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  1. I've always found Hemingway very readable. He certainly wasted no words. If you want to live in the 1920's with the Lost Generation for a brief time he's your man. Jack London is one of my all time favorites but my favorite work of his was far from his most popular: The Sea Wolf. But Wolf Larson is one of the best characters in all of American literature IMO. All of London's stores were set in the late 1800's. He passed away during WWI, don't remember the exact date. The Great Gatsby was a great novel. I love the closing line of the novel, absolutely poetic. Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury is a easy read of life in the the American south in the '20's. The Great Depression was actually happening there well before Black Tuesday and that book follows a family through it. If you are interested in classics that put you IN the Great Depression look no further than John Steinbeck. Particularly The Grapes of Wrath.
  2. One thing to keep in mind with respect to my support of Gabbard. There is no one, not a single person running for president that I actually would like to see in the office. So keep in mind we are talking about a “least bad“ option. The tallest person in the Pygmy Tribe. As destructive as Trump has been her name is on a very short list of the available options who MIGHT be better. Only one other Democrat is on my list: Bullock. And he is really circling the drain. Can any of you even remember a Presidential election that didn’t feel like a race to the bottom? Or a search for the lesser evil? I can’t. Next year will be no exception.
  3. "I don't want a government person telling me about religion. I don't want a religious person telling me about government. And I don't want a draft dodger telling me about patriotism" - Jessie Ventura Now THAT is a great quote!
  4. The fact that KTchong and I are on the same side of this Tulsi Gabbard thing has me concerned. Maybe I am wrong about her after all.
  5. Well some of the negative press has been earned. Refusing to call Assad a war criminal is, as Gromnir would say, stoopid. And I can certainly imagine a candidate with ideas on American non-interventionism would be appealing to the interventionist Russians. That does not make her a Russian stooge. And it does not mean taking a step back from foreign entanglements is a bad idea. Had GWB not invaded Iraq there would be no ISIS, no Syrian Civil War and Gary Johnson would not be the only person who has no clue where Aleppo is. Well, all those things did happen but the only one talking about walking away from it altogether (which is a bad idea) is Trump. But she is certainly opposing starting any new conflicts which makes sense to me.
  6. The only publication Gabbard has received anything but negative press in is Reason. Hell even the Honolulu Star has taken a set against her. And why? Because she thinks it's pointless to continue to flush billions of dollars and hundreds of American lives down the mid east toilet? Put her foreign policy ideas aside she is on the same page as every other democrat on every other issue: tax the living s--t out of everyone and spend the country into ruin. She checks off every other box. Well, except one: she opposes third trimester abortion unless there is medical necessity. Seems like a reasonable compromise to me but whatever. It's hard not to wonder if maybe she has a point. After all CNN and other news outlets actually did try to help Clinton against Sanders. The DNC has seen to it she gets a well funded primary challenger every election since she took Sanders part over Clinton. They may have gotten rid of the Super Delegates but there is still very little democracy in the Democratic Party. She is being bottled up no doubt. And the coverage she gets is decidedly negative. Pushing her to run for the Green Party might be a clever way of getting rid of her. If she ever did such a thing not only is it a purely quixotic endeavor she would be done forever with the Democrats. There is no coming back from that. And I only vote third party. I don't know if you guys have noticed but Buti-something's press has turned somewhat negative over the last few days. Of course it may be that Democrats just don't like veterans. Because they do not from my own experience.
  7. It makes one tremble to imagine the overcorrection for Trump. Then the over correction for that overcorrection. Suddenly I feel the need to stockpile more ammunition.
  8. The vacation is now a staycation. That Tropical Storm is going to drag a lot of rain in behind it. Might go camp at my place upstate.
  9. Gabbard has responded to Hillary Clinton" https://www.mediaite.com/election-2020/tulsi-gabbard-fires-back-at-queen-of-warmongers-hillary-clinton-for-suggesting-shes-a-russian-asset/
  10. The will never forgiver her for supporting Sanders in 2016: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/hillary-clinton-says-tulsi-gabbard-is-a-russian-asset-groomed-to-ensure-trump-re-election
  11. Is there anyone running with a realistic shot of being nominated that meets that description? I can't think of one. Unless their stump speeches are all campaign lies. There is always the hope that one of the front running Dems is a Jacksonian in disguise. Not likely though.
  12. Nuts to that. I know the winners and scores of every Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, World Cup, as well as what stocks are winners and losers. Send me back in time and I'd be like Biff from back to the future.
  13. Loading up the camper, truck, and of course Sunny & Bella for four days of camping, fishing, and canine hijinks at Chemin-A-Haut State Park in Louisiana. Tropical Storm Nestor may f--k this all up however. Watching....
  14. Oh how I hope you are correct. If so he will have done this country the biggest service of any President in recent memory even if he did through incompetence and malfeasance. But I don't think it will be that way. Until Congress is ready to assert itself on a President of it's own majority party it won't happen.
  15. History will look back on Trump and say "This man was a fool"
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