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  1. well give international a try. I never liked watching sports even when I played few but I for some reason can enjoy watching doto
  2. OG are on the roll, carry Io was the best xD
  3. Some people obviously never been in 'harsh conditions'. Its not the same as when your hotel room does not have mini bar you know?
  4. OG still played well, my bois are still on fire
  5. Is everspace good? How close is it to Freelancer? I have seen it on sale on GoG and it looked decent, but at same time there is now so much space fighter sims that I am not sure which ones are decent anymore
  6. neither solve the problem so what is the point?
  7. Mother died from cancer few years back, honestly as much as it hurt to lost her, after seeing her suffer for so long it was relief for all of us, including her when she left (on Christmas eve)
  8. I think it was because of success of Diablo (which ironically was supposed to be turn based originally)
  9. gay alt-right? Now I have seen everything. That alt-right sounds very inclusive
  10. Thanks but 70 Euroshakles is a bit too steep I feel... maybe later
  11. btw I was thinking about buying Pillars on GoG, can someone please confirm if there is some 'edition' which contains all DLCs?
  12. I dont mind non story DLCs but cmon, last few DLCs could be considered minor mods, not to mention how much cash they want for them
  13. yep, gypsies are originally some lowest cast from india expelled and moved to east Europe roughly around 12 century IIRC
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