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  1. Guys, of course I can't judge the whole overarching theme and story before finishing the game, and afterwards it's easy to discuss all those interesting thoughts brought up in those 50 hours. However, if a game's writing or rather the delivery of it absolutely fails to grab the player within a timespan as long as some other games take to finish, I think it's very fair to say there IS something wrong with it, even without finishing. A good game grabs you by the collar and pulls you into it's story, any game that fails to do so after an hour or so should be called a failure when it comes to pres
  2. I guess I haven't been able to find the overarching theme yet, but the writing I've seen so far is all but for older players and not as if by veterans if you ask me. Sorry, but as I said e.g. Parvati's plot is lost on me because it's teenage drama as far as I can tell, I feel it's targeted at a much younger audience than I am. By the way, if you thought I'm a "younger player", I'm not - I've left the 40 behind me. That doesn't mean I don't care for presentation and immersion though.
  3. That was my impression too. Not that I'm against new people, not at all - but ever since Bioware's storytelling went so far downhill after... hmm... DA:O or ME2 or so, I found Obsidian to be my safe haven, so I really hope you're wrong with this. I blamed Bioware's mediocrity mostly on EA, large size, metrics and all that, not on the talents themselves.
  4. Hmm, I think 10 hours is already a lot. And either you misunderstood or I misspoke, I surely talked to NPCs and of course companions, but felt like I'd rather avoid it because I found the dialogues so uninteresting. Every time I think "man, I don't want to hear all this but I have to". I normally wouldn't play a game actively avoiding dialogues because it's usually the meat of the game for me. But I logged out in the Unpredictable standing in front of Felix, knowing my next step must be talking to him, but I can't force myself to do it. Instead I just went into another VtMB playthrough last
  5. While I understand that not everyone (most) won't read the wall of text, it explains pretty much how and why I'm so disappointed with the writing, and I agree that Obsidian is known for excellent writing - that's exactly why I'm so disappointed. And honestly, if the game's storytelling doesn't grab me within the first 10 hours of playing it, I think that's already a good indicator. Also, if I wasn't such a huge fan of Obsidian's past work I wouldn't have written such a wall of text, and wouldn't still think if I should better delete it again. I'm sure I will at least start up the game a few
  6. Okay, I know this will just be filed under another random complaint post, but now after about 10 hours in I can't see myself finishing the game anymore and I simply need to vent. The TL;DR version is that I think the game doesn't live up to the hype and I'm disappointed. You can move on now if you like. Otherwise, CW for boomer mentality. Now the long version. First the good: If you manage to get the game installed (Gamepass/Windows Store didn't work for me, Epic finally did) it runs beautifully, bug free and seems very well polished. The times of "bug-ridden, unfinished Obsidian games" are
  7. Just chiming in hoping to get a notification when someone has figured it out. I've tried to install it via Gamepass for the last 12 days or so to no avail. It downloads, eats up 37GB space but when finished pretends it's not there. I've tried pretty much everything I found on reddit, MS answers etc. to no avail, redownloaded at least 10 times, repair-installed Windows, reset the store, did Registry edits... nada, niente. The one thing I didn't try yet and won't try is a complete Windows reinstall including wiping the hard drive. Since I'm not going to continue the MS subscription if it doesn't
  8. I only logged in here after a year or so to request exactly that, after watching the gameplay footage. The constant aiming at NPCs was the only thing spoiling my overall excitement for the game a little.
  9. Another yes please for the third person view, just for the statistics.
  10. I think the audience for NWN2 is pretty much split into those who prefer singleplayer and the multiplayer ones, maybe with the people enjoying custom made modules somewhere in between. I often read very strong opinions from one or the other side. For me, NWN(2) was probably the only good multiplayer and roleplay experience I've ever had, something on a level that is not possible in MMOs and won't ever come back because it makes no sense for a developer from a financial point of view. For the official campaign I couldn't care less, even if I enjoyed MotB I would probably never touch the singlep
  11. Well, Beamdog said "Ask Obsidian", so I did.
  12. This is not a suggestion, this is begging. I already posted this in the NWN2 section, but I doubt anyone ever goes there anymore. After playing a bit of Beamdog's NWN1 EE I loaded up my old module (planned PW) that I gave up on some years ago and noticed how much I miss the game, the multiplayer and the world building. NWN2 was really a diamond in the rough, so much potential but so many bugs, bad luck, unfinished things. The last straw for me was the Gamespy shutdown, I had no hope to get any players anyway so threw it all in the bin. Well, since NWN1 just came back from the dead, sort of, th
  13. After playing around with the NWN 1 Enhanced I need to bump this... so badly. I forgot how much I missed this game, the multiplayer and the building. I just walked around in a module (for a planned PW) I started building years ago and gave up after the Gamespy shutdown killed the last hope for getting players interested. It totally needs an enhanced edition, heck, just a bugfix Edition and reenabled multiplayer would be worth $20 to me. Please please please consider it, beloved favorite developer of all time, I'd be willing to kiss your feet even if you just gave the code to Beamdog or whoever
  14. Nothing to say about trackpads, but otherwise I haven't had any problems so far, about 10 hrs in. That's Yosemite btw, I don't know if there are any problems on older systems.
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