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  1. We'll see how this will play out. We had similar backlash about Ubisoft few months ago, and with the exception of one C-suit getting golden boot, not much have changed there As Gorth said, if toxic behaviour rakes in more dough than normal behaviour, the bad reputation is just a small stain on the yearly earnings investor meeting
  2. IIRC, someone was talking few days/weeks ago, about Black Geyser. Today, it got it's own GOG page. Insta-wishlisted https://www.gog.com/game/black_geyser_couriers_of_darkness
  3. Well, with that I can totally agree with you. Red Alert 2 would be worse game, without the "Rubber Shoes in Motion" in proper Russian accent
  4. Their opinion is pretty accurate, because if you do not have any knowledge about how to do a workaround with editing some .xml files, you are not able to finish the game.
  5. Might and Magic X killed because of DRM. Ubisoft decided to shutdown some time ago DRM servers for few of their legacy titles, one of them is M&MX. Fue to that, the legitimate owners were not able to proceed past first act. Ubisoft now, instead of fixing the DRM issue, decided to pull the game off Steam instead. Game is still unplayable Having online DRM for singleplayer games is once again a fully justified, right? https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2021/07/06/ubisoft-delists-might-and-magic-x-legacy-from-steam-instead-of-fixing-drm-fiasco/
  6. Maybe it was just the kids who gained vast knowledge from all of the skillbooks you left for them in the library. You probably have raised next omnipotent stealthy leader of the Thieves Guild or powerful Lich Illusionist. Great Knowledge can be very dangerous if taught without proper supervision!
  7. Announcement regarding GOG soon https://steamcommunity.com/app/1374930/discussions/0/3055111535921483074/
  8. I have just finished Order Campaign in Loria. The game decided to throw 4 different AI enemies against me in the last mission, and I've spent more than three hours to be able to defeat them after two restarts of the mission. The difficulty of the game is between OK to very hard, and in the last mission, I had to rebuild my army three times, to be able to finally destroy the Chaos main base, and finish the first half of the story. Still having fun although it is getting a little bit tiresome to go through such missions
  9. More Loria today. The 4th mission is pretty challenging, you are constantly getting attacked from three sides, and you have to defeat the strongest opponent base. I have found a way how to get first two bases down, but the last one is making my blood boil I really suck at RTS games now
  10. I have started another game made in Slovakia - Loria. Looks like we have more of them, than I've imagined It is Indie old school Real Time Strategy very similar to Warcraft 2. You are fighting in the first campaign as Humans (Order) versus Demons (Chaos). The best thing is, that this game is currently free on GOG. So if you are craving for some oldschool action, with some quality of life improvements to Warcraft 2 and 3, you can get it here https://www.gog.com/game/loria
  11. FF series was always Steam Exclusive for some reason, even though there are lot of games on GOG from Square Enix...
  12. FYI 3-6 is for 18EUR/USD ATM...
  13. FFIII on the PC for the first time, but the price for all the games together is pretty crazy...
  14. Mechanicus is on my GOG wishlist for a very very long time, and seems like you people are doing very good job of persuading me to finally buy it
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