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  1. BTW Bruce you would be familiar with someone like her, she is from Brno as do I xD https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zdeňka_Podkapová picture is from Penthouse mag 1998
  2. came here to say the same. Great success
  3. how can you not love that guy (even if you dont like steam or valve)
  4. Old World or bust, I have 0 interest in that abominations called Age of Sigmar
  5. Yeah Norse is probably most fun now, some vanilla western kingdoms are fun as well, rest is just meh. I still hate that I can't get better elective succession. Constantly unifying land after my ruler die is sooooo anoying. Also playing slavic is hell. Constant crusades are just too much. There needs to be some time or something on those...
  6. Plissken - escape from LA, Maccready - not sure from where but I know the name (might be the Thing) . Shoulders of Orion - Blade Runner, Antares - Orion II game. 3008 USCM Smartgun sounds like gun from Aliens?. O'Neil might be Star gate reference?
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