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  1. I've heard that some carriers will put 'attempted to deliver' if they're running behind so they don't have to deal with the package until another day but don't know how true that is.
  2. I got a call from our internal contact tracing team this morning saying that I had briefly had contact with someone who had tested positive, so that's not great. Luckily I've already had the first half of the vaccine and the contact was minimal but, still, I'll be looking forward to the test results later this week to confirm that I didn't get infected and assuming the worst until then. And hopefully I won't have to go back on-site again anytime soon since 99% of my work can be done remotely and I've been trying to do that as much as possible.
  3. Yeah, the quality of the show really started to degrade once D&D ran out of book material and had to come up with original plot (although they weren't that great about using book material either, particularly when they made completely unnecessary changes just to be more 'shocking' and 'controversial').
  4. Arguably the United States has that dubious 'honor' with structures such as Fort Snelling in 1862 and you also had the concurrent use of camps by, once again, the United States in the early twentieth century in the Philippines as well as the German use of camps against the Herero and Nama although I believe that the most notorious, Shark Island, did come after the events of South Africa. However, that also depends on what you define a concentration camp to be and if it actively needs to be an extermination center, that is to say a death camp, or not.
  5. I talked to a Wall Street Journal reporter on background for a story she was doing, it'll be interesting to see the finished work (in theory it should be out within the week unless it gets shot down in editing).
  6. First half of the COVID vaccination acquired!
  7. I signed up to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine within the next few weeks. My team is going to figure out the exact order on Monday, since we don't want to take it all at once in case of any negative side effects, and I suspect I'll be towards the end since I'm able to work remotely (although also glad to be on the list and able to receive it given that, in the case of an emergency, I could go back on-site with some modicum of protection). I'll still be taking weekly COVID tests, even though I'm working from home we're all required to get tested at least once every seven days, bu
  8. Having been on the ground for a similar violent event, when Neo-Nazi **** invaded my town and killed an innocent woman in a deliberate act of terrorism, I can safely say this isn't an isolated incident in any way, shape, or form.
  9. According to various reports he was assaulted by the mob, including being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher, and died of his injuries after being put on intensive life-support. In other words, he was murdered.
  10. There is a working jailbreak, although it hasn't been released to the public at this point, so my guess is that there will be plenty of non-Facebook units running around in the near future. At some point I should probably upgrade to an index, I've got a Quest Gen 1, and a legacy account so I don't have to use Facebook, and the original Vive but sometimes I do wish the resolution was higher and the new controllers look very interesting...
  11. An even better example is a House race in 2019 in Virginia that literally came down to a coin toss since it was a tie vote, the ballot of the tie-breaking voter was tossed out since he hadn't filled it out properly and had written something in, meaning that if a single extra voter had come to the polls they would have decided the race.
  12. Biden now has a slight lead in Georgia, it's looking worse and worse for Trump's odds of winning although the margin there will almost certainly be close enough to trigger an automatic recount and there are still ballots yet to be counted. I suspect that we'll also see an upswing in unrest tomorrow that might erupt into violence as the more extreme radicals on the right realize that Trump is in real danger of losing the race... And an equally high chance of unrest from the radical left if Trump gains a lead in enough states to put in over 270... Although if it is within one or two delegat
  13. I think we might not really know that until the midterm elections or 2024 when, most likely, we'll see people running on the Trump platform of nationalistic populism mixed with a bit of xenophobia but without Trump in the White House to directly rally around (unless Trump ends up winning, although that is looking less and less likely as the counting process draws to a close). There is a good possibility that, without the demagogue directly on the ballot, people might not be as supportive as they were when he was up for election.
  14. It's not just you, the closer he gets to the election the more wild and erratic he has become (and I'm sure that the getting COVID hasn't helped his already questionable mental state).
  15. Technically this is a cover of a metal song...
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