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  1. That's one step down from the top-of-the-line model, the D15, but nearly as good.
  2. One of my dream games would be a fully co-op version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - that would take away from the horror slightly but I think it would be a good game.
  3. I have no idea how accurate the rumors are but some people on the /r/vtmb have latched onto talks between Paradox and Microsoft as a sign that Obsidian or Bethesda might have taken over development. Although my guess this is mostly wistful thinking more than anything else.
  4. My girlfriend's fever broke and she's feeling better, plus the COVID test came back negative! Unfortunately today she got notified that she had been exposed to someone who had tested positive while going to the doctor to get tested so the plans to meet in-person have been put-off until she tests negative again (ideally without any additional exposure incidents). I'm sure the irony of what happened will be amusing down the line but at the moment it's more frustrating than anything else.
  5. My girlfriend is running a low fever and we had to cancel date-night in favor of doing something virtually so we ended up getting dinner from the same restaurant and watching something over Discord together, and that actually went fairly well. It's probably stress and not COVID but, still, we'll both feel better once the test comes back and that's confirmed.
  6. Thus far I've mainly had fatigue, some muscle soreness, and possibly a light fever. It's not what I would call pleasant but I seem to recall feeling worse overall muscle pain from the Tetanus vaccine.
  7. I got my second dose of the COVID vaccine, thus far I have some soreness around the site of the injection but no other side effects.
  8. I've heard that some carriers will put 'attempted to deliver' if they're running behind so they don't have to deal with the package until another day but don't know how true that is.
  9. I got a call from our internal contact tracing team this morning saying that I had briefly had contact with someone who had tested positive, so that's not great. Luckily I've already had the first half of the vaccine and the contact was minimal but, still, I'll be looking forward to the test results later this week to confirm that I didn't get infected and assuming the worst until then. And hopefully I won't have to go back on-site again anytime soon since 99% of my work can be done remotely and I've been trying to do that as much as possible.
  10. Yeah, the quality of the show really started to degrade once D&D ran out of book material and had to come up with original plot (although they weren't that great about using book material either, particularly when they made completely unnecessary changes just to be more 'shocking' and 'controversial').
  11. Arguably the United States has that dubious 'honor' with structures such as Fort Snelling in 1862 and you also had the concurrent use of camps by, once again, the United States in the early twentieth century in the Philippines as well as the German use of camps against the Herero and Nama although I believe that the most notorious, Shark Island, did come after the events of South Africa. However, that also depends on what you define a concentration camp to be and if it actively needs to be an extermination center, that is to say a death camp, or not.
  12. I talked to a Wall Street Journal reporter on background for a story she was doing, it'll be interesting to see the finished work (in theory it should be out within the week unless it gets shot down in editing).
  13. First half of the COVID vaccination acquired!
  14. I signed up to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine within the next few weeks. My team is going to figure out the exact order on Monday, since we don't want to take it all at once in case of any negative side effects, and I suspect I'll be towards the end since I'm able to work remotely (although also glad to be on the list and able to receive it given that, in the case of an emergency, I could go back on-site with some modicum of protection). I'll still be taking weekly COVID tests, even though I'm working from home we're all required to get tested at least once every seven days, bu
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