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  1. I did it painfully with Vatnir, basically set him up as multi-class with chanter to get a little advantage out of him, and used him for healing. It worked but it was a lot more difficult without Xoti's high level priest spells.
  2. I just watched that whole darn hour long presentation of Josh's ... the easiest way to think of ability scores in POE after listening to him talk, is not to think of them as how strong or smart you are, but more like aptitude - so a high might high means your aptitude to do more damage vs less damage - and has nothing to do with strength at all. Intellect ability score is less on how intelligent you are, but more your aptitude in using your abilities - in this case very specific duration and area of effect. Makes total sense to me - except this line of thought it breaks down a little with constitution and dexterity which remain closer to D&D than the other ones.
  3. I thought they were a good idea, especially to replace NPCs who die on you ... but you would have to play a game where you let the punches roll, no reloading unless you totally died.
  4. It would be fun to have more reactivity for lower level stats. I could go for what MaxQuest hinted at with attributes vs skills, might be interesting to see higher / lower attributes add incremental bonuses / penalties for skills. As for 7, 3 vs 18 makes sense to me (but 2 vs 18 would make more sense I guess) ... I could see for min-maxing 3 is a much better number than 7. Pillars is nice because it does rewards high levels of skills and attributes, which if you play on expert mode remain a mystery until you reach those higher levels. Perfect example is the SSS DLC, you really only get more options for completing the quest if you have specific high attibutes/skills. So it would be fun to see the same amount of reactivity for people who dump stats too, like low intelligence removing how you can reply to characters even more so than it already does, Maybe if you hit 3 there is a grunt option, attack, or remain silent ...you know if I never open my mouth no one will ever know how stupid I am kind of thing. Low dexterity making a high mechanics skill almost impossible, etc. good points.
  5. I swear I remember seeing Sagani as a pale elf somewhere else, but I couldn't find anything searching for it ... oh well! Here is one:
  6. Try this, it is super tough, but maybe you can start here and clean it up more ...
  7. That's a tough one, I might be able to give it a shot, but its goonna be tough ... not my best skill set :)
  8. Here you go! Okay, may try again, not getting the lines right on the face ...
  9. I don't really see this on my system at home Windows 10 / EVGA 1070 / i7 ... every now and then I get a stutter, but mostly runs better than it did in the beginning for sure - then again I am not counting fps on my system either and of course every system is different. Are you all on macs? I couldn't really play PK or Deadfire on a Mac, even a new Mac Pro - the interface just felt so much clunkier than on PC. My favorite with PK on a Mac was when the rendered background disappeared when not in full screen and just showed up as a red field ...
  10. I tested with the crew not full on my ship, every single sailor went down by the enemy, and after the battle none of them disappeared, so now I am wondering if they will be gone forever - did you try sailing back to Neketaka and seeing if they are there? That is my next goal but otherwise seems like a bug
  11. I have had this happen too, but I micromanage a ton, so it is usually pretty easy to jog the character out of it - but the first time it happened it caught me by surprise too. It normally happens after I have been playing a few hours and get into a heavy battle with a lot of enemies. Pretty minor but annoying if you aren't paying attention I agree.
  12. I looked over the bug reports, nothing really game breaking popping up and nothing I have experienced lately - not sure haven't tested but someone said there may be something wrong with lockpicking chests. Could just be a random but on there system. Not sure I have time for the Ultimate but it is tempting.
  13. I experienced something similar but I assumed they died in combat - I didn't loose my helmsman I lost my boatswain. Edit - I am going to redo the battle to test and see what happens - I need to redo it anyway as Pallegina left after with some sweet gear ... can't have that.
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