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  1. I expect things going hotter through June, then some rebound through Q3 with ups and downs, things will look stable and then end of year, early Q1 2022 Late Q3 and Q4 will be pivotal in decisionmaking by FED, Bidens admin and Dems
  2. Come on mr Biden and mr Powell and House Democrats. ONE MORE STIMMY CHECK WITH PRINTED CASH. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/us-core-consumer-prices-explode-higher-fastest-pace-1981 Lets kill the value of dollar and its reserve currency hegemony status. It's like China and Russia don't have to do anything other than wait for the morons to implode Western economy...
  3. How many die of gang voilence and use of firearms in US and how many die of act of voilence in Israel and palestine conflict area outside of the intifadas? You know what are the rights of those people there? I've added a recent interview a post earlier. EDIT: Also, the point is not about comparing the two in terms of rights and wrongs, but to show that continued, stoked and sustained perception of being mistreated, can lead groups of people to explode and act not in a rational way, but rather instinctively, like a wounded/beated animal.
  4. So if someone comes to evict you and beat you up, you just bend a knee and do not react? I guess we should stop criticizing China then? What Hamas done is not right, but we can't ignore underlying issues which created the tensions. People have a breaking point. On one side you condemn profiling by Police, even if data would support such, on the other hand you apporve the same type of data suppprted profiling by Israelis (imagine this type of behavior by US police around various 'hoods') It's good to hear both sides of the conflict, but bear in mind that there is a lot
  5. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/05/11/stanley-druckenmiller-fed-policy-criticism-us-economy.html
  6. I think you grossly overestimate the Navalny part. I'd say it's probably somewhere really far down, not sure if even on the top 100 list.
  7. 20 more years and US will not be able to have a functioning military to counter China, Russia and other raising threats https://about.bgov.com/news/army-anime-courts-teens-from-a-small-pool-of-eligible-gen-zers/ One more conflict, which US will procure, some images of body bags, and US will need to go to mandatory draft. But hey, lets glorify lazines, self entitlement and fatness.
  8. This will be an interesting development to follow. https://mobile.reuters.com/news/picture/jerusalem-violence-leads-to-hamas-rocket-idUSRTXC67C9
  9. Well... Interesting news around B.1.617 (one of India variants). Under peer review now as it seems fully vaccinated people get infected with it and are ill. Not enough data around severity of those cases, but worrying enough, that we might see another global wave.
  10. Let them cannibalize each other. Last Oscar ratings perhaps will make this whole segment of people get hit with some reality check. I could not care less for all those award ceremonies. Hopefully we can reach a level where the overpriced entertainment monkeys of holywood will understand their role in society. "shut up and entertain people" I'd rather pay their fees to engineers running space or healthcare programs.
  11. Not going into details, but technically any deal in USD with the use of SWIFT can be seized by the US Gov.
  12. I'm quite sure that FED, if pressed hard, will rather protect the usd from becoming a dumpster material, but there will be a lot of pain just before and after the dollar rescue measures. Poland has its own problems when it comes to incompetency or centrally driven politics by an out of touch lunatic. Poland will be dealing with its own issue of inflation vs rates, and as far as I'm certain that eventually sanity will prevail in US, i do not have the same certainty with the currently ruling overlords of Poland. They are just powerhungry cretins, who wasted good years and will rather sink
  13. @Gorth In layman's terms inverted curve suggests that there is more uncertainty about you being able to buyback your debt in near future than in the far future. Normally you have higher certainty short term than long term, so if it goes belly up, something fishy is going on and you should be on your toes and hedge your risks. I usually monitor 10Y TSY the most as this drives most commercialized debt costs and is a kind of benchmark, but each yield has its purpose and if you think more seriously about investments, you need know the money market and its implications quite well.
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