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  1. So, I expect the midterms will be a reason, while we will see another cash injection into the economy by Dems. With narrow margins it's possible that they mighy lose both House and Senate. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/white-house-downplays-transitory-inflation-democrats-quietly-panic-over-impact-midterm @Guard Dog would probably be very happy.... Until Trump 2024 ...
  2. Guess this would speak closer to your beliefs. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/secretis-out
  3. Interesting topic, and I believe that if you are above a certain size and weight, you should pay more for the air travel. https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/airlines-may-start-weighing-passengers-amid-obesity-crisis
  4. So is this how you turn a decent City into a next Baltimore? https://www.theepochtimes.com/portland-police-union-president-says-city-is-on-the-precipice-of-a-gang-war_3816766.html
  5. Unorthodox opinion on the wealth accumulation. https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/praise-1-they-provide-improving-standards-living-99-percent While in principle I agree that this worked in the past, as wealth was built from investments, now it does not and will not work that well going forward, due to which investments return the most profit in the reality of free money provided by FED and tech leap displacing simple jobs and offshoring more complex jobs.
  6. When I see British and diplomacy, I can't resist to reference to this. https://youtu.be/VOdnISwLkSs
  7. @Ben No.4 To be honest, it's been a while since any topic of high speed rail popped up on any serious level of decision making discussion. There is a lot to take on, as tracks in different countries of EU are often incompatibile and to build a high speed rail infrastructure, which could compete with conveniece of air traffic, that would take trillions of EUR. Although if any money printing could be excused, this type of a project would be one to get a pass from me. The infrastructure could also revitilize economcially some smaller hubs along the rail path, something, which air traff
  8. I've told this somewhere last year, that there are rules across various companies, not to store non-US related sensitive data in US and if in the cloud service, just stream it as needed from other nodes. US and privicy of data are oxymorons.
  9. Before you will start virtue signaling, stop outsourcing pollution intensive jobs and stop buying services/products and components from pollution creating countries like China and India. Shut down air traffic over Germany as well If you will do that, then I'll believe that you are taking care of green issues seriously, instead if virtue signaling for feel good points, while still contributing indirectly by increased consumption of high energy footprint products and services.
  10. @Guard Dog This is also an interesting perspective. A bit overblown IMO, but in the right direction https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/us-consumer-confidence-plunges-inflation-fears-soar
  11. I'm happy, as I shorted along with funds on the tech index prior to CPI print (i expected it to be higher than consensus, but not that high on MoM basis) - Ez money (due to regulatory reasons i can invest in indexes only via third parties at their fixed conditions and with limited amount of monies). And now stocks are getting pumped again, as if there was no bad data in the last 3 days. Market is sure FED will backstop and start buying stonks before large players would go broke and in the meanwhile it will keep markets high on free money. Not to mention, they don't want people to pull out cas
  12. If not for DnD, I'd probably forget about thr word as well
  13. If you guus think that YoY 4.2 CPI with MONTHLY 0.9 CPI was bad, the front running YoY PPI just hit 6.2, with MONTHLY core PPI going 0.7 for a second month in a row. Prepare your wheelbarrows. Foreign buyers reluctant to buy 30Y TSY bonds, sending cost of long term debt higher. If that attiitude will spillover to 10Y TSY with next CPI print and Dems + Biden will still want to run some high cash printed money fueled "infrastructure bill" or worse - another run of stimmy checks, expect some pain. Even this piece of crap notices the 'speedbumps' https://thehill.com/h
  14. Actually, the tax to be fair should be linear. I recall something around 17% was a good number. Make sure that all income types are taxed, and that any offshore income is taxed as well witha difference in tax rates between locations. How you help the people on the lower range of income is to assist in keeping prices for their regular spendings low. Some examples Have 0% sales tax on retail groceries, and have 30% sales tax on yachts, jewelry, etc. Make sure that you push a personal transactional wealth tax for any goods/assets bought abroad, which would meet certai
  15. You only pay taxes on the money that do not escape your country, through let say imports and trade deficits. You also don't pay taxes for items which are circulated in the not-entirely legal cash flows (untaxed incomes, and sales), and there are always items, which corporations and large asset owners can freeze up, through lets say cheap debt and stock buybacks, or investing into assets offshore, where you will never see that money back, but you will feel the price increases in your pocket, once you will start spending 40-50% of your disposable income on basic food needs and another 40+% on yo
  16. I expect things going hotter through June, then some rebound through Q3 with ups and downs, things will look stable and then end of year, early Q1 2022 Late Q3 and Q4 will be pivotal in decisionmaking by FED, Bidens admin and Dems
  17. Come on mr Biden and mr Powell and House Democrats. ONE MORE STIMMY CHECK WITH PRINTED CASH. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/us-core-consumer-prices-explode-higher-fastest-pace-1981 Lets kill the value of dollar and its reserve currency hegemony status. It's like China and Russia don't have to do anything other than wait for the morons to implode Western economy...
  18. How many die of gang voilence and use of firearms in US and how many die of act of voilence in Israel and palestine conflict area outside of the intifadas? You know what are the rights of those people there? I've added a recent interview a post earlier. EDIT: Also, the point is not about comparing the two in terms of rights and wrongs, but to show that continued, stoked and sustained perception of being mistreated, can lead groups of people to explode and act not in a rational way, but rather instinctively, like a wounded/beated animal.
  19. So if someone comes to evict you and beat you up, you just bend a knee and do not react? I guess we should stop criticizing China then? What Hamas done is not right, but we can't ignore underlying issues which created the tensions. People have a breaking point. On one side you condemn profiling by Police, even if data would support such, on the other hand you apporve the same type of data suppprted profiling by Israelis (imagine this type of behavior by US police around various 'hoods') It's good to hear both sides of the conflict, but bear in mind that there is a lot
  20. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/05/11/stanley-druckenmiller-fed-policy-criticism-us-economy.html
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