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  1. I do it all the time. You have to copy/past the saves though. I'd love to have a feature where steam synchronise the saves from windows to osX but it doesn't seem to exist, for any game.
  2. For me it's really game breaking when you have a black screen each time you change zone and are forced to implement a mod to continue playing. And it's only one of them. The stacking of stats for exemple... And as for expectations : I'm not saying I expect a 100% bug free release. There is a difference between a bunch of rather small annoying bugs, and game breaking nightmares that can screw a 20 hours game save. Again, I've also seen worse, even with AAA titles. It's true that for 4 millions dollars I guess with have a very big game, and probably some sacrifice was made over stability (
  3. This game rocks. Seriously. But despite being free from the oppression of the "Evil Publishers and their Dreadful Deadlines", this game has some unacceptable game breaking bugs. I know that they will be fixed and that in a few weeks, the game will probably be ok. And compared to many broken AAA titles (hello Rome 2 Total war my good friend) this game is still in a better shape, quite playable (and again, awesome). But still : some game breaking bugs here are pretty obvious and any careful game tester would have been able to check them : stats changing, loading time going up, items
  4. I agree with the 10 to the constitution thing, it's more than enough. I love tanking with my paladin. At level 4 I attacked Raedrick. With a full party (with one custom rogue). Nearly everyone was knocked out. Pala in the middle ? Not a scratch. I didn't min/maxed though, I'm still wondering if it's the best idea considering the multiple defensive system. Besides, in urgent situation, it's good that your tank can still DPS a little bit. I gave him a defensive speciality in shield + weapon also for the +6 on deviation and reflexe (total score 70 at level 4). As it is a fixed bonus I'm
  5. I have black screen issues in the fortress too. I guess excepting a really clean obsidian release was... stupid.
  6. Same problem for me. I did'nt succeed with knocking down at first but I retried and it work doint it this way : - knocking down - selecting quickly my stuck character - clicking around a lot elsewhere on terrain to make it move as soon as he stand up - the little dude did move.
  7. L.O.V.I.N.G. I.T. (understatement Coming from an old douchebag that usually gives ah "meh" and raise an eyebrow at 90% of nowadays releases. I think It's a great first message ) Thank you Obsidian.
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