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  1. But on a more serious note https://www.siliconera.com/2019/08/19/yakuza-3s-ps4-remaster-might-get-a-western-announcement-at-gamescom-2019/ West might get Yakuza 3 Remaster announcement soon
  2. The most surprising thing about this statement, is that there still exist entities known as Anthem players
  3. More Assetto Corsa GT2X Championship. Latest race was 27 laps of Monza on medium difficulty. I was able to get the 2nd best lap in qualification, but after AI ramming me few times, like I was not on the track, I had to restart the race after 10 laps. Next race was the same, got rammed by AI, and then I had to try to catch the leader for more than 20 laps I think. Feeling exhausted, so time for a small nap
  4. “Only Nazis would ban lootboxes from games” Nein.
  5. My weekend adventure somehow motivated me to boot up Assetto Corsa again after more than a month. I run a another race in GT2X race. This time 30 laps on Imola against Medium AI and on Medium tyres without going to PitBox. I think I've sweated out 2 liters of water during the race It was really hard to stay focused in such hot weather and I did few bad mistakes. My setup was also kind of random whatever, so I am just happy, I did not end in the wall right after the first chicane
  6. And more Loot Box **** from FTC hearing. TL;DW - companies are artificially increasing chances for rare drops to paid influencers opening them.
  7. Well, the game can be little bit harder, if you have not good enough reflexes. I had a lot of issues with performing parry myself. The faster reflexes you have, the easier the game is. Also the more patient you are, the easier it is as well I died lot of time, because I am the typical one more hit before I jump away guy. Unfortunately most of the time it was the boss who had the one more hit on me
  8. Not much gaming, but I got gift voucher from my girlfriend and other friends on my 40th birthday months ago, and I got finally free weekend to attend the event I felt crazy adrenaline rush and etremely enjoyed it so I feel to share it to you as well Driving in Ariel Atom and Formula Ford in real life for few simple laps A lot of hours in various sims helped me a lot with what to expect from the cars. But I was still surprised, how "glued" to the track were both vehicles in the corners due to aerodynamics
  9. And few people from customer rights agencies during FTC hearing saying why it’s not enough.
  10. I have finished my second playthrough of Tales of Symponia on PS3. First time, I've played it in 2014 . I had not enough Grade to get bonus XP nor to transfer my earned Gald for New Game+, so I had to play it the classic way. With little bit of grinding for equipment and consumables for boss fights . I was able to finish every single sidequest and minigame, with the exception of Zelos' Gigolo title (because I've picked Kratos at the end of the game), which was a mistake during my planning phase for this playthrough. I've tried to achieve as much Titles as possible, with Kratos getting all of them, so the Platinum Trophy road is now at 54%. Game is still solid gold, with very good storyline, but it has not as enjoyable combat for me. Other Tales of... titles are much better in this regard. I should have now enough Grade to get transfered everything I've need for NG++.
  11. Kratos is now level 100 After checking some of the other requirements for trophies, I have decided to add two more tedious goals to current playthrough, before getting to Final Boss. One of the goals is finally done, but maaan, getting 1million casino chips for a trophy which is based purely on luck... *sighs* I think I spent 2 and half hours hitting the lever, just to get the required chips... Enough time wasted with ridiculous low chances to win, that off-put me much enough from real world casinos for the next 20 years and made me even bigger opponent of “surprise mechanics” The final task which still awaits me, is Figurine book for Genis’ title. Lot of encounters and lot of stealing involved in it. I need 54 pellets, 57 fine pellets and 66 super pellets for figurine smelting, which need to be stolen from various mobs, and 85 rare pellets, which can be thankfully purchased in Altamira for Casino Chips. 2000 a piece. I still have over 800k from that silly trophy, so at least I do not need to farm these from a rare spawn in Derris-Kharlan...
  12. More Tales of Symphonia on PS3 and Abyssion and Final Bosses of Forbidden Anamnesis are defeated 8 more levels to go for Kratos, and I will try to go for the final boss on higher difficulty
  13. Killed last form of Sword Dancer in Tales of Symphonia for the first time Also I have for the first time cleared all advanced coliseum fights. Hardest for me was Regal and Colette. Most other characters including Raine and Genis were just breeze. Next goal is Abyssion, then grind Kratos to level 100 and finish game on Hard or Mania difficulty for respective trophies, to finish all my goals for the current playthrough.
  14. A new addition to console war? https://www.siliconera.com/2019/08/02/a-new-next-gen-neogeo-hardware-is-expected-to-be-announced-in-the-near-future/ New NEO GEO hardware in the making.
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