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  1. This looks to be the best expansion so far. Day one purchase for me.
  2. Let's be honest. It's a government job. You can't get fired.
  3. Evertime I hear Laura Bailey's voice I think of, "wolves hunt in packs."
  4. The children get the benefit of a healthy beating daily, I hear.
  5. I caved and reserved one--had to get in before scalpers. I love handheld consoles. At one point I had every Nintendo handheld (I still have 2 DS's, a 3DS, and my Switch). They say it's basically a mini computer so I'm gonna try to download GOG Galaxy onto it and see if that'll let me play from that library, too.
  6. ^One of my all time favorites.
  7. I had a pet raccoon as a child. By 'pet' I mean he ate our garbage and I named him (Mr. Wiggum).
  8. Yeah, the creeper quests were weird and very uncomfortable. Shame just about every side quest is a creeper quest.
  9. Today is also my nephew's birthday. No, I'm not the uncle of Uncle Sam. If I were I'd made sure his mama did a better job of disciplining him.
  10. Fair warning, that's the early access release date. Official full release is still TBD. I'm honestly surprised the pandemic didn't kill this game like it killed Realms Beyond.
  11. From what we know Microsoft and Obsidian were talking for close to a year, which would put them just months after Deadfire's release and avowed was a part of their pitch.
  12. Preproduction work for Avowed began almost immediately after Deadfire in 2017, two years before The Outer Worlds released. So it's farther along. I suspect that they won't go take the budget approach to TOW2 like they did in 1 (I think there's a good chance they try to implement NPC AI and scheduling and some other more difficult stuff to make the world feel more alive). I wouldn't be surprised if Avowed has a sneaky 2022 release, though I'm thinking 2023 is almost a lock. I doubt TOW2 is closer than 2024.
  13. I played and enjoyed both but strongly disagree with this. POE had a better plot that made more sense, with better dialog and companions despite having almost twice as many. POE oozes atmosphere and sets a tone that for most players lasts longer in their memories. Combat was smoother and the difficulties felt better than deadfire's vland ballooning of stats with increased difficulty. Character progression was also smoother. The only thing I'd agree with is items.
  14. Looks like Falcom bought the fan-made mega translation for Trails From Azure and Trails To Zero so the entire series will officially be out in English.
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