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  1. True, but I still like the fact that you have a whole city to explore. Beware though! It's a Russian game so your money goes directly to Putin.
  2. Oh yeah, Joojeh Kabab(جوجه کباب) is great if you like chicken. My dad's favorite.
  3. Still playing The Outer Worlds. It's soooooooo good. No boring a** open-world to deal with, interesting npcs, modding weapons is fun, writing is great....but.... -Stealth sucks -Weapon variety is weird, are these guys into big guns?! because you sure have an awful lot of them compared to anything else -Main plot is boring and at times, pretty much non-existent Are the dlcs worth it?! Because I am having fun with this.
  4. RDR is now available on the PS4, PS5(Backwards Compatibility) and the Switch. Edit: still at 30fps and priced 50 bucks. R* sure like money. AVOID!
  5. Agreed. Whoever names the threads here is a better writer than any dev at Obsidian.
  6. Started playing The Outer Worlds. Unfortunately I couldn't get the PS5 'complete edition' with all the bells and whistles so this has to do for now. Runs pretty smooth on the PS5 though, maybe I'll purchase the DLCs later on if I like the game enough?! I am also playing some AC: Origins and Control on the side.
  7. Never mind the new Prince of Persia game, this is where it's at:
  8. Question: When will you folks finally give us a nice Fallout 2 clone(2.5D isometric/turn-based, guns, dialogue trees, mysterious storyline)?
  9. Such a shame they didn't hire Anthony Burch as the writer for 3. He did an awesome job with Borderlands 2. I still didn't like the guns in 2 compared to 1. Way too wacky at times.
  10. I think it's because of their possum population getting hit by cats. Pretty sure cats were completely gone in kangaroo Island, hunted down to the last one. Yeah, not sure how they deal with mice in kangaroo Island.
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