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  1. Got the covid jab. Waiting for superpowers/government mind control
  2. I have no idea how likely it is that the CCP covered up some sort of biological Chernobyl. Probably not very. I only know they aren't trustworthy.
  3. There is also the fact that the UK handled their covid response pretty poorly overall, and that as a result needed preferential treatment. Lockdowns are expensive and they didn't initially want to pay.
  4. well, got my spot in a week, so. I just gotta hold on a bit more.
  5. The EU ordered plenty, and produced plenty internally. They just relied on the manufacturer for distribution and allocation. I think they are suing Astrazeneca for it.
  6. We got shafted with dosages. It's basically the same for any country that doesn't produce its own vaccine. Geopolitics.
  7. I'm supposed to be eligible for a vaccine offer this month. With my luck it will be September.
  8. Mad a to do list and it says "clean windows". Not sure if I meant a clean windows installation, or you know, cleaning my windows. Both my "windows" are filthy.
  9. Basically just wait a year or so for the chip shortage to subside.
  10. There are no good game names left. There are no good franchise names left. Everything has already been done. Pretty soon we are going to run out of things to misspell with a "Y" or the like so they are trademarkable. So you just worry about making it sound unique. Just one game that kind of sounds like yours - that's actually a good result.
  11. I need movie ideas. I shot all the suggestions for movie night down and landed myself the job. 9/10 of everything is crap. I need something not crap. Artsy is fine. If turns out terrible I can just call them all Neanderthals and pretend i like it. lv 2 necro post-
  12. Turn based Firaxis - X-COM - like with spells ?
  13. Warhammer will giver their IP to anyone though.
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