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  1. First custom made character on WHFB license: this gives hopes for things like Araby and perhaps Albion, also hobgoblins in game 3 maybe?
  2. I was hoping for Phoenix Point to be good, but it feels that you will basically need to abuse the free aim feature to play the game efficiently - I'd rather keep general probability with center point and deviations from it, and specific body parts aiming, with special feature. Tiles should be aimed at their center mass points. Anyway, back to XCOM and legacy scenarios - they are actually quite fun
  3. That UFO themed soundtrack.... omg... so good for my ears and heart
  4. I'm master necromancer I like to keep specific game threads going instead of creating a new one. I'm going through the game for sure. The new items make it worth it to go XCOM again, and soundtrack will make it so much better. I'm fairly confident, that this event is prepping people for a new product / hype train. They just want to get their attention on the franchise again, and with people being mostly positive on this free add-on (well console guys are not the happy part) they will probably drop some news on their new product - at least i hope so.
  5. I can't believe this has been already so many years. hah. It seems Firaxis are delivering goodies for a really good game for free: My gut tells me, that are checking the hype levels and are prepping for some new XCOM game. The 80s synth like music sounds amazing imo
  6. I love that theme. Now i just wish even more that they had the guts to implement the naval combat. I guess resource starving and cost efficiency are a thing though :/
  7. Nah, the difference is the rules are made for turn based game. Pen and paper games are turn based and rules are designed for those. If you port those into real time environment, they just don't work well
  8. Well, i guess it can depend on the setup. It can be set to be annoying and counter you to delay your progress, or it can be setup to be the most efficient and try to defeat you as fast as possible
  9. How would you decide what's on given difficulty level if you want to maintain same ruleset? How would you teach AI to be less efficient and handicap itself on purpose? Or would you rather keep "AI" to the level of fallble scripts?
  10. Recently I watched how a fairly fast developing OpenAI managed to get more than a basic grasp at a co-op game - DotA 2. Last year, they've shown one hero AI, being able to beat consistently with high rate top human players. Now, while still with significant restrictions, they managed to make 5 AI bots co-operate in a team game and beat 5 men team of really good players (retired pros). I wonder, how could this affect gaming. I mean, we often hear complains how AI is bad in this or that game, etc., but think of a scenario, where AI will beat average player 99.9999999999999% times, and the best human player 90% of the time. Where is the limit for an enjoyable, yet challenging AI in games, which would be playing by the same rules and with same resources, and where the good AI becomes too good for a game to be fun (no one wants loosing all the time, even though you know the conditions are fair) https://www.joindota.com/en/news/72530-openai-stomped-first-but-there-is-still-hope-for-the-human-race
  11. Am I blind or really no one yet mentioned Heroes of Might and Magic III ?
  12. update to DLC - would rather have medusae
  13. The giant is actually a gift connected to the Warhammer event on Steam - Skull for the Skull Throne
  14. Interesting, I liked AoW for the mix of magic and civ. a call to my younger days of Master of Magic - not sure if the Sci-fi AoW will get the same appeal on my side, but I'll def. watch its development.
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