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  1. The key word is, "in cities", perhaps we should move to a less concentrated population model?
  2. While that part was meant to be just that-a bit of humor, there is a real issue with handouts overall. Which are helpful to people and improve society's evolution and sustainability and which make people helpless and lead to an eventual catastrophy.
  3. You are asking for a solution to be drafted ad hoc within minutes, clearly you can understand that whatever I would say, you could latch on and discredit with ease. Not going to entertain that. As for symptoms and causes, one can think in this context simiarly to chicken and egg question. Is the certainty, that they have a handouts cushion make people be more irresponsible as the most painful risk is mitigated, or certain people are simply irresponsible and with handouts we mitigate a worse social outcome of mass of children corpses laying on the streets?
  4. If I'd have an easy solution, then I'd get a noble prize. There is no easy and fast solution. One thing is sure, the more people rely on handouts and the longer they are, the harder it gets to get rid of underlying issues, as you will get generations knowing life on handouts as an intrinsic part of their life. This unfortunately will perpetuate and expand the problem. Once you keep people on handouts, if the population of such grows and a small percent gets activated economically, then you get more homeless, which in turn require even more resources to take care of, etc. At s
  5. One is the decison of their own actions. You are not responsible for what they bring on themselves. The other one is result of your arbitrary action. You are smart enough to know the difference and not put both in the same class, even as the outcome is in both cases death.
  6. Now you are exaggerating. That's assisted genocide. Stop helping people to make irresponsible decisions. Eventually people will learn not to make irresponsible decisions if there is a high risk of high personal cost and loss. Btw, conflict for life sustaining resources will be more ugly than allowing some people to feel consequences of bad decisions now. That's where you will get to genocide level actions
  7. And at the same time, people call for change in life style, because there are too many people. At which point you will come to a breaking point, where there is simply not enough resources to cover those rights? Will you whip others to provide for you the sustinance or care? Being responsible helps long term more than any top-down program
  8. Hmm, are those children from full households? Why decide on having children, if you have problems keeping yourself afloat? Perhaps look at a source, not at the outcome. Handouts lead to irresponsibility.
  9. Not really, dems have a history of slavery. They just outsourced that feature to China, so big corps can use the workforce there. Also, they will need their money to finance debt. I believ there was a raise in TSY bought by China for the first time since the spat with Trump. Dems will wiggle finger at Russians and bomb something in middle east - back to normal. But first they will focus on making sure that they will make their US opposition impotent, so they will not lose a WH next election.
  10. @Guard Dog Don't worry, daddy govt will take care of you. I just recalled some old piece. "" "" The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” Their stated reason is because “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.” Thus ends today’s lesson in
  11. Well, you are lucky that all the printed money goes straight to the top. With low velocity of cash movement, you won't experience the hyper inflation, but you can kiss goodbye to your purchasing power of your current retirement plan, when you will actually need it. I'd say invest in actual gold, when it drops to ca 1400-1500 on the current spending spree euphory. Long term, it's the best insurance of a stable relative value, and sometimes you can even cash in. If you have a bunker, buy it physical. Not sure where the VIX index is now, but if it's in 20s-30s I'd safe bet
  12. Depends on the world view, but I agree, some in my view were needless, like the blanket travel ban, or climate accords withdrawal. The 1776 theory though, I'd place in a garbage bin, next to flat earthers and Qans
  13. Next steps make US flag turn to rainbow colors Pay reparations for emotional damages due to US history Put wrong thinkers in the re-education camps. Etc.
  14. @BruceVCsometimes you sound like one of those men, who would trust a stripper whe she says "you are so handsome" or "i love you"
  15. Hah I trust you to be uninformed on certain matters, so I'd rather err on the side of being too cautious
  16. There are regulations, true, but even until recently some big US companies did not adopt PSD2 required 3D secure authenticantion protocol 2.0 for financial transactions with EU cardholders. They relied until the end of 2020 on the 3DSA 1.0 until it got decomissioned, even though that regulation was live from mid 2019. So if they are not working in good faith as early as possible, why would I trust with even more sensitive information?
  17. Democracy elected president of Venezuela, Brasil, Russia, Turkey, etc. Democracy is not really a trust factor here. We already established that you would not want to have Human Rights decided in a democratic process by World's majority of populace. US government has no direct accountability to me as well, so what do they care? Why should I then trust them?
  18. You can't, that's why a lot of very sensitive data sits on EU servers of the cloud operators like AWS and can be only streamed without caching/logging on the US side of the cloud operator.
  19. Hah, I wonder how much truth there is to it. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/right-cue-biden-who-admits-high-cycle-pcr-tests-produce-massive-covid-false-positives A bit too conspiratory, but I'd not be surprised by some level information manipulations and higher than needed restrictions to kick Trump out. (he can't handle the crisis! Crowd)
  20. @BruceVC Also on the topic of not trusting US government. Why would I trust them? Why should I need to trust them? Why would you not trust Chinese government? Etc. Governments and people in power change, and data records stay. I do not really want to be dependant on the whim of people I do not know, who potentially could do me a lot of harm with misuse of my personal data. What's more, I do not have any direct influence on who is in a foreign to me government.
  21. Oh, they will do that 'legally'. The problem is, I will not like the law, which allows/will allow to do that, same as I would not trust the Chinese private SM company with my private data. I think we had conversation on the differences in data protection regulations between EU and US in the not so far past. Less than 6 months ago maybe? I'd not trust a 'bit' of my data to a US based company, that I do not agree that could be made public. I'm not paranoid about it, but I do know, that if I'm using a Chinese phone and US browser on a US based OS I'm aware that my data could be
  22. I think you might be a bit too naive when it comes to the US side and sharing data. On EU side, I'd agree, that's why you have some headbutting between EU regulators and for example Facebook, which is a US based company where C-suits are working with US admin and agencies. And looking at what's cooking to "combat domestic terrorism" I would not trust any US based data storing company that my private data is safe with them and actually private. EDIT: Also https://www.rt.com/news/513063-silicon-valley-eu-commission-president/
  23. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/01/20/wechat-class-action-lawsuit-us/ So the same should be applicable to any SM platform based off US for any EU citizen?
  24. I think there is too much of the competition on daily basis by politicians and msm anchors.
  25. Well, having a dog would tell people that animals can hump anything.
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