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  1. Maybe a drug store? I don't think I've seen them in a regular grocery store, at least not around here, but medical supply stores and/or drug stores should have something (assuming they haven't sold out).
  2. Trump's predictably bad response - evidently writing a letter is only something you do in literature class?
  3. I've heard a fair number of the more extreme leftists in the US claim that Canada has free healthcare for all because they've never actually looked into it.
  4. I spent entirely too much on a pocket knife but it's to support a local maker from where I used to live that might not make it through the pandemic - plus it's a really unique design.
  5. That's one reason we've authorized people to take home their equipment, so they have as seamless of a transition as possible since we're going to be working remote for at least two more month and, realistically, it might be through the end of the year.
  6. My first day of remote work starts in a few hours, while we left one person behind in case of a catastrophic hardware error who will be rotated out bi-weekly, they've closed up our office and wont go out aside from an emergency at the hospital or heat/power plant or the like that has to be fixed immediately, I suspect that I wont be back there for at least two-three months. Aside from that I've been stocking up on food and other supplies and plan to not leave the apartment for the duration aside from a daily hike when the weather allows it.
  7. Fun but random fact - my flatmate used to play poker with Mr. Hopkins when she was a film student and he was shooting a movie nearby! Evidently he's a good player.
  8. Depending on exactly what you mean by concentration camps they were in use before the Boer War, with more systemic use starting in the United Sates during the mid 1800s as the native peoples were driven from their homelands, and were also contemporary to the German genocide of the Herero and Namaqua peoples (I'm not sure off the top of my head if Shark Island and the other German camps came before or after those employed against the Boers but, given American history if nothing else, I'm not sure it is fair to say that the British were the first to employ them).
  9. And very possibly the first President to have ever been removed from office (although that would leave Pence and he's as bad or worse than Trump in many ways). I suspect that this administration will also signal the beginning of the end of unchecked Executive Authority although my guess is that this will take some time, given the unfortunate amount of power creep that has happened, and people will be less willing to stick to limits once someone slightly more sane and stable is in the White House.
  10. Well, this is different... But I guess the wheels of time keep turning and the site must update...
  11. No 2080Ti? I honestly feel a bit weird having one when the Hutt-lord of the forums might not.
  12. Have you considered a custom loop? If you go with soft tubing and quick disconnects they're actually not that bad to work on and drain (although you shouldn't have to do that more than once a year to once every two years).
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