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  1. Don't. Really. As someone who is terrible with controllers, and really only uses them for race games (and one, failed, attempt at "Remember Me", which I quit because the controls actually started to hurt my hands) my enjoyment of the game went up immensely when using a controller (from negative to somewhere positive, at least). Now I still wouldn't play on some high difficulty, but it certainly was bearable and with some practice I got somewhat decent at it. They really should advertise this game as controller only. Imho the game is simply unplayable with M+KB. I'm not convinced any mods
  2. Should give it another go now that they've added NPC camps, because boy, was getting thralls tedious in the original beta release. Ironically though, I feel the game has mostly been regressing, rather than advancing when it comes to the base systems. All the additional crafting stations are just a nuisance (gotta fit them all *somewhere*, feels like just lazy workaround instead of properly dealing with atrocious crafting station UX, I guess), combat is as broken, if not more so, as it's ever been. But they removed much of the cheese tactics, so now you're more at the mercy of the game's s
  3. New Cyberpunk update (Patch 1.21). Was 588MB for me on Gog, mostly minor bugfixes and deals with some quest progression issues (like Cyberpsycho quests not counting towards the "meta" quest). The two things I'd like fixed aren't, those being: Ping quickhack alerts enemies Can't craft multiples of crafting materials Kinda prefer having these smaller patches, but more often, rather than wait months for a large one, but given the inefficiency of these updates on consoles I can see why that doesn't happen (this patch requires like a >20GB download on some consoles, ouch).
  4. For some reason the next games in the series didn't really scare me. The one part where I went "oh dear, oh dear, oh fscking dear!" was in Dead Space 2 when People keep saying the "slow" aimining in the PC port of Dead Space was a bug, but imho it worked well given the heavy suit, and it really made you feel a lot more vulnerable, so I didn't even question whether that was intended until I read about it later... Anyway, have mostly been hopping between my go-to "I dunno what I wanna play" games, Conan Exiles, Warframe, and FF XIV. I did give Outriders a go as the demo was pr
  5. If only that option also worked for workshop content Nothing quite as annoying as having mods auto-update, breaking your game until the mod authors manage to update their stuff... Been a major pain point for Conan Exiles, each update just breaks servers for sometimes days, until the modders manage to catch up. On the subject of Conan Exiles, on top of the forced connection to Funcom's "live service" BS (note, game supposedly still works if you're offline now, but you can't force it into offline mode without disconnecting your network) they now added a dumb launcher too. You can
  6. They make me fee like I definitely wouldn't be able to make it as a game developer... The way games are just cobbled together in general without anything resembling a development process, the total lack of any competent UX design in most games,... I swear I'd go postal within a year.
  7. Didn't notice it being any worse so far, but well, it was already noticeable before...so take that for what you will. Game did seem to look better after the patch though, initially I chalked that up to coming back after not playing for a while, but apparently they did improve lighting on lower end hardware, so I might not be imagining it. As for a comprehensive list of changes, this Youtuber did some good coverage, covering probably all the important stuff: Things that stood out to me (not all of them were in the patch notes): resistances now work most (all
  8. Put some more time into Warframe now that you can hire crew for your Railjack. It's better now, at least as you don't have to babysit the bloody thing quite as much anymore. While doing that I made it to Mastery Rank 29. Go me!
  9. Noticed you appear to no longer get xp for killing an enemy that was knocked out. Shame Driving is still "meh", mostly because traffic doesn't appear to have gotten any fixes, so they still swerve randomly, or just stop in the middle of intersections for no reason at all. Supposedly you can now craft multiples of items, but couldn't for the life of me figure out how...
  10. Blaming bugs on the user, glad to see nothing is changing in the next 56 years But yes, glad that one got addressed, somewhat, at least. Having a separate, dedicated, button would be better, of course...
  11. I'm kinda curious what level you are, and what exactly your build is that you have no combat perks. Also I assume you were referring to the fight with
  12. Took me 150hours to "complete" the game. That is: one playthrough, all the (marked) side quests (minus the boxing ones, those can go diaf. Not counting the cars either) and went through all 4 main endings (Sun, Star, Devil, and Temperance). It's definitely short-ish if one ignores all the side content (some of which could borderline be considered main quest, though), but I don't think I'd necessarily want it to be longer just for the sake of it, if that would result in something like Witcher 3, which I thought felt seriously dragged out at points to the point that I ended up forgetting
  13. That's for quests, where they want to force you to walk up to the quest area. I have noticed those barriers tend to not always go away once you finish the quest, even though in some instances they are not there before the quest (eg. the Pyramid Song location) Stealth didn't bother me too much, aside from Cool feeling a bit useless. Hacking seems a lot more useful to get around without being seen than most Cool perks and I've gone through the game with only 3 points in Cool (think I only grabbed the skill that makes you go faster in stealth) As for the controller, I just use m+kb and
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