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  1. I think you grossly overestimate the Navalny part. I'd say it's probably somewhere really far down, not sure if even on the top 100 list.
  2. 20 more years and US will not be able to have a functioning military to counter China, Russia and other raising threats https://about.bgov.com/news/army-anime-courts-teens-from-a-small-pool-of-eligible-gen-zers/ One more conflict, which US will procure, some images of body bags, and US will need to go to mandatory draft. But hey, lets glorify lazines, self entitlement and fatness.
  3. This will be an interesting development to follow. https://mobile.reuters.com/news/picture/jerusalem-violence-leads-to-hamas-rocket-idUSRTXC67C9
  4. Well... Interesting news around B.1.617 (one of India variants). Under peer review now as it seems fully vaccinated people get infected with it and are ill. Not enough data around severity of those cases, but worrying enough, that we might see another global wave.
  5. Let them cannibalize each other. Last Oscar ratings perhaps will make this whole segment of people get hit with some reality check. I could not care less for all those award ceremonies. Hopefully we can reach a level where the overpriced entertainment monkeys of holywood will understand their role in society. "shut up and entertain people" I'd rather pay their fees to engineers running space or healthcare programs.
  6. Not going into details, but technically any deal in USD with the use of SWIFT can be seized by the US Gov.
  7. I'm quite sure that FED, if pressed hard, will rather protect the usd from becoming a dumpster material, but there will be a lot of pain just before and after the dollar rescue measures. Poland has its own problems when it comes to incompetency or centrally driven politics by an out of touch lunatic. Poland will be dealing with its own issue of inflation vs rates, and as far as I'm certain that eventually sanity will prevail in US, i do not have the same certainty with the currently ruling overlords of Poland. They are just powerhungry cretins, who wasted good years and will rather sink
  8. @Gorth In layman's terms inverted curve suggests that there is more uncertainty about you being able to buyback your debt in near future than in the far future. Normally you have higher certainty short term than long term, so if it goes belly up, something fishy is going on and you should be on your toes and hedge your risks. I usually monitor 10Y TSY the most as this drives most commercialized debt costs and is a kind of benchmark, but each yield has its purpose and if you think more seriously about investments, you need know the money market and its implications quite well.
  9. If you will notice trends, a lot of central banks started buying aand collecting gold home during last year. Meanwhile Russia slowly but steadily switches from USD to EUR and other currencies, and are preparing to decouple from SWIFT if needed. (this would imply another settlments service, which would be used by countries, which have had enough of US dominance and leave US teethless when it comes to economic sanctions, with the military solution as last available tool of enforcing sanctions) I'm quite sure that we are due for a big crisis, and the longer you kick the can fro
  10. Meanwhile you've printed yourself into a debt, which is of what percent of your GDP? What's the increase of trade deficit? At which point you will call for insolvency of the new Socialist Banana States of America and start using USD as a toilet paper?
  11. Nice going California? Want to make everyone equally dumb? https://reason.com/2021/05/04/california-math-framework-woke-equity-calculus/ @Hurlshot What's this about? Or is it some sensationalism writing?
  12. Yet, for some reason US citizens and USA outcompeted most Western countries in personal wealth. The problem is not with the trickle down economy, but how you enable it. US jobs and wealth were hit hard with two punches. 1 with easy capital outflows and offshoring "expensive" jobs 2 with money printing, which drives asset valuations to the moon, while making day to day living more difficult and costly for those with no assets and zero savings, cused by point 1. Tax cuts don't work as capital is now invested offshore or kept in appreciating assets. Both offer m
  13. I guess this type of incident doesn't even make the news in SA @BruceVC? @Guard Dog one is boss the other is a rookie?
  14. @BruceVC For you https://www.discovermagazine.com/environment/solar-panel-waste-the-dark-side-of-clean-energy https://www.wired.co.uk/article/lithium-batteries-environment-impact https://cen.acs.org/materials/energy-storage/time-serious-recycling-lithium/97/i28 Probably recycling tech will improve over time, but currently we will be trading air polution and air heat for a soil polution and water polution, which can be as much if not more damaging
  15. It's about short term goals of political partisans... You need to point to some 'evil' and have people consolidate around. That mentioned gang voilence kills more black people daily than police yearly, but to deal with that, you'd have to talk about some unconfortable truths and wade through some deficiencies and disfunctionalities. People don't want that, often don't understand that, and thus it's much harder to sell, especially if there needs to be work done and some self sacrifice (like with things related to overpopultion, and overconsumption - which are the underlying reasons
  16. This might be an intriguing piece https://www.aier.org/article/the-ignorant-world-and-what-to-do-about-it/
  17. I'd never support such acts, as they are inheritly flawed and demand other cultures and nations to follow suit of subset of a US culture.... That's disrespectful to say the least. But non-US bound people know that US is very ignorant and general populace more out of touch with basic realities of the world than most of the other countries
  18. Perhaps it has something to do in terms of general triats of a person, where in some cases it's good to have such and in other it's not. You need to remember that those "soft-hearted" ones, usually are risk averse and can act too slow or inadequatly in case of dealing with dangerous individuals. The hard-headed ones are more likely to act in higher risk situations and will not be afraid to use overwhelimg force when dealing with real voilence. If your life depended on it, would you rather have emotional people after liberal arts course who will try to talk out the attacker of his v
  19. I was suspecting third after @Gromnir explanation and was sure of manslaughter, but 2nd is odd to me, then again def of murder and felony are a bit odd to me when lookin at MN I wonder how fast they will try to apeal it due to pressure on jury etc. I expect this will be the playbook.
  20. Bashing head with fire extinguisher was fabricated. The officer died, but he was not murdered by an angry mob. Speaking of mobs, this seems to highlight some hypocrisy in partisan narratives. Don't get me wrong, in Trump case there was a narrative about stolen election, which could have riled up emotionally loaded people, but it was nowhere near the level of the direct language of confronting and taking to the streets used by Maxine. Heck on the same eve there was a drive-by attempt to shot National Guard... Just imagine if they would be able to return fire with a
  21. @Gromnir I think pictures from UK pubs or Israel clubs could have been a factor to encourage people to vaccinate and lead to faster 'normal' life, even if they themselves did not normally see a need. The gatekeeping factor of being vaccinated or not might have played a role
  22. So, how's the whole "Jan 6th insurection" thread going in US? Seems it fell flat on its face, however we learnt two things: 1) The claims that police officer was killed by mob with a fire extinguisher was a fabricated story. 2) Death of a woman, who was shot by an officer was swept under a rug, and her case did not call for charges against the officer.
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