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  1. That was exactly what i wanted to point. But my english is not very good so thanks for explaining the idea a better way. And i agree with companions color
  2. Hi. It would be nice that this picture... fits the color of the Wild Orlan skin. Cause they can't be white (even if they should be - by the way). So i you have skills to turn him dark blue or in any color that fits Orlans it would be nice and i already thank you for this and in the name of all players that can't create a male Wild Orlan because there are no portraits at all. Thank you for reading at least and don't let this topic go down please.
  3. The very first moonlike i see that hasn't a headbutt Good work dude
  4. Hi Jaceface. I saw your work on the net on PoE : you're one of the bests with 2-3 more people. I was wondering if you wanted some ideas for your next portrait. If so can you make a paladin savage orlan ? And with a color that fits orlans - actually, Wespenfresser did a really good one but he's white and orlans can't be white in the character creation : See ? He's beautiful but color does not fit. Thanks for reading at least
  5. WHAT THE.................. C'mon tell me it's just a bad joke i can't believe that sh*t
  6. Corrected this for you. Well i don't know why did you buy PoE since it's a game that claims to be the Baldur's Gate 3... If you didn't like the BG series i really can't see why did you buy PoE and also why do you waste your time on this forum. I never said I didn't like BG. I actually loved it, as well as all other Infinity engine games, however, this doesn't stop me from seeing the flaws it/they had. I also generally try not to let rose-tinted nostalgia dictate my opinion of things. I was talking to Quantics. I agree BG have issues, but Quantics said "everywhere on the internet", saying that it's unanimous to claim that combats were repetitive and lore, story and characters were uninteresting. I just don't agree with all that critics, so it's not "everywhere on the internet"
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