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  1. I liked it. The conclusion and the end and the choices offered are pretty wild. I was tempted to make some.... irrational decisions, but level heads prevailed. Great DLC IMO.
  2. Happy New Year Obsidian! Here's to another year of great releases!
  3. After beating Forgotten Sanctum, I've got the itch to make a new character and go through the game again. My first character was a Monk and I took along most of the crew from POE1. I don't know what kind of character I want to make, but I kind of want to try taking nothing but sidekicks with me. Anyone ever try that? Anyway, tell me what you did different for your second time through the game.
  4. After the various patches that have come out, I was able to reach the main menu and load my saves, so it looks like everything is fixed. There is about a 30 second delay between the "Versus Evil" screen and the main menu, but other than that it works out. Thanks Obsidian.
  5. I just want the damage text off. Reminds me of Borderlands, AND I HATED BORDERLANDS! Really excited for this though.
  6. Here's the output_log.txt Thank you again for your continued help. output_log.txt
  7. Sure, here's my dxdiag information. I also updated my graphics drivers, but that did not help. Thank you for looking into this issue. DxDiag.txt
  8. I downloaded the DLC, tried booting up the game, managed to get to the "Versus Evil" screen, then everything goes black while the music continues to play. I click the mouse once and windows pops up and says "this program is not responding". I tried restarting steam and launching the game, tried verifying my install, tried restarting my computer, no dice. I didn't have any problems with the other two DLCs, or the base game. Running Windows 10 Home with a Ryzen 3 x1300 and GTX 1050. I haven't touched the game since SSS came out about two months ago.
  9. Sigh I was prepared for the year to wind down without anything getting my hopes up. Now I see this and I'm a kid again counting the days until Christmas. HYPE IS REAL.
  10. The wiki says November- https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Forgotten_Sanctum but I see people saying December is more likely. Can anyone clear this up?
  11. Eder and Maia were my favorites, with Tekehu coming in a close second. Once again Fenstermaker reveals himself to be one of the heavyweights behind Obsidian's success. I have high hopes for Carrie Patel too.
  12. It's fun but clunky. It;s usually on sale on Steam for around $3.75.
  13. Yeah I see no reason to continue the saga of the Bhaalspawn. Maybe they'll grab a minor character from Baldur's Gate and give them their own adventure, I think that would work. But leave the Bhaalspawn alone.
  14. I have Serefan as a ranged Barbarian, it seems to work well. But melee Barbarians are just destroyed due to the low deflection. I think they're in a rough spot but being damage dealers who can't soak damage. I'd rather just use a ranged character to deal damage, and have my melee characters act as tanks. I can't think of a way to fix this. Maybe give them options for higher deflection/damage absorption, but lower damage output to balance it out? All I can think of.
  15. Well, I hope it doesn't mark the end of Obsidian being one of the last studios to release high quality PC games. I also hope it doesn't cause an exodus of talent from the company. But if it does (and my guy says it does), I'll just say I'm grateful for all the good times. F:NV is probably my all time favorite game. I love Alpha Protocol, warts and all. PoE 1 & 2 are some of the best titles you can find on PC. NWN2 was also great when I finally got to in my backlog. I hope the future is bright for Obsidian.
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