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  1. I do not see much difference than the slave wage in the US for example. I mean, who can live for a minmum wage from a single job in US? And a lot of services in US is for a minimum wage workers, or near the minimum.
  2. You realize that this value does not equal actual money and funds he can use at his whim? It's the stock market and largely free money printed by FED, which made the publicly traded company, where he has a significant amount of onwnership, that much inflated at valuation. The issue is not with those guys per se (they are a symptom of the issue) , but the mechanisms that pump the money into assets owned by shareholders and the expense of debt mechanisms and cash flows, which could help in reforming and stabilizing the middle class. There will be always poor and always rich, but the economic health of the society has two major indicators, wealth gap between top 10% and bottom 10% size and stability of the middle class
  3. You need to see margin statements for this product along the supply chain
  4. If you agree to that, who am I to block such an arrangement. I wouldn't, but then again I'm considered a high value specialist, so the company I take a contract from, usually pays high amoubt of cash for relocation, finds new accomodation and pays for the costs of moving and pays good money on top of that. In exchange I provide service, which makes them earn more and it is considered by them a good investment, even with all the paper work needed. EDIT: and yes, they usually impose additional rules, what I can do and say, and what I cannot and what I should not. And if I break a law, I'm out, and they could also pursue some litigation and push any reimbursement of damages onto me.
  5. You asked, if you could make money of them as well, so i gave you some example, make them repay your rent or whatever other idea of repaying indebtitude you'd have for it.
  6. You could ask them to particpate, by paying rent to you and so on, so sure, you just need to be able to execute that.
  7. Sure, lets do it at the same time when people who want more immigration will start using their own assets to host, feed and be legally liable for immigrants actions I'm all for that type of decision making, where I would directly decide where my portion of taxes would go.
  8. I agree, they have a right, but it doesn't always make it right. Behavior like this, trying to hide, erase the past, just becuase our current standards and opinions change, is just stupid. With that type of thinking, people will eventually try to dismantle Parthenon as a white supermacists monument, and grind Pyramids to the dust, because they serve as a monument of systemic oppression and slavery of black people... People fought hard for ability to make art, including a one that criticised religion and was non-conforming to a populace at large, now these people want to destroy someone elses art, because they are offended by their own feelings when looking at that?
  9. I guess its safe to remove those ugly BLM murals as well then, and no one should blink an eye...
  10. @Hurlshot I wonder what's your opinion on such: http://abc3340.com/news/nation-world/nearly-70-year-old-murals-taken-down-at-university-of-rhode-island-for-lack-of-diversity
  11. Let's agree, that it wasn't so far. That's clear. At the same time, you'll have more focus and scrutiny, more opportunists hoping to "fix" USA one way or another. You have more tensions, more division and partisanship in population than probably in any election after WW2 up to this one. I'm sure, that no matter who will win,if it will not be a landslide, than the other party will be pointing to "manipulated" or "fraudulent" mail-in voting. Are you sure of yourself, that you will not be looking for something odd there, if Trump would win in a highly contested election with small differences in several states? The voting process needs to be "bullet-proof" otherwise each side will be sueing the other into oblivion
  12. I believe locally there is an option, to vote in by mail, but it's always on the voters request. You need to call in, provide your ID details from your document, then you'd have mail sent to you, which you need to receive to your hands and sign confirmation upon receipt. You get 2 attempts to contact you at your location by a postman, and if not present, then after each visit, you get 7 days to pick it up in person from your local post office. You get prepaid envelope for the send back and when sending the mail, you get receipt for the envelope sent, thus you can check later on, if the mail was delivered. Once you are confirmed to have sent the mail by cerain date, you are crossed out from your voting locale. This is not a process than can be upscaled easily, and other solutions were shot down due to privacy protection as the major concern. Hence I was wondering how it would work in US
  13. I'm happy to be educated in that process, but I'd say the scale issue would still be a factor. I have no knowledge of the pre-existin mail-in system, who could use it or what were the conditions to use it and results of it. I just saw, that the large scale mail-in presidential election had to be cancelled and moved in Poland by a few months, due to privacy concerns, reliabilty of the process and accuracy of the process. Instead additional health safety measures and longer voting period were established
  14. Seems there will be another reason to whack one another https://thefederalist.com/2020/09/24/trump-was-right-explosive-new-fbi-texts-detail-internal-furor-over-handling-of-crossfire-hurricane-investigation/
  15. @Gromnir The mail-in vote is simply unreliable and unsecure. These two things will be used to batter the f. out of each other, no matter what the result will be. If this is a correct assumption: "Each citizen of the USA of a voting age has a right to one and only one vote" Then how do you make sure of that? 1) Did you make sure that each citizen got the one and only one ballot? How did you confirm that? 2) Is the ballot secured, i.e. has enough protection to make it secure from forgery attempts? 3) How do you make sure, that the person filling the ballot is the one, who should be filling it, in other words, how in a building of many residents, you assure that each person eligble to vote, marked their vote only on a one ballot? 4) How do you make sure, that you've collected all the properly filled ballots? 5) Are the filled ballots secure from being viewed and or altered by unauthorized individuals? 6) How do you prevent someone from casting a vote at a localle and sending the mail-in ballot? Which one do you count if both happened? Which one is more important and why? 7) How do you decide that the absence of a mail-in vote was a result of the voters decision and not bad actor or mafunction of the delivery/collection system? The point is, can you prove beyond any doubt, that such form of voting is at least equally accurate and secure as the in person voting at a specific location?
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