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  1. Tried playing ICO again for the 3rd time but this games keeps getting on my nerves. I just hate escorting npcs in video games. Should I bother?
  2. I happen to live in a 'dark dystopian metropolitan' area. It's called Tehran 2077.
  3. Thank you, sir. It means a lot to me that people on these boards are so kind and well informed.
  4. I for one wish we didn't spend that kind of money outside of the coutnry because we need it ourselves. Too many people dealing with poverty because of this issue. The main problem here are Russia and China. You always have to aske yourself: 'where do the hardliners get their support?' China is exchanging oil for chinese products right now(no money or $ involved) with the Iranian government. So long as they have the Iranian regime covered, this ordeal is going to continue. But perhaps the horrifying fact here is that both China and Russia would even benefit more if Iran went to a war with the U.S. That would be the end of both Iran and the U.S, considering how much they could both lose while China and Russia get the upper hand.
  5. This has to be the single worst 'January' of my life. Come on! It's my birthday on 27th. Can't even have a decent moment of peace in this godforsaken country. If this regime has showed anything to the world, it's that it isn't afraid of killing its own people, since 1700+ Iranians have died by the hands of our dear government in the past 3 months. So, in conclusion: dear Trump, the next time you are trying to avoid impeachment, try and put the spotlight on any country but Iran. These people are nuts...
  6. It's going to be both weird and exciting to go back to this game after such a long time...
  7. Or maybe, you guys could live like I do: you have all the time in the world but you have no money to buy games with! Unemployment is not something I'd recommend to people though.
  8. Thanks, mate. From what I've gathered so far, there ain't going to be a war. A lot of people in Iran benefited from Soleimani's death since he refused to sign a deal regarding money laundering. Some high ranking members weep in front of the camera but they are celebrating behind the scenes. Trust me folks, it's all a business deal gone wrong. Maybe his death was just a way for Iran to start renegotiating deals with the west since he didn't allow a lot of things to happen. I hope all goes well.
  9. Gotta love how my fellow Iranians outside of the country celebrate Soleimani's death, not realizing what would happen to their fellow Iranians back at home if a war ever started. Some of them are even begging for a war. Guess they didn't learn anything from the 1979 revolution or the civil war in Syria or the war on terror in Iraq since 2003 or the fact that Afghanistan has been at war(on and off) for the past 70 years... Maybe we deserve this.
  10. Yeah, I don't want a Metro 20XX clone. But apparently, the current game in development is not based on the cancelled Stalker 2 game which kind of worries me but who knows...
  11. So it seems that Stalker 2 is a real thing: I just hope this isn't another Rune 2. Also, we should totally have a thread for all things Stalker.
  12. No. Save some more money and buy either the new Xbox or just buy a One X. You don't wanna miss out on a 4K upgrade for games such as RDR1 or Mirror's Edge if you are buying an Xbox. I personally love my One X. It allows me to play old Xbox games such as KotoR 1 in 4K. So in conclusion: save money and buy either a One X or a Series X. But don't buy a One S.
  13. Ooops! I was at the garbage and decided to help Bes fight the bandits. So we kill all the bandits and he calls me over. But just as we are having a conversation, one of the bandits comes out of hiding and shoots Bes dead. Turns out one of them was still alive. Bes died. I have his 'special' AK-47 now. See? This is why I love this game. Should I try and keep him alive? Can't remember if there were further encounters with him or not.
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