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  1. That's all nice and well but that's just a legalistic argument. Courts may declare themselves fit to decide on what the right emission targets are. But they cannot set those targets or means of reaching them.
  2. Stadia. At least so the rumor goes.
  3. Another 25GB patch and machine gun attachments are still bugged. At this point I'm pretty sure this game is never getting fixed.
  4. You do know that Polish liberals are even tougher on Russia? Issues like Belarus or Navalny matter to them more than to the current government which just maintains it's hate/envy/emulate attitude.
  5. Couldn't they have a wrestling match instead? Preferably on the top of an active volcano.
  6. If you go full stealth this fight can be a nightmare. I only beat it thanks to a random wrench I had in inventory.
  7. So for 7 years Rockstar's cash cow could have been loading 3 times faster? So much for the notion that money buys at least some support.
  8. And all code got sold. Wonder how long until Chinese take on Cyberpunk and Witcher emerges. They could be just passionate about gaming you know.
  9. Almost everyone. Navalny would have emerged better off then before.
  10. Just like most fusion based ideas. But it might be viable in a century or so.
  11. 5GB patch on steam and the only fix I noticed was duplicated dialog entry removal. What made them think they could ever pull off a multiplayer version?
  12. Not even ESA has that. It may technically be possible but associated costs would be ruinous for commercial ventures.
  13. If porn mode in browser doesn't work you can try the amp link.
  14. Schrier's take is finally up. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-16/cyberpunk-2077-what-caused-the-video-game-s-disastrous-rollout?__twitter_impression=true
  15. They needed a roadmap to show that patches and free DLCs will be released within a year. Now that is concerning.
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