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  1. After many, many years, I have finally finished Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator today. I played it for the first time sometimes around year 2000, but I've never finished it. The story is pretty solid, with the exception of the ending, but in the last 20 hours of the game, the combat gets very tedious, and there is to much of it. It kind of spoiled my enjoyment of the game as a whole, and then the ending nailed it little bit further
  2. The features look good IMO. We'll see how long will take the beta. But still missing client for Linux
  3. Nope It's clearly Putin!
  4. Well, thanks to Fortnite, they can have pretty long period, before bleeding dry.
  5. Just fed all the special birds in Septerra Core and got my "Ultimate" Equipment for my party. I should be now very close to the final act of the game. The combat is little bit better again, after the search for Mourn Graveyard.
  6. A game by developers of Grimrock has been released today on GOG. Druidstone: the secret of the menhir forest https://www.gog.com/news/release_druidstone_the_secret_of_the_menhir_forest
  7. I am wondering, what is wrong with I:R, I do not own it, but I've watched few Twitch streams, and it looked pretty fine for me. Is it lack of features? Well considering that CK2 and EU4 have so many DLCs and patches over the last decade, with new content and stuff, it would be impossible to put all that effort into new game, without delaying it for another 5+ years.
  8. I was moaning about subscriptions little bit as well, but after first three months of WoW, I've experienced the worth of "investement". The only downside was, that my spending was solely on this game, and missed a lot of good games, because, there was no time playing anything else, while preparing for raids. Also 60$ games now is just a myth. You got for that proce just a basic edition with cut out content, you need to buy "gold" editions for 80 to 120$ nowadays to get the full game from AAA, and mulltiple season passes on top of that. So tje cost of 60$ per is the most blatant lie in the current AAA industry.
  9. Like it was 15 years ago? Oh noes, would anyone thinks about the poor corporations and their billion dollar profits, please? Their CEOs are struggling to buy new yachts these year, they need all the loot boxes, and monetary support, they can get
  10. *inserts random But it's just cosmetics! Meme with Jim Sterlings voice played in the background*
  11. Turn Based Combat, no smash button crap like FFXV. Story is in between cheesy and serious, more to the cheesy side, and depending on title. In the titles, which I've played, there was no male abuse. But there is some sexual innuendo going around some NPCs at some point in every game. One of the NPCs in Arland Trilogy is called Esty Dee for a reason I think the game is more for female audiences, but me as 40 years old cis-gendered privileged white male, was able to enjoy most of the games from the series, despite Brie Larsons oppinion, that I should stick only to dude-bro targeted entertainment
  12. Just another reason, why the Live Service model is unsustainable in the long term.
  13. #notmyfinalfantasyvii Also from the makers of Grimrock, turn based RPG Druidstone is coming soon to GOG https://www.gog.com/news/coming_soon_druidstone_the_secret_of_the_menhir_forest
  14. I have just finished my first GT extreme challenge in Assetto Corsa on Medium Difficulty. 1 hour and 5 minutes of Nurburgring GP (30 laps). I am trying out new wheel, from a friend. I made only two mistakes, so I was able to win the race with 6.6s lead. My driving, including my setup:
  15. Blood was my most played multiplayer game, before Counter Strike took over my home-city.
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