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  1. I've been in the kitchen uh damn go team am I right?
  2. Well my previous thread on Minsc got locked. I believe there's a special place in hell reserved for Minsc who is a make believe character and not even real. GOSH! Why do I even care so much. I tOtALly hate Minsc by the way.
  3. Coca Cola is really bad for you stop drinking it please guys
  4. Are you Chicken enough? I watched the whole thing, pretty good! Now if I can plug something perhaps a visit to my Minsc thread? Starting from page 1
  5. I've lost track of days. Us seals are not accustomed to counting. I still want to ruin Minsc's life like he ruined mine.
  6. What a joke. Imagine CyberPunk, a video game for crying out loud meaning so much to you that you would kill someone over it. Insanity.
  7. I would say my whole Minsc thread is funny. Come laugh at me there
  8. Thanks for the recipe. It did help with stress relief but in the wrong way.... now I only hunger for Hamster meat. And I feel something is missing, I want to devour and eat Minsc. But I'm not sure how that will work. IS there a human option for this recipe?
  9. #Day 4 I am seeking more help from my therapist. I have been suggested a stress ball. I doubt it will work. I imagine I will envision Minsc or that brat of a pet hamster as the ball and do terrible things like flush the stress ball down a blocked toilet.
  10. You're sadly right. My only motivation when swimming was the thought of Minsc drowning.... **** YOU MINSC and I would have gotten away with a good life if it wasn't for you and that furry hamster
  11. Good call! Hideous I can't bear to even glance at it.
  12. #Day 1 My therapist has told me to not dwell so much on my problems. I've been told to avoid all associated thoughts or contact with my problem. I'm going to do what is recommended and will take up swimming in the meantime.
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