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  1. So…. Some singer I’ve never heard of says the US Flag should be replaced with one that is more “inclusive for all Americans”. The Fox News website is just all kinds of triggered over it. Most of the folks I know on FB too. Which is kind of dumb because who cares what one person on Twitter thinks. But I think it’s a good idea. I nominate this one to replace the ol’ Stars & Stripes. I think it’s VERY inclusive:
  2. Shady I hate to admit this but prior to hearing about it from you I was not even really aware of its existence. Or if I was I just didn’t remember.
  3. I can’t help it. I have an engineering education which drives me to be exact. Plus I’m a history snob. Put those two things together and you get the guy that rains on everyone’s parade!
  4. Sounds like you’re going to work up a hell of a thirst doing that. Believe me you would be much happier if their skulls were filled with a crisp and cold IPA not that thin, bodiless, too sweet Scandinavian crap!
  5. Happy Juneteenth everyone. Oh and before I forget SLAVERY DID NOT END ON JUNE 19th 1865! It was still legal and in practice in several northern states. Why do people refuse to accept that? SLAVERY ENDED ON DECEMBER 6 1865 WHEN THE 13TH AMENDMENT WAS RATIFIED! There… I said it.
  6. Fresh watermelon for breakfast. It was on the vine 15 minutes ago. For lunch and dinner too likely. Only with dinner I’m putting a few chunks on the grill with a chicken breast and some fresh veggies. Meanwhile today seems like a good day to watch Netflix
  7. all I can say is I would not have been disappointed.
  8. Apparently Trump admitted he lost I have wondered if he was so big a fool as to really believe he won the election or if he was just preying on people with the “rigged election” schtick maintain his political coalition such as it was. But several times during his term I underestimated just how big a fool Trump is.
  9. @Gromniroh you were interested in a serious rebuttal? Allow me to get my tongue out of my cheek then. of course the things I find humorous usually align with my point of view in one way or another. For example that Scooby Doo post from yesterday it’s pretty clear I found both sides of the argument absurd. All good humor has a kernel of truth in it. There is in the Biden headline even though it does not actually imply any threat to anyone not engaged in literal criminal activity. of course I do think the federal government is by far the biggest threat to the individual liberties
  10. well if I am not already on some terrorist watchlist I probably will be soon. After all, can’t have people thinking wrong can we?
  11. Good news for trees. Or good tree news: Eighteen million trees to be planted around Glasgow Ghana planted 5 million trees in a single day to combat deforestation and climate change South Korea to Plant 3 Billion Trees to Help Reach Carbon Neutrality by 2050 Plus three years ago I planted three Bartlett Pear trees in my back yard. They are still too young for fruit but they are all in full bloom now, Very pretty!
  12. Now for your daily dose of stupid Why the new Velma in Mindy Kaling's 'Scooby-Doo' has so many so upset' Some are mad she's Asian now. Some are mad she's not gay. Scooby says "Rust ratch the rucking row!" Or don't.
  13. This again? this isn’t about discrimination. The Plaintiff in this case is a miserable a——-e who went looking for trouble.
  14. According to one poll New Jersey is the best state to live in Really? I’d love to hear the sample size on this one. Probably like 10 or 15 people between Ocean city and exit 12
  15. I read the article. The statement was stupid on his face. The premise that she’s trying to make is also stupid. It’s tantamount to saying “society” made me do it. That is a steaming pile of crap. With the exception of actual mental illness every single one of us is solely responsible for her own actions and attitudes. We all wake up and make a choice. Am I going to be a decent person today or am I going to be a f——-g a———e. Blaming the choices we all make on white supremacy, or racism, or society or whatever is as stupid as it is false.
  16. What if California divided into two states? It almost happened.
  17. Apparently they do. The breakers on the bottom of the panel appear to be tripped and that’s where the bees are touching the contacts
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