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  1. Just finished Phoenix Point Year One Edition, liked it a ton, reminded me of the game Warlords for some reason - but pretty sure I never need to be brutalized by it again. Messing around with Solasta Early Access too. And @melkathi just picked up Troubleshooters, your posts convinced me.
  2. I think all user reviews at this point are garbage, especially on Steam and metacritic, I actually appreciate the critic reviews at this point. User people reviews fall into 4 categories in my opinion: 1) the game sucks because it has bugs 2) the game sucks because it isn't like my favorite game of all time 3) the game won't get a good review from me because I like to write long reaching reviews just to read my long review that do little but re-affrim my belief that my words matter 4) the game is good I find critic review much more spot on these days if taken as an ag
  3. There is one issue with a POE3 for Gamepass, I don't think POE1 or POE2 were very popular on console yeah? I can't imagine trying to navigate POE1 with a controller, would rather be forced to play Tetris or Mario Kart against my younger brother for 24 hours straight. Doesn't the new XBOX allow for keyboard and mouse I read somewhere? Sorry going off topic, but that could open up a whole new realm for Microsoft in terms of gaming consoles, and types of games but seems like a long shot. I really like the idea of an episodic gamepass for POE3, an ongoing RPG world with new adventures that
  4. Maybe fans will finally get the Quantum AI they want that wipes the floor with their party ....
  5. I could be wrong, but my guess is that any 4K 2D 60 fps video environment is never going to push VRAM much past 16GB or even up to that which has been available for years, but VR could potentially. The other question I always have is the generation of RAM that the cards use, new generations of RAM should mean that 8GB does more than the previous version of 8GB ... but not really sure but I work in video editing and we often see a lot of 5K and up video footage at 24 fps and realtime playback is easily possible with 16GB of VRAM (even with realtime effects which you could consider similar to l
  6. Binsc and Moo is the real trawling that went down recently ... leave it to the French to create Boo as a space hamster who controls giant rats named Moo ... but considering the French do satire with puppets on TV I shouldn't be surprised. I am leaving this comment vague because not sure I want to admit I played and beat The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: Amulet of Chaos ... [that was my French humor] https://www.programme-tv.net/videos/swip/quand-les-guignols-imaginent-la-suite-des-aveux-de-lance-armstrong_11925
  7. I'm amazed it has 12,000 reviews already on Steam, I read that Larian is shocked for how well it sold ... I am not surprised at all though. Also Lakers just won their 17th Championship ... all in all a great week
  8. Every single character from FFX ... even the character you play, I agree about Tristan from Kingmaker. Also, Allistair from Dragon Age ... what a sap!
  9. What are you all griping about now? I spent an hour playing, I threw a Mindflayer barrel in a fire and killed my party of two when it exploded ... it was pretty awesome. Graphics a little rough around the edges still, but all in all feels good to play. It reminds me of the Ultima games with the controls of DOS2, super excited. Glad they brought things back to RPG games like jump the chasm, it is really about time, and throw the candlestick ... though I guess that was more adventure games back in the day, but it allows more freedom. Combat feels pretty good, but I thought DOS2 combat w
  10. I mean who would argue with that, though a good point was made that perhaps you are too much landing in the realm of opinion. Especially for DOS2, because reviews, critical and consumer, as well as in the good fun of capitlaism, the money points that you can say what you like but its hard to argue that the game isn't great, and writing is more than dialogue, especially if you consider authors like James Joyce. But on another note, I would like to point out that you are wrong about Betacam losing to VHS. TV never abandoned Betacam, it was only abondoned as a consumer medium most likely b
  11. Well, I did read the Twilight Books so not sure what that says about what is considered entertainment, or my taste, but if you want to discuss the ultimate entertainment that leaves you drooling ... I would say it is Henry Cavill with his shirt off with cat eyes
  12. Heck yeah and I haven't been on crack for 14 years thank god! That first area of DOS2 on the island and getting off it was hella fun!! I mean it wasn't as nuanced as the Shadowrun story of course or as seamless as the Dragon Age stories, but still the quests and the setup, the exploration, everything was amazing, but its one of those things where you can say it sucks, but unfortunately the sales and popularity make a good case that it didn't ... so if they can get that synergy between action, quest, character, and combat going again the game is gonna be really good. As for you @Wormerine
  13. Yes except the only good thing about the Witcher 3 were the cinematic story elements (and not Geralt putting his tadpole in everyone), the ending and maybe exploration. And first-person shooters is too much Up,Down,Up,Down,A,B,A,B Left, Right,Select. I am going to go out on a limb here and say DOS2 did a masterful job of creating, writing and implementing a story that pretty much took the cake that year, so not sure everyone's criticism is really valid in that area. And I don't just mean the dialogue writing. I believe for this forum at least Obsidian has the upper hand when putting
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