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  1. A figurehewd, which was campaigning for Ukrainian genocide with her “academic research”. And as always, FSB had the case solved in two days, while they are still “searching” for the murderers of Nemcov. Yeah… as convincing as all the arguments about flatness of the Earth Well, you both got a point with the anti-corruption, but together with her, number of GRU officers have been poisoned as well. So this makes it much less probable theory. I think, the attack on president was expected by anyone, and everyone takes it as it is: A valid target of warfare. The same would be considered if they attacked Budanov directly. On the other hand, Poisoning the wife of most powerfull UA officer, is on par of trying to kill Putin’s or Shoigu’s children. What do you think would happen, if UA attempted something like that?
  2. Putin decided to escalate to conflict to immeasurable levels, by allowing his lapdogs to poison wife of Ukrainian Head of Intelligence Budanov…
  3. Last Train Home has been released on GOG as well today: https://www.gog.com/en/news/release_last_train_home Czech made game, about Czecho-Slovak Legion trying to return home after WWI during the Soviet Revolution. Now even you can enjoy the Russkiy Mir first hand, without fear of being sent to Gulag! Best to be enjoyed with a cup of tea and open window, to fully absorb the atmosphere of the setting.
  4. Russia shows another evidence, that danger of NATO proximity to Russia was just a bull**** excuse for their planned genocide of Ukrainian people. They are moving S400 air defenses away from fully NATO encircled exclave of Kaliningrad to occupied territories
  5. Can you share, what country you live in, if it is not to much of personal question. 4 months is really crazy long time
  6. Goal nr. 10 finished November 25, 21:30 With the defeat of 6-winged Ethereal Queen, and unlocking of last character ending for Emmerson, my PS4 Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Universe difficulty playthrough has been finished on 100% today. During my way to 100%, I had to unlock 4 ultra rare Trophies, which have been acquired by less than 1% of game owners. One for crafting all recipes, one for finding every single item, one for finding every single enemy, and one for fulfilling the prerequisites for all of the in-game Battle Trophies. The hardest Trophy, as always, was the Battle Trophy one, as it included the infamous one for 1 million hits. To get this one, I had to spent more than 30 hours fighting against Bloodbane over and over, but I left the last hit for this Trophy for the EQ fight :) . The game got a lot of bashing when it was released, mostly due to the Fiore’s dress, but IMHO, it was one of the best JRPGs released in 2016, as it stayed faithful to its Japanese roots without trying to appease western Skyrim audience unlike FFXV.
  7. This year it is much harder than last year, unfortunatelly A lot of work now, and a lot of time, I was able to play only during a weekend. Last two months, I finally had more time, but I have decided to go for a crazy time consuming platinum But still having a lot of fun with the game, and finally have some hard challenge again
  8. I had a lot of work after my vaccation, and got a little bit sick, so I had decided to make a pause in moving forward with the Star Ocean 5 Ex Dungeon for a while and decided to go for that silly 1 million hit battle trophý which I was still missing. After finishing up 6W Gabriel Celeste, I had a little bit over 400k hits recorded. Soo I have searched trophy hunting forums, how to finish it. And I have found out a guide, how to make it unattended, which was a pretty good thing, as I knew, I will have not much time to play next few days. So. I went to one big dragon superboss and started my first attempt. In the meanwhile, I have done some IRL stuff, which had to be done. 3 hours and some minutes later, the party defeated the boss, and went to check the hit count. My oh my, I nded up disappointed… just a little bit over 60k hits was counted by the game… so I spent almost a week, booting up a console right after I wake up, and leaving the game running for few hours a day, while I was doing my work while at home office. Sigh… approx 30 hours later, I ended up at 960k hits. 40k to go… I really can not imagine a single person, who would have time and patience to get this trophy in a legit “legit way”. As much as I like Star Ocean games, they always come up with some silly over the top Battle Trophy, to degrade your enjoyment out of the game. At least compared to SO4, you could leave the console unatended to get this one. Thankfully, this time they added only this one stupid Battle Trophy. All others were pretty ok to get, and more than 90% of them, I could get while playing the game, without need for a grind. Looking back, SO4 battle trophies were just a torture, bacause you had to do all of them without the help of AI /rant_over
  9. Russia has expanded the ranks of their heroes. Putin has pardoned two convicted mass murderers and cannibals as a reward for killing Ukrainians. Such a lovely country, isn’t it? https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2023/11/23/7430047/
  10. >>>Insert the obvious announcement of giveaway on GOG here<<< : Styx 2. And first game of the series, if you do not have it and want to have a nice pair, is currently for sale for 1.99EUR and probably same amount in USD
  11. Nope, you have to take them very seriously. They are slowly moving their narrative of Putin’s endgoal for the next decade or so. If the west would not ignore their propaganda against Ukraine last two decades, we would not be where we are today…
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