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  1. there is nothing left of blizzard which did D2 or WC3. its just label, shell of good old company. Buying Blizzard game these days is like buying turd in golden foil. Even remake of D2 have to be done by someone outside of Blizzard so its not crap as what they pulled on reforged...
  2. ok, you know I don't have shots and I don't want them and government is trying to give out free stuff to convince our people to get vaccinated. This is first time I think they can provide something I am willing to sell my beliefs for
  3. ok I meant go to politics thread you morons
  4. Czech people are known for their black humor, but as the old saying goes: Black humor is like kid with cancer, it never gets old
  5. yeah, well nothing is holy for czechs when it come to humor, we are sick f*cks turn on subs on video
  6. i know this one with pedophile and little girl...
  7. Not gonna lie, my friend used it when he was making withdrawal from his bank account and banker asked him what is purpose of the withdrawal...
  8. is it not that piece of machinery jab at laptop? But yeah, Martens boots today cost hand and half
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