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  1. In your last sentence, you completely nailed it. Despite the fact, I've never played the game, it provided me so much entertainment through reading/viewing reviews and comment sections, that I really can't complain about the game at all Best 60 EUR I've never spent
  2. I would love to, but I am on waiting list for my ordered RT card since February So my new lovely AMD 5900X computer is currently powered by NVIDIA GTX760 card The term Bottlenecking, got a completely new meaning
  3. IMHO, that award was unjustified, Ghost of Tsushima was better game in every single aspect. To me it seems, that the jury was afraid of what would Twitter/SONY say, or they just wanted to show the message to “gamers”, who criticized it... It’s similar to Oscars and DiCaprio’s The Revenant. Everybody was expecting him to win, so the jury passed it. Even though there were better movies, and from all his nominations, this one of his weakest movie...
  4. I have started today Tales of Legendia. The pace is not fast, but not slow as well. After a hour, I got few cutscenes and skits, and I am still in first city, but it does not feel like a slog. Random encounters are not too frequent, so I hope it stays this way in the foreseeable future. In the meanwhile, I am up to 30 million Gold at Fairy Fencer F. 70 more to go for Platinum Also tomorrow, I’ll be organizing final multiclass race for second season of Racing Academy in Assetto Corsa, and on Thursday, I’ll finish my first season as a sim racing commentator in two local Czech and Slo
  5. Just to make it clear, my rant was by no means directed at you or your opinion. I just needed to vent little bit off, because some people people are actively trying to kill some of the last straws of fun, and it poisons everything around. Anyway back to TLoUII. I completely agree, that bashing this game solely on appearance of Abby is utterly stupid and ridiculous. If taken all realism into account, it might be kind of difficult for anyone to be in such a shape in postapoc world, but well, if I want to play games for their realism, I boot up Assetto Corsa... Games should be fun, and every
  6. Go and play Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Rebirth. Some people are labeling them, especially Tales of Rebirth, as racist games. Which makes as much sense as labeling any movie about post WWI Germany as racist movie... You find very hard similar themes in any western games...
  7. It is overgeneralization, and yes there is a lot of scum going around, but FYI, I do not enjoy neither TLoU nor TLoUII, and not because Abby... And I feel offended when someone is labeling me with such labels, because nothing is further from the truth, I would hate both of the games same, even if Abby looked like Jessica Alba... And there were a lot of good YT reviews, which were pointing to a lot of flaws of both games, without the reviewers ever playing the gender card, and these people were labeled as misogynists/transphobic etc, as well... IMO, both of the ends of the spectrum are th
  8. Well, that's what you get, when trying to cater to the ever-so-divisive echo chambers of social media. On one hand you get what you've described, on the other hand you've get insulted as a homo/transphobic and misogynist, if you dared to say loud, that you did not enjoyed the story as much as you enjoyed the story of the first game . Just look at how many deaththreats got the developers of Kingdoms: Come from uneducated plebs, who had no clue, that Cumans are considered by today's standards as People of Colour, that the game lacked diversity...
  9. IIRC, it is possible to change camera speed in newer Tales of games.
  10. Still playing the Fairy Fencer F for Playstation 3. On my way to platinum trophy, I have hit a very big roadblock, achievement to get 100 million gold I have already 22.5 million, but the speed of getting the money is approximately 2.5 million in an hour, and I am still missing 77.5 million, you can imagine, how much fun it is I will go back to Druidstone: Secret fo the Menhir Forest from GOG today, and while playing some other games, I will be going back to it, once in a while. Hopefully I'll get that trophy before the end of the year
  11. With this I agree, the process could be more intuitive. But as I said, since 2012 (I think) when I joined GOG, it was my first refund, and I found the way for refunding with few clicks.
  12. Well for me, if a company has customer friendly refund system, it usually means, they are confident with quality of their products, and do not need to hide behind shady business practices to make a profit
  13. Hmm, I asked for refund once, and it was literally solved in 15 minutes after I submitted my ticket
  14. I still have my Atari 800 XL stored, including cassettes with game, but I have not tested them, if they still works or not
  15. Finally realistic space battles! - 10/10 IGN
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