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  1. Never thought they'd pull it out. By the 2nd quarter I thought the Falcons were gonna roll.
  2. Less than a minute after kickoff and the 49ers already scored. On their first play. 80 rushing touchdown. Can we fire Adam Gase now, Chris Johnson?
  3. Go with the green. You don't live in the States but everyone knows green is the official color of money.
  4. It's Tuesday and Adam Gase is still the Jets head coach.
  5. It started back in 2008 when they started to rewrite the dictionary.
  6. I was already going to wait until some DLC clans came out and try to buy the game + DLC on discount, but after seeing that they split the campaign and sandbox missions I'll probably stick with Mordheim until/unless they fix this later.
  7. It'd be the same as a soccer game that ends tied 0-0 with each coach having to appeal to the court of public opinion that they actually won.
  8. ^Dodos make a honking sound that ends with a death gurgle.
  9. Had this happen to me in Hawaii. It was the most memorable thing to happen the whole trip.
  10. EA has handled BioWare with kiddie gloves. Origin Systems wouldn't've lasted 3 years if they'd made half the mistakes BoiWare has.
  11. I always try to remake Power Rangers. Which particular generation and which particular characters depend on the game.
  12. New patch has the game crashing on launch for a lot of people (including me).
  13. I love Larry Niven even though he does have an obsession with BDOs (big dumb objects).
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