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  1. How is the person, who took to her own a voice and a stand against segregation relevant to this point?
  2. You said it's important. Usually the person putting a thesis forward needs to prove it. I do not see why it would be important. I do see this however A person with miniscule support during dems primaries, will be de facto a prssident, when they will pull Biden from the white house in mid 2021, due to "health conditions and being unable to work in full capacity"
  3. Nah, democrats will be busy with trying to appease all the raging mobs, which they first pushed for. Now there will be no Trump to "rally against". What will media do? What will happen, once more business will offshore more work, funnilly enough, the next on the cutting stand are banking, journalism and tech jobs. Some will be cut, others automated or offshored.
  4. I'm calling it, you will not know who is the new POTUS until mid Jan 2021
  5. He will get replaced as soon as summer 2021 by Harris
  6. How would I know? I'm just showing the others sides point of view. Compare to the rest of increases? I'm not that invested i US presidency. The only hope I would have is to stop the cancel culture and declare social media public utilities as once phone was declared in the past, and stop censorship on whats considered platforms, who also live off your perosnal data.
  7. You can't now clealry as it is still a process and the items were not investigated, however some people post red Flags and to dismiss them outright seems a bit naive. One red flag - a blip, a couple - needs fixing or someone stupid running the process but in any way should be investigate for the potential error, a lot of - very suspicious and possibly malicious This are some of the red flags raised by the other side of the race, which i guess lead to @Skarpen's strong opinion The massive turn out alone is a red flag. But as for doing better… The late night spi
  8. I would not call it a free speach issue, but it is a media bias issue. Social media is a different story, they are censoring what the user posted, but since they are not considered a public utility (yet) then its a bit more gray area. This is specifically an issue, when one side of a political spectrum, even in its most crazy forms can speak freely using those mediums and creating some social influence, the more centrists and moderate conservatists can not, even if they are doing so because of their christian religion or policy in regards to spending money or definition of a nation
  9. I'll laugh my ass off, if the Trump will contest the votes successfully (unlikely, but not impossible) , and then unfaithful EC will claim the presidency goes to Biden as per initial count and overall popular vote. Not so much fun for people in the US though.
  10. I think you might wait till Jan for the official
  11. I think there were dems calling some issues with votes in FL.
  12. Grab some snacks and booze I wonder what other things people will latch onto during this process of vote counts, recounts and lawsuits
  13. Looking at the map of counties not the states. I'm sure the 'red' counties would be fine, as they would export much more than import. The point I'm trying to make here is, that votes from concentrated urban areas would always overcome less populous areas. Is this a contract you want to establish? Do you believe it will bode well to the unity of the country? Will you force them to serve metropolitan areas basically and become essentially slaves?
  14. Not sure if less populous states will be happy with this solution. Wouldn't it be a road to the end of the federation and some states going their own way? Edit: I mean, if you'd look at the map by counties, there wouldn't be many resources to go by in the blue areas and the red ones would be self sustainable.
  15. Funny thing is, claims about voter supression are as valid as the ones about fraudulent votes, especially during the counts behind closed gates and done by democrat hired people. The delays do not help in calming down Trump supporters. If everything would be counted in BEFORE the close of election polls, then it would not give as much of the room to such claims.
  16. Ric Grenell, the former acting Director of National Intelligence, is slated to hold a Thursday morning press conference in Las Vegas to announce the Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit that seeks to count every "legal" vote. The Trump campaign is alleging that at least 10,000 people voted in the state, despite no longer living there
  17. It is true that its difficult to that widespread, however it usually takes a few key states, with differences that usually margin within a 2% window, and that's not more than a 100k votes. Some old story on the subject https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2020/10/08/rejected-mail-ballots-projected-major-factor-2020-election/3576714001/ Now imagine some of the mail ins accepted, should be rejected, but they were not? Or the other way around? At this point, no matter the outcome, USA lost, rich are becoming richer due to stocks going wild in a
  18. Might be, but I'm sure there will be a lot of information flying around election fruads on mail in ballots, missing ballots, invalidated ballots, dumped/destroyed ballots and there will be examples of those. Even if the scale will be not evidenced, the examples of actions that took place amd were evidenced will be enough of a message to one or the other side of the voters. Expect a long session of recounts, lawsuits and accusations going both ways. All of which could have been avoided by a long period of in person voting (early votes plus election day votes)
  19. There will be calls for recounts and fight over mail-ins legitimacy. Ground is prepped.
  20. And yet you have even older one running for the office
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