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  1. Catching fish? How about balancing a ball on your nose?
  2. Insider here. American politics are all a show. Public has no say in the matter, in fact who gets ''voted'' in is done + performed by rock, paper, scissors.
  3. I recall hearing the same thing! I doubt it's all in your head. In other words you are not crazy. Well, not yet.
  4. I disagree. The topic is related to Minsc ''apparently'' being in BG3 (as some kind of statue?) so it's relevant. You know you love it
  5. You know, I feel this way about Minsc. I get so much satisfaction from leaving him locked in that cage. I like to imagine in BG2 when my char becomes a god, that he transports Minsc's cage to his god realm. Minsc will be taunted and Boo will be experimented on, IN FRONT OF HIM. muhahawahaha
  6. I agree with you entirely! I seriously don't understand the cult he has! Seals are the dogs of the ocean. Duhh.
  7. That reminds me of the time when I once accidentally became the ringleader of a roman numeral sex cult. Wish I could turn back time. Back to the good old days
  8. Just think of how many food, health and safety violations Boo has broken. Truly a disgusting beast. I could do my own post on that little monster! Yeah you do.
  9. Jan's pretty 50/50 people hate him or love him. I don't like him either. Could you expand on Xan? What are your feelings on him? Do you like him?
  10. Game testing? Being a game tester, could work especially with that degree in organizational communication. You could use that degree, to explain how you can clearly communicate thoughts/feelings/findings in a game. I'm not sure. Maybe the degree in organizational communication could get you a place as a social media manager, you could even be a customer service/contact person (emails/phone) for a game company?
  11. Huzzah! A man of culture! I admit the Baldur's Gate series is flawed (a lot of quests aren't timed for example). Good choices! Rangers are very boring in Baldur's Gate, apart from being able to charm animals. Your reasons highlighted above, make sense. Someone not liking a character is now trolling? I just find Minsc so loud and annoying like you mentioned. ''Who am I to say'', is a silly question IMO. You are you. If you can't speak for yourself and deny yourself your own opinion, then your opinion doesn't really matter.
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