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  1. Yup. Don't see anything wrong with the use of the term "bloodlines" in relationship with Henry Ford. No-sir-ee-bob.
  2. If this keeps up Trump will be saying he's been taking Life Savers to stave off COVID-19.
  3. In honour of V-E Day:
  4. Something from the famed Italian comic artist Milo Manara that hits home:
  5. A friend of mine suggested that the by acting in the spirit of integrity, honour, and self-sacrifice Captain Crozier was very clearly acting contrary to the values and standards expected by the Commander-in-chief. Effectively mutiny. Evergreen quote from George S. Patton, whom Trump claims to idolise, though I find it doubtful that he could name any of the formations he led during the Second World War (or even which theater he was involved in):
  6. I'd say stage freeze in the nude before Robert Pattinson while out in the rain.
  7. I too dream of the day when humanity's combined scientific efforts may be turned to exploring and colonising the stars... and that our combined military might would be turned against the Romulans.
  8. If anything I believe that Nixon normalising relations with China is a giant net positive since it helped hasten the end of the Cold War. With warming relations between the US and the PRC the Soviet Union now found itself in a strategically untenable position (Both China and the USSR had a simmering border conflict at the time, to say nothing of Soviet meddling in what China considered its own sphere of influence). Should a shooting war erupt in Europe the Soviets would face the very real possibility that China would stab them in the back as it exhausted itself in other theaters.
  9. "Is Chaos Theory As Good As I Remember?" You bet your sweet ass it is.
  10. Seeing these guys live really is something to behold.
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