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  1. I suppose that's more than can be said about Bashar al-Assad: Anonymous Hacks Syrian President's Email. The Password: 12345
  2. As the opening hours of Barbarossa can attest to the acreage of the Eastern half of Poland was absolutely no obstacle for the Luftwaffe in annihilating the Soviet Air Force. Not to mention in totally abandoning the Stalin Line in order to fortify the Molotov Line, with forces there under orders to not make any defensive preparations to boot, Stalin had effectively offered large formations to the Germans on a silver-platter and if anything gave them a clearer shot at Kiev and Minsk. Had the Soviet positions in Poland been recognised to be at best a tripwire against a German invasion and that th
  3. Taking into account that in the interim months the Soviets launched an invasion in which they had been humbled by the Finnish (arguably giving Hitler as good a reason as any to believe Barbarossa would be a walkover) and Stalin continued to hollow out the officer corps of the Red Army, and made little to no progress untangling the logistical problems that had plagued the Red Army's mechanised forces (the overwhelming majority of T-34s and KV-1 were lost before firing a single shell, not because they were knocked out before they could, but because they were never working to begin with and were
  4. And some companion tools: Nukemap and Missilemap by Alex Wellerstein.
  5. Vaccine Makers Plan Public Stance to Counter Pressure on FDA How many people had the "Drug Makers push FDA for more caution & regulation" headline on their 2020 bingo card?
  6. To cheer things up (well, at least it brought a great big smile to my face):
  7. Re-visiting Hemingway and some might call me crazy but I think his anti-semitism is even grosser than Louis-Ferdinand CĂ©line's. As despicable as <<Bagatelles pour un massacre>> is you actually get the sense that these are the ravings of someone who's had life beat him down far too many times, whereas the way Hemingway goes out of his way to make Cohn so unlikable in <<The Sun Also Rises>> suggests something far more dyed in the wool.
  8. How long into it do you think we'll hear a "Not great, not terrible" gag?
  9. The Homeworld series: The Void/Turgor:
  10. Layoffs have hit the company. I managed to survive this round but I'm not certain such would be the case when the second wave of COVID-19 takes another swing at the economy in the Fall/Winter. My immediate supe had to take a big pay cut with this round.
  11. The belief that law enforcement in "high-risk jurisdictions" need an approach resembling counter-insurgency operations overseas seems to massively overlook what actual counter-insurgency work entails: Public diplomacy Training indigenous forces Infrastructure construction
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