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  1. Replaying Allen Wake on the Xbox. This thing is still fun.
  2. I recently finished The Outer Worlds. +Huge world to explore +Well written dialogue +Gunplay feels fun +Choices matter -Gun variety is awful -Main story is boring -Factions don't have any meaningful motivations Overall I'd give it a fair 7.5/10 Started playing Stalker: Shadow of Chornobyl on the PS5. My god is it hard on Stalker difficulty. I am reaching the end of the game and I am getting my butt kicked left and right...cannot...take it anymore! Definitely gonna start the other two games on novice difficulty since I am getting the feeling that the console version is a little harder compared to the vanilla version on PC.
  3. Had to put my eldest cat to sleep. Farwell, Xiu Xiu. Nothing will ever fill that empty space heart...
  4. So Sony pretty much killed PSVR 2. PC support and all that stuff. I think that's another way of saying 'No more AAA games from Sony, just resort to whatever is out there'. Same as the PS Vita I guess. How many of you chaps are 'VR friendly' ?
  5. This is something that never gets old and I couldn't find a similar thread. Maybe I made one before?! Let's hope not... On topic: When wads reach the level of a movie. Absolutely creepy. What wads have you been playing recently?!
  6. The Witch(2015) was crazy. Now this is the kind of horror I love, every 'horror scene' in the movie was just...quite.
  7. Yeah, I was just hoping it would be vastly different than GTA V but it sort of looks more of the same. Ain't that bad I guess, R* is still one of the best when it comes to writing and humor.
  8. I was watching this video about Shining on YouTube and noticed this: Are those the two girls that appear on and off as ghostly figures?!....scary! Anyways...gonna watch Rec right now.
  9. Boy was that GTA VI trailer sh*t! Half the trailer it's women shaking their oversized butts...isn't that something from 10 years ago?! ...and @Lexx is right, the combat is BOUND to be crap. These folks could never get the gunplay/gunsound right in any of the GTA games.
  10. Not your average type of news, but about 6 months ago, this fella made this documentary called 'The Entire History of Video Games'. It's 5 hours long but definitely worth watching.
  11. True, but I still like the fact that you have a whole city to explore. Beware though! It's a Russian game so your money goes directly to Putin.
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