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  1. Ah, got my first new sidekick and I already don't like her. Why can't we get some sane priest companions from time to time xD
  2. you are the man, thanks that helps a lot so a lot of int and res, got it, should I go perception dex or str on it? I suppose dual wield is good way to pump out focus right?
  3. Hi gus, first off, I know there is already build section and I checked it but I feel like they are very outdated (one mention that DoT effects breaks stealth???) can someone suggest some decent build for Mindstalkers? I feel like I should focus on damage from thief class and utility from Cipher but I am not really sure. I for sure want to be melee oriented build and I kinda liked street fighter subclass but I feel like I will not have enough survivability to get benefit from outflanked and bloodied. So I guess I should go for assassin? what is good combination of these? Any help/hints would be welcomed. Thanks
  4. can but don't have pleasure of it, except Toreadors, IIRC
  5. so GoG have discount on Deadfire so I guess I am going to give it a shot. Any hints on what might be good RP class? I felt like first game was tuned for ciphers with all that soul stuff around. Considering its continuation of first game with 'same' character I will stick to cipher and that pirates are the thing of second game i will multiclass to thief? Good/bad? any thoughts?
  6. Stellaris mobile? :). Interesting, the game hardly runs on normal PC in late stages
  7. Ah cmon Paradox, they already have story packs and season pass in mind, I mean if they butcher strategy game I can deal with it as it have a lot of replay value, but RPG delivered in 15 pieces? I will have to wait for some complete edition https://www.gog.com/game/vampire_the_masquerade_bloodlines_2_blood_moon_edition
  8. Chuck was comedic relief but Fat Larry never seemed to me as caricature on purpose, to each his own I guess
  9. I would still waited for next update/DLC, there is still no diplomacy and the game desperately needs it, unless you want to paint whole map with your colors, in that case purging robots are easy to do so
  10. hah ironically I played CK2 yesterday for a while, got very strong character almost getting all counties to form Scandinavian empire while my 45 yo character without reason got infirm and my regent decided that going to war for last 3 counties is bad idea. Long story short, after 3 years of doing nothing character died and whole empire collapsed to petty kingdoms AGAIN. I effing hate this game xD
  11. Am I only one who remember that part about snuff?? films with monsters raping and killing women?
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