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  1. You can see difference when you are building in. With minimal Con its - 25% with maxed con is about +25% Paladin base is 42 + 14/per level With min Con you change it to 31,5 + 10,5/per level. Its not such a huge decrease for that much increase in defence rolls. It works this way: Attribute Effects per point above 10 Might +3% Damage and Healing +2 Fortitude Constitution +3% Endurance and Health +2 Fortitude Dexterity +3% Action Speed +2 Reflex Perception +3 Interrupt +1 Deflection +2 Reflex Intellect +6% Area of Effect +5% Duration +2 Will Resolve +3 Concentration +1 Deflection +2 Will Just switch + to - if you decrease point.
  2. Ekkyo: I think its same for all. Migght and Cons gives you Fortitude which resists internal damage (poison, diesiese) Dex and Perception gives you Reflex which "resist" AoE efects (like fire balls) Perception and resolve gives you about Half amount of Reflex/will of Deflection. Deflection is used for defence rolls on melee (physical hits) And finaly Inteligence and resolve gives you Will which is used for direct magical/ mental attacs. So obviously If you Max Perception and resolve you, max out 2,5 of 4 tanking stats. If you also max out int you increase it to 3 of 4. So only Poison is dangerous for you. Paladin has other ablity which can pretty much mitigate this weaknes (at least with proper gear). So if would build Fighter tank I would build it same way. But this will be matter of testing because I have feeling that his pasive combat regen actualy drains HP to much to be able to tank with low Con.
  3. Myshs build looks great. After a lot of experimenting I have decided to use similar: M 10 CON 10 DEX 10 PER 16 INT 16 RES 16 Higher Int is for RP purpose and propably more dialog options. As A race I choose Human... again I have decided to orient it more toward dialogs and look like my self. But so far it looks that it will be working. From what I tested tank is not as important as cipher as soul shock in right time. With that combo tank have to tank only Strong mobs. And to be honest I think for the game like this is Far more important to set your main to reflect character you have in mind than to be perfect char. For it you can create Min maxing Adventurer which will support your build. So more balanced Paladin is pretty fine for me
  4. This is almost exactly the build I have been toying with on weekend. Exept I had only 10 int and 16 cons. Its because I have some mental problem leave Fortitude in negative numbers. You are compensating this with Trait or Poisoins are not such a problem (My experiences with spiders are horible) Dialog options for paladins tempting me a lot
  5. Thank you for your build. It makes me think about other posibilities (Especialy your group builds). I am also curious what other will say. Many are there from beta and may have experience we can profit from
  6. Hi guys, I am one of mad man and I am going to try the game hard way for the first run. So I will play expert,Iron, and hardest dificulty. In this seting It will definately need character which is able to survive. For the first try I will try this: Race: Moon Godilke (because of healing wave at 75%, 50% and 25% each encounter) Class Paladin, The shieldbearers of Elcga (Mainly because I am benevolent, protective and diplomatic. So it will be my king of guy) Ability: Lay on Hands Attributes: (This I write at work just from my memory so it may not be exact. Numbe includes bonuses for race and culture) Might : 14 Constitution : 9 Dexterity: 4 Perception: 18 Inteligence: 15 Resolve: 18 As Background I choose Mercenary. Build is made this way because I tryed to maximalize deflection, Buff areas and duration and healing. But yes... Const is pretty low and it makes a room for disaster with permadeth option on. But I somehow hope that Quality is better than quantity. The goal is to have good secondary/support tank. I intent to have fighter as main tank. With Paladin I want tu support, protect, survive and be a leader type in conversation and events. For sure I am posting it here, to get a chance from experienced players feedback. (Please keep spoilers at minimum.) So feel free to post your point of view.
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