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  1. What could possibly go wrong? Worst case scenario is WW3. Best case scenario is airstrikes against Iran which could cause a huge unrest in the middle of a pandemic. Why not. It's not as if people here have control over ANYTHING. I guess we deserve the worst when we let the government so comfortably push it's **** up our buttholes for 40 long years...
  2. There is Drakengard which is the first game in the series. There is also Drakengard 2 which is a sequel to the original Drakengard but there is also Nier which is also a sequel based on one of the endings in Drakengard 1. There is Drakengard 3 which is a prequel to Drakengard 1 and Nier: Automata which is a sequel to Nier which itself had two different versions. Edit: ^ If I were to say all of that to someone face to face they would've probably punched me in the face halfway through and moved along.
  3. Thomas Schäfer, the finance minister of the state of Hesse(Germany) commits suicide: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thelocal.de/20200329/german-minister-commits-suicide-due-to-coronavirus-worries/amp Most people are worried for their own lives, this guy was worried for the future of his country... Rest in peace.
  4. I'd never drink cow urine, cat urine on the other hand... Could work. Is all am sayin' ...
  5. I don't understand the panic buying at all. Here in Iran the situation is just as bad as any European country, but hoarding is not a thing at all. You can even buy hand sanitizers from super markets. It's just the masks that are hard to come buy. It doesn't matter though, because it is going to be a financial problem that we will be facing soon and that can't be avoided. You can't buy sh*t if you don't have the money. People will have to go to work soon and the spread might continue. Time will tell...
  6. There is a lot of work to be done but we are ordered to stay home for now. Sucks but such is life during a pandemic I guess. Watched some dude play this old PS2 game on twitch.tv(Robot Alchemic Drive) and now I just wanna play it. ...and now it's lunch time. I'll fix myself a burger I guess. After that I'll pray my dad doesn't get sick until I fall asleep. It's funny, I find a job somwhere and after years things start falling into place and suddenly there is a global pandemic. Sometimes I wonder if this life is just a simulation and the programmer is trying to p*ss me off...
  7. I guess Trump didn't lie when he said 'Mexico will pay for the wall'.
  8. If only the average Iranian was as smart as these girls... Scary times...
  9. When something is aimed at the 'majority' instead of the actual gamers. Sony should have made the backwards compatibility work flawlessly, instead they have simply tested the 100 most played games on the PS4 and pretty much no talks about PS1/2/3 backwards compatibility. Xbox Series X on the other hand plays most 360/OG Xbox games like candy.
  10. I used to watch his videos. This thing is definitey not 'Just a flu!'. I recommend that ya'll stay home and stay safe.
  11. PS5 is the new 'home-bruh' console and I hate to say this because I've had a great time with with Sony's consoles over the past 20 years.
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