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  1. Ah yes, I should get back to Mordheim too. The drawback of already WFH fulltime prior to this pandemic is that it didn't get me any extra free time Hmm, I think you stopped playing around the time the Warmaker's dungeon was released, so off the top of my head: Warmaker's Sanctum The brewery dungeon (haven't done that one myself yet) Thrall rework (they level up now, old thralls are stuck though) Combat rework (worse for single player, imho, but ymmv) Mounts & mounted combat were added New pets (like Yetis etc) bunch of new legendary weapons and crafting tools and new bosses A lot of the major enemy bases were also overhauled, the two that come to mind are the two big pirate bases (the ship and the coastal one) Various bugfixes and stuff and a few DLC (but that's mostly armor and building pieces). They also added some references to YouTubers (eg. Neebs gaming)
  2. This thread's missing a little something, something... The sandstorm stays impressive... Been mostly just hammering away at the pyramid, of and on. Now that thralls level up I should probably start training some and take on that new dungeon...
  3. I was nowhere near the end though... unfortunately.
  4. If the port is of the same level of quality as Nier: Automata I think I'll pass. Yes, I'm still bitter about it deciding my savegame was not worthy enough to be kept around.
  5. Still, barring the tombs, I found Rise to be the better of the series, certainly when it came to portraying Lara, and just storytelling in general. Reboot and Shadow appear to have been written by the same people, Rise feels like a (and, imho, better) different team. Let the Rise people do the writing and the other folks do the tomb designing and I'll be a happy camper. (still gotta finish Shadow, the story was so cringe, even compared to reboot, that I just parked it)
  6. The gang, assembled (well, missing Alphinaud) Mom always causing some heartache... Heavensward spoilers (including the post-release patches) Downtime for the hero, shocking!
  7. Mostly Final Fantasy XIV Online. Still leveling, story took a pretty dark turn between "vanilla" and "Heavensward" though it appears they're squandering the potential of that plot direction. Oh well, can't say I'm entirely surprised. Voice actors changed with the first expansion as well, gotta say that for most I'm afraid I don't consider it an improvement (or at least jarring enough that it irks me still even though I'm in the "post Heavensward expansion patches" stage), exception being Alphinaud, whose new voice actor (or direction, at least) is a pretty big improvement. Here's to hoping they don't switch voice actors each expansion, though... I should note I did enjoy the main story of the expansion with the Dragonsong war. I'll probably do a more comprehensive writeup on my opinions on the game once I complete the story.
  8. Dark Souls and Nier Automata
  9. Could be interesting, assuming the port doesn't suck. Since I can't name more than a single port I've played from recent years that didn't it's a wait-and-see for sure.
  10. Warhammer sale on Gog, this means you heathens who still haven't played Mordheim: City of the Damned can now make up for your sins for cheap!
  11. Conan Exiles is getting an expansion, sounds like there might be a new map, so that's exciting news since, well, I kinda know the current one by now Maybe we'll get some technical improvements too (server software is not particularly high quality, it leaks memory as if it were a sieve) https://twinfinite.net/2020/03/conan-exiles-expansion-dune/ Oh yes, also Conan Exiles-style Dune survival game, but we already knew that one was in the works.
  12. No, the complaints are that it is called Baldur's Gate 3. Unless they continue the saga (which I would doubt, and honestly, if anybody does it's almost bound to end badly) it's capitalising on nostalgia and the reputation of those who went before instead of earning their own place (and while Larian has made some decent games they have not made it anywhere near "old Bioware" level). Had they called it "Baldur's Gate: Whatever" people would be (slightly) less annoyed (I know I would be). While there are plenty of series that have a very loose connection between different "numbered releases" (so to speak) Baldur's Gate wasn't one of them. It was very explicitly the story of the Bhaalspawn. Hell, the titular city didn't even feature in the second game, and their only real connection was the PC... Neverwinter Nights would have been a better pick (and given the clunkiness of both NWN1 and 2, a better fit for Larian too, at least at this point in time), since the only real connection between the two games was the location and they already played differently enough from each other (and much closer to what BG3 looks like) that it wouldn't have been as much of a stretch, either. Alas, Neverwinter Nights doesn't exactly have the cult status the BG-series has so it's much less profitable to make a "NWN3" than a "BG3" from WotC perspective.
  13. Looks like an upgraded Neverwinter Nights based on the other screenshots (especially the one with the elevation difference with the archer). This might, or might not, be bad in itself, but it definitely would be bad for a game that calls itself Baldur's Gate 3. Should've just called it NWN3, honestly, and I doubt anybody would've cared. In other words just capitalising on the cult status of Baldur's Gate, kind of expected from WotC, but disappointing from Larian. We'll see how it turns out, I'm betting on severely disappointing for Baldur's Gate fans, but since we're a minority nowadays it will just end up like Fallout 3 where the media and masses will just eat it up anyway.
  14. Looks like my firewall managed to corrupt its own configuration (great feature for a firewall) should all be fixed now
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