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  1. An old hilbilly was walking back to his truck from fishing in the lake. In his hand was a bucket of fish he had caught. Seeing him coming out of the woods a young game warden stopped him. "Mind if I look at your catch" The game warden asked as he looked in the bucket "I'm afraid these fish are out of season and under sized" the warden told the old man. "I'm going to have to place you under arrest" "Wait," said the old hillbilly. "I didn't catch these. They are my pet fish" "Pet fish?" Said the warden with a laugh "Sure" replied the old man. Every week I bring them to the lake to swim and exercise then call them back to the bucket and take them home." Not believing a word of it the game warden demanded the old man prove it. So they walked back to the lake together. When they reached the lake the old man dumped the fish back in, turned the bucket upside down and sat one it. After a few moments the game warden asked him "Aren't you going to call them back?" "Call what back" Asked the old hillbilly. "Your fish" said the game warden. "What fish?"
  2. Plus they sell those at Mets games. That is clearly misleading people!
  3. No. The State's job is to enforce the law and ensure a mostly level playing field. The State's job is to ensure the opportunity exists. The State should have nothing to do with the outcome. It should not be in the business of choosing winners and losers. I realize your philosophy and mine have a deep and unbridgeable gap and that is ok. But I do not trust any government with that kind of power.
  4. @Gromnir I wasn't referring to anything specific when I said that. But you know I would almost go along with you on a pistol ban. I do agree if handguns disappeared today the country would be a safer place. Almost go along though. If I thought that would be the end of it. If a line were drawn, a binding agreement between the people and the government that the elimination of private handguns is the last thing they ask of us with regard to gun control I would go along and give mine up. Of course that can never happen because the government or the people in it so least do not give a f--k about crime. And gun control is not even about crime anyway. That is just a pretext. For many people, myself included, it is the canary in the coal mine. The necessary first step in the evolution of a relatively free country to one that is not. No private property is safe if that canary dies. The 4th Amendment follows the 2nd into the dustbin. Edit: I do agree with the elimination of bump stocks however. If full auto weapons are illegal for the general public then it follows that accessories that make them function as full auto should also be illegal.
  5. As far as economic mobility goes the life you lead had a lot to do with the decisions you make. Like I have often said no one chooses to be broke. But not doing something about it is a choice. When I got out of the service I started a business performing test equipment repair, sales, calibration and certification. The business went nowhere. I had trouble finding business even giving the calibration service for free. After two years it was over. I had no income, $70k in losses, over $40k in debt, and to top the lot my wife left me and took her income with her. I was dead broke. I won't lie, I didn't take it well but after a few months I pulled myself together, worked two jobs AND used my GI Bill to complete my degree. In five years I completed school, had a job with a good income and was out of debt. I chose to do what had to be done. Not pursuing an education of some kind is a choice we make. Not trying to improve your lot is a choice you make. It still might not work out. You can do everything right and still not get the outcome you hope for. That is life... It ain't fair. But generally speaking if you are smart with your money and life choices you will come out ahead. There are dozens of not hundreds of options available to people who want to help themselves in the USA. But they are not handed to you. You have to work for them. But as I have said too many starving people will turn down hamburger because it wasn't steak.
  6. @Gromnir True the biggest threat to anything is the inability of humans to behave. It's why we can't have nice things.
  7. There is no guarantee the liberal commie would even be a threat to the 2nd Amend. The biggest threat to gun rights is Bloomberg
  8. A wise man once said "never play chess with a chicken. They will just kick over the pieces, s--t on the board, then strut around as if it won"
  9. Next week I'm taking the pups camping and fishing at Shired Island down on the Florida Gulf Coast. It's one of my favorite spots because there are no boat ramps, RV hookups, cabins, restrooms or amenities of any kind. and it literally IS an island when the tide comes in and the road is under water. Primitive camping only usually means you have it to yourself. In other words... it's perfect. Too bad Redfish season has ben cancelled. Catch and release only. I used to wade out to the oyster mounds and catch my limit in the channels in between when I used to go there frequently.
  10. I approve of this idea: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/feb/19/secession-fever-spikes-conservatives-seek-escape-b/
  11. Here is the problem. The people who pay taxes in the US are already paying between 35%-70% of every dollar they make. And we still fall farther and farther into debt at a rate of $62k per second just maintaining the status quo. How much more? 80%? 90%? 100%? If the federal government this very day seized every nickel in the private accounts of the 500 richest American, took their homes and assets, killed them and sold their organs on the black market and processed their bodies for pig feed we still could not come up with even a quarter of our current unfunded obligations. How much more can we go on the finger before the economy implodes and the currency collapses? The US is not and example of a well managed system where if everyone gives just a little more all will be milk and honey. We are spending ourselves into destruction just keeping what we have now.
  12. I cannot even imagine how the federal government could address wage disparity. The government has the power to tax, yes. But the top 10% income earners are already paying more than 90% of all the taxes. Making them pay a little more will not put one nickel in the pocket of anyone else except the government. The government does not and should not have the power to set wages. Except for people who work for the government of course. It’s bad business to place an artificial value on labor. And employees time has a absolute value to the employer. If the employer is compelled to pay more they will have fewer employees. It’s just basic economics. So what can be done? The best way for wages to go up as for there to be more jobs available. When there is a competition for the services of the workforce the members of the workforce are able to demand higher wages. Once again just basic economics. So to get more jobs you need to make it more attractive to do business inside the United States. Well, countries like China has for all practical purposes a pool of slave labor for companies to take advantage of. You cannot do that here obviously. So you need to benefit the companies who might employ Americans in other ways. Once again the only power the government has the power to tax and regulate. So you have to ease off the taxes and ease off the regulations if they do their business inside the United States. You cannot change what China does to its people. Or any other country. All we can control is what we do here.
  13. Once there was a a loud mouthed hyena. He spent his days mocking all the other animals on the savanna, even the the Lion king. One day the lioness asked the King "Why do you let that stupid hyena taunt you like that? You are the king. Do something about him" "Just leave him be" the King replied "He isn't hurting anyone. Just let it go" However the lioness felt the need to teach that hyena a lesson so she began to chase him. The chase went on for miles and eventually the hyena led her to a fallen, hollow tree trunk and ran through it. The lioness tried to follow but got firmly stuck half way in. The hyena then got behind her, mounted her and had his way with her. Once he finished and left she got herself unstuck and walked home ashamed. She found the king waiting for her. He sighed and said "He took you to the tree didn't he?"
  14. Blood and honor? Puh-leeeze. What are you going to do? Pick up a rifle and start a socialist revolution? I assure you that won't end well. Besides, are you personally ready to give your life for a political ideal? I wouldn't. Here is a little Gen X wisdom. Sooner or later you are going to realize the society you dream of is never going to happen in the US. Not in our lifetimes anyway. The US is not geared for big changes in short periods of time. And in what you desire you are in a very small minority. So the caring society where all your wants are seen to by the benevolent state (as if such a thing could ever exist) while we all live in harmony with mother nature isn't coming. For the rest of your life you will live in a society very much like the one you live in right now and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. So. How does that tent and fishing pole and Coleman stove in Alaska sound now? Not so bad huh?
  15. LOL I’d probably be Hatchet Jack! I know the lives of Mountain Men were not enviable by today’s standards but I would have LOVED to have tried it. My dad used to say he was born 100 years too late (he said that in the 80’s) because he was fascinated by the post civil war west. I think the pre civil war west would have been better. That is one of my favorite movies by the way. Redford’s Johnson was a lot more sympathetic than his real life inspiration. Although they were likely both largely fictional.
  16. I don't even care anymore who is in office. I'm 3/4 of the way to quitting my job, cancelling my cell phone and electricity and going full on feral
  17. Been doing that for a while now. It's called quantative easing. Edit: Doh! Zorp beat me to it!
  18. Sounds like he fit right in in Berkley! Cool story!
  19. Ukraine Covering up Ukraine The United States is $23.29T dollars in debt. Spending has increased by 16% over Obama. We are now facing a $1T deficit for the first time in our history. Buy % of GDP this is a larger spending deficient than WW2. Under Trump the UN National Debt increases at a rate of $62k per second. Simply put, he took the worst thin about Obama... and made it worse.
  20. Prior to 2017 you would have had a point. Now that we've had him in office for three years the bad has piled up high.
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