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  1. Have not seen so mild episode of JimSter in a long time. Still NSFW though
  2. If you enjoyed the game, there is also available expansion called Trudnograd.
  3. There is extreme lack of Pigeon love simulators though...
  4. Nope, but both have confirmed english translation. Yakuza 7 already in november IIRC.
  5. This reaction in the comments sums it nicely ”I sure hope the writing in the game is better than in this update!”
  6. https://www.gog.com/news/release_the_dungeon_of_naheulbeuk_the_amulet_of_chaos This looks like an interesting twist on the typical CRPG game
  7. http://www.deadstate.doublebearproductions.com/ Leader is Brian Mitsoda afaik. inXile I was thinking more as an offshoot of Interplay. From newer offshoots, I remember only one japanese guy (dont remeber his name) from Konami who made Bloodstained, but that is no RPG. There might be some more people who released stuff already, but I really do not remember
  8. Anything with Wing Commander in name, pre PS2 era Final Fantasies, HoMaM3
  9. inXile and DoubleBear jump to my mind as an offshoot comapany, and both of them already produced games. But yes, very few have released something already after the split.
  10. And finally, the video of last DS2 NG+ bossfight. Mamoo the Sorcerer vs Aldia the Scholar For some reason, I have became to triggerhappy in this fight, and Aldia just fried my ass over and over with his crazy big fireballs. All in all 13 attempts were needed to me getting my **** together and defeat him for the second time.
  11. Third day of Shadowrun Hong Kong. I’ve spent more than 8 hours on the game already, but had only one mission of fighting (the first one of the game). This one is crazy text heavy compared to two previous entries... If this stays this way, Dragonfall will stay my favourite of the series Playing Decker, so Is0bel stays out of party most of the time. And just recruited the Russian guy. I love, that they named his dron Koshchei brings memories to some old russian fairytales, which I loved as a child
  12. How long are exactly these two games? I have them both on wishlist, but my backlog is huuuge
  13. Next in line was Nashandra, this time 3 attempts, because I was somehow little bit tired and wanted to have Benhart stay alive until the end. In the end I somehow decided that I just stop fooling around and finish the fight anyway. Little bit less than 3 minutes long fight, enjoy
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