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  1. There was more to it then that. He also wants remainder of Zaporizhzhia and whole of Kherson before talks even start. It's likely a response to the Ukrainian summit in Switzerland, but even so he clearly he has no problem with a long war.
  2. The US-Ukraine security deal is about to be signed at G7. It seems that after one year of negotiations US is finally ready to commit to high level consultations in case of another invasion. These used to be called 'security guarantees' a year ago.
  3. Interesting piece on Shoigu's replacement. Tweet of note from it: Looks like attrition war for years to come.
  4. Russia is slowly resuming strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Seems a little sub-optimal to do this only after the winter.
  5. Some interesting weaponry lessons from Ukraine emerged. Most interesting point being: Chances are that whatever technological edge Ukraine enjoyed has been lost by now.
  6. Another update in the forever search of wunderwaffe: The GLSDBs have failed in Ukraine. I bet that played a part in finally officially transferring ATACMS.
  7. It seems ATACMs will be part of the US weapons package. That should be about the last entry from Ukrainian wish-list. It will also increase the pressure on Germany to send Taurus missiles.
  8. Zelensky lowers Ukrainian draft age. Seems the need is finally serious enough for him to take the political hit. It still leaves Russia with at least 6 months of manpower advantage before this can make any difference on the frontline.
  9. I was giving Dragons Dogma 2 a try but gave up after reaching the second city. They managed to stay too faithful to the original, just a bigger map with no notable improvements to speak of. A shame since the original had great potential, this could have been a great game if only they were willing to work on it.
  10. Russia attacked Ukrainian power facilities last night. It's long past winter by now, so these would likely be a response to strikes on Russian refineries. Interestingly enough there are no signs of any escalation as a result of the terror attack.
  11. At least 40 dead in terror strike on Moscow concert. We will soon see just how desirable war escalation is for Russia.
  12. That's assuming Israel is really interested in ending anything. I'm sure they see a lot of advantages in turning current situation into a new normal.
  13. If FT is to be believed US is asking Ukraine to end attacks on Russian refineries. Predictable outcome since the tactic was making a difference.
  14. It seems Macron is not backing down from alarmist talk about Ukraine. His usual attention-seeking aside, it shows that Europe is slowly waking-up to the possibility that the war may not end in a stalemate. Then again, Ukrainian defeat was a risk they decided to take.
  15. I would think the whole point of officially admitting there are NATO troops present is to dispense with deniability. That leaves the option open for a slippery-slope of reinforcements in case Ukraine starts to lose ground.
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