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  1. I would like a POE3 game ... that is all. So in a perfect world in the next 4 years: POE3 BG3 DA4 Realms Beyond Solasta ... and anything else is very welcome!!! EDIT: Wasteland 3 Edit edit: Pathfinder Kingmaker sequel???
  2. What about the game Syndicate from the 90s? Nothing like going to town with a mini-gun .... Playing Dragon Age Inquisition after burning through Origins pretty quickly on normal mode. Debating if I should go back and play Dragon Age 2, not sure I can get into the Action RPG of it all. Pretty great stories, really liking Inquisition, really amazing games.
  3. I think Wolverine would be a dual-wielding rogue for sure, for some reason I see Spiderman more as a Battle Mage - Devoted/Conjurer for binding web ....
  4. You are missing out on so much how do you not have HBO!!!! Do you not have FOMO at all .... ;) Honest though no HBO????
  5. I mean I like Macs personally but games have always been a PC-thing for Windows ... its pretty simple to have two hard drives running multiple OS, or just partition your single hard drive - and Windows 10 is basically free these days ... but I think that the whole OS is more a choice of developers to make games for Windows as a lot of people run Windows, and why port to Linux that not many people actually run, I mean you can build your own OS in Linux which is cool if you run servers for security from what I understand ... anyway would rather suffer a little to give something back to the developers, and if that is a few extra bucks and the option of better deals through multiple distributors, I mean I don't see why people are up in arms about this whole thing.
  6. I think turn-based has always been a better system for RPGs, though I think Obsidian did finally perfect RtWP and made it at least as good as turn-based (finally!!!). I hated my first experience with RtWP - drove me crazy, but once I got used to it, it was okay - never like it as much until POE2's turn-based combat though. I think Sven said they are using the same game engine for BG3 as DOS1 and2, but what they are really investing in is making co-op play even better, and also into heavy reactivity in the world. I listened to a lot of his interviews and I think they could make a really amazing D&D game if they keep close to the D&D ruleset. They could totally mess it up though trying to make it like a DOS game lol. POE3 could really shake things up in the CRPG realm if they get back to the core story mood of POE, get away from open world especially from being a little boat icon moving around in an open world (the worst and its strange that no one ever mentions this but its such a letdown), and create a turn-based system as strong as other turn-based games while keeping the core RtWP mechanic available as an option. I wonder though if in the end it is the 2-D camera environments that are also hurting POE games. I wonder if 3D-camera movements is going to become a standard for games moving forward. The static environments though much more refined and artistic than any that a 3-D camera game creates, still feel well static. I mean I don't care so much as I love the story and combat the most, and neither of those are really affected by what type of camera view you have lol. Just some thoughts. It's funny I just am ripping through the Shadowrun games after finishing DQ11 - and I must say that even with all the fancy stuff in DQ11 - it can't even touch the amount of fun I have had playing Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Dragonfall - both great games, playing Hong Kong now. What is interesting in reading the reviews of Hong Kong, people didn't like it as much, mostly because of expectations for more innovation and new features, where the developers stuck to their guns and improved on what they had ... I wonder if as a case study this applies to POE2 - I don't think they could of just made another POE game and not have it panned for being just a very large expansion game of POE, I think they needed to innovate to keep it fresh - its just some of the choices made for the innovation were the wrong ones and they include the stuff mentioned and stuff Josh mentioned - ship combat (though I think it turned out pretty well it also let a lot of people down); I would add open world with stupid ship icon (bad); full VO (though this is another expectation these days if I remember Josh discussing this in his talk too); I would argue scope of the story - I think they went to big and tried to do too much which left them in a difficult position to try and tie everything together - now I like the big story and I don't want them to back paddle in that regards but hopefully they realize they need to be more focused on a main narrative that drives the action.
  7. Dragon Quest 11 and Shadowrun - DQ11 at home and Shadowrun Returns when the job is slow
  8. After reading the Fig campaign and how it worked I decided there was no way I was going to buy shares, I still donated to the campaign like it was a Kickstarter but the whole investor idea seemed really risky, too risky. If you look at it as a way to donate to your favorite games, genre, etc, it is pretty awesome since you could potentially get a return. As a model for investing to make money - maybe not so good.
  9. I like the flamethrowers the best on a Dhow for aesthetics - with the palm sails and going all speed, that way can charge every ship if I need and not take damage!! The flamethrowers reload so fast so get in close and then go to town on the enemy ship, getting close enough can be a little tricky, but fun. um ... not sure about the damage question.
  10. Well just gonna jump in on this, a common statement I have heard before, and I am not sure how you can support this when you really look at the story ... I mean he destroyed the plane yeah? Don't want to get too much into the "what ifs" but I found this always kind of a bad example - also the ark ended up in DC yeah?
  11. I think if you are doing a full party you have a lot of wiggle room on PoTD It is tough and some fights more than others, but I have found if you go with the typical party: tanks (I prefer 2 - one straight tank/damage dealer; one either tank/healer or tank/AOE); Healer; AOE, and Damage Dealer (I prefer Rogues personally) you can get past most battles with a few buffs, practice and summons - either from figurines or your spell casters. I recommend you go PoTD with an experience reduction mod for the most punishing encounters though ....
  12. The only MMO I ever played was Lord of Ultima and that will most likely be the last - I just can't do it, I remember being at work with my bosses trying to check the status of our coordinated attacks lol ... and I remember when WoW was released I promised I would never play because it would take over my life, and I still feel the same lol.
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