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  1. Gameplay is hack n slash swordfights. Story is great and has a cast of colorful characters. The 'open-world' is more of a gimmick and not to be taken seriously, especially so with the second game.
  2. Katphood


    Pretty weird that we don't have a gun thread already, or did I miss it? For now, let's just appreciate how honest this guy is: Edit: this is a 'no politics, guns only' thread.
  3. Lies. Everybody knows Liara Tsoni was the star of the show. Hot squid action!
  4. I am not gonna lie, if elves did exist then I'd be absolutely racist towards them. I mean you gotta face it: we are humans, they are elves. I'd poop in their mailboxes every night. Thank god elves don't exist, they'd make me into a horrible person.
  5. I'll pick it up once it is released for consoles/PC.
  6. About a week ago I watched Soylent Green for the first time. Didn't like it, maybe because times are depressing as it is.
  7. I played that on the PS Vita and I was enjoying it until I hit one of the games many puzzles... Gave up. On topic: playing a little bit of Cyberpunk 2077 whenever I can. It's ok. I like the story progression and the characters.
  8. Bought Nier: Replicant. Yay! It's going to feel weird to replay the game as a new character. Back in the days we had Nier Gestalt which was the western version of the PS3/Xbox 360 game and had a different protagonist. It's good that PC gamers get a chance to play this game. If you want a good story and a colorful cast of characters then this is the game for you. Is it flawed? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.
  9. When I inserted the disc into my Xbox, it needed a 45 GB update and a few days later it needed a 15 GB update... That is a total of 60 GB worth of update! Worst part is that you can't play while the game is being updated on the Xbox.
  10. After quite a while, I managed to get myself some extra money and it was immediatly spent on games: Cyberpunk 2077: spent some 7 hours playing it and it's ok. It runs good enough on the Xbox One X and I haven't encountred any game breaking bugs yet but honestly, Deus Ex feels a whole lot more 'cyberpunk' compared to this game. Mafia Trilogy: oh man, I had my sights on this one for quite a while. Haven't played it yet but it sure is worth it. All the games with the dlcs + complete remake of the first game. I wanted to buy Nier: Replicant today but the r
  11. Thank you, Brucy. Yeah, the coof was pretty tough to deal with but luckily, I survived.
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