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  1. apparently, from one of Sven's interviews. but I can't find the source, so it could be fake. I saw several people quote it, assumed it was real, but couldn't be bothered to read all of the interviews to check for the source
  2. the only way BG 3 would work for me is if it retconned Throne of Bhaal and at the same time was bigger in scope than BG 2. alternatively, it would be the Black Hound but as big as BG 2. everything else would be BG 3 in name only!
  3. I don't know, maybe I'm not getting something, but my understanding is: Epic is covering those 10 bucks off of every purchase. because the games I bought all have two listed prices: developer's price and Epic's price below, where it says Epic gives you 10 USD back for every purchase over 14.99. so the game's actual price stays the same, but Epic just refunds you for a part of it. unless you guys have info on Epic doing it at the devs' expense, I don't see what the whole "Epic is bad" is about
  4. the only reason is the focus on multiplayer
  5. SkillUp is so obnoxious. Terrible reviewer, even worse writer. Can't watch anything with him talking.
  6. this is one of those instances where I'll happily buy a game on Steam during a sale, just so that Steam gets the cut that would go to the owner(s) of the dev company otherwise
  7. BG looks worse than I remember it to... Must have not played it in a while, rose tinted glasses and all that.
  8. my friend is currently playing Kenshi and loving it. his favorite game is Arcanum, though, so that's one of the reasons he likes Kenshi so much, but overall, he says, it's everything he ever wanted from an RPG. the only downside is, the game has lots and lots of bugs.
  9. tried some Anthem overall, game seems fun, not sure it's worth the price they're asking, though
  10. how is being bigger better? objectively. personally, I can't finish Deadfire, because it's so huge (hell, can't even finish Tyranny). even bigger than that? no thanks. I like my games short and focused (personal preference, of course) and then there are the Steam reviews of kingmaker, they say the game is utterly broken and unplayable. so... your point?
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