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  1. Going camping, swimming, and fishing with the pups at my place up near Indian Creek. It's gong to be a good weekend.
  2. Inslee & Hickenlooper are out of the running. 10 candidates have qualified for the next round of the playoffs... I mean debate. The best candidate is still on the outside looking in. I donated $100 to her campaign. If anyone had ever told me the day would come when I would not only support but actually donate to a f-----g Democrat I'd have called them a liar. Strange days we find ourselves in.
  3. There is something mesmerizing about it. I don't know why. I think I'm more into it than they are.
  4. Gotta say, I love those houses in Greenland. I'd hate to see them get taken over by the US. They would all be condemned as blight and seized by the government who will then turn around and sell the land to developers who will build 100k houses from faux-crete and cheap Chinese drywall with zero lot line divisions starting in the mid $300k's, Of course we could go another way. If they won't sell we'll just triple our greenhouse gas emissions and melt them! Muh ha ha!
  5. Can you imagine going through all the trouble to steal someone's identity only to find out they are dead broke, their credit sucks, and the are in serious student loan debt most of which are in default. And the creditors are now harassing the identity thief for payment!
  6. I don't know what's funnier. The story or the number or people who s--t a brick about it. Babylon Bee is like the Onion. It's just sarcasm https://babylonbee.com/news/lioness-that-killed-ate-own-cubs-offered-job-as-planned-parenthood-mascot?fbclid=IwAR1u4V7J1QBpO3NLIS9u96xZwkJJVBmhttb7iv-00bDv50AtWs_XfJgqMZE
  7. James hit the high note on the nose. The US has abandoned it's long held policy of non-intervention and IMO the world is worse off for it. There is no denying the US is worse off for it. As for the rest of of her positions she checks most of the boxes I like, isn't a gun control fanatic although does favor the solutions we are likely to get no matter what. I expect I will not like any Supreme Court Justices we're likely to get from her but that's true of all the candidates. Even Trump i'm only 50-50 on that count. I think it is very important that the President be a veteran and has seen the cost of military use first hand. In some of her remarks she reminds me quite a bit of Eisenhower. That isn't a bad thing. As far as economic policy, she is a democrat. Spend, spend, spend, spend some more, tax the living s--t out of everything and everyone and keep spending. The consequences be damned. Once you accommodate yourself to the notion that no matter who wins the economiclypse is inevitable at least let us spend our remaining years in peace.
  8. Left wing congresswoman pushes for boycott of left wing talk show host. Even minor dissenting opinions will NOT be TOLERATED! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rashida-tlaib-suggests-boycott-of-bill-mahers-show-for-hosts-position-on-israel
  9. If you check off her position list I agree with her less than half the time on a good day. But that still puts here well above any other candidate currently in the race. It is a damn SHAME she is not doing better: https://www.thetelegraph.com/news/article/Tulsi-Gabbard-says-military-combat-service-shapes-14340612.php
  10. Ironically tomatoes grow effortlessly here. Just keep the vines tied. Of course the soil & climate here compared to CA could not be more different.
  11. Depends on who the Dems nominate. Trump is in office today because he was matched up against someone even more repulsive than he was in 16. If the Dems nominate one of the angry lefties and Trump does not do anything worse than he already has AND the economy does not enter the long expected downturn then he has a good shot. There are a handful of Democratic candidates, including a few that could be called progressive, that are sane and temperate enough to beat him. Gabbard absolutely could. Biden, Buti-something & Bullock could. Any one of those four And he’s done. With any of the rest he has a better than average chance.
  12. Jalapenos are hard to grow. You have to start them in seed trays and carefully control their conditions. Then transplant the seedlings once they are growing. Soil chemistry has to be just so. I've thought about building a greenhouse as I get more and more into this gardening thing. They sell kits on Wayfair for small self supporting greenhouses.
  13. Blackberry jam... now THAT is the good stuff!
  14. I read James Clavell's Shogun when I was a teenager. Loved it. Never read the rest of the books in the "Asia Series". So two nights ago I bought all six on my Kindle. That should keep me busy for a little while. Now reading
  15. Democrats vs Republicans. It really is contest of villains isn't it? Sauron vs Sauruman. Palpatine vs Vader. Alien vs Predator. A battle between two would be tyrants whose supporters fight among themselves to determine whose belly they all end up in. But you know what? All of those examples are competently evil. It's really a contest between the Joker and the Penguin (from the Adam West TV show) for political supremacy. Not that they are incapable of causing great harm in a mean and petty way. Case in point: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/warning-or-threat-democrats-ignite-controversy-with-supreme-court-brief-in-gun-case/2019/08/16/2ec96ef0-c039-11e9-9b73-fd3c65ef8f9c_story.html
  16. MAGA: MAke Greenland American
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