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  1. like anyone cares what this clown is saying
  2. can be, but i doubt it. its not about F-16s, its about no flight zone above warzone and I doubt they will have enough and that capable to neutralize russian PVO and airforce
  3. Sorry Obs, but I am not really interested in first person games so until we get another TTRPG from you no money from me
  4. every political comedy is cringeworthy to some degree especially if you don't agree with that viewpoint, but man nothing is so embarrassing as some woke stuff out there
  5. dark forest enthusiast if I am not mistaken
  6. yeah not impressed, levitating two magnets above each other does not require external source either. So not sure whats the big revelation
  7. wow what a headline, gravity free my ass if it just floats above magnets, its really nothing new
  8. Hey guys, anyone knows what up with this crap? its started happening to me recently and I have no idea why. anytime someone post (I assume) youtube link I just get this black screen. No idea where i can actually agree to cookies to enable viewing this Edit: Brave browser
  9. @sadysands I would take NIOH and two point campus out of your hands if they are still up for grab
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