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  1. Sidenote. I'm actually a bit annoyed that they made them into comic reliefs (like with Gimli). Many don't know that in the books Merry is very bright. He knows about Bilbo's ring before Frodo does, and he cleverly orchestrates Frodo's escape from the Shire. He's definitely the most "street smart" and worldly of the Hobbits. (sorry for off-topic)
  2. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/animal-revived-after-24000-years-in-ice-could-reproduce-2021-6
  3. My impression of Tegnell is that he's more stubborn than people on internet forums. Likewise many Swedes and their defense of him.
  4. Agree 100% that schools need to focus more on personal finance and "life hacks". Something that helped me a lot economically was not buying a car. There is simply no need for me when the collective transport is good and inexpensive. Yet it's so imprinted in everyone that they NEED to have a car, even when they have no money or important use for it. It's a luxury for sure, but not worth taking an expensive loan for just to get to the shop 5 minutes faster than you would when walking (or cycling). Luckily many of the things that can kill you economically are quite inexpensive here. Student
  5. Legendary stuff by Prince near the end. Also, George Harrison wrote the two best Beatle songs and I'll fight anyone who disagrees.
  6. Hamas firing rockets is like the tiny kid trying to fight back at the big kid who bullies him. You can understand why he snaps and tries to fight back, but it'll only end worse for him in the end. Netanyahu welcomes these attacks for sure.
  7. Don't go for the "I drink wine, therefore I am sophisticated" look unless you know why the stem exists! Currently reading:
  8. Yeah the main character and his abilities were the least interesting thing about this film.
  9. Haven't tried CK3 properly, for that very reason. I want to play it when it's great, not when it's "merely" good. I'm still enjoying CK2 way too much to take a step back.
  10. Currently watching a show called Dorohedoro on Netflix. The premise is that the main character has a reptile head and amnesia, and is trying to figure out how that happened. His world ("The Hole") is bleak and downtrodden, and sorcerers are teleporting in daily to abduct, and experiment on its inhabitants. It's got a weird lighthearted tone, despite being very dark and creepy. I'm halfway through it, and so far I can recommend it. Before that I watched Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer. For a shounen (is that the term?) show it was really good. Very likeable main character, unlike other seri
  11. It's quite resilient, but also reliant on the world economy of course. It has 1,4% of all stocks and shares in the world. It's so diversified it's hard to see if political pressure against investing in a sector/certain companies should matter much. Throughout the years they've exluded companies they deem to be unethical, hasn't seemed to have done much harm.
  12. No one wants to implement socialism though. No one except loonies on the fringes. Wanting a government that cares for its people (affordable education & healthcare, proper labour rights, etc) is what most left-leaning people want. That's not socialism, that's just common sense.
  13. Started playing Dota 2 a bit again. Apparently your account is now reevaluated based on how long you've been gone from it. About time they added something like that!
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