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  1. Not sure, what is the procedure and what absentee is, but it could happen if those ballots were from some large dem stronghold, and given that some of the counts favored even near 70% to 30%, i can imagine this to be possible. You can't really easily explain 100% to 0% split though of a similar amount of votes. I mean, not even a single vote for any other option? Even in DC it was around 90% but not a 100%
  2. I do not think there would be such a stir now, if this lead would errode over time and as in case of these pictures, whenever one got some votes the other got some as well, you can see the jumps for both. What is a cause for a reaction is both the timing and the ratio of these sudden increases, which affected the balance in Biden's favor. You will really need to come up with some really good explanation for that (100k+ votes 100% in favor of one person counted in at around 5AM in the highly contested areas) , and I do not think you will be able to calm a lot of these people.
  3. You will really have a hard time explaining to people that a sudden appearance of 100k+ votes in the late night hours and were 100% Biden. 75% maybe, if those were from demo strongholds, but 100% is a bit hard to explain to already biased people.
  4. And it starts, now Trumps campaign will start investigations into theese 100% Biden dumps, legitimacy will be contested etc. Brace for the Fun times. @Guard Dog you better examine your defences and consider some mines
  5. Yoy might not be entirely correct on this statement. What policies show that Trump can't What policies show that Biden can by comparison?
  6. Yes, but the government, which you've voted in will be there for 4 years, and I exepct, perhaps incorrectly, that people have more expectations than just "remove Trump" and that might be a rude awakaning to a lot of current Biden's voters once the admin will start running policies. This will be interesting to watch.
  7. As in, once Trump is out, what is the actual policy stance that will be uniting all the current anti-Trumpers. This seems to be very varied group as opposed to the Trump supporters, which seem to be more cohesive in their world view
  8. So, if Biden wins. Harris will replace him in 2nd half of 2021? Do you think they will be enjoying a real support for their policies given that the motivation was mostly "anti-Trump"?
  9. That would be a hell of a result to have 80+% to win on the remaing votes. Not impossible, but rather unlikely
  10. Nah i do not think so, those do not seem to have that much of a controversy as the PA potentially has. Although I'm not an expert on election laws. Short of large amount of evidenced irreguralities and destroyed/fraudulent votes, I do not see any leverage for Trump to try to pull in order to hold onto the seat.
  11. I have a feeling that you'd love to see this
  12. If that's the case, then yes. Short of some miracle turnover in Wisconsin, this would mean its over. This is still potentially 270-268 which is a very close contest, and clearly heavily underestimated Trump, despite all the negative bias by social media giants and a lot of media channels. Let not forget that this is more anti-Trump vs Trump and not really Biden vs Trump
  13. I wish! I'd even go to see that each Sunday in such a case
  14. Really depends on Michigan, if it's Biden's then its game over. If Trump's, then prepare for a really ugly ending because of PA. I think Georgia is Trumps and Wisconsin is Bidens. Nevada is Bidems as well. AZ is a bit of a surprise to me.
  15. Biden's admin might also not get a 'pass' in relations with Poland, where the current ruling party has been accused of anti-LGBT, anti-feminists, racist xenophobia and bieng in bed with radical catholics.
  16. I agree he can, I'm saying that in scenario where PA is the only deciding the outcome state, it will be very ugly no matter who wins.
  17. I wouldn't say a coup, but if it will come down to one state deciding, and to be more precise, PA, then there will be no end to accusations and contesting the result until it will hit SCOTUS. Legitimacy will be questioned on either side, depending who will get the court ruling on their side.
  18. If Trumps wins, expect reckoning on the tech billionaires. 230 in its current form is going the way of dodo.
  19. Oh this will be fun and scary to watch at the same time. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/watch-gop-poll-watcher-denied-entry-philadelphia-days-after-state-ag-says-trump-will-lose The number of emotional postings and stories one way or the other is going to explode today and during the rest of the week.
  20. Tbh what's going on now shows more of the weakness of the democracy understood as the system, where everyones vote equals the same. It is easy to collapse a nation in such a way, and in the past it even allowed raise to power of people, who should not come to it (certain Adolf guy). I think, that the original idea of Greek democracy or early Roman republic were better versions of it. You had to pass certain criteria in order to have a vote, and not just be given because you exist. There are way more stupid people than the smart ones, so in the current form, you give more power to t
  21. Do you really believe such? Even in an altered form from the original post, which was much worse? https://twitter.com/AP/status/1322885651541405709?s=20
  22. I wonder, if they used that modeling to cover how many were killed as a result of BLM riots? On a more serious topic though. I find it amuzing, that the people obsessed with so called 'wokeness' (a terrible term by the way) would rather submit to voilence and shut the hell up on matters touching one religion, but they would go all out all ballistic against another religion, which does not commit acts of terror. I'm really curious, if those people realize, the moment you start bending knee on jokes etc. and will let fear rule your actions, you will lose your liberties..
  23. Bond series dies and so does the person, who gave life to the character on the big screen. 2020 F U.
  24. Overly dramatic, but not entirely inacurate perception of labor/income related part of us economics https://www.zerohedge.com/political/alice-doesnt-work-here-anymore
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