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  1. Why are you against adding options so that more people could enjoy and actually play the game too? Because it's not possible to cater to everyone and if developers would go this path there would be more "options" than actual game as the resources are always limited. Not every game have to be your preferred genre. This isn't selfish, and it's not something that has to break the bank in terms of dev time/money (if it's just a simple third person for exploration, w/ combat and things still in first person). The entire point is that it allows more people to enjoy the game and play from the perspective that they prefer to use, not only for those that just like it because they prefer seeing their character/gear but for those that physically have issues with fpp in games and can't actually play them because of this.
  2. Generally when it comes to games with a first person perspective there's two ways they are animated. You can do a fully realized full-animation for the characters body (like ARMA for instance). This is more work but it allows you to better realize the characters body in first person (IE being able to see your feet and other things) on top of allowing a better third/first person option. Then there's the way many first-person only games do it, basically a "cheat" and do animations in such a way that you cut corners and only need to make the animations work in that specific viewpoint, and since there's no 3rd person view you don't go through the trouble of animating the actual body of the players character. This takes less time/work generally but at the cost of requiring more work if you wanted to provide a full 3rd person view or incorporate the full body in animations the player would see them in. What does that look like? Here is a good example to show you what I mean: Now there is a compromise in between these, that would be allowing us to use third person only while exploring (basically while walking/running around the world). In most games the rigging/models are shared between npc's and the player character, in turn animations and things are shared as well for basic things like this too. So the animation work for a third person walk/run should be something that can more easily be done. The main work in this regard would just be general clipping and model checks for gear that your character can wear. So when you go into dialogue or combat the game would automatically place you back into first person and when it's over it'd pull back out into third person. This would allow many third person players to still enjoy certain aspects of the game that they prefer in third person as well as help alleviate the motion sickness and things that are brought on from first person in some players (at least help them take a break from first person and not be stuck in it 100% of the time). I don't support them adding a third-person perspective (TPP) camera precisely because I think this is incorrect, and would require a significant amount of manpower to implement correctly. Manpower that would be better spent supporting core game systems and content. The assumptions that all actions available to the player will be used and thus animated and rigged such that they map perfectly onto CHARNAME's paperdoll avatar is naive, as is the assumption that all wearable items by the player will already have player-appropriate textures. Add to that the issue of clipping planes and z-fighting when dealing with multiple items sharing the same space on the player's body, I simply don't think your assumption is correct. If it was a freebie or easy, I expect they would do it. There's a not-insignificant amount of players who love playing dress-up in open world games with a TPP, and I'm sure they would enjoy capturing their purchase as well. OE, please spend your time on something else. In game development when it comes to making humanoid characters and such generally the same rigging is shared between npc's and the player character (which greatly helps save time/money), thus the animations that are done on npc's are something that is shared too, since the player will be able to see npc's do said animations they need to look correct from a third person perspective because the player will see the npc's doing those animations, you can't "cheat" in the same way you can when it comes to say, doing first person unique animations that aren't shared between the npc's and player character. We are literally talking about walking and running animations, that's it (combat/dialogue and such can switch to first person, so they wouldn't have to re-animate the more unique things the player does that npc's might not do). The main thing they'd have to work on would be the gear and making sure it looks right on the player character when it comes to major clipping issues and textures etc. However again, things that are shared between npcs and player characters in that regard can help here too. IF an npc can wear the same clothing/armor then the texture work and such will have to be done to see it up close and from all perspectives. It would then just be a matter of the clipping and other issues that might arise if the player customization allows for some wacky customization that npc's don't get access to or use. Also you seem to REALLY underestimate the amount of us that like to play in third person, even in games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, there's a huge amount of people that play in third person or switch between views depending on what they are doing (IE explore in third person, use combat in first). You can google the topic and find that there's a decent split of players that play in third or use it, it's not some minuscule tiny amount either.
  3. Fallout is in no way dead, Bethesda still has Starfield/TES6 and you can bet Fallout 5 after that, even if F76 was a disaster it's not going to kill off the main rpg series. I mean I enjoyed Fallout 3/New Vegas (Fallout 4 less so). The humor and retro-future aesthetic is something that makes Fallout games so enjoyable and unique. I hope The Outer Worlds goes a similar route but in more of a space/sci-fi game, kind of like a Firefly/Fallout sort of mix.
  4. I hope you are correct, but the info and things refer to it as a "first person sci-fi rpg," hopefully that's just a choice you can choose in game how you want to play it.
  5. Hello, just saw the world premiere and loved everything about the game, except for the fact that it seems to be a forced first person only rpg. Please allow us to use an optional third person view, even if it's a simple one that is only usable outside of combat/dialogue (so basically while you're exploring and such) which shouldn't be that huge of a timesink to make available since those animations should be fully modeled in third person already (since npc's will use them). There are a lot of us who prefer to play in third person, even in games like TES/Fallout who aren't known for having the best third person cameras and of course Vampire: TMB which I played in third person as well. One of the most fun aspects of an rpg for me is being able to visually customize my character and then as your go throughout the game and get new loot and gear seeing how your character visually changes throughout the game. This aspect is GREATLY diminished when you're stuck in first person view and basically never see this kind of thing at all (like Borderlands for instance). Then you have another more severe aspect of this, there are people that literally get sick from first person view and third person can greatly help them from getting sick while playing the game. Please at least think about it, it would be something that would be greatly appreciated by some of us.
  6. Eder is still not fixed for me, he still talks about going and finding his parents regardless of what I choose. Tried both using a pre-made history (Benevolent soul) as well as making my own and no matter what I pick for him he's stuck on finding his parents, the only thing that changes is the medallion in his inventory. This is from starting a new game as well, not using an old one.
  7. Eder is still bugged for me, he has the nightwatch medallion but he still talks about going and finding his parents if I talk to him. This is from starting (yet another) new game as well as a previous one, no matter what I do he is stuck in this state, regardless if I use a pre-made history or make my own.
  8. Are there any good portraits for the male godlike? Specifically the 2nd head version? IE:
  9. It should all be fixed in the next patch. If story and choices matters to people I advice them to refrain from playing until that patch What I'm saying is with this beta patch it's still bugged out for me, so what are the chances it'll be fixed in the live version unless something has changed from the beta patch to the live version.
  10. I've tried about everything I can think of. Restarted the game, tried both pre-made histories and making my own history, etc. Eder is stuck saying he went to see his parents no matter what choice I pick for him. However in his inventory he has the night market medallion. Really hope they can get this ironed out for those of us who still have him bugged out.
  11. In POE 1 as long as the npc didn't see you and you lifted things it was pretty much ok. Just wondering if it's changed in POE2, can you just steal everything to your hearts content without being seen without any consequence or are there drawbacks to doing so, even if you aren't seen? I noticed after a while in my reputation that I was "Shady" and I'm not sure if this was from stealing or not (never got caught or seen).
  12. Eder still says he went to find his parents after this patch. This is with the pre-made "Benevolent soul" history as well as a created history which had eder's faith restored. I started a new game just to make sure and he still says that too.
  13. They released a beta patch for it yesterday. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98361-fixes-to-the-patch-beta-build/ You can d/l the beta patch on steam by right clicking on the game, then go to properties, then click on the "betas" tab and enable it there and it'll d/l the beta patch.
  14. Just wondering because I started the game with the "Benevolent Soul" history and Eder says that he went to stay with his parents, which (from what I can gather) means his personal quest wasn't completed in POE 1. I built my own world state and choose his ending as faith restored and it says the same thing when I talk to him. Both of these were done AFTER d/ling the beta patch that was meant to fix Eder and his history as well. edit - topic meant to say "do THE," not you lol.
  15. South Park I played at release, encountered 0 bugs all the way through.
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