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  1. I probably fit all but two of those criteria.
  2. Trump presses Lockheed to keep open a Pennsylvania plant slated for closure I've banged on about this before, but for as much as the GOP claims to have been the party of the "Cold Warriors" Trump seems to find a lot to love about Soviet industrial policy (i.e. "Nothing wrong with epicly wasteful spending as long as there's jobs in it").
  3. As if the IRGC has never needlessly landed Iran in diplomatic hot water before, or that it's categorically impossible for the Iranian leadership's right hand to not know what its left hand is doing:
  4. https://poll.qu.edu/texas/release-detail?ReleaseID=2625 I was of the opinion over the past few years that Texas is in danger of becoming a purple state inside of two decades, not because of "more brown people" but because of an influx of college-educated people seeking lower costs of living in the state (anecdotally I have a cousin who works for Blizzard who has dreams of transferring to the Austin office for that very reason). Perhaps losing Texas might be the wake-up call the GOP needs to stop shooting itself in the stump where its foot once was.
  5. A theory that's been forming in my head from that Cyberpunk 2077 reveal is that in the gameplay demo it is shown that as part of character creation you can choose who your PC's childhood hero is, among those choices being Johnny Silverhand. My wild guess is that that whoever projects himself to you changes based on what you choose, meaning that there might yet be some celebrity reveals in store (Dave Bautista for Morgan Blackhand and George Takei for Saburo Arasaka for instance).
  6. I still won't be surprised if it still gets delayed into late Summer, and CDPR chooses not to have it as a centerpiece at E3 2020 since independent marketing will already be ready to ramp up soon after.
  7. At the very minimum Rick and Morty gets those of us who are in the hobby.
  8. Word of mouth post-launch has really gotten the ball rolling for this game's fortunes, so you may be waiting some time yet.
  9. Wonder if there's a sense at Beamdog that they've been passed over.
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