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  1. Friend bought Grim down, having blast with it again, better than any other ARPG out there
  2. Cyberpunk, Darkest dungeon 2, maybe Vampire and humankind, there is supposed to be some follow up for some city building game like Ceaser, so maybe that one as well and of course BG3
  3. mainly perch, but will take anything that takes a bait
  4. well there is a lot of people running around...
  5. Mustad - Wish Braid 0,08mm 18lb 8,2kg Dark Green
  6. bought 200 meters (for my Murican friends, its around 4 medium sized stone throws) of fishing line for like 100 bucks, hope it will be worth it, going to try it this evening....
  7. Now they need to fire Todd and I may start believe in Bethesda... never thought that getting owned by SmallMeak would be considered a step up...
  8. did he just asked to pimp for him?
  9. so its safe to say they don't have life capable of sending radio signals, otherwise we would already recieved it?
  10. is radio wave same speed as light? nearest star is around 4 light years away IIRC
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