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  1. well at least Bronn is the man now. I rooted for him from start so small victory for me
  2. Bloodlines are Epic only?
  3. I never got problems with Nashkel mines, I guess i got enough xp before them to roll through without a problem
  4. I think its completely stand alone expansion
  5. just cartoons, thats why 3 visuals tanked
  6. is it so? Why? I think it pretty much demonstrate someone who was choosing 'lesser evil' to get bitten in the ass by it. If he would stand by morals there would not be WW2
  7. well some people have pricimples and some don't. for example you are this guy Gromnir: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neville_Chamberlain
  8. good try mate xD: More Funny than ever (funny stuff topic) Chilloutman replied to Amentep's topic in Way Off-Topic i likeblack humor, not too brutal for me NWN2: EE or Icewind Dale 2 Remake - a possibility? Chilloutman replied to Melusina's topic in Computer and Console isntwhite march for PoE generally considered IWD inspired and for NWN2 Pathfinder kingmaker? The Political Thread - Burlamaqui edition Chilloutman replied to Amentep's topic in Way Off-Topic are we really have to debate ifblack magic needs to be debunked on universities in this time? Well maybe we deserve to extinct, no surprise that dams in SA falling apart, which was my original point Politics Princess' Sweet Sixteen Chilloutman replied to TrueNeutral's topic in Way Off-Topic I just can't comperhand how you can live in suchblack andwhite political spectrum.
  9. Since he won the race he became a benchmark. Not like he was first doodle winning US elections, people somehow quickly forgot good O'Bill and Mr. Bush. Such epitomes of intellect. anyway, you trying to put skin color to any every political discussions is pretty boring
  10. yeah poor white males, probably consist of 51% of the US population it seems...
  11. I don't get that Aleppo drama, I have seen/heard much more ignorant comments from many other politicians. If thats the worst you can get on that guy than I see it as big success. I think half of the Twitter posts from Trump over shadow it any day.
  12. As much as I like Gangrel I dont think they will be in core game. Don't fit that much into city
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