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  1. Anyway, I was able to recruit Devil of Caroc, we’ll see how this will go I was searching for a Dwarven Souls in Stalwart, and found two of them, but both looks little bit crazy compared to the original person so I will have to sleep over it which one I should pick
  2. If Falcom confirmed it, there is a big chance that Xseed could take care of that, so I hope
  3. Well, I think that ship has already sailed I have specced her for melee combat, not for shooting. I somehow am unable to find quality armour for her I will have to probably visit some of the Deadfire mini DLC shops around Defiance Bay.
  4. There were also rumors of Ao no Kiseki and Zero no Kiseki remasters and their western release, do you have any info on that by any chance?
  5. Funny thing about this thread, it got twice bumped by dummy ad accounts
  6. We'll see how it goes later in the game with all the NPCs e.g. Sagani was okay but after taking her for few bounties, I am getting little bit disapointed by her performance She does not have very good armor yet, so that might be the case. I don't know...
  7. I can tell you, that I like him more than I like Sagani and probably more than Palegina, but less than Kana My favourite NPC so far is Aloth. He went from bad to above average in my eyes in the last few hours
  8. More Pillars of Eternity. I have moved more around Durgan's Battery, got asskicked twice (once by golems, once by Meztla ) and then kicked her ass myself. After a while and two new Soulbound weapons, I have moved back to Caed Nua and finished 3 more bounties. Someone is planning to attack my Stronghold, so I am planning to defend it by myself
  9. You are correct, still for some reason, I liked it’s atmosphere most, no clue why
  10. Well living in a bubble is a wonderful thing, ain’t it? You never get to know how much you’re wrong
  11. Or maybe they delayed it for the launch of one of the next gen consoles, to be one of their launch titles? Also, in eyes of an average European, orange color is pretty sure one of the colors, which has very high chance to lead the world into dystopian future
  12. Well. It is all about the personal tastes. I for example love RPGs, but from all of the GoldBox SSI games, I really enjoy only Dark Sun I, which is generally praised, and Menzoberranzzan, which is probably one of the weakest entries in AD&D CRPGs according to many critics. I attribute that to my strange taste, because I love also PoE 1 more than BG2 every person I know, has some guilty pleasure or “hate fetish” in their gaming habits, which no one else understands
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