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  1. Dragon Quest 11 and Shadowrun - DQ11 at home and Shadowrun Returns when the job is slow
  2. After reading the Fig campaign and how it worked I decided there was no way I was going to buy shares, I still donated to the campaign like it was a Kickstarter but the whole investor idea seemed really risky, too risky. If you look at it as a way to donate to your favorite games, genre, etc, it is pretty awesome since you could potentially get a return. As a model for investing to make money - maybe not so good.
  3. I like the flamethrowers the best on a Dhow for aesthetics - with the palm sails and going all speed, that way can charge every ship if I need and not take damage!! The flamethrowers reload so fast so get in close and then go to town on the enemy ship, getting close enough can be a little tricky, but fun. um ... not sure about the damage question.
  4. Well just gonna jump in on this, a common statement I have heard before, and I am not sure how you can support this when you really look at the story ... I mean he destroyed the plane yeah? Don't want to get too much into the "what ifs" but I found this always kind of a bad example - also the ark ended up in DC yeah?
  5. I think if you are doing a full party you have a lot of wiggle room on PoTD It is tough and some fights more than others, but I have found if you go with the typical party: tanks (I prefer 2 - one straight tank/damage dealer; one either tank/healer or tank/AOE); Healer; AOE, and Damage Dealer (I prefer Rogues personally) you can get past most battles with a few buffs, practice and summons - either from figurines or your spell casters. I recommend you go PoTD with an experience reduction mod for the most punishing encounters though ....
  6. The only MMO I ever played was Lord of Ultima and that will most likely be the last - I just can't do it, I remember being at work with my bosses trying to check the status of our coordinated attacks lol ... and I remember when WoW was released I promised I would never play because it would take over my life, and I still feel the same lol.
  7. Its funny though, the Pathfinder PnP allows for taking 10 and taking 20 - meaning, if you have the time (non combat or dire situation) you can pass skill checks without rolls, so not sure why PK made the skills checks on things like searching and lockpicking so tedious, unless you think of save scumming as taking 10 or 20. Maybe just too difficult to separate the mechanic of skill checks in coding, or not sure. I prefer the DOS / Ultima style of hiding passages and secret doors - disguise the switch to open or make you physically search the location by a command, but that would be really deviating from the rule set for PK.
  8. I think this talk about how fighters play etc is all an over generalization of POE/POE2, and more an attack on the fact that Obsidian introduced per-encounter spells and abilities, which in my mind didn't hurt the games at all, and made combat more diverse and really fun. Not that I like per encounter over per rest, personally I think I like per rest, but its not a game breaker for me. Also in regards to fighter skills wasn't it BG2 that introduced the HLA skills? My last comment is - of course wizards can be sturdier in POE then in D&D games - they aren't restricted to the armor they can use and still cast spell, so its not so much a mechanic of abilities but a mechanic in regards to itemization in my mind. The gold ole days of thieves with short swords, wizards with knives, and the holy grail of the holy avenger ....
  9. I never used the Panda, but often things with one charge have permanent buffs, but not sure - per above - maybe you just have to carry it? I honestly don't remember if just carrying it gives the buff.
  10. The really question, what would you like to see in a PK 2 game??? I know for one I hope they make one. I would be interested to see what Owlcat would do with an original story line .... I think it is only fair to say that PK story is so strong because it pulled from a well received campaign. To their credit the recreated it pretty darn well (not debating writing on their end or game mechanics as those seem to be the most hotly debated items when it comes to these games), but still they had a solid start. For that reason I give a lot more credit to Deadfire and its original story.
  11. Hmm, did you try removing the mod completely? Just taking it out of the override folder? Also are you in TB or RtWP?
  12. I finished the other day finally!! lol great game, I think I liked it better than POE1 all in all.
  13. Yes read that it is in Beta - it looks pretty complete though, but just wondering if anyone has noticed any huge drawbacks! The to-do list for it to leave beta is pretty small: To Do (it's not sorted by priority ) Add localization support Add an option to restrict ranged sneak attack Add a button to toggle full attack Add an option to auto reorder the touch action (if possible) Add more options to adjust the UI size Make stealth check only be triggered once per round or every 5 feet of movement To Do (lower priority or maybe not to do) Surprise Round (maybe will be implemented as simpler version) Ready (is too tricky) Bugfix or rebalancing of the base game (should become another mod) Edit: You think if I donate $5 they will finish it??
  14. Just finished the game and Forgotten Sanctum and didn't run into this Do you have any mods activated?
  15. My gripes, I get really annoyed with positioning, the sprites are too big. Graphically there is a lot of redundancy. The combat abilities that don't always work in RtWP but I want to use them as they seem awesome. The arms race to get the highest AC. The obsessive need for haste spells (this is every D&D game on computer I have ever played). The lack of take 10 or take 20 options for chests and such. There is so many good things and I really liked the game, totally hope they do a part two! Many people have mentioned the best parts, the biggest for me is the story is pretty fantastic!!!
  16. Anyway messed around with the TB mod yet??? Is it working well?
  17. Yawn ... someone said he wants to make a game that doesn't shove ideology down your throat? That's fine, he didn't say he was making a game that didn't comment on society so why all the "this is how it should be?" "No I want buttered popcorn!" talk? The best part is the interpretation of an 140 character message ... I read it as her agreeing with the guy right? Why is everyone so bunched up about
  18. As for an update, my Steam launcher definitely updated the POE2 something the other day, just not sure what
  19. I'm playing Dragon Quest XI, I know its terrible and you can't really discuss it in the same realm as these other games, but I can't help it, and it is pretty fun for a JRPG - it is kind of like the PG13 version of DOS and DOS2 lol. As for PK - I am really interested in trying out the turn-based mod I keep reading about in the other forum. If the turn-based mod plays well I think it could solve one of my biggest gripes about the game - it is a mod though so a little skeptical. There is so much right with PK, but also so many things that drive me nuts about it ...
  20. Yeah, I was playing around January this year, never had a problem with the Kingdom aspect, I think I had it on easy - but strangely by instinct I always did a lot of questing first and when I really needed to upgrade my kingdom to be able to pass the skill checks I had enough time. It is definitely a tough balance - I think I should have spent a little more time upgrading in the beginning but was able to squeak through. I came to this conclusion after I played through the Pitax portion of the game though So many hours spent on the way there.
  21. Forgotten Sanctum is worth it, I think I liked it better than Beast of Winter ... though BoW did have the biggest surprise / expansion of Eora's lore in my mind, and that is what made it so great, it would be hard to top the moment when I walked onto the Burning Bridge Not to mention it incorporated less of an exploration element and more of a puzzle element. I especially thought BoW did well with giving you the options to jump through it quickly to finish, or if that was too tough to find others ways to make escaping easier. The story of Forgotten Sanctum caught my interest more than BoW's story and of course I enjoy exploring so as a dungeon it had way more for me to do. I enjoyed Seeker Slayer Survivor a lot - but you are totally correct, if you aren't into combat there is not much there in the way of narrative - but strangely I found that Seeker Slayer Survivor pays of the most storywise to those who have invested heavily in skills and attributes - I ended up locked out of many paths do to my balanced approach lol. I did beat every fight on PoTD but there were moments where I wanted to give up - it got really hard in a few cases so am bragging a little lol (disclaimer: it was hard for me obviously other people just breezed through it Funny enough when it comes to this final run that I am taking through the game trying to finish all content on PoTD with an experience reduction mod, the game has been moving so much slower and interesting enough I am not experiencing nearly as many moment where I feel the narrative is lacking. I did watch the post-mortem and I think it is a reply to the criticism. First impressions are first impressions and I definitely felt that the rushed Eothas narrative didn't fit well with the open exploration when I first picked up the game, but for some reason this time I am not feeling it at all. Maybe once I started ignoring it I really noticed how well done the individual stories and narratives combined with the slower pace of combat on PoTD fill themselves out. I think I will someday do another playthrough, and I am going to try to do the majority of the game without combat to see what happens for fun! All in all
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