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  1. Turn based Firaxis - X-COM - like with spells ?
  2. Warhammer will giver their IP to anyone though.
  3. Didn't she use to be a pro wrestler or something. Probably a lot of maga hats in the pro wrestling crowd. Ultimate fighting ?. Something like that.
  4. Hire someone to do your social media already. Amateur hour at Twitter has cost a lot of people their jobs. If you have a public profile at your work, then social media is a performance. It's not meant to be the real you.
  5. Please, I need to know if Nioh 2 is any good before I drop 60 euro on it. PC port. I don't care that there is no support for mouse or keyboard, as long as it plays well. Any Team Ninja afficianadoes ?
  6. I had a lot of fun with mass effect 2 and 3. I've played all the DLC already though. Seems a bit lazy.
  7. so Stadia finnally died. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/01/tech/google-stadia-sge-shutdown/index.html Well, months of writhing still to go I suppose.
  8. "around these parts." I forgot to say "around these parts."
  9. I started a new game as a nomad and lasted 4 mins before encountering a game breaking bug. I was doing the whole, "howdy partner, we don't take kindly.." with a samurai sheriff when my car ran into a missing plot trigger. These things kinda rob you of the good first impression. Other than that, I mean it looks pretty solid conceptually if not stability wise.
  10. I'm really getting tired of my old rig, but with all the shortages it's not even like I can order everything at once. I suppose I'll just bear the load screens and occasional stutters on my way through cyberpunk.
  11. Tried to find a maga hat for my mom as a gag christmas present. Can't find one in a danish webshop, always a long wait for Amazon US. ****ing globalists man.
  12. I went off the idea of getting high refresh rates much for the reason Humanoid stated. Also, only other Gorgon has edit. Sorry for the mess.
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