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  1. What would've made more sense as a vestigial aspects of a 4 person co-op game is a party of four. Not four wholeass companions for the whole game.
  2. More Avowed news. And more proof of how scaled down the game's been as development's gone on. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2024/06/09/avowed-story-companion-xbox-games-showcase-2024/
  3. I was talking about gameplay. Deadfire is a much easier game, even on the higher difficulties, than POE.
  4. Nintendo's better off than either Sony or Microsoft's gaming division 'cause unlike the two 'big boys', Nintendo stays in their lane and doesn't spend ungodly amounts of money on photorealistic graphs.
  5. Not only did Arkane's fall start under Bethesda, but Zenimax covered up how bad things were in the Austin studio so Microsoft would focus more resources on Starfield.
  6. Let's be honest, Arkane's last commercially successfully was the first Dishonored. Everything they've made for more than the last decade has flopped. Not sure why everyone's surprised.
  7. It's like someone split me into two characters.
  8. I fought my first drake the other day. I Brined it. 'cause the drake has fire breath and a lunge attack, it likes to back off if the person who's pulled it's agro is melee. I'm a fighter and I have a core skill that pulls agro so despite being up against a river, it takes flight and backs off. I stood on the bank for a few minutes while the drake's AI tried to puzzle out this situation, and it ultimately decided to land in the river. I've killed a surprising number of enemies by getting them to back off into the Brine.
  9. I didn't like Aloy. Not 'cause she was a bad character but 'cause I bought the game to fight robot dinosaurs and her cut scenes were the stuff that happened in between the fighting robot dinosaurs.
  10. You can buy the same scroll to teach elvish in game. It just take longer to unlock that store. All Capcom games have a meta too them. Watch some speedruns of DD:DA. This is just another one. I honestly couldn't tell you what they have for microtransations 'cause I've never needed them even through I bought the Basic B!tch Edition.
  11. No, but you can pick an elf, give them flowers once a day for three days consecutive days and they'll give you a book you can use to teach your pawn elvish and they'll act as translator for you. On an unrelated note, I have an elven innkeeper who's quite taken with me.
  12. I have 40 hours in DD2. I just recently 'legally immigrated' to Batthal. Seriously though, all backdoor ways into the country are very dangerous. I honestly can't wait to see what speedrunners can do with this game.
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