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  1. Only few idiots have always sparked the hate. I am half Hungarian as well with very Hungarian surname, and I live in the area, where there is a lot of hate against immigrants (which are actually almost non-existent here ) And IIRC last time, I have experienced the hate against my “bloodline” was maybe 30-35 years ago. Currently the mostly visible hate against diverse people here, is hate against gypsies and gays. On the other hand, lesbians are the most sought for term at various channels which offer “documentary” entertainment
  2. Well, if I want to go deep into the conspiracy hole, there is a scenario, where the PM and friends staged this. PM published after his candidate won president elections, that someone backed by the opposition is planning to kill someone from coalition. During the incident his bodyguards made like billion of mistakes, so there is that crazy theory, that the old guy just forgot, that he has to shoot in the air. The reason for this, that like few minutes after the attempt, his interview with police has been leaked together with medical records of PM (which is strictly against the law). It was leaked by someone from the police. There the pro-russian guy has stated, that he does not like the steps made by the pro-russian PM, to change the country into authoritarian state. And the first interview with the other guys from the party, immediately have said, that this incident was in making since the results of presidential elections. And almost immediatelly our social media space in country has been infested by extremely high russian troll farm bots activity.
  3. Now it starts to be interesting, the guy whot shot the PM, has written a “novel” full of hate speech against gypsies, and in the past was associated with pro-russian paramilitary group Slovenskí Branci. It starts to smell more and more as a Russian infulence operation.
  4. He was a writer. Nothing else is known so far. No nutjob for sure. More like absolute frustration. Smer has destroyed lives of many people. I was expecting to see something like this sooner or later, with the rhetorics of his political party, and with them ruining a lot of people in the past, especially in the construction sector. I am just absolutely surprised, that the guy decided to go so high in the “food chain”. He travelled aprox 80 kms to meet him. Oh and I forgot to mention in my first post, that the PM is alive for now, but in critical condition.
  5. An assassination on our pro-russian Prime minister has been performed. People are talking about Karma biting him back, as he was during the last 4 year doing his best to divide the people here and demonized journalists, liberals, LGBT communities, progresives, immigrants, intelectuals, etc... It is said, he was shot 4 times in chest and stomach. He is currently being hospitalized in one of the hospitals, which has been "robbed" out of Euro funds by his party people and friends. The shooter was 71-year old man. A primary target audience of his party.
  6. Now that the information speculations have settled down a little bit and more details have been revealed, The most interesting thing in this Grand Reshuffle is the “Sacking” of above mentioned Patrushev. He was once considered as a successor to Putin, and now, he has been appointed as Putin’s aide. Shoigu, unlike his lapdogs (two more of them has been reportedly arrested), has been moved to similarily powerful position, but Patrushev’s new position is considered as a big demotion. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/putin-appoints-patrushev-dyumin-kremlin-aides-2024-05-14/
  7. Looks like we start to have first partially good news from Kharkiv front. Russian milbloggers are starting to complain about badly trained units on this front, who lack even basic knowledge of proper formations to have a chance to avoid drone strikes. So it looks like, all the experienced and battle-hardened units are at different fronts, or already dead https://t.me/philologist_zov/965
  8. Whenever is someone in Russia charged by corruption, it means, that he had dared to steal from a booty of someone above him
  9. Another Shoigu’s lap dog has been arrested. https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2024/05/14/7455684/
  10. StarCrawlers 2 out of early access. I had a lot of fun with the first game, so I can only recommend it. They are only a few people, and the lead guy has been talking to me whenever I have reported a bug in the first game to him, even few years after it's release. And of course, he fixed it in a timely manner. https://www.gog.com/en/news/out_of_early_access_starcrawlers_chimera
  11. While they are cutting off results of ****ty decisions, they should get rid of the focus on NFT nonsense as well
  12. Has anyone noticed or followed this Kickstarter? Do you have anu impressions of it already?
  13. According to various sources, RU has accumulated aprox 32000 men around Kharkiv. Looking back at 2022, when they had probably same number of men and the advantage of surprise, and less armed and trained UA army, and were not able to encircle the city for more than half year. Do you think they might have a better chance now? Especially when you consider, that they lost more than 17000 men trying to surround Avdiivka. edit: General staff of UA has also posted a new record from yesterday: https://www.facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua/posts/pfbid02AG84aiQvdw761cD5wYf4EFXti2JaqUViGkyhPFhHixwXtitp9GSGVa9itPdzPvFul
  14. Looks like Shoigu not attending the inauguration had really deeper background in the end. Putin has “recommended” new minister of defense to take Shoigu’s place. https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2024/05/12/7455460/
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