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  1. This is just getting creepy https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/18/sex-doll-maker-creates-replicas-dead-partners-combat-loneliness-im-providing-comfort-9997632/
  2. That is cool stuff... I didn't know most of this
  3. Well, I was thinking movies like Rocky and Die Hard as being one off. They were not adapted from novels, or a series of novels with a continuing charterer(s). The first one had success so they keep yanking on that teat as long as milk comes out even though the creative concept becomes a parody of itself. Aliens is an exception. It was equal to Alien in quality. Definitely some seriously diminishing quality after that though. I've never seen the original Mad Max. I thought Road Warrior and the one with Tina Turner were weapons grade stupid though.
  4. A persons's faith and relationship to the man upstairs (or lack thereof) is entirely their own business. But I am suspicious of displays of faith from political leaders. Not all of them. Bush and Obama were both regular church attendees prior to being elected so I was 100% willing to accept theirs are genuine. But when Trump or Clinton did it it strikes me as a tad exploitative. Just politicians being politicians. That does not mean they were not religious. No one knows what's in another persons mind. I'm a very religious man and except for weddings and funerals have not set foot in a church in decades. I'm just put off by disingenuous gestures done for appearances.
  5. Demonic networks are aligned against Trump: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/449226-trump-spiritual-adviser-a-demonic-network-aligned-itself-against-the Pretty bad when even the demons want to see you lose! What network is that I wonder? Must be one DirectTV doesn't carry.
  6. Not really a one off though. Those were adaptations of Harris's other novels. The original Death Wish was also adapted from a novel. So many liberties were taken with the story the author disavowed the movie IIRC. I'm sure he still cashed his rights check though.
  7. It will be. I'll be writing them a check... and it won't be for the amount they say. But it will be something. The funny thing is when I read their "tax adjustment proposal" I got sick to my stomach. Then I realized they did not include any of my deductions, just gave me the single standard deduction. Once you add in my itemized deductions it's not as bad. Still a crooked number four places west of the decimal... but not as bad.
  8. Thesis statement: Sequels to one off movies always suck. Supporting argument 1: Rocky II - V Supporting argument 2: Dirty Harry II - IV Supporting argument 3: Death Wish II - ? Exception that proves the rule: Bladerunner 2049 Conclusion: Sequels to one off movies always suck.
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