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  1. I've already stayed way too late. It will be a painful morning and a lot of coffee. Leaving with this, as I think it is oddly appropriate
  2. Almost there, but missing social freedoms. The economic reforms were not tragic though, and good enough that they were continued even after he "left" the office. Comparing Chile the rest of that region? I would not endorse that rule though.
  3. Who disappeared and with a last sighting of that person being taken by an unidentified individual? If it was unidentified, then how was the tracing done to connect the individual to the state aparatus?
  4. You guys should be more concerned about this and the growing national debt plus inflation, than some random usless stuff like pronouns or imagined systemic oppressions of whatever characteristics. https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/netcomp.cgi?year=2019
  5. No, because what you described is not ok, however no such situation happened, that someone was disappeared by unmarked state aparatus in US during the riots. I'm sure that such things could have happened in US, but those would most likely not see the light of the news and be related to espionage or other clandestine activities
  6. Sure, there are, but they usually get twisted in time and become such. Best case scenario they lead to economic stagnation. On the other hand, I cannot find a non-socialist, non-monarchy, conservative/traditionalists goverment supporting free market and free speech doing something bad, other than economic growth being divided disproportionally towards the asset owners.
  7. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/barrett-rule-how-democratic-members-are-creating-new-and-dangerous-standard-confirmations @Gromnir I'd be curious, what is your view and perception on the process and the hearings as they progress.
  8. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/rabobank-facebook-and-twitter-are-suppressing-biden-news-while-allowing-slew-other Read the other isle as well, follow the dollar and confront two sides critically. There are things on every side, which a merit based technocrat supporting social freedoms would facepalm at.
  9. Unmarked police? Or unmarked vehicles with police officers that were wearing insignia? Disappearing? Or interogating suspects of criminal activities and releasing? Did anyone not return or was tortured? I'd say unmarked police and disappearing people are more of Bolsheviks expertise. See communist regimes. Funny that there were more communist/socialist regimes than purely right wing authoritarian (not elected) with focus on cultural identity and cohesion, history and free market with free speech. Only socialists and communists seem to know what is best that you should t
  10. @Gromnir I admit, I've drifted away mid sentence, but it was not in any bad faith. At certain point, I've started to wonder, if a different treatment in regards to political messaging cannot be pulled into realms of discrimination of protected characteristics. I. E. Removing something based on not liking a protected characteristic, while endorsing another political characteristic. I'm not familiar with US legislation to that extent. I know, that locally, one of employees of a big corp, started to confront publically a political meesaging of the corp, and claimed he feels
  11. @Gromnir At which point that type of lrivate censorship would be a breach in rulea against discrimination of beliefs, religion, political views, etc. Wouldn't it be illegal, if facebook would start banning lgtb activists as they would not like the fact that the msg covers lgbt messaging? Same with religious abd ethnic activists?
  12. @Gromnir Did he ( Barr) do something, which is considered unlawful? Does anyone censor the opinion? Bolshevism tends to have romance with left leaning indviduals, especially the thought and speech police parts of it.
  13. You can become my personal wage slave, once my corporation will fully own the narratives of all communication. Make sure to stop by the nearest re-education center for your new chip and set of medicines. Otherwise your contract will be terminated and your flesh will be used for nutrition, as we need to comply with the rules on animal meat consumption, yet other working citizens still need more of the single wage affortable nutrition.
  14. Soviets would love to work in such a reality
  15. You expect the angry outrage mob to actually read and make an effort to do some research?
  16. I guess they are looking for social sciences majors. That's about right payment for their education.
  17. I guess people in Portland really hate Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosvelt. What's that "Day of Rage" thing popping up here and there?
  18. If they stole them, and nobody is stopping them, wouldn't that be even worse?
  19. I wonder, when the losses will break the backs of senior managers and execs of these businesses. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/shoplifting-mobs-bulldoze-entire-luxury-ny-stores-security-paralyzed-fears-theyll-be
  20. I'd guess the author of the Tweet itself
  21. *sarcasm on* Just call an airstrike and napal the feks out!!!! *sarcasm off* I'm fairly sure that unless you can remove guns from general populace and make it really hard for common thugs to get one, then you can't really address weapinized police issue in the US of A.
  22. Too drunk now to answer properly, but there is a difference in an economic and political union of 1000s of years old countries/nations and US, a constitual federation and an upstart empire, already showing signs of decline on par with late Roman empire, after barely 75yrs of world dominance.
  23. https://mobile.reuters.com/article/BigStory12/idUSKBN26M5O2 https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/senate-orders-big-tech-ceos-testify-liability-shield-election-day
  24. I do not think the issue qe discuss is really about the actual legitimacy. I raise a point about perception of this process, and that it would be better to have longer voting period, but in person voting where it would be mpre difficult to spin narratives about the legitimacy. There are high social tensions, and you open the results for claims of illegitimacy with a process, which in theory, can be manipulated by any side to some extent. Even if you are right, you need to be able to convince people that you are right. People in the past were burnt for claims that Earth
  25. Do you believe, that if this amount of ballots will be rejected, it will not trigger a **** poaturing and hitting one another with a verbal bat, no matter who will win? Trunp wins - Democrats will cry, that the administration, including poat service obstructed deliveries on purpose, etc Biden wins - Trumpers will call fraud, as so many were missing and a lot were mismatching on signatures or in wrong envelopes.
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