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  1. The point being that authors don't matter, it's the classic 'technology isn't perfect' attack piece that transitions into yet another Koch brother conspiracy. It's build on misleading comparisons so it can draw absurd conclusions and offers no solutions to boot. If you really want self-criticism from environmentalist movement there are saner voices out there.
  2. Except it has little to do with environment and a lot to do with environmental movement. And as nutty as those people can be, this is just a predictable attack on technological solutions to climate change. Something you'd find in a badly researched denialist blog.
  3. It would also allow far greater restrictions in freedoms - how about some outright media censorship? As for the essential civil rights - these won't save lives and you certainly can't eat them. I can't believe you are making me defend the Polish government.
  4. We will only know if it's horrible when the whole thing is over. For all we know the virus may be uncontainable and we are falling into useless panic.
  5. That ladder now only leads into someones bottom. A bottom held unmovingly in place by a safety net. The reality is that many people deserve their falls just as others deserve a chance to climb.
  6. A society is a zero-sum game. One man's safety net could have been another's man ladder.
  7. Depends if you mean electricity or all power generation, which curiously enough usually shows which agenda is being pushed. In case of electricity UK actually did a pretty good job. IIRC the carbon intensity of a kWh has dropped over 50% thru the last decade. Also damaging the credibility of her cause as the cash grab and publicity stunt is apparent to almost everyone.
  8. You can easily argue that they were only latecomers to the games of imperialism and colonization which always left dead by the thousands.
  9. I was going to laugh at the weak bait but is seems to have worked. How the mighty how fallen...
  10. So nice that leaders could get exiled for no reason or executed for following it's decrees. There were good reasons why it was hated by aristocrats and philosophers.
  11. I wonder where do you go once all corporations officially green-wash themselves to be emissions-negative. Do we start a race of how highly negative you can get?
  12. If only it was this simple. Wealth generated is as damaging as population. You could have half a dozen kids in Nigeria and they would not do the climate damage your assets can do after they are inherited.
  13. Given that it's election year I can't help to wonder what was Trump thinking. A serious escalation while his base was all for getting out of middle-east.
  14. A little break from US politics: In Netherlands the courts are starting to berate the government over climate inaction. It's a natural consequence of writing down targets into law and then doing little to meet them. I wonder if other countries may actually start to follow.
  15. This really is not a binary issue. There is no magic point after which human civilization collapses overnight. Climate change has always been an exercise in damage control.
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