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  1. Wrapped up my speedrun of Cold Steel 2. Despite skipping dialog, using turbo mod, and bypassing some fights it still took me 38 hours. CS2 is easily the weakest of the kiseki games but still really good. Mostly it just suffers from a combination of open world syndrome (even though it's not open world; they connected the hubs of the first game with linear paths) and middle book syndrome. I didn't pay enough attention to my resources to make the perfect save game state for my upcoming mega series playthrough but I'm close enough.
  2. She comes off like an icequeen but I'm sure she's sweet underneath the poisonous outer layer.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's 'cause they didn't initially plan to make DLC considering the last few games they pre-approved the production of DLC the extra content didn't sell well and with Tyranny and Deadfire the games themselves didn't sell well.
  4. ^I'm more offended that he went to sleep with all lights on than anything else.
  5. Sorry. An opportunity for a dad joke presented itself and I lack impulse control.
  6. Usually the first two months is roughly +70% of total sales of a game over its life. Due to how all entertainment mediums are now mostly digital, velocity at release is more important than ever in sales. High velocity in sales earns more exposure which leads to more sales and the circle goes round. This is why publishers push preorders and marketing budgets can be nearly as large as the game development cost itself for large companies. Sometimes a game manages to bounce back after a bad release but those are an exception and almost all of those are due to an after release marketing push after many fixes and an enhanced edition/re-release. Obsidian tried to do this with Deadfire, adding super bosses, challenge modes, new subclasses, and a turnstyle mode but they still didn't have the marketing budget to capitalize and even then they did see a bit of a sales spike after all these changes were made. It just wasn't enough in the long run to turn the game into a financial success.
  7. For those of you who might not know, infidelity is very high among couples where one or both are in the US armed forces. Particularly if one of them is deployed. There are tons of jokes about it in that occupation, too. Stuff along the lines of, "When you get back from deployment, throw your shoes over the roof to hit her boyfriend as he's sneaking out the backdoor." Pretty sure in the example above she wasn't really having an affair, but he wanted a weekend off with her so he worded it in such a way as to peak his superior's interest thus increasing his chances of getting time off. But, if she was having an affair and their daughter really isn't his, it wouldn't be too surprising.
  8. Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I play on 720p . . . and 30fps . . . even 32 bits. The hours that I've lost . . . the games I had to uninstall . . . won't stop hurting. It's like we're all still there. You feel it too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!
  9. Are you from the States? It's a long standing armed forces joke.
  10. FPS/third person fantasy rpgs aren't niche. Particularly if they're open world and have a themed art style. Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, The Witcher etc. were all huge commercial hits and most of those (Elder Scrolls 5 excluded) were released just in the last 5 years. Also there's analytical date that fantasy out sells sci-fi by several magnitudes.
  11. Orcs automatically get max charisma 'cause they're orcs. Anyone who says otherwise is a dirty elf.
  12. The NFL in it's infinity wisdom has NY Jets and the Dolphins playing back to back in weeks 11 and 12. They also play both teams that made the superbowl last year.
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