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  1. No, those resulting from an unlawful act, such as rape and incest, are still legal to terminate the fetus.
  2. One thing that I hope ppl in US will not have to face with the new balance of power in the SCOTUS is similar shenanigans to what so called Constitution's Tribunal did in Poland recently (after it got politicians of the ruling party nominated as majority of judges throughout last 5yrs) They've decided to take a 27yrs old act, which was a healthy compromise on abortions, and ruled it as unconstitutional, and defend the decision, that it blocks eugenic driven acts of abortion. In fact it (now) was covering cases, where the future mothers could have decided for abortion, if the fetus had near
  3. I do agree with the measures. I do not mean shame as in shame 'directly', but shame the culture of being fat, and stop accepting or even promoting it. Smokers and Alcoholics are culturally shamed. You also do not receive an irrational backlash, when you voice your concern to an alcoholic or a smoker about their habbits, even though they will most likely graba bottle or cigarete when stressed out with the situation
  4. Maybe this will get into 'murican heads
  5. Problem is, progresivness is a mental ilness so it would be the other way around Btw, nice try comparing medical conditions to beliefs. Are you one of those people claiming that math is opprssive? But on a more serious note, being morbidly fat is unhealthy and is a factor when it comes to how often someone needs medical assistance and it certainly is a factor when it comes to issues with heart or respiratory system of your body. And in case of COVID it is a factor in your chances of survival, once you got it, since its a heavy strain on an already encoumbered
  6. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/does-america-have-covid-problem-or-obesity-problem Some interesting points raised. But also there is something in this, that you'd rather let people get morbidly obese than shame them into getting fit, for their own good. While for sure you need to be careful with the covid spread and do not underestimate it, as even at various restrictions and flattening of the curve related actions, hospitalization rate is higher than the health care system could whistand in unmitigated conditions, the overall health condition does impact severity of
  7. Definately in the US. The size of people indicates the size of the fridges.
  8. Right before elections. https://www.wsj.com/articles/justice-department-to-file-long-awaited-antitrust-suit-against-google-11603195203 Coincidence?
  9. Why would anyone do such things to oneself...
  10. Depends how you place the axis of the main arm of the left-right divide It used to be amount of state, where minumum state with focus of personal rights and property rights was the right wing policy, and the left wing was the large state aparatus, which had regulation on all aspects of life as the state knows best, how to allocate resources for the good of citizens. Then you'd have another axis of social aspects, cultural superiority vs cultural equity, so the extreme forms of the left wing society, are fascism and communism, while extreme forms of right wing policies are directora
  11. I'll bite this and entertain you. The party was called National Socialists. While it wasn't a walfare state or a state owned business and means of production, it was state driven expenditures, but the twisted nature of that socialism, was to tax (rob) other nations of their wealth and provide slaves to a privilaged class of asset owners, which were working and encouraged to build oligopoly/monopoly based economy in close partnership with the state. It wasn't really a smith'sonain economy or capitalizm
  12. You think it will not be the second Hilary's emails? You might need just several thousands in some key swing states to decide the election. Trump might be a con man, but the stuff he can be accused of is more abstract to a regular john and jane doe. Biden's case might be easier to spin, especially the corrupt establishment part, and corrupt media and tech industry part.
  13. And there it is, apparently Twietter lifted the ban silently https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-twitter-idUSKBN27121P And seems Trump's attack dog might have a lot more of stuff about Bidens, and if even half of it is true... Let say, it seems to be some interesting timing. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/new-biden-email-obliterates-burisma-debunking-over-fired-prosecutor-giuliani-teases
  14. Yes, seems I should have read until the end to the last paragraph with relation of a spoke person, and not just to the Tweet itself. Just re-affirms that jumping the gun and not knowing the full context is bad... However, one can and will most likely argue, that this was not a Hack
  15. https://mobile.reuters.com/article/BigStory12/idUSKBN27121P So it seems Twitter will comply and changed their stance.
  16. Both actually, and yes I agree evil regimes are evil despite the ideology, even if the ideology seems to be great on paper in supernatural ideal conditions.
  17. So he abandoned ridiculous parts like leaving NATO or allowibg tortures, got blocked by dems on some spending projects, and ballooned debt in 2020 due to corona related issues https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/GFDEGDQ188S , while delivering or partially delivering on majority of his promises listed there
  18. @Gorth If that's the case, and alternative views cannot be presented in public and shared in public with a threat of removing from social life and losing work, then that's not ok, and I can condemn such a system. The role of the free flow of information, even if some of it is malicious in nature, is to have informed populace on what's happening with their tax money and how the laws contribute to the overall increase of wellbeing. Censorship leads only to radicalization and more consipracy theories, that eventually lead to oftenly misguided unrest.
  19. You realize that Tyler Durden part is just a name space, under which different authors publish anonymously? And again, comparing heavy handed law enforcement, which can be held accountable and accused of misconduct (get on it!), and authoritarian vanishing of people by unidentified state aparatus are two different things. Heavy handed is not ideal, but still better than an alternative of anarchy and lack of protection on property and private rights and assets. So in the choice of two wrongs I choose a lesser evil. However, in case of authoritarian regime removing people from
  20. At one point I was thinking about moving there. What's the issue there?
  21. @KaineParker There is a difference in heavy handed enforcment of law (which has flaws and is something to looka at) and order, and authoritarian use of force to vanish people of different opinion. And again, it's usually "socialists" driving thought and speech policing. And while admitedly these news look borderline dubious, they have more evidence than things like Russians helping Trump to get into the office. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/latest-cache-emails-detail-how-hunter-biden-earned-millions-china-introductions EDIT: Also, company's terms of ser
  22. @Gromnir Apparently this: Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz have reportedly confirmed that the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Tuesday to issue a subpoena of Twitter's Jack Dorsey Will read more in the morning.
  23. I've already stayed way too late. It will be a painful morning and a lot of coffee. Leaving with this, as I think it is oddly appropriate
  24. Almost there, but missing social freedoms. The economic reforms were not tragic though, and good enough that they were continued even after he "left" the office. Comparing Chile the rest of that region? I would not endorse that rule though.
  25. Who disappeared and with a last sighting of that person being taken by an unidentified individual? If it was unidentified, then how was the tracing done to connect the individual to the state aparatus?
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