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  1. Laymen style the guy is really producer in CDPR Krakow
  2. New exclusive Cyberpunk interview is out!
  3. Looks like we have today International Day against DRM Sooo let's celebrate https://www.defectivebydesign.org/dayagainstdrm/2019 https://www.gog.com/news/join_us_in_support_of_the_international_day_against_drm
  4. Despite that, they were getting all these years free pass, just because of that "Blizzard" word in the company name. Looks like the pass is no longer free
  5. Video response on it by SidAlpha. From marketing point of view, there is a reason, why statements like this are published on Friday Night
  6. Pfft. I wanted to be the recreator of Germany, not some puny Preussen!!!
  7. Well, you still have freedom to be law abiding citizen or be jailed and it heavily depends on the country, which of the two options is more honorable
  8. Well, I've spent 1 more hour with the game. It started to give little bit of sense, and very soon after my yesterdays save, Prussia started war with Austria, first I've sided with Austria, and I was obliterated within few minutes, after reload, I've sided with Prussia, And I was able to annex 8 more provinces from different German states, and I made it among Great Powers I have slowly started to build up my war ruined economy, and prepared to fight against one more German state in the south. Then out of the blue Prussia started war against France, which I've joined, but immediately after the war, Prussia got event, in which they unified Germany. For me, that was immediate Game over I could resist the unification, but having only 14 provinces against this juggernaut would be just a fast Game Over as well I was still able to end up on 9th place in the prestige ranking, which meant 1 place away from staying as Great Power. The biggest negatives in the game, is very weak diplomacy. You can't offer diplomatic annexation to your neighbours, nor ask for reinforcements. The major power in the war must feel like to offer you their units, if you need to defend against big enemy as well. And so on... Anyway, now that I understand the game little bit more, I would probably try to play with some other country, and try to be more warmongering, Thinking about some South or Central American Country. We'll see how it goes.
  9. Started Victoria: Revolutions. So far the most confusing Paradox game for me. Spent around 4 hours on it yesterday, and I still feel, that I do not know, what’s going on. The POP management and army creation is the most confusing part for me. Anyway started with OPM in Germany (Saxe-Weimar) slowly started to build up the economy and then slowly won over and annexed Krakow, Frankfurt and Saxony. So I am currently having 6 provinces and 100k manpower. I am making most of my cash with selling my inventions to Prussia and Austria, and sometimes giving away some of them to Africa countries, to have better chance against their oppressors Still I would need some more provinces, but every other German province is guaranteed by Austria or Prussia, so attacking them, would be fast game over for me
  10. More news about #boycottblizzard Cancelled accounts by some big spenders and long time players, and also today there was an internal protest in the company.
  11. Mamou to the rescue!!! https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/playstation-4-plants-vs-zombies https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/spyro-reignited-trilogy-playstation-4-slim
  12. I always waited to buy the first slim model, after the first addopters tested out all bugs Now I skipped slim and purchased directly the pro version on release, and I will probably do the same for PS5 as well, unless sony decides to completely “censor” japanese games. The only thing, which could test my patience would be Tales of Arise PS5 version O.o
  13. In other news, PS5 announced for holiday 2020. https://www.siliconera.com/2019/10/08/playstation-5-officially-announced-launches-holiday-2020-with-brand-new-controller-features/
  14. I did my part, I uninstalled HotS from my computer.
  15. Behold! An unexpected deed! Jim Sterling made a positive sounding video about new games, which put AAA standards to shame! Still NSFW though
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