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  1. I'm just baffled that there's folks that think that opposing a wider American intervention in Syria (a view that I myself hold) and being clear-eyed and recognising that Assad is a murderous despot are somehow mutually exclusive viewpoints to hold.
  2. Went to see Immolation on their <<Final Atonement>> tour. As always they reliably melt my face off, but one of the opening acts really killed it that night as well.
  3. I shouldn't be surprised if this debacle turns out to be a dry run for when Trump decides to leave the Intermarium NATO countries twisting in the wind.
  4. Perhaps if the US had a chief executive that had backbone like this...
  5. I think of copy of <<The Commissar Vanishes>> would be an apt retirement gift for Rudy Giuliani:
  6. I imagine something like this was going through the head of the whistleblower:
  7. I commented on this before, but I can't help but snicker at images of Trump standing in profile, or even in 3/4 view as in this photo: I swear, with that posture one could put a glass of water on the portion of the arch of his back that was closest to horizontal and not a drop would spill.
  8. This quote brings to mind the song <<The Fires of Frustration>> by Deathspell Omega, a critique of those whom Nietzsche referred to as "Men of Resentment":
  9. I can only assume that the leaked audio of Trump on what the US "used to do in the old days" to "spies" was based on the fates of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. I'd post a video clip from Angels in America where the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg comes to gloat to the disbarred Roy Cohn on his deathbed but it would appear that it has been taken down.
  10. Note that the performance of the SA-22 Greyhound in Syria has been considered less than good by the Russians, particularly against small UAVs that have repeatedly pestered Humaymim AB, and as stated before the use of a multi-million dollar flying telephone pole against such a target (which Patriot has demonstrated to have been able to shoot down) is bound to be a nightmare of an expenditure report to write. As one Russian military analyst writes (machine translated): Perhaps its poor showing in that regard isn't wholly unsurprising, given that even in test conditions the autocannons were ineffective against a small UAV target drone, resorting to its missile to down it:
  11. Given the circumstances of the release of the "transcript," one distinctly recalls a certain episode of "Yes, Prime Minister":
  12. Mic drop from the Boss, General Mike "Mobile" Holmes":
  13. During the height of the Cold War it was believed that airstrips that ostensibly served civil aviation were nonetheless targeted, the reasoning being that they could be used as divert airfields by bombers that had their original airbases turned into glowing craters. Of course today thanks to arms control treaties neither side can particularly afford to be frivolous as they were then with their deployed warheads, and for this reason on top of warheads being smaller and more accurate the much derided "Duck and Cover" is actually fairly sound civil defence practice today. Even though a vast majority of Americans work in cities, most commute from surrounding suburbs which were not likely to be direct targets even under a countervalue strike (though God help you if you lived a few blocks from, say, the former Rocketdyne plant in Canoga Park). Chances of survival also increase drastically if there is a skyscraper between you and the detonation point. At that point the primary concern is staying indoors and rationing water and food for the two or, ideally, three weeks for fallout to subside, though we then enter the realm of "the living will envy the dead" with violent looters and food riots.
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