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  1. I have finished yesterday Shadowrun Hong Kong - Extended Edition Deluxe – Bonus Campaign. The bonus campaign was little bit more fight ready than the main one and less to talk. Despite me being more the guy who like to solve the things the peaceful way, I think the main campaign was to much verbose even for my playstyle So I've enjoyed this campaign more.
  2. To quote Keyrock: “I'm honestly getting pretty burned out on open world in general. Maybe it's not so much open world but instead how every AAA game has to check every single check box: Open world, RPG, action adventure, looter, survival, narrative, exploration with crafting, building, collecting, and multi-player.” And that is a reason, why I spent 10x money on Indie games than on AAA games (If you consider Dishonored and Tales of franchise as AAA) in the last 5-7 years. Worth every single cent...
  3. Aaaaaand first game in 13th month of 2020 finished Second playthrough of Tales of Zestiria – The Strength of a Knight DLC on my PS4. Pretty quick run this time. Just went for all of the treasure chest, remaining trophies and some fusing and Lord of the Land Blessing upgrades.
  4. Hmm, I completely forgot about PSP, I think that’s 6 more Japanese games and 0 western games in my collection
  5. Looks like Sony is definitely leaving the Japanese market, which made them what are they today, behind. Japanese business analyst are giving some reasoning behind, why Japanese players are losing interest in Sony. For me, this means, that I am losing interest in Playstation brand as well. Just for the lols, I have counted all of my PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, which I bought since PS1 era, and I have counted 106 games, out of which are 16 non-japanese made *shrugs* No more reason to pay them another 700Eur for new console and accessories then. My primary platform for wes
  6. Well. I really have issues with these kind of games. I like to spent few weekends playing them, but then the openworldedness became so boring, that I just can't bear myself to finish even the main story... And I say that as a guy who spent getting all battle trophies in Star Ocean 4 and platinued Final Fantasy Type-0... All power to you, if you like these kind of games, I am happy for you, but for me, it just does not work ... I never encountered this kind of issues with any of the isometric games I've played from these two developers *shrugs*
  7. Maybe not, but isometric games in their portfolio is the pinnacle of their creation. Not to mention, that open world skyrim clones are released all the time, and isometric stuff is ignored, despite having pretty big fanbase... If you choose the correct setting for your game ofc...
  8. Sigh, so they purchased the best Isometric Western RPG studios and made them make Skyrim Clones *sighs* sadpanda.jpg
  9. Alternating between Tales of Zestiria DLC, Shadowrun HongKong Bonus Campaign and Assetto Corsa community racing
  10. Being the 31st December of 2020, I might to chime in with my own 2020 retrospective. Even though I purchased few 2020 games this year, I've spent my gaming time only finishing my backlog and racing Assetto Corsa on PC with my new Direct Drive wheel, and load-cell pedals. And organizing one sort of Academy Tournament for CZ/SK newcomers to sim-racing, in the cooperation with the Trained Monkey Modding team, famous with few of their historical Skoda and Tatra cars for Assetto Corsa. Anyway, here is the full list of my 2020 games, which I've finished 2020 14 games – 5 GoG game
  11. After two years break, I have decided to go back to my PS4 copy of Tales of Zestiria. After full clear of Hexen Isle, I went for second playthrough of Tales of Zestiria – The Strength of a Knight DLC, with the goal of getting 100% of Trophies. After getting to the Malevolent Crucible: Naraka, I've spent some time fusing the equipment and slowly started to learn to optimize the way how to approach the encounter, so I could defeat the boss in less than 2 minutes. After the first try, I was 15 seconds to slow. Not bad. In total, I have spent more than 2 hours to execute the fight properly with no
  12. Now that we have here 25th anniversary od Tales of Series, I have booted up Tales of Zestiria, after more than two year break, and finally finished the Hexen Isle post game content. The last two fights were ridiculously long, because, I couldn't be arsed to spend few hours grinding for equipment fusions. Still, I've spent less time getting to them and finishing them, than I would spent on grinding. The game is still fun to play as I remember, with occasional camera issues in fight arenas and ridiculously overpowered caster mobs compared to melee ones Shadowrun HongKong Bonus Episode wil
  13. I am in the same league with both of you. Shadowrun is not the best of the best, but it has something, which can draw me into the story, like very few other games. Unless, I am in Heoi, and are talking two hours straight with my party-members
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