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  1. @Hurlshot I wonder what's your opinion on such: http://abc3340.com/news/nation-world/nearly-70-year-old-murals-taken-down-at-university-of-rhode-island-for-lack-of-diversity
  2. Let's agree, that it wasn't so far. That's clear. At the same time, you'll have more focus and scrutiny, more opportunists hoping to "fix" USA one way or another. You have more tensions, more division and partisanship in population than probably in any election after WW2 up to this one. I'm sure, that no matter who will win,if it will not be a landslide, than the other party will be pointing to "manipulated" or "fraudulent" mail-in voting. Are you sure of yourself, that you will not be looking for something odd there, if Trump would win in a highly contest
  3. I believe locally there is an option, to vote in by mail, but it's always on the voters request. You need to call in, provide your ID details from your document, then you'd have mail sent to you, which you need to receive to your hands and sign confirmation upon receipt. You get 2 attempts to contact you at your location by a postman, and if not present, then after each visit, you get 7 days to pick it up in person from your local post office. You get prepaid envelope for the send back and when sending the mail, you get receipt for the envelope sent, thus you can check later on, if
  4. I'm happy to be educated in that process, but I'd say the scale issue would still be a factor. I have no knowledge of the pre-existin mail-in system, who could use it or what were the conditions to use it and results of it. I just saw, that the large scale mail-in presidential election had to be cancelled and moved in Poland by a few months, due to privacy concerns, reliabilty of the process and accuracy of the process. Instead additional health safety measures and longer voting period were established
  5. Seems there will be another reason to whack one another https://thefederalist.com/2020/09/24/trump-was-right-explosive-new-fbi-texts-detail-internal-furor-over-handling-of-crossfire-hurricane-investigation/
  6. @Gromnir The mail-in vote is simply unreliable and unsecure. These two things will be used to batter the f. out of each other, no matter what the result will be. If this is a correct assumption: "Each citizen of the USA of a voting age has a right to one and only one vote" Then how do you make sure of that? 1) Did you make sure that each citizen got the one and only one ballot? How did you confirm that? 2) Is the ballot secured, i.e. has enough protection to make it secure from forgery attempts? 3) How do you make sure, that the person f
  7. Well, the thing is, if you can't verify who is voting and in what state the vote was cast vs what was the vote at registration of the result, then you have a flawed system. One of many reasons, why for example in Poland the mail-in votes were dropped and rejected, and why there is a ****storm for all the costs of printing etc that went into its preparation. I'd imagine with way more populace, in various density areas it would be even more difficult to perform in USA. Safety meassures and extended number of days to vote, would be much better and would close the dis
  8. I think the issue is, what the state is actually doing to clap down on these crimes, and if there is not too much of a blind eye on such cases. Other areas included. The crime statistics are just... Well you know best. Would you really feel safe outside of living in a gated and privately secured community? Doubly so, if you'd be a young woman.
  9. You also have issues with land grabbinb and genocide of farmers?
  10. Oh, 2020 election will be so much fun. If you don't have reliable methods of voting remotely, you just should nit do that... https://www.the-sun.com/news/1529924/mail-in-ballots-trump-trashed-pennsylvania/ Things like this, will only give fuel for both sides to toss more **** at each other and push polarization to a breaking point. You have big tech located in US, yet you cannot get something simple as online voting, where post service reps could walk house to house and collect votes via a remote pad after verification of the voter. And this could also be tracked
  11. Forgot that Norwegians got the peace prize awards.... Doh!
  12. They are stacking it, so Trump will look like a pinnacle of virtue and peace
  13. Wasnt sure, if it should be in funny or in politics, but i found it more depressing than funny, so lands in politics.
  14. This seems to be some interesting point oof view, a bit more weighted than an usual article there. https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/collapse-process-not-event
  15. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3102047/us-spy-planes-posing-airliners-serious-threat-south-china-sea If true, then this is disgusting on US part. This could make a real airliner a target by accident and create some dangerous incident.
  16. And I do not like the idea of such an instrument. Not with the current helicoper money policies. https://www.wsj.com/articles/cme-nasdaq-to-launch-water-futures-contract-11600853401
  17. @BruceVC This is probably more to your domain https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-23/jpmorgan-to-move-230-billion-assets-to-germany-in-brexit-shift?srnd=premium-europe But perhaps some people following BREXIT might be interested in this as well
  18. Capital gains tax will not fix it, it will only make people look for solutions to re-allocate their wealth and avoid taxes altogether. Middle class shrinkage has more to do with cheaper labor alternatives overseas.
  19. If looking from that point, I can admit I did pay attention to a specific post due to it pointing to these are the same people who will wax on about freedom and call for mass arrests in the same breath after all. Reading walls of text about politicians doing partisian things and using procedures as they see fit is about as pointless to me as reading about water being wet. I might have missed the context of that post then.
  20. How is that relevant, when my point was about equal treatment of similar behaviors and opportunities for similar acts? Unless you advocate that some part of populace should be held to different standards and have different rights than the others?
  21. Regarding C - hence i added a note that this should not be limited to skin color part only. It starts as early as me vs world, my family vs others etc. (whatever groups you can define where people form them out of own will)
  22. I think, it's more aimed at upholding the same standards of protests. Did you see and experience mass voilence and looting during protests in defense of 2nd amendment rights (i think that was the one about guns) There is also a large dose of hypocrisy, saying that protests against lockdown or other gatjerings are forbidden due to covid19 threat, yet you have other protests being encouraged.... Logic and consistency please. Unless you agree now, that rular area citizens can come up to your city and make a complete pogs breakfest from your neighbourhood and use voilence
  23. I think there are a few more dimensions here. A) what you describe is very US centric or colonial powers centric (excluding Germans, who by their actions now try to re-admit back to human race after their actions in the early 20th century) B) Shouldn't majority have some more bargain power and benefits in their own local majority? Isn't that what democracy is at its current understanding? The one who has majority, has the power over others? That said, there should be no legal limitations and privilages based on identity. You can't wish away or control basic instincts of a human bei
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