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  1. I discovered this way too late in the game. (I also played on extreme.) Basically it was in the final push that I had to lean on traps to get through some stupid tough opponents.
  2. Last year it was Bethesda in a PR downward spiral. Looks like Blizzard will be trying to take the crown back this year.
  3. Plenty of people run homebrew conversions of existing IPs. That's not illegal and even if it was it wouldn't be worth anyone's time or money to have their legal department break up someone's home game. Where you will get into trouble is if you try to sell it or otherwise advertise it (for example if you were streaming it) as the 'official' pen and paper.
  4. Why does my house suddenly smell like I stepped in dog poop?
  5. Just finished Greedfall. Pretty good game, but like the Technomancer I don't know if I'll ever play it again because of all the backtracking (Mass Effect Andromeda broke my soul in terms of being able to weather through excessive backtracking).
  6. You gotta tip your hat first.
  7. All those hipsters look alike.
  8. ^What's the name of that song?
  9. I had to reset a couple of passwords to get all my accounts to connect.
  10. Is this the something funny thread?
  11. GOG updated Galaxy 2.0. Now you can manually add games to the launcher.
  12. Dandelion's quest chain is even better (though a lot of people skipped it).
  13. Probably, though I'd hope they'd save that for either a spin-off or a follow up series. I don't feel like the Watcher's story is done and I think that story belongs as a top down party based rpg. To the original question: there will be another Pillars game if only because it is one of the only two IPs that Obsidian owns. It would be nice if Microsoft offered to by Tyranny from Paradox, but to the best of my knowledge, that hasn't happened (and Microsoft might not be too eager as Tyranny didn't sell well).
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