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  1. oh hey, is it time to post RDO pics again? that I am, because I've been making new friends
  2. my unpopular opinion is, DayZ is the most important game of the decade and I agree with about 60% of what's been said in this thread
  3. oh hey, a RDR2-off! I'm mostly making new friends online though I've sure come a long way since my daring escape but I do stop to admire the scenery every chance I get oh, in case anyone was curious, this is the inspiration for my character
  4. oh Sadie, you always know what to say
  5. Rockstar's shtick with meta-commenting on their silent protagonist in GTA Online always felt a bit weird, glad they brought it over into Red Dead Online... ...NOT
  6. I never thought I'd write this on a public forum, but my game of the decade is Red Dead Redemption 2 (best RPG since Fallout New Vegas, and yes it's an RPG, although not in the traditional sense). I don't want to go into spoilers, but the amount of choice and consequences in RDR2 is staggering. but it's also a very beautiful game. but it's also a very detailed world. I love everything about it, even the detailed animations. it's like a love child between The Witcher 3 and DayZ, I can't praise it enough. at 17 USD on the Epic Store it's a steal.
  7. only lv 5 dudes and already huge monsters during missions? I'm already level 4 on most guys in my squad, I don't want to face that thing yet, still playing with starting weapons, because research is too damn slow
  8. isn't Rockstar releasing it on their dedicated launcher?
  9. such an interesting concept! and the music is nice too
  10. I guess, T3 thralls are significantly less powerful than their T4 counterparts, maybe that's why the Arena Champion felt like a wuss to me (she died in less than 30 seconds). I have two Treasure Seekers from the Unnamed City, one with the Annihilator, the other - with Sword of Crom. they shred everything in their path. made my Annihilator dude solo the Red Dragon and the Giant Snake in the Unnamed City today. snake got him down to 60% with its venom, but that was the closes I ever got to worrying. the Red Dragon wasn't even a challenge. I'm actually thinking of starting the game with a new character and getting through everything without thralls or pets. because otherwise the game basically plays itself.
  11. not on official servers, though. a Tier 4 bearer has 9900 HP, Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers have around 7500 HP. you put a good set of armor on them, and they become invincible. I have yet to encounter a boss that can kill a Hunter in full Silent Legion armor. this dungeon was very easy for me, I didn't even have to kill anyone, my thrall wiped them all out (including the bone dragon and the shaleback king). in my experience thralls break the game completely, even the lower tier ones (named minibosses that have 1800 HP) are so OP at the start of the game, that it made me feel like playing an NPC to someone else's hero. and then there are pets that you don't even need to capture, just find pups/cubs (greater hyenas have 8000 HP and do around 100 damage), that can rip bosses apart. a bunch of obligatory pics:
  12. I'm happy to be corrupted I do really like Conan. And I only bought it thanks to your mentioning it had a solo mode. It plays like an Elder Scrolls game, but in a more interesting world. And the thralls mechanic puts it way above similar games. The whole survival-building-fighting cycle is very interesting, in many ways similar to Mount & Blade, and I find myself struggling to step away from the game every time I play it. And it looks nice. I am already working on my castle. So far - on the population that will support my future conquests
  13. Caved and got Conan Exiles, encouraged by the pics in this thread Still quite a ways to go, but I'm optimistic First sandstorm went well.
  14. apparently, from one of Sven's interviews. but I can't find the source, so it could be fake. I saw several people quote it, assumed it was real, but couldn't be bothered to read all of the interviews to check for the source
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