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  1. Yeah, hope you will not be downgraded from a continent to an archipelago On more serious note, hope you have some stash of emergency food and other nesesities in case return to normal would be a bit more bumpy or costly.
  2. Read this then. https://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN2BB0BV https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usd-bonds-yields-explainer-idUSKBN2BB230 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-markets-themes-idUSKBN2BB1CI I'm not saying to treat something as an ultimate omnipotence, but the perspective is worth considering, or at least reading it with a critical mindset and challanging your own thesis on some aspects of the markets. NOTE: I wonder if in retrospective you would look back and see on what you thought possible before GFC and of the warnings by "doomsayers". Same as on such warnings on the danger of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, etc.
  3. This might be anninteresting topic to follow, as a test of "ethics" https://www.wsj.com/articles/biden-white-houses-ties-to-big-tech-are-detailed-in-new-disclosures-11616291989
  4. For those interested in more of monetary/economic policies, some more pessimistic scenarios to consider. A bit too pessimistic and overly dramatic for my taste, but not improbable, so worth considering. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/cornered-powell-cant-raise-rates-economy-remains-life-support https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ecbs-financial-suttee
  5. @Malcador There is no really a need to go that deep into some conspiracies, but it's not hard to imagine that the whole "court" around Biden is actually pulling a lot of strings. Effectively though, whatever he will announce or sign is the action. Just not sure how much of it is his own initiative, as I bet dollars against pebbles, that none of it is, based on how he is communicating and who is discussing policies with foreign leaders.
  6. They are not tougher, they just want to look tough, and get a pat on the head from Western parties supporting Navalny. However, the current ruling party is outright running smear campaigns since their inception, including conspiracies that Russians killed a Polish president, who in fact died in a plane crash.
  7. Must have watched Borat recently? On a more serious note, not sure why there is a tendency to imply some outragous theories on a level of Russiagate or QAnon with the statment, that Biden is effectively just a figure-head. One of the reasons why it is certainly amusing, calling a Russian president a "soulless killer", is the fact that there is a lot of innocent civilian blood on US hands and a lot of conflicts and death initiated by USA. Heck, US army is openly pillaging for oil Syrian oil fields.
  8. Typical, deflection, ad persona insinuatuon, clinging onto something not even mentioned in the discussion. This tactic has to work well for you. Your fellow partners must be proud of you. Biden wouldn't be able to run the show even if he was let to do so. He can't even run an unscrippted press conference or walk straight onto a staircase. You well know, what executive powers a US president has, and if those powers are not sufficient to use a phrase of "running the show" than what are. They certainly are, when compared to token presidents, such as German one. I've also mentioned mr Powell inthere, in respect to an area that no president has a direct control over. Anyway, if you can't look at something from more than one angle, then it's your loss, not mine. If I'm wrong then you will sleep happy. Take conciliation in that.
  9. As long as US will step aside on many trade and regional meddling, sure it's possible as on the strategic layer it's good to have a muscle backing your daily reality, but EU, especially France nd Germany have much different interests politically and trade wise, than what US would see to fit them. Which country in EU now is a strong voice in terms of supporting US initiatives? It was difficult even during the Obama era, and you think that now, after Trump, and with volatile people becoming more prominent in US politics, this will be better? Biden is effectively a figure head, sheltered and for occasional statment airing only. Who is running the show, hmm?
  10. He can't do s- with EU relations. Not until US will drop from the high horse position and start taking into account various EU sensitivities and areas of interests. Macron calls US cultural trends harmful, Angela has vested interests in making sure she can work with Russia in regards to natural resources and market for german automibiles and other equipment. A lot of EU is more interested in business with China and normalization in middle east, including improving relations with Iran. The only reliable puppet was until recently Poland with its currently rusophobic government, which also plays a tune of German and Russian coalition to destroy Poland. This however got out of the window when Trump lost presidencial race. The "wokeism" of current US policymakers is faaaaar away from the values they could accept in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Thanks to Powell US dollar is trash currently, and there is a significant probability that USD will lose its reserve currency status during Bidens presidency (it would be same case if Trump would stay) USA is losing its soft and hard power projection capabilities at a significant pace. The only thing that's losing credibility and power faster than USA is the EU as a governing body of unified nations.
  11. https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/covid-cases-are-spiking-dozen-states-high-vaccination-rates
  12. Hah... This will never happen, although I would like to see it. https://abcnews.go.com/International/putin-challenges-biden-debate-president-calls-killer/story?id=76539031 Putin just made a check mate move. Looking how long it takes for Biden to do an unscrippted press conference, we know he is in no mental shape for a debate. If he will take this up, he will get demolished by Putin. If he will not take it, he will look evasive and weak. How would anyone take such a leader seriously on the world stage? If they will try to push Kamala for the debate, they will only admit that Biden is really a figure-head, a puppet. And she would lose it as well, as she would have a typical ignorant view of the world and its history.
  13. So when is Biden about to reinstate the wall building policies? What's happening at southern border, when even Biden has to say in an ABC pieve, "don't come"?
  14. Even STEM careers are starting to look less of a birght path in the high cost locations. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2021-opinion-optional-practical-training-problems-stem-graduates-deserve-better-jobs-opportunities/
  15. I'm always hesitant with something in its first itteration, and I can't blame people, to be somewhat hesitant until they see results on real population. I said once before, that I do believe the vaccinations are the solution, just it was too early to rely on it and trumpet around the success. Usually complex problems require discipline and time, both of which are lacking in the modern populace. We see various mutantions emerging, we still do not know the exact source / origin and while tests show various positive outcomes, they are just tests in a control group, which might not be fully representative. There is also too much of politics around distribution of various vaccines, and profit margin protection, to treat this roll out more seriously. All this points me to a direction, wait, isolate, observe and see for a next gen roll out.
  16. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-russia-vaccine-idUSKBN2B8197 Politics...
  17. On a more serious note. https://www.france24.com/en/france/20210316-france-investigating-new-coronavirus-variant-detected-in-brittany
  18. Hey, it's killing old white people, making room for the cultural enrichment
  19. You need to sk yourself a question, will you make world divided in ability to travel to rich and poor? Or if this is the actual pandemic then in the best attempt to return to normal is to remove the transmition and mutations potential from the human populce. The longer yoy take the process the more likely appearance of a mutation, which will bypass all the vaccination, making the spent money almost wasted. When do you consider cutting short term profits for longer term gains? Or do you accept that economies will not get back to normal and might crash hard, should a more dangerous mutation emerge? Weight in alternative costs for societies and economies vs pharma gains?
  20. Focus more on pronouns, feels, "math is racist", "masculinity is bad, dangerous and toxic" and this will just become more prominent. Not only US is losing on development and in tech progress, but it is now admitted, they cannot confront China near their sphere of influence. https://news.yahoo.com/were-going-to-lose-fast-us-air-force-held-a-war-game-that-started-with-a-chinese-biological-attack-170003936.html Lets add to that trillion of printed debt, and socio-economic collapse starts appearing on the wall fast, and US going to the dumpster geopolitically is soon after (with US losing ability to project power both militarly and economcially, once dollar gets trash canned from the reserve currency status)
  21. Food for thought https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/backlash-rich-countries-vaccinate-person-second-poor-nations-alleging-vaccine-apartheid
  22. @Guard Dog and how do you feel about topics like this? https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/feds-most-convenient-lie-cpi-charade
  23. Marks of socialist utopia in the making @BruceVC is probably used to such stories or acts in his home South Africa
  24. I find it distirbing and hillarious at the same time. Some of the current socialist/ left actions are so similar to what was happening in lets say Eastern Germany not so long ago. Soon state will be taking children away from parents, because parents are wrong thinkers. Just watch some of the video materials from great socialist utopias or listen to woman leaders like Helga Labs.
  25. Interesting perception here. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/narrative-inflation-amid-depopulation
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