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  1. The endgame save from Pillars 1 should be hidden and impossible to delete. If they are gone you can create a custom save in the main menu that's just as good (has all the flags that a legit save file would).
  2. I did Birthright then Conquest and got halfway through Revelations before loosing steam. It was something like 150 hours of FE in less than a month.
  3. Fates is great. Highly recommend the Conquest route.
  4. I haven't played in a couple of weeks (first blazing through Fire Emblem, then DC online kick late last week, now I'm playing Dragon's Dogma again), but I have a level 52-ish smuggler who isn't finished with the base game yet.
  5. DC Universe Online I remember when they first introduced Booster Gold. I was young enough at the time not to get that he was a joke character. Its awesome that he's the 'tour guide'. But I ware a size 13. Bane before breakfast. Apparently the worth of a life of a police officer in Gotham is about $13 for 10. Just thought these looked cool, plus Wonder Woman is my character's mentor.
  6. ^Names all my island Greek letters. Found that made it easier to keep track of them.
  7. Playing a lot of Fire Emblem Three Houses. FE is already a slow game, being an srpg, and over the last several releases they've added more non-combat stuff. Three Houses is super slow. In Awakening there were sometimes up to 15 minutes between missions. In Fates sometimes up to 25 minutes. Now there's up to 50 between missions. I like the stuff they added, but when put all together, I kinda hate the whole. Wish I could just jump into the next mission like the old FE games.
  8. After finishing the main quest for the island go back to where your ship is grounded. There's a cut scene and you can sail on. You can then travel back to Port Maje via ship to hire crew.
  9. Their launchers don't pop up. I downloaded Grim Dawn on Steam through Galaxy and even when I hit play before it was finished all it did was pop up a small window show how long until it was playable. Steam doesn't run in the background unless the application is open. Same with Origin. UPlay makes sense given that the Steam launcher basically does the same thing. Of the launchers I tried, Epic might be the only one that actually runs in the background.
  10. Yesterday I got a email telling me I am accepted into the GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta test. For those not in the know, Galaxy 2.0 is being re-branded to not only allow you to download (though you don't need it) and buy gog games, but also to operate as a universal launcher. I've tested it with UPlay, Steam, Epic (yes, I do have a few games on there), and Origin. First you have to sync up your accounts individually with Galaxy, then you can see those titles in either in individual launcher folders or all in one, and with UPlay, Steam, and Epic you can download and launch games without opening up the separate applications. Origin games open up Origin and from there you have to launch/download/whatever. There are also options for Xbox Live and (eventually) the PS store (whatever its called). Currently there's nothing for Battle.net or Bethesda.net. Even as someone who doesn't get frustrated with multiple launchers and have no trouble remembering where my games are, I love this new feature.
  11. Pillars numero uno is coming to the Switch August 8th. Digital only. Looks like this version is being done by Versus Evil. https://nintendoeverything.com/pillars-of-eternity-complete-edition-coming-to-switch-next-month/
  12. Its happening August 8th. Digital only. Looks like this version is being done by Versus Evil. https://nintendoeverything.com/pillars-of-eternity-complete-edition-coming-to-switch-next-month/
  13. I'm officially a part of the beta.
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