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  1. Yes, it's a debt driven economy, which requires constant growth in order not to collapse. The issue people do not see, is that eventually more printed money in the economy, only widens the gap between the poorest and the wealthiest. Look at what were the ratios of richest vs poorest and purchasing power of average family, before dollar was decoupled from gold, and look at what happened when the value of the dollar was based on 'trust' alone, that you will be always able to repay any debt with it.
  2. Stop wasting money on useless degrees? Stop wasting money on useless items and lifestyle? Learn to repair and reuse? Move to a cheaper place and maybe grow your own food? Learn some trade skills? Carpentry? Construction? Elcetricity? Heck, even old Bill knows where the future is, and that's not cities https://www.forbes.com/sites/arielshapiro/2021/01/14/americas-biggest-owner-of-farmland-is-now-bill-gates-bezos-turner/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. And you think that printing money and more inflation will help in any of that? The only reason, that you do not have yet a gloval crisis is due to central banks running a lot of money without a real economy to follow on that. I hoped it will be crashing and we will get off the negative rates with the pandemic, but no, it could not be done, as there would be litteral revolutions, so they make the problem even worse for the future by printing even more money... At some point, the obly strategy left to get rid of national debts will be to inflate it away. Banks will keep
  4. The thing is, that wasn't some mainstream thing. Some far right wing politicians will try to make it look better than it was, but as long as it is not illegal, let the fools make more of a fool themselves. People tend to avoid extremes, so if they can constantly see what other people see, they will react to more of that by avoiding such nuts. When you start censoring such on one side, and do not do so on the other side, which says left extreme things, the natural behavior of those undecided will be to move away to the right, while not seeing the full scope of risks there.
  5. You can always tailor things to platforms, which have a registered user base above "xyz" who are not liable for content published there by their users, unless it's illegal as defined by law of the land on which the user is registered on/verified by residency/citizenship document, etc. Can also include that the account is in no way monetized, data not shared etc. (platform owner does not make profit from your activity) You can tailor things sufficiently enough, to make sure that forums like this would not be the target. There are areas/countries where FB and others comply with
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/14/poland-plans-to-make-censoring-of-social-media-accounts
  7. Why? Did you have same approach to creators of lawless autonomous zones, where people were murdered and property destroyed? Sure, prosecute and sentence those individuals, who were responsible for bodily harm, plus those who did significant damage to property or stole, but a lot of that mob went there in protest, not as a lynch mob to kill other people or secede or in attempt to coup. More of a manifest of their political support to the current president. I also agree, that Trump was responsible for making that mob angry enough, but I do not believe this was a delibar
  8. There might be some limitations where it comes to a primary vs secondary market on some instrument releases, but I do not think they touched any of that topic.
  9. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/us-turkey-biden-erdogan-call-unanswered
  10. The thing is, EU when pressed to a wall with a no deal scenario, made significant concessions to what their position and demands were. No deal was never the better outcome, but the decision to conceed shows that EU is a) not as determined, b) apparently had more to lose than officially claimed
  11. What are those compromises, that would be considered heavy in wieght compared to what was received back? Anything super significant in terms of capital markets? Anything super significant when it comes to access to the EU market? Anything in regards to movement of people? Any word on 'exit bill'?
  12. There will be some initial administrative hurdles that will impact the first two Qs, but when you get into the core of the deal, it's quite good for UK and it shows EU as a 'weak' entity.
  13. Any opinions on the accuracy of this topic? https://www.zerohedge.com/political/kamala-harris-promoted-fund-bailed-out-violent-thugs-refuses-share-records-criminals
  14. So there is some opinion starting to shape, that EU has "no balls" when it comes to a real deal. 1) Brexit deal seems to be favorable to UK, and while there are some arbitration tools within the deal, that might be used at some unknown point in the future, once the paperwork and initial administrative burden for companies will be closed, UK doesn't lose almost anything, while all the posing and roaring is showing a teethless kitten on the EU side. 2) Inability to hard press Poland and Hungary in terms of various 'rule of law' and 'common values'. 3) Deal with Bejing, where th
  15. https://www.afrl.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2464776/afrl-demonstrates-first-ever-collaborative-weapon-technologies/ Anyone else can put some more in layman's words, whats the actual impact of such a weapon?
  16. So it seems like Aussie regulators and BigTech are on a collision course?
  17. I see that there is some discussion about the spreading. The goal of the mask is not really to prevent you being infected (it certainly helps though) , but you infecting others. As for droplets etc. Do you know the size of the virus? What comprise the vapor coming out of your mouth? Why you think that the more moisty, moderate temp months have higher rates than sunny, hot and dry months? Have you experienced ever the distance from which you can sense significantly the 'taste' and 'smell' of someone elses smoke fume exhale? Also a lot of dumbasses we
  18. Not sure if this was mentioned. There is a strain id E484K for COVID-19, which bypasses a lot of immunity generated by the currently available vaccines (or so it seems) I think we will wait with back to normal for a long time...
  19. There is a reason, why EU is called by some euro-kolkhoz. EU politics is really far on the left.
  20. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-12/upbeat-xi-says-time-on-china-s-side-as-turmoil-grips-u-s https://www.ft.com/content/64ef5592-25b4-48c4-a70b-b42071951941 Buckle up for 2021.
  21. Hmm, look at Twitter pre-Trump era. You need to take also into account, the overvalued stocks of tech comapnies due to covid reality (look at the sharp increase in stock value of the whole Nasdaq post March) There will be a hard reality check for Twitter and its value.
  22. Looking at the outcome so far, protecting the brand backfired for Twitter's value. FB is next on the list. Google, Amazon and Apple are a bit more tricky, as they hold a lot of various aspects of the online/internet accessibility, hence they will be first targetted with regulations with short amount of time to implement them and heavy fine prospects. Too much regular business is locked and dependand of their infrastructures at the moment. Now, this might have some other consequences as well. Looking on the concentration of the capital on the stock market, it may result in a spectac
  23. This is what I said. You can expect a heavy anti-trust hammer coming down on US tech on the EU side. This display of force woke up some people. So far, there was an unspoken consensus, that even though those companies hold such buttons at their disposal, they will not use them against the political class. This is now out of the window, and there will be a lot of regulation coming. It will take some time thougj to clarify the details, as there will be disagreement about the definition of prohibited hate speach, but there are always things you can trade among EU countries to get to an effective
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