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  1. The narrator forgot the most important thing for a modern trailer in 2021: A minor-key cover of an old classic song.
  2. And they will also be fighting against a combined arms force utilising not just stealth aircraft, but also highly sophisticated offensive ECM craft equipped with top-of-the-line jammers further augmenting LO aircrafts' ability to remain undetected and untargetable, hordes of air-launched decoys (some of them also having OECM capability), support assets in numbers and sophistication they can only dream of, HARM shooters on the prowl for enemy emitters which at the minimum forces early warning and fire control radars to have to switch off and reposition, and swarms of air and sea-launched cruise
  3. In the summer before I went off to college I started looking for a summer job, my parents hoping that the funds would go towards paying off the eventual student loan debt but actually went to a new graphics card. I got a job working for the night crew for the local supermarket. In spite of my high school career running cross-country and track my feet ached to the point that I couldn't have a lie-down fast enough once I clocked out, and I got the worst case of eczema on my hands in my life opening a ton of cardboard boxes. One family dinner I plaintively confessed to my parents that I couldn't
  4. For the benefit of those few who were still on the fence on this game: He seemed to enjoy it.
  5. If the country having a "masculine military" means being conscripted into a force that is cosmically corrupt, its equipment constantly facing readiness issues and modernisations deferred, and myself getting the stuffing beaten out of me on a daily basis, honestly, I think the US military is in an alright place.
  6. This comes two months late, but with these two videos from Raytheon, one of the top 5 defence primes and now top supplier for turbofan engines for jetliners, released immediately after the inauguration of Biden and Harris I can't help but think there's a theme behind them.
  7. As Ricky Ramirez is all the rage now:
  8. For all those who are outraged that Trump's account has been suspended from Twitter I have to wonder if it has occurred to them that this is the ultimate expression of Milton Friedman's mantra of "the only moral obligation a corporation has is returning value to its shareholders".
  9. With you on this. The voice actress for V is great and those moments immediately after she gets a bullet in the head after the heist gone wrong and up to when she leaves the apartment are probably the first instances in which I've heard something resembling genuine despair from a video game protagonist.
  10. Before the pitchforks come out, it's an RTX _3070_. Had I known on September 17th that signing up for EVGA's auto-notify wasn't going to be an exercise in futility I would probably be sitting pretty on a 3080 right now. Though given that it's an EVGA card I do have the option of stepping up to a 3080 and receiving it when stock presumably stabilises next year, or to a 3080 ti if it gets announced in the next ~90 days for a sane price.
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