lies somewhere in the cosmos--and you, the player, have to follow clues laid down in ancient alien ruins and elsewhere, in many different star systems, to unravel the mystery and discover the location of the Universe Bomb and find it and dismantle it. On the way to doing that, you run into alien species--some friendly, some hostile, discover new life, and trade at depots throughout the universe to advance your engines, weapons, communications and so on, all in preparation of penetrating the bombmakers and putting an end to their plot to end Time! Anyone who has ever played Starflight™ knows exactly what I'm talking about!
  12. Very nice! I wonder what sort of engine/texture improvements they'll shoehorn in with these...
  13. Looks impressive...! First I've heard of it--they aren't spending a lot to promote it, apparently. Still can't figure out why they don't release on GOG--my EGS version is copy-protect, DRM free--play right from the executable and mod the game--which is the only way to play computer games, imo.
  14. You cannot mod the xbox game pass for PC version of the game--even if you buy it. The copy protection is the worst I've ever seen. However, you can do as I did and ask MSFT for a refund because of not being able to mod the game--if you bought it as I did--and then buy the Epic store version which is moddable and user-friendly, too! I wasted a lot of time trying break into my bought copy of the game--but everything is accessible from Epic in their version--it's the only way I'd advise anyone to play this game on PC.
  15. People ten hours into a ~50-hour game shouldn't conclude the game is no good--because they've only seen 20% of the content--if even that much. Generally, people don't like games which do not match their initial expectations. I'm that way myself at times. Often the solution is to put the game down and come back to it much later, after forgetting what expectations I had entirely...;) It's amazing what flushing out pre-purchase expectations can do for a game. Some of the best games in memory were games I disliked at first, put down, but came back to a couple of months later--or longer. I like this game just fine--it's actually exceeded my initial expectations. Also, you are probably letting your horrible experience with X-Box game pass for PC color your perceptions--I did the same thing. Was delighted to discover that the Draconian copy protection--even after I purchased the game from the MSFT Store!--was something Microsoft laid on entirely. I got a refund from MSFT and bought the game at the Epic Store, myself! the Epic version can be modded--the MSFT store version was the worst copy protection I have ever seen, actually--by that I mean the most user-unfriendly. It was downright hostile to the player, I thought. Anyway--come back to it later after you've had time to get over what you thought the game would be versus what it is...;) I've found this approach also works with books and movies, too...!
  16. Which version of the game are you running? The Microsoft Store version? If so, you may be out of luck--that versions is very heavily copy protected, I originally bought it and Microsoft was nice enough to refund my money and I bought the non copy protected version from the EGS. You cannot mod the Microsoft store version (unless they've changed that by now), and if memory serves, you may not be able to run saves that were made with a different installation of the game--it's part of the harsh copy protection scheme--the worst I've ever seen for a game--and that is saying something...;) However, maybe things have changed and my experience with the Microsoft store doesn't apply anymore. When you write back if you do how about telling me where you think your saved games reside--the path to them. Also, it's best to simply upgrade Win10 instead of clean installing it--that's pretty much overkill to clean install these days, imo. Are you running Win10, even? If so, what version and build number. I'm on v1909, build 18363.752.
  17. According to the read.me for 1.3, the UW support is automatic and only applies to loading screens and cinematics--at least that's how I read it.
  18. I loved it immediately--it looked utterly alien--not like Earth at all--really helped the immersion factor, imo.
  19. Can only think that had it launched on the usual variety of platforms it probably would have sold 3-4M copies in the same time frame. The "significantly exceeded our expectations" remarks tells me that the people making the initial sales estimates know little about what constitutes a good selling game--probably why they restricted the sale to essentially one outlet--EPIC games. To make ~$10 bucks from Epic's giveaway, they sacrificed ~$30 bucks in sales and never even knew it, etc. Microsoft Store game version was horrible--so much copy protection--couldn't mod the game even if you bought it. There's no excuse for that, imo. Great game--less than shining management of the property so far...I'll put it this way--had PoE 2 been released complete (no waiting around for the DLC expansions to complete the game) in the relative shape that Outer Words was released, it would have sold a multiple of what it did, easily. Again, with PoE 2, the management of the IP was far less than optimal. Difference between these two games at release in terms of quality was night and day.
  20. The read.me above for 1.3 seems pretty clear that apparently the only Ultrawide support is for loading screens & cinematics. "Added support for ultra-wide monitors (loading screens & cinematics)"
  21. I don't really think it makes much sense to believe genders will be blurred, frankly. Let's review the last 10,000 years of human history--gender definitions have always been quite pronounced--and that's because of the biological roles of human genetics. Men cannot conceive and bear young, women cannot help but doing those things because their very genetics demands it. Genetic imperative is an extremely strong motivator--much, much stronger than the whims of temporary social change or mores. Social change over the last 10k years has been astoundingly diverse--yet the roles dictated by genetics haven't changed at all. Thus women are women and men are men and never shall the twain meet--at least genetically, speaking. The psychological games people may play with themselves is an entirely different subject, imo, and such persons are always in the distinct minority, regardless of culture, etc.
  22. I go along with this...;) Younger folks have got to work on developing more of a sense of humor these days--they miss so much by taking every little thing seriously or out of context. I mean, some people may like playing with "the bearded lady" from the circus--who knows, and who cares? It's isn't as if the developers are trying to make some kind of social statement as there isn't one to make--99.9999% of all females happen to actually like being female, believe it or not....;) (Or so my wife informs me!) Ditto males, for the most part. I never noticed it, actually...;)
  23. I'm playing at 3840x2160--PC, of course--and everything is readable--don't even have to strain with the large fonts enabled. I've read a few earlier posts that looked like people were sitting 10-15 feet back from the screen, maybe playing on a large-screen TV or something--but complaining about the size of the fonts. My monitor, a BenQ-EW-3270U, is fantastic--32" diagonally, with an .18 dot pitch--meaning you can't see the space between pixels no matter how close you get to the screen!) I play upright in a cushy leather chair at my computer desk (the mode chosen by more civilized people 5-1 over all other positions combined*) and that puts me at a very comfortable 18-24" from the screen at all times. The screen takes up between 70%-80% of my entire visual field, which is likely better than what you get with a much larger TV screen sitting 10-15 feet back, I'll wager. And as I said, no problem with the large fonts at all. I have my Windows desktop (Win10x64, v1909 build 18363.535) @ 3840x2160 set to 175% through Windows Display Options , and I further set the Font size to 132% via Settings/Ease of Access. But I run the game with the shortcut properties set to: Compatibility tab, Change High DPI settings/ Application--but the game handles its own scaling apparently, and that switch seems to do nothing, actually, checked or unchecked. Hopefully, this will generate some positive ideas... *Global Computer Seating Statistics, Winter 2019. Facts assembled by: Facetious Malarkey Jr.
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