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  1. Yes you are right, he is really easy, but I just started to wear glasses, so probably my biggest issue is, that when I think, I am far enough already, I am still not. I had same reach issues with Dragonrider
  2. They were livestreamed and I have used the the Highlight tool for saving them. Also I have them on my desktop and youtube. But I wanted to have the boss collection on Twitch as well. I noticed this before few times, that last few seconds of the video skips to the end any advice how to solve it, can't find anything about that issue on google
  3. hmm looks like twitch cut off 30 seconds of the video, so I need to make it one more time EDIT: Also on The Last Giant 10 second missing... I remade the video again, but with the same results Missing parts of the video... I do not know why
  4. 4th Dark Souls 2 boss down... The Pursuer... For me this one was exercise of pure futility with 28 attempts. Most of my deaths were from me being to greedy... Sometimes I just miss patience required for this game... I really do not remember, when it was last time, when I needed so many attempts at one fight. The hilarious thing about this is, that this one is easy mode for most of the people... Sometimes I just do not understand myself Final attempt in video bellow.
  5. Yup, the biggest challenge during Central European beer trip, is to avoid Heineken owned beers If you are successful during that challenge, you will be justly rewarded
  6. If you want to experience some quality (not only) craft beer, you should pay a visit to Czechia and Slovakia. Without that, any oppinion about any beer is considered invalid
  7. And Flexile Sentry is down. The boss went down on first attempt, but man-o-man... No-Man's Wharf and all the undead buccaneers were such a pain in the ass, that I've spent 2 and half hours running around and getting killed in all manner of ways possible, getting to his Mist Gate In total 21 deaths in this area
  8. Second DS2 boss down. Only 2 and half minutes long fight, but took me 9 attempts to not get hit by that big halberd of his. I am still officially bad
  9. Thanks, I am playing the game in offline mode and without summons. My own house rules for first playthrough I did my best to avoid all these year any spoilers on bossfights for this game, so I might use very bad strategies to defeat some of them We'll see how far will that bring me In DS1 I was able to down all the bosses this way, with the exception of Capra Demon, where after 20 or so corpseruns, I had to look it up on youtube, and the fight became a joke lol... And S&O, where I had to go online, and summon a helper. I was unable to beat them alone in first playthrough.
  10. Anyway, if you want to laugh a little bit, my noob attempt at The Last Giant
  11. I have successfully defeated the first boss The Lost Giant or what is his name. Thankfully because of Greater Soul Arrow. Would be pain in the ass to get him down with dagger... At least I got 10 points into Strength, so I can wield now a Hand Axe, mobs should be now easier to Defeat
  12. Yeah, I’ve heard it was a black sheep among, but did not knew that controls were reason for it. Sometimes it works for me sometimes not. The character feels during some fights as less than 30 fps, but there is no graphics lag. Anyway deeper into the forest where i’ve found one more spell, so it should be much better now.
  13. Ok. Dark Souls 2 is for me definately harder than DS1 Currently I am at around 7 deaths per hour And I hope it gets better. I am still in the Forest area, and I think I'll spent some more time there And I do not know, but I really have feeling, that controls are more clunky than DS1 on PS3
  14. After few days break and setting up my streaming apparatus to be able to stream PS3 games and pass through PS3 sound through my PC without delays, I've started to play vanilla version of Dark Souls 2. So far, I like it, but I do not know, if it is with the class, I've chosen (Sorcerer), but it feels kind of little bit more difficult than Dark Souls 1 and Demon Souls. Still 3 and half hour of playtime, and 12 deaths so far Most of them caused by the almighty gravity
  15. If you are doing streaming or making YT videos, be aware, that starting in August, you will probably not own any content you create, if it contians traces of Ubisoft game. Including your face or pp
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