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  1. Be your own boss? Or negotiate better! But first upskill!
  2. You might have a whole lot of Africa, South America and Asia to account for and convince. That said, I very much support moves for equal rights and opportunities, but i stop supporting such at the notion of equal outcomes no matter what the input other than some 'assigned' characteristics. I have various friends of a different than majority sexual orientation and even they say, some of the stuff being talked about is ridiculous and outright hurting people like them in their move for equal rights and opportunities (as the more extreme views stick like a **** to a certain imag
  3. Sometimes i wish they just stopped putting opinions on the news pieces, but i guess everything revolves around politics nowadays and you need to endure crappy clickbaits The underlying issue reported though is a valid observation and indeed it gives more power to China in any economic disputes and attempts at decoupling driven by US. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/more-european-firms-onshoring-china-offshoring-complicates-bidens-decoupling-plan
  4. Knowing and doing are two different things. Physics can be known, but engineering and project coordination are not something you can replicate easily. Also, they were the first to land a vehicle on the far side of the moon. "The Apollo 8 astronauts were the first humans to see the far side in person when they orbited the Moon in 1968. All manned and unmanned soft landings had taken place on the near side of the Moon, until 3 January 2019 when the Chang'e 4 spacecraft made the first landing on the far side."
  5. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-science-suggests-a-wuhan-lab-leak-11622995184 If WSJ is putting this, is it still just a fringe conspiracy theory? @Gromnir
  6. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/mach-30-wind-tunnel-propels-china-decades-ahead-global-hypersonic-race 10 to 20years max when China will be a dominant superpower. Meanwhile in US, pronouns and math is racist. EDIT: how long did China take from landing on the darkside of the Moon to Mars landing?
  7. Interesting article as it seems to reinforce the perception that heavily tax burdened states are losing people and tax base, which will only accelerate their debt spiral and a fall into a disfunctional state in disrepair. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/new-irs-data-reveals-which-states-won-and-lost-battle-people-their-wealth Also, why artificially pushing for higher labor cost (i.e. gov driven) in the times of global and remote workforce are not really good as a policy and has a potential for backfiring https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/yellen-big-push-offshore-us-labor
  8. @Zoraptor It's daily mail, but the two names working on the paper are no nobodies. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9629563/Chinese-scientists-created-COVID-19-lab-tried-cover-tracks-new-study-claims.html @Gromnir If the content of this research paper was sound, would the lab leak theory still be just 'a conspiracy'?
  9. I wonder how does it look in Sweden, and does this give n outlook that more conservative/law and order type people will be gaining more votes https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/sweden-goes-being-one-safest-countries-europe-second-most-dangerous
  10. I'd agree it was not a bioweapon type of virus. I expect somone being not quite lucky and simply failing or skipping some safety protocol, and contaminating oneself with a virus, which they have studied (specifically the bat and its interactions with the corona type viruses). Given the history with SARS, I suspect they just wanted to understand it better. Someone contaminated area, virus caused large number of hospitalizations and was easily transmitted, Chinese gov paniced, overreacted and put tons of red tape on top, to make sure it will not look bad. And since it most like
  11. In general I'd agree, however this 'conspiracy' theory has some credibility and certain amount of resemblence to other cover ups from totalitarian regimes. You won't get a proof like in a case of lets say Chernobyl, but there is a significant amount of items, that can create a certain picture. You've mentioned. 1) location 2) some reported early records of a sick staff Then there are among the others: 3) type of conducted research 4) some lead scientists writing papers on the transmition of coronaviruses and specifically certain characteristis of bats in
  12. I assume you know the term circumstantial evidence or even cases where something was declared true, even without a direct evidence. You know full well, that cases such as this, would never see a direct evidence (or more like with probabilities lower than getting hit by a killer asteroid) , however you can map out actions, events, numbers and apply logical alogirthms with various probabilities to create plausible scenarios from which one can be considered truth. (although it's always better to have hard 'atrifacts'). Can you prove beyond any doubt that is what not a lab leak?
  13. It's conspiracy until proven true I do believe that 2020 would look differently, as the blame and anger would have a nice target to be pointed at, and could be used for dealing with the virus outcomes (say the narrative spin would be: we were told it was a natural occuring, but we should have treated is as a bio-weapon, hence more deaths) I think you are conjuring too many views on me, which I do not have. I work with data and make money out of it. Truth does not care about beliefs, behaviors do.
  14. Lets see, how strong the declarations from EU politbiuros are. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-barring-any-eu-flights-circumnavigate-belarus-alarming-escalation Do you guys think that this will escalate and Russian flights will be blocked from EU skies, or subside and EU will choke a humiliation pill?
  15. Narrative matters, it would be spinned as a foreign hostile action against america's citizens and economy. That people on purpose concealed information, including misinformation from WHO on the origin, and various chinese money funded think tanks, etc. Remember that it was a close call in elections and mostly due to issues created by covid.
  16. It's a matter of accountability, and also a matter that the pandemic's narrative was driven politically and spwcifically denied narrative about a lab leak etc to harm Trumps chances of re-ellection. Imagine if the narrative was, that Trump was right about China's fault and that it was a bio-engineered agent, which harmed lives of american citizens and he was right going strong arm in relation with them. You might have seen a vastly different political labdscape throughout the 2020-2021
  17. This will be interesting, it might even sweep dems and give ground back to Trump for 2024. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/facebook-stops-removing-posts-claiming-covid-19-man-made-after-lab-leak-hypothesis-finally It will also damage the media and social media tech in their credibility even further.
  18. I'm more of a monocle and stache guy, or sweatpants, rough week old beard guy. Depends on the mood i guess
  19. How sustainable demographically is a system, when you have people in labor force for about 40-45y, while outside of labor force expanded from ca 15-20y to 40-50y and at the same time generation replacement happens every 30y instead of 20y and it is usually below the 2.0 kids per couple? The old days had subcultures being more promiscous, and it still was not entirely risk free. The advancments in medicine enabled more promiscous life style as the biggest risk of an adventorous intercourse (a child) has been mitigated to extremely low levels. This factor enabled women to go early in
  20. Not many, although there is a load of them going into architecture and interior design (they overrepresent there)
  21. This will be a bit unpopular, but the whole point of enabling women into the workforce, was to keep the wages low. Suddenly you have more people competing for various level white collar jobs. You will notice that it in the white collar, most post uni jobs stall in growth of wages (you can see this now as more and more people are entering stem/tech jobs, the pace of money making is stalling) On the other hand, jobs with vast overrepresentation of men (construction, plumber, electrician, truck driver, mariner) are keeping up with cost growths if not even outpacing them, and they have no bu
  22. Perhaps change the mind of natives and promote having families and kids? One thing that i hold a distain for a modern feminism is that from going for equal rights and opportunitiea, they made it 'unfashionable', 'weak', 'servile' to be a mother in a regular family unit, and that it promotes promiscuity among women (have fun, you have plenty of time), when in fact the one thing that women don't have, is time as the biology does not care about what you believe in. The second nail in the coffin is the rise of social media and promoting shalow and dumb behavior. Dumb things on the int
  23. I have a CC with like 2k limit, which i pay off regularly, sometimes leaving some used balance after a minimal payment for a mibth or two. Used for some streaming service and occasional purchase via interwebs. I also have like a 10k limit within my debit account, in case of some unspeakable emergency, where I could not pull my savings due to some liquidity issue. Just work on your credit scores from early years.
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