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  1. Quick update, restarting the game got me past it without the bug. But yeah, there be dragons...
  2. Might want to make a backup of your current install since downgrading basically requires a full re-download. The patch appears to have totally broken hacking of cameras for me, I'm now locked into the "camera mode" and the only way out is to reload the game. Exact same thing happened after the reload. Will have to test on another mission to see whether it's a structural issue.
  3. Wikipedia seems to point in that direction too, indeed. Interesting, I'm pretty sure I read 1 and 3 of the reboots were basically the same team. They sure feel that way with the return of the QTEs and the overall writing style in Shadow. I felt both 1 and 3 suffered from the "Hey, let's do something obviously dumb, or have another character do so, just so we can move the plot forward", which 2 didn't quite have (well not bad enough that I can recall instances anyway). Guess it being another studio could also explain some of the "regressions".
  4. Well, been playing it a bit on my GTX970 and it runs just fine. Not great, but fine (~30-40fps, depending on area). At least on whatever it picked as default settings for my system. Probably of note that while my GPU is old, the rest of the system is not, as I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5900x and the game is on a rather fast NVMe SSD. GPU prices, however, are a bit too rich for my tastes right now so the GTX970 will have to hang in there a while longer. Game definitely has issues (I'm sure this surprises many people), had a bunch of CTDs already, always when taking screenshots thou
  5. Should just get the story people from Rise, which I felt was the best of the three in that respect, by a long shot. Both Reboot and Shadow had a lot of seriously eye-roll moments. Rise far less so. Shouldn't be too surprising as Reboot and Shadow were made by the same team, while Rise supposedly were other people.
  6. Well, it's paywalled, so guess I'll never know...
  7. Hah, got that one in the sales as well. Should be interesting to read some opinions while I play through Sense.
  8. NG+ in Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story. So this is where they disable the quicksaves. So far it's been retreading the same path as on the original playthrough. So the lack of quicksaves is mostly annoying when you want to quit and do something else, but hasn't, so far anyway, been much of a hindrance otherwise.
  9. Cyberpunk doesn't sound like it's anywhere near as bad as either of those though? Cyberpunk might have technical issues, but FF XIV was broken on every front (bad engine, bad controls, bad UI, bad mechanics,...). I mean, FF XIV's beta was such a terrible experience it took my entire guild moving to that game before I could even be coerced into playing it, and that was not even a year ago now, so almost 10 years after the beta... Talk about scars (to inject some positivity: FF XIV is pretty good now) And FO76, well, FO4 online, what did people honestly expect when you take the w
  10. Finished my first playthrough of Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, which took me about 5.6 hours, according to Steam. The game has been quite enjoyable so far. Despite the store page claiming no autosave etc. there was autosave and even quicksave, at least on default settings. Presumably added after release. And thankfully so, as I feel the Resident Evil (1) inspired save system would have been mostly annoying given the relatively slow pace. The story ramp up pretty slowly during the first playthrough, but the game is designed to need three playthroughs to get to the "real" ending, so
  11. Not really, my VDSL2 line wasn't impressed for some reason. There's been other mega-screenshots in the past (the Witcher 3 ones come to mind), that did take a while to load. These...not so much, for some reason. Wonder if the fact that they're basically upscaled means they're just much more compressible, and as such easier to handle for bandwidth challenged folks on older hardware (my PC is 10 years old now).
  12. *Sad GTX970 owner noises* But my PC is ancient by now and I rather expected needing to upgrade for Cyberpunk (CDPR appears to have taken ID Software's spot in : "new game means buying new hardware"-land) Heh, I thought that was fixed after that got out? I mean, I'd expect they'd get in trouble for stuff like that, legally...at least in some parts of the world... Ah yes, after they didn't give out console review copies and forced reviewers to review on PC... Sorry CDPR, I like you guys, better than most, anyway, but you done goofed up. Not anywhere near as bad as nVidi
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