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  1. Ah I see thanks for the replies, I definitely didn't read up on it before posting but now I understand. I could still be wrong but sounds like it Last of Us Part2 won an award for the graphics, acting and technological development (whether deserved or not), but lost a lot of fans as it seemed to tread over what many thought was a great story in Part 1 ... so it safe to say it truly was Robocop 2 to Robocop 1 or maybe even to a lot of people Matrix 2 to Matrix 1. Again I have no opinion on the game but it seems like the reviews that panned the story were upset mostly because it wasn't the fir
  2. This is where I get confused, didn't Last of Us Part 2 win game of the year? Reading the above thread makes it seem like the game was hated and highly criticized. Why do forums so often focus on fringe opinions and criticism? ... not that it doesn't have value to ask yourself how to make a game better, but from what you can read about it, it did a lot of things right (never played it never will), so why focus so much on what people didn't like, or even what you didn't like? But serious can we talk about Troubleshooter more too????
  3. So in the D4 cinematic trailer did they intentionally make the scholar guy look like the Angel Tyrael? Or did I not finish the expansion and miss something? That is what I really want to know. I think I am gonna jump on the bandwagon of Diablo and get D2 Resurrected ... those trailers really got thier hooks in me, I even find myself waiting for the Quarterly updates, maybe this belongs in the fool thread
  4. I hacked the Mac OSX onto a SSD in my windows machine so I could use it for my job, it works okay. I considered going straight Linux, but a few of the programs I need for work don't run on it period Fingers crossed someday, would love to escape Mac and Windows.
  5. I recently played through Diablo 3, the cinematic trailer for Diablo 4 got me interested. I beat the game pretty quick, do most people play it on the hardest difficulty? I couldn't really get into it, but also not a huge fan of action games anymore, my soon-to-be-claw hand rebels against the idea.
  6. Played through the updated Solasta early access. Definitely has an indie feel to it, and from what I have seen so far story is basic, wouldn't say there is a lot of emotional depth but does have lots of heroics Playing a Paladin seemed right in this game. Interesting I thought the game started really well, its just a very straightforward plot, I don't think they built the game to incorporate consequence and choices, it is more a tactical RPG game with exploration and DnD rules. And it is 100 percent a DnD game with all of what that entails - dice rolls, per rest magic, etc. but the nice
  7. Fair enough, I would in no way defend Kingmaker as the best CRPG I have ever played, but at the same time I appreciated it for what it was and the only time I got annoyed and put down the game was because of its RTwP, I didn't experience the same frustrations that you did. But I also am not looking for a linear game that lays out the story for me and I just click through it like a visual novel. I read books on an eReader for that. I do feel like going from one point of the map to another to talk with companions is every single Isometric CRPG and not really a fair criticism, especially since
  8. @Wormerine you make good points in regards to what game developers want to accomplish by adding features that limit the players abilities. Is it just filler, maybe a type of mini-game, or do they just want to create something that feels more realistic / tangible? I am all for the realism of it all, also for the strategy it can bring, but mostly I enjoy the small details as it is what brings the game alive. 1) encumbrance, this is a strange thing in games now, and I fully want it in CRPGs, but I want it to feel realistic. Right now in BG3 you can carry like 6 or 7 leather armors, to me
  9. The toilets must flush, I need that quality of life That being said Pathfinder benefited from the writing and story, character etc already in place from a popular tabletop RPG, but looking back they did bring the world to life really well, and it paid off for them big time in the sequel. Glad they are making another game. It's almost like Pools of Radiance way back in the day, weren't the original Gold Box D&D games campaigns too? I know some were based on the novels. Edit: I may have that backwards, but I know the novel Azure Bonds came before the game.
  10. Put down BG3 because the level cap is 4, didn't see the point in trying to slog my way through higher level encounters stuck at level 4, now I know why so many people are commenting on having to cheese your way through battles, I almost feel like Larian did the level cap so low compared to enemy encounters on purpose to see how people break the combat ... in general I think the game is gonna be great fun!! even if they don't fix everything I wish they would. Back to my POE1 and 2 play through as a Paladin, finally almost finished with POE1 and excited to play POE2 again after letting it s
  11. Pathfinder is better and more fun in turn-based mode, I coudn't finish the game in RTwP - combat was painful, but once I added the turn-based mod (before they released the official turn-based mode) I really started to have fun with the game and was able to breeze through the entire story. Playing the game at core rules is actually the best. Owlcat really messed up the harder difficulty settings, anything above normal difficulty is a min/maxing constant reload slog. Never found any trap builds or anything playing the core rules of Pathfinder Kingmaker ... not saying that they don't exist.
  12. somehow I went to edit and double posted too
  13. EDIT - I was totally wrong below, Wormerine you are right, haven't been trying to disengage much with my melee fighters so never noticed. But Jump / Disengage is a bonus action for the moment, and agree it should be changed to a standard action, I am not so sure about push though I would keep it as a bonus action. Jump is a "standard" action so you can't attacks after so it would count as the official "disengage" action, while push is a bonus action but it is based on a D20 roll to hit, so it doesn't always land, and while you can push someone down, run away and shoot them with a bow, kn
  14. I feel in all fairness since such passionate opinions of why BG3 isn't a good game were made, it is only fair to add that it isn't a bad game at all. I have found it one of the most challenging and interesting RPGs I have played in years, and though I was skeptical too it would be very much like DOS 1/2 just with DnD rules, it is very much its own experience, and I am like 60 hours in and starting to love it more and more. I will offer only one other perspective since comparing it to Solasta and then commenting on the disengagement mechanic is somewhat erroneous. Solasta to has a diseng
  15. I already did 3 updates through Steam since the first announced update, kind of interesting I wonder if they were bug fixes? Haven't played it yet going to wait for a big chunk of them, kind of like how I stream anime lol ... one episode is never as good as a binging 3 to 4 episodes
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