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  1. And very possibly the first President to have ever been removed from office (although that would leave Pence and he's as bad or worse than Trump in many ways). I suspect that this administration will also signal the beginning of the end of unchecked Executive Authority although my guess is that this will take some time, given the unfortunate amount of power creep that has happened, and people will be less willing to stick to limits once someone slightly more sane and stable is in the White House.
  2. Well, this is different... But I guess the wheels of time keep turning and the site must update...
  3. No 2080Ti? I honestly feel a bit weird having one when the Hutt-lord of the forums might not.
  4. Have you considered a custom loop? If you go with soft tubing and quick disconnects they're actually not that bad to work on and drain (although you shouldn't have to do that more than once a year to once every two years).
  5. The newest version of the desktop: CPU Delidded 8700k at 5.0Ghz and 1.20v - AVX Stable Aftermarket Rockit IHS Motherboard ASRock Z370 Taichi RAM 64Gb 3200 DDR4 at CL15 GPU EVGA 2080Ti KingPin Case Customized H440 Storage 240Gb SSD - Boot Drive 480Gb SSD - Games/Storage 500Gb SSD - Games/Storage 512Gb SSD - Games/Storage 512GB SSD - Games/Storage 8Tb HHD/64Gb Optane - Storage PSU EVGA 1000w P2 Display Alienware AW3418DW - 3440x1440p 120Hz GSync Cooling Custom Watercooling Loop Keyboard Logitech G Pro Mouse G903 with Powerplay
  6. Agreed, I'm also a fan of EVGA and only buy their stuff and I've never had an issue (in fact I just upgraded my 1080Ti KingPin to the 2080Ti version, now I just need to get the waterlock and add it into the loop).
  7. Well, this is different...
  8. This is a personal anecdote and shouldn't be treated as a universal truth, but I've had a laptop with an OLED display for a couple of years without any issues. Likewise, there are a few people at work with OLED models and none of them have reported any either.
  9. That's generally true if you're talking about AIO units but once you get into even fairly basic custom loops then you're going to see much larger gains.
  10. Sadly it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon.
  11. Is it wrong that my initial thought was that Republicans must be a bunch of nVidia fanbois? Looks like I should take a break from computer hardware for awhile...
  12. Are Killing Floor 2 and Crusader Kings 2 still available? I was going to get each of those as a gift for two different people so if they've not been taken that could work out well.
  13. I thought that was the sole reason that this thread existed? Because who needs well thought out arguments when you can jump to the ad hominem? /s - in case that wasn't obvious.
  14. Given that this is WCCFTech the information could be spot on or completely incorrect... July seems unlikely though since, as far as I've heard, there still hasn't been any word on board partners getting specifications or samples?
  15. I'm not sure I'd really count a FUDGE and Fate as d6 systems, you can a use regular d6 with them in a pinch but they're designed to be used with custom dice.
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