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  1. Why not? Are not power plants commercial as well?
  2. love me some red dwarf, no idea who are those other people
  3. freaking robots can dance better than me
  4. I am only one who wondered if that music fit at all?
  5. i sometimes play mechwarrior online if that coounts
  6. managed to get the thing running, had to turn of ray tracing tho, it was seriously laggy
  7. oh cmon, ok i will try to update my GPU drivers...
  8. sooo, i have created my character, clicked on start a game aaaand got a crash xD and now skipping CDPR logo get me crashes xD now its just crashing when to try to launch it xD
  9. its not finding anything for me, just go to sleep message xD ffs finally some update started to download xD
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