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  1. @Gromnir I think pictures from UK pubs or Israel clubs could have been a factor to encourage people to vaccinate and lead to faster 'normal' life, even if they themselves did not normally see a need. The gatekeeping factor of being vaccinated or not might have played a role
  2. So, how's the whole "Jan 6th insurection" thread going in US? Seems it fell flat on its face, however we learnt two things: 1) The claims that police officer was killed by mob with a fire extinguisher was a fabricated story. 2) Death of a woman, who was shot by an officer was swept under a rug, and her case did not call for charges against the officer.
  3. Problem is that democrats pushed themselves into a corner where they must do something publically visible to Russia, as they've been pushing the spin that Trump colluded with Russians, that there was Russians involved in meddling in the ellections etc. Sure, Putin is no saint, but if you'd ask yourself, who killed more civilians in the last decade (US GOV or Russia GOV), you'd have some mental gymnastics to do. (that goes both to internal and external civilian figures).
  4. A looooong read of various aspects from the side, which seems to question the more media driven Chauvin's level of guilt. https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/04/chauvin-trial-verdict-prediction-of-sorts-on-legal-merits-alone-not-guilty-but-political-dynamics-drive-injustice/ Is there some similar summary, which would point to all charges being valid? Perhaps @Gromnir has some?
  5. Something, that might be of interest to US residents. A bit too much gloom and immediate doom, but this piece touches a few right strings in this tune. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/stunning-divergence-latest-bank-data-reveals-something-terminally-broken-financial-system
  6. Anyone joining this list anytine soon? https://www.statista.com/chart/3292/the-cities-with-the-most-billionaires/
  7. Probably has something to do with the fact, you had an officer trapped and covering a lot of the space? I'd be hesitant to open fire, if there is a high chance i might hit a fellow officer. Again, this is also only a snippet of a situation (and easy to provoke an insta outrage). I'd love to see body cams and dash cams before making a judgement.
  8. Probably wouldn't be needed, if people would act like human beings instead of a rabid rioting mob
  9. This is borderline lunacy... People really need some reality check... https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1422913/Extinction-Rebellion-campaign-dairy-food-schools-racist-Brighton-Hove-City-Council
  10. https://twitter.com/mcpnews?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1382429950226075650|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.zerohedge.com%2Fpolitical%2Fout-kill-cop-sniper-loose-maryland Seems someone is hunting police officers
  11. Can this be proven beyond any doubt that there was an intent to do harm? Seems he chose less excessive form of apperhantion, and it did not look from a vid, like he was intending to do harm. There was no excessive force used, no repeated voilent physical actions, and not even verbal ones? There was a prolonged restraint, but there was no pressure to neck and the technique was apporved at that given time.
  12. I admit, I do not necessarily understand all the nuances of what's what degree of 'murder' and what's manslaughter and what are the exact differences. I guess in my understanding 'murder' would require some sort of action in which the suspect has ability to understand that the given action can result in death, and the suspect decides on continuing that action. Manslaughter is an odd term to me in general
  13. You still can be dangerous? If a person is high on drugs, and there was sufficient behavioral aspects to imply that, that person can still be dangerous to others around and most importantly to oneself. I can imagine a situation, where you want to keep a person restrained until that person has fully calmed down.
  14. I'm looking at the presented evidence and opinions so far. I'd say personally, there was definately no intent to murder, and possibly even no intent to do harm, there was however negligence in aspect of checking health state of the apperhanded suspect, and also resulting from that too much time spent on restraining the captive leading to delayed help, which arrived after the suspect was dead. I'd not call it murder in any case, and not sure if it would classify as manslaughter, but I'm no lawyer. There was a role in the death, but I would not attach to it any ill intent towards the
  15. See, even you are jumping to conclusion, that he 'killed' him. What if he killed himself with drug overdos, while the officer did not assist and failed to recognize that the dude is in agony? What if there was no intent to harm the guy? (police officer could have used more excessive force, including taser, but he chose not to?) Did you also jump to a conclusion, that a covington kid was a racist bastard abusing a native american veteran?
  16. To be honest, I'm quite certain, that vast majority of people, who are warmongering on one or the other side, have no idea how hard their own lifes would be affected, no matter who would eventually win, if the conflict would remain in the convnetional weapons realm (in nuclear, the humanity lost in all scenarios). The amount of disruptions to trade and supply chains, people and property lost, geopol opportunism popping up, to stick it to one side or the other (and guess what country is the most hated one), in fact I'm certain that with the given trends, in a decade US will not have enoug
  17. @Guard Dog @Gromnir https://news.yahoo.com/were-going-to-lose-fast-us-air-force-held-a-war-game-that-started-with-a-chinese-biological-attack-170003936.html
  18. Anyone following the trial of D.C.? I wonder how fair it is going to be, especially when the "public" and large portion of media made their verdict already. I recently came across by accident on this page, as i looked into behavioral aspects for jury/judge of how the recent riots could potentially influence the ruling. https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/04/derek-chauvin-trial-prosecution-problems-ignored-or-misrepresented-in-mainstream-media-open-thread/
  19. The longer the virus is in virculation among poppulace, where only part of it is vaccinated, the higher chance of a mutation, which will bypass those protections completely. It's a matter of numbers game, and ability to catch up with new variants popping up.
  20. Well, in a lot of places they will need to give a third booster shot as the virus is still rampant, and the immunity declines at a pce of ca. 6months. Other than that, virus variants are reported to bypass some immunity developed with use of vaccines.
  21. There is some serious problem with the instastory outrage culture... It's mostly visible in US, but it has an unhealthy spillover effect to most "western culture" countries. Guy was shot in an accidental discharge by a female officer (who mistook her gun for a taser) as a suspect resisted arrest/search, dove into a car and tried to drive off, and you have multiple days of riots doing damage to communities and business, and media muting people from calling riots a riot. More prominent case, of Derek C, where it seems the only fault of his was not recognizing that an apperhande
  22. Sooo a few things. If China decides to invade Taiwan, US will be powerless, and won't stop it. Conventional weapons conflict is lost from the get go, and you don't want to reach out for nuclear options. Such a conflict would be devastating for the world economy, and especially for US and EU, who are heavily reliant on a long global supply chain. China and Russia much less so, as they have been coping with various restrictions and are more resilient to distruptions. It would hurt them, but not in the same magnitude. The big deterrent is so far, the contract that
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