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  1. So, if I decide to troll people, and a poop sign will be meaning people of color, should the poop sign be banned? If I will replace it later on, with a toilet sign, will it also be banned? If I will use an 'equal' sign for straight supremacy, will this need to be banned as well? Thumbs up being a gay-catcall? Just because a bunch of weirdos decided to push something trolly and prove how stupid and over sanitized environment will become, that should then result in vast majority of people to adapt and change, just not to be falsely accused due to lack of context? Because of SM now you can
  2. Thanks for adding the India part, I recall it was there as well. Not sure if they self censor it in any way though. In Japan I recall they self censor that on tourist maps, even though it only resembles the Swastika mark.
  3. Just because some nutts start using that, it does not mean it should be interpreted as such. This is cultural appropriation at its worst. What makes it that bad, is that it now is forced at other areas as something bad. People need to learn US cultural issues=/worlds cultural issues There is a long standing issue in Japan, that their certain religious sign is deemed in western world as something very bad, due to a certain party in Germany using that mark. Even though it predates the recent use by hundreds of years. I think the only reason the Japanese choked it up on th
  4. @Gorth Similar case to Google. Just not as prominent. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/jan/24/inevitable-google-and-facebook-will-pay-for-australian-news-treasurer-says
  5. Heh, you have nutts on both sides. At one point, someone decided that a long standing, long time used hand gesture for an OK sign is meaning something else, or you get people in congress look stupid by adding to the end of a prayer using a latin/hebrew phrase Amen(so be it!) another word, completely irrelevant to the context, A-women... Also, 'minorities' are in majority conservative when it comes to genders and beliefs. There is only so much they will trade in for some extra buck.
  6. It's somewhat telling, how little attention this story gets. Try googling for it and see what are the top returned results. (750 killed in ethiopia) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/24/fabled-ark-could-be-among-ancient-treasures-in-danger-in-ethiopias-deadly-war Imagine, if this was some other minority group.
  7. @BruceVC I know this is behind a paywall, but the topic in itself is worth attention. Do you think, that there is a real threat that at one point SA could follow in the steps of other african countries? It seems it has already deteriorated in terms of governance since the idealistic days of late 90s. https://www.gisreportsonline.com/africas-presidents-for-life,politics,3415.html
  8. @Gorth So tthe spat between Aussie gov't and Google/Facebook intensifies? @BruceVC https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2021/01/21/facebook-gives-fbi-private-messages-of-users-discussing-capitol-hill-riot/ This is the reason, why you don't want private data stored under US oversight. I can understand an action against an arrested person, that is charged with a tresspass action, and I can agree/understand to a degree a scan of publically posted info by users (a lot of companies do that already), but there is so many cases, where this is not right.
  9. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/21/national-guard-troops-vacate-capitol-461220
  10. Yes, working with and for financial institutions with various algorithms, forecast models, event driven logical chains and dependancies, processes etc. I make a decent living out of that now. I also remember times, where I had to live in a relative poverty, with one decent meal a day and some scraps on other occassions. Can you turn your talk and ideas into real money? A lot of ideas are not popular, but it's not always about popularity contest, but about effectiveness and how not to let society deteriorate to a breaking point, and while you do not want to admit, your values
  11. We survived, evolved and built civilization and we were driven for a majority of our existence by various survival tactics? Do you know when was the last recorded large 'starvation'/'hunger' event? When did the population started to boom? When you look regionally, what actions led to boom and were the actions to deal with various crisises devloped within the population of the region or outside of it?
  12. Funny, but I saw to that, as I was not a burden on my father and had to pay for it to him, while I let him live there so he can enjoy his retirement and only pays for amenities, lije electricity
  13. I have one, but it was inherited. I was buying apartments myself
  14. The key word is, "in cities", perhaps we should move to a less concentrated population model?
  15. While that part was meant to be just that-a bit of humor, there is a real issue with handouts overall. Which are helpful to people and improve society's evolution and sustainability and which make people helpless and lead to an eventual catastrophy.
  16. You are asking for a solution to be drafted ad hoc within minutes, clearly you can understand that whatever I would say, you could latch on and discredit with ease. Not going to entertain that. As for symptoms and causes, one can think in this context simiarly to chicken and egg question. Is the certainty, that they have a handouts cushion make people be more irresponsible as the most painful risk is mitigated, or certain people are simply irresponsible and with handouts we mitigate a worse social outcome of mass of children corpses laying on the streets?
  17. If I'd have an easy solution, then I'd get a noble prize. There is no easy and fast solution. One thing is sure, the more people rely on handouts and the longer they are, the harder it gets to get rid of underlying issues, as you will get generations knowing life on handouts as an intrinsic part of their life. This unfortunately will perpetuate and expand the problem. Once you keep people on handouts, if the population of such grows and a small percent gets activated economically, then you get more homeless, which in turn require even more resources to take care of, etc. At s
  18. One is the decison of their own actions. You are not responsible for what they bring on themselves. The other one is result of your arbitrary action. You are smart enough to know the difference and not put both in the same class, even as the outcome is in both cases death.
  19. Now you are exaggerating. That's assisted genocide. Stop helping people to make irresponsible decisions. Eventually people will learn not to make irresponsible decisions if there is a high risk of high personal cost and loss. Btw, conflict for life sustaining resources will be more ugly than allowing some people to feel consequences of bad decisions now. That's where you will get to genocide level actions
  20. And at the same time, people call for change in life style, because there are too many people. At which point you will come to a breaking point, where there is simply not enough resources to cover those rights? Will you whip others to provide for you the sustinance or care? Being responsible helps long term more than any top-down program
  21. Hmm, are those children from full households? Why decide on having children, if you have problems keeping yourself afloat? Perhaps look at a source, not at the outcome. Handouts lead to irresponsibility.
  22. Not really, dems have a history of slavery. They just outsourced that feature to China, so big corps can use the workforce there. Also, they will need their money to finance debt. I believ there was a raise in TSY bought by China for the first time since the spat with Trump. Dems will wiggle finger at Russians and bomb something in middle east - back to normal. But first they will focus on making sure that they will make their US opposition impotent, so they will not lose a WH next election.
  23. @Guard Dog Don't worry, daddy govt will take care of you. I just recalled some old piece. "" "" The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” Their stated reason is because “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.” Thus ends today’s lesson in
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