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  1. After a short break I went back to Druidstone – The Secret of the Menhir Forest from GOG and finished my goal, to complete the game on Hard Difficulty. The difficulty is pretty challenging, and to get all the missions on three stars, the player needs a lot of patience. The only downside of the game is little bit cheesy storytelling, but it pretty much fits the art and the gameplay. I am still missing three star award on one mission, so the next goal to finish is already set .
  2. Hmm, I have completely missed this news. Square Enix will be remastering all of their pixel Final Fantasies https://www.siliconera.com/square-enix-announces-final-fantasy-pixel-remaster-series/ Unfortunately for now only on Steam and Android
  3. You forgot the new Snyder+Netflix Zombie Cinematic Plothole Verse It deserves also a honourable mention in your list. I haven't seen so many holes at one place since my visit of local cheese factory in Volendam (Netherlands) in 2016...
  4. More like Assassin Cry: Pandora Even the movie had towers, Ubisoft wet dream became true
  5. Unfortunately, the people who are focustesting the AAA ****
  6. And here is the Trailer to the Dolmen game, mentioned by melkathi… unfortunately no gameplay in it, so it is impossible to assume how bad I will be at it
  7. Well, it is all because of reaching the wider audience. There are still some players, who bend over under the hard difficulty of Eastern European games. The soap is here for them, to ease their pain
  8. Also, new Tales of Arise trailer is out as well. And it looks like, your party will consist of 6 playable characters.
  9. Elden Ring release date is planned for 22.1.22
  10. I love the games, but IMHO my knowledge on theirs mechanics is pretty low . For some reason, even though I suck a lot at playing them, I am really having fun. OFC with the exclusion of Shrine of Amana I leave the explanation in more capable hands
  11. Ok, thank you. I wanted to play singleplayer, and occasionally with friends with our own league, but they do not seem very interested in the game yet. Playing online, well, not a fan of getting destroyed by people 25 years younger than me, who play this game for years
  12. Has anyone ever played Blood Bowl 1 or 2 (the digital version)? BB2 has been just released on GOG and it is right away on sale for a very low price, but I do not know if it will be my cup of tea or not My IRL friends who are into tabletop stuff, also never played it Would it be possible from someone to receive some advice on the game?
  13. In a completely unexpected move for me, Edge of Eternity has been released today on GOG. If you like JRPGs, this might interest you. https://www.gog.com/news/release_edge_of_eternity
  14. I bet, there will be lot of announcements of announcements of announcements as always Please stay tuned
  15. While alternating in-between few games, I've managed to finish the Main Arc of Tales of Legendia on PS2 for a first time. At the beginning, the combat felt little bit awkward, especially against flying enemies, but after a while, I've got used to it. The game, despite not aging the best, was really enjoyable. The more I've played, the more I wanted to uncover where the storyline goes. It has few unpredictable plot-twists and at one point, it is making fun of predictable story outcomes in other games And because of the story, the game is currently my second favourite Tales of game, right behind
  16. I am bigger fan of the previous version, because I had ****ty PC I was unable to run ACC. It is very good sim, if you have specs for it, but one with more complicated car set-ups. You will need to watch few hours of youtube tutorials, how to set up the correct fuel economy and brake pads for different race lengths, for different cars I would recommend you for start to pick a single car, and try to get used to it, and learn the set-up stuff you need for it and only then start experimenting with different cars
  17. I have almost missed it, but if you are subscribed to GOG newsletter, it has Tyranny - Gold Edition redeem code with 85% off. And it it ends in 14:00 CET today (6.6.2021). I got it for 7.49EUR. EDIT: I do not know how exactly works the newsletter code sendout, but I presume, all subsribers get the same one
  18. Warhammer Goodies Pack for free on GOG for the next few days. The pack includes brilliant and difficult strategy, Shadow of the Hornet Rat. https://www.gog.com/game/warhammer_skulls_digital_goodie_pack
  19. Yeah, he lived very close to the polish borders, so I bet he smuggled a lot between Poland and Hungary
  20. Heh, I've never expected something like this, a game where the PC is the infamous Slovak version of Robin Hood Juraj Jánošík And it is free https://www.gog.com/game/janosik
  21. Finished 4th chapter in Tales of Legendia and slowly moved to chapter 5. Being blind playthrough, I found few very suprising moments in the game, and I bet I find few more. Despite being little bit outdated in the gameplay department, I like the way, how the story is pacing, and random encounters are in pretty good frequency. Because of that, the game has slowly climbed to my personal Top 3 Tales of games so far. Which is pretty surprising to me TBH. I really hope this will last as long as possible, because it’s been pretty long time, that I was enjoying any game as much, as I enjoy ToL. Desp
  22. In other news: Solasta out of Early Access https://www.gog.com/news/solasta_crown_of_the_magister_is_out_of_the_development_stage
  23. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I spent more than 30 hours on this game, and finished it. The developers are really nice bunch of people. I’ve managed to find a gamebreaking bug for me, which no one else reported, and after little bit of communication, they fixed it in the next patch. Guys were producing new patches and new content for free for over 3 years. So I will definitely give them my support again, as soon as they officially announce GOG release.
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