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  1. What country other than the USA has the most players in the MLB? A) Cuba B) Japan C) Dominican Republic D) Venezuela
  2. Joe DiMaggio has the MLB record for most consecutive games with a hit with 56. Who has the second most? A) Pete Rose B) Ty Cobb C) Willie Keeler D) Paul Moliter Answer
  3. Probably not much because they know it is unlikely to happen. If the Supreme Court finds a pretext to take the issue up I am thinking this goes 7-2 against making any changes. Goresuch and Sotomayor will probably bite. Thomas is a wildcard on this one. He could go either way. Ginsburg, Breyer, and Kagan almost never rule against a governing sovereign when it's general power is at issue. They will be a hard no. Roberts is too in love with maintaining the status quo and Kavanaugh will follow his lead. Alito is way too pro-police. Even this Senate resolution is just for show. Resolutions are meaningless. Remember your earliest teachings Malcador, all who have power fear to lose it. The police ARE power. The states are not going to weaken them. They will say all the right things and when everything has calmed down and attention is diverted elsewhere this talk will end and nothing will change. Just like they do with Civil Asset Forfeiture. It is a literal license to steal. They will NEVER, EVER give that up. No matter what they say around election time. Government is a legalized mafia.
  4. The Qualified Immunity enjoyed by police is essentially a license to kill, assault, steal, and brutalize. It shields police from most civil action and some criminal action for doing whatever they do while on duty. As long as it is done on the job, they get a pass. It does not shield them from criminal charges obviously. But it is a big reason cops generally get away with what Gromnir accurately called "causal brutality". I've been arguing it should be taken away for years. Now it just might happen: Qualified immunity’ for police getting fresh look by Supreme Court after George Floyd death Markey, Harris, Booker to introduce resolution calling for elimination of qualified immunity Both the US Supreme Court and the US Senate are attacking the concept. THIS will go a long way to reducing police violence. They are sadistic because they can be with pretty close to impunity. Take that away and things begin to improve.
  5. Irony is my favorite form of humor. Hypocrisy is a close second though
  6. What is the oldest continually operating team in the MLB? A) Atlanta Braves B) Oakland Athletics C) Boston Red Sox D) Cincinnati Reds Answer:
  7. Just nine players have 600+ career homeruns. Of those nine only two never had a 50+ HR season. One is Albert Pujols. Who is the other? A) Willie Mays B) Hank Aaron C) Jim Thome D) Alex Rodriguez Answer:
  8. Just heard on the radio that Dallas store owner, the white guy in the green shirt that was beaten and left robbed and bleeding in the street died from his injuries today. Most of the "protests" in Memphis haver been low key. And I wouldn't be caught dead down there right now anyway.
  9. You guys wonder why I carry a pistol damn near everywhere I go?
  10. Absolutely. What one President does and gets away with the next one does more. Who's next? The NRA? Planned Parenthood? The Republican Party? Some might say those groups don't perpetrate violence and Antifa does. However I think that will matter far less than people think.
  11. There is no conflict if the actions are clearly beyond the executive power a enumerated in Article 2. Not suggesting that applies to anything we are discussing, just as an example.
  12. Not the ONLY remedy. An injunction from a Court will work as well putting a temporary and maybe even permanent stop to shenanigans. As long as a party with standing brings a petition.A state AG can do that. Also correct me if I'm wrong but Trump was speaking of mobilizing the NG. Only a governor of a state can do that correct?
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