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  1. As Ricky Ramirez is all the rage now:
  2. For all those who are outraged that Trump's account has been suspended from Twitter I have to wonder if it has occurred to them that this is the ultimate expression of Milton Friedman's mantra of "the only moral obligation a corporation has is returning value to its shareholders".
  3. With you on this. The voice actress for V is great and those moments immediately after she gets a bullet in the head after the heist gone wrong and up to when she leaves the apartment are probably the first instances in which I've heard something resembling genuine despair from a video game protagonist.
  4. Before the pitchforks come out, it's an RTX _3070_. Had I known on September 17th that signing up for EVGA's auto-notify wasn't going to be an exercise in futility I would probably be sitting pretty on a 3080 right now. Though given that it's an EVGA card I do have the option of stepping up to a 3080 and receiving it when stock presumably stabilises next year, or to a 3080 ti if it gets announced in the next ~90 days for a sane price.
  5. Glad to see one of my favourite models from the tabletop (and the pride of my Wood Elf army) getting represented in the game:
  6. I still have some fondness for the Duke, so I consider Obama's take pretty spot-on: Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy
  7. Fox News host Tucker Carlson says Biden and Harris want Americans 'drinking Starbucks every day from now until forever' in a baseless monologue about uniformity My dad was a Reagan conservative and even in his years of retirement it wasn't a day until he got his triple-shot espresso from the Starbucks a block away from his house.
  8. Probably my favourite election celebration flag:
  9. From what I’ve heard about Trump’s speech earlier my biggest fear isn’t far-right militias trying to live out their Turner Diary fantasies, but rather the fact that unless the 25th Amendment is invoked Trump will still have the Biscuit for two and a half months. https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2016/12/01/no-one-can-stop-president-trump-from-using-nuclear-weapons-thats-by-design/
  10. Thoughts: -With Arizona (a state targeted, arguably misguidedly, by the Clinton campaign in 2016) going to Biden if I were in the Trump camp I'd be pouring three fingers of whisky. Near as I can tell Biden/Harris did not spend nearly as much converting the state as they did bringing PA/MI/WI back into the fold, states Trump won in 2016 by razor-thin margins as they were (to say nothing of Georgia now, which bodes ill for Republican aspirations for Texas in 15-20 years if the GOP insists on continuing on its current track). -As GOP-strategist-turned-Never-Trumper Rick Wilson noted, Fl
  11. Lithuanian, you mean.
  12. Inside the Democrats’ battle to take back Texas And I'm here wondering if we'll be seeing Trump doing for Texas what Pete Wilson did for California with Prop 187. Given how the measure had passed with an apparently overwhelming mandate on top of California having sent a Senator and Governor to the White House it would seem even more improbable to folks back then that the state would turn into a Democrat stronghold. But I could certainly see Trump's rhetoric poisoning the Republican brand to entire generations of Asian-American voters who otherwise were highly receptive to the fiscal conse
  13. I suppose that's more than can be said about Bashar al-Assad: Anonymous Hacks Syrian President's Email. The Password: 12345
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