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  1. I made plans with a rather cute Masters in Library Science student for a second socially-distanced date, and while I'm not trying to be overly hopeful last night's multi-hour zombie-killing escapade was mutually enjoyable (we spent around six hours on Killing Floor, not a bad first date all things considered).
  2. And nothing of value was lost, honestly Reddit should have done that years ago.
  3. Yeah, even if you completely remove race from the equation it mostly comes off as the old 'poor people don't deserve nice things' argument.
  4. For some reason my 'this seems rather suspect and they probably don't know what they're talking about' sense is tingling...
  5. Voted in my State's delayed Congressional primaries.
  6. It didn't last for long and there weren't many replies before it got locked.
  7. Given recent events most studios who worked with Chris are releasing statements about what they plan to do with his contributions and since, at the time it was announced, the community was kinda hyped about Chris being involved in Bloodlines 2 it makes sense that Paradox/Hardsuit Labs would want to say something.
  8. The newest version of the desktop after my 9900k decided to release the 'magic blue smoke': CPU Ryzen 3950x Motherboard GigaByte Aorus Xtreme RAM 64Gb 3200 DDR4 at CL16 GPU EVGA 2080Ti KingPin Case Customized H440 Storage 1Tb NVME SSD - Boot Drive 480Gb SATA SSD - Games 500Gb SATA SSD - Games 512Gb NVME SSD - Storage 512GB NVME SSD - Storage PSU EVGA 1000w P2 Display Alienware AW3418DW - 3440x1440p 120Hz GSync Cooling Dual GPU/CPU waterloops Keyboard Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Mouse G903 and G502 with Powerplay
  9. Maybe a drug store? I don't think I've seen them in a regular grocery store, at least not around here, but medical supply stores and/or drug stores should have something (assuming they haven't sold out).
  10. Trump's predictably bad response - evidently writing a letter is only something you do in literature class?
  11. I've heard a fair number of the more extreme leftists in the US claim that Canada has free healthcare for all because they've never actually looked into it.
  12. I spent entirely too much on a pocket knife but it's to support a local maker from where I used to live that might not make it through the pandemic - plus it's a really unique design.
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