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  1. sure, like playstation and xbox games are totaly not same gigher price, they basically beating each other with better price eeach day, soon they will sell it basically for free...
  2. I guess i will give Blender a shot, I think I have heard that its not too bad compared to Photoshop. thanks for info guys
  3. Hello, Looking for some good graphic editor which have some free licence. I would like to try work on 3D objects and such. I would get photoshop but it seems there is no free licence for it Thanks for tips
  4. pff, they really dont know how to milk their fanbase more, too bad they also make/publish some of my favorite games lately...
  5. This is suddenly somehow racist to me xD
  6. dude considering where I am from, I just can't take seriously anyone who use word 'reactionaries' unironically xD
  7. what, democrats are not communist enough for ya comrade? Waiting for next Fidel i guess :]
  8. Oh boy, another one for hard awakening. was it not enough last time? xD
  9. you somehow skipped that part where you have to dig precious metals from ground, manufacture highly toxic materials into panels and then recycle that whole thing in 10 years. But yeah, very green. total cost my arse ah ok, you are talking just about heating, not sure how that works in winter but ok...
  10. well as long as its powered by actual nuclear power plant they are quite green. Its most green source of energy after all...
  11. i was playing with rougetech but since they added more lances game slowed down to crawl. Any better mods out there?
  12. And here I was, thinking you were true neutral...
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